” I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love !””…….CHAPTER 23


” I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love!!”…..

Hello everyone….. Finally I’m back with the next episode of my ff…. Thanks to everyone who commented on the last episode… Though the number of comments dropped down…. Might be many of u r not liking the ff… It’s OK…..
I hope that the upcoming tracks will contend u all….

Let’s start with the episode…

Everything starts to change for Twinkle nd kunj…..
For kunj his love towards Twinkle is deepened more nd more… He wanted to shower his affection…. Adoration over his
sweetheart but he avoid doing so as he promised himself that he won’t pressurise Twinkle to accept her feelings for him……

On the other side Twinkle is enjoying each bit of her moment with her hubby… The way she takes care of kunj depicts how much she loves him…. Her feelings r struggling between her mind nd heart.. Her heart screams to her that she in love with kunj but her mind diverts her by realising her that it’s her infatuation…. Again her mind over shadowed her heart…


Kunj is working on his project file’s when Yuvi knocks at his cabin door….

K-” Come in “…..

Yuvi enters the cabin….
Y-” Hey bro still u r piled up with the stack of office files… Leave it dude….u know that today office colleagues have arranged party in the occasion of our newly wedded love birds… “…

K-” Yes I’m aware about the celebrations tonight but why u all r planning this for me nd Twinkle.. Its almost 2 months over when our marriage happened nd now we r no more a newly married couple… Then what’s the need of all preparation…. I’m telling u all to stop going ahead with ur planning…. Let’s not celebrate it… “….

Y-” Kunj r u fine or not…. Why r behaving so weird… How can u fail to remember that u were the one who blowed out us with the glorifying ; solemnised triumph commemoration of engagement nd marriage occasion… Then how can u deny for the party kept for u both….
If u r feeling sheepish on the thought this it’s been 2 months time nd something like that then u r stupid… As marriage is like a treasured book… The more u indulge in it ; u will every time find something new in it… None of the marriage is old… For a couple being together in 20 to 30 yrs of relationship find their love always a new one… Every time they learn nd yearn some new….
Even I nd Mahi r going to complete one year being together with eo but still we find ourselves as a couple married yesterday… “…. Speaking this he giggles….

K-” oh plz u better don’t speak haan!!!!… I know u very well… Even at ur autumn days… Old age u will feel like that only…. “…..

Y-” So what… I’m a romantic person… I’m not like u who always keep a distance of kilometres from his wife…
Jaise Twinkle tumhari nai padosi ki wife ho…… (As if Twinkle is not ur ff but ur neighbours wife….)…. Moreover u must have heard that proverb… Ke pyaar kabhi bhooda (old) nai hota hai ;wo humesha jawan rhta hai… Smjhe
( Love never gets old ; it stays young forever…aren’t I’m right)
But why r u denying for the party… Hmm tell? “…

K-” Yr Yuvi I’m feeling very low… I don’t know why Twinkle is not ready to realise her love for me… Every day I wake up with a hope that she will confess her feelings to me but it never happens.. Either she is not able to read the love I carry for her in my eyes or she don’t care about it…. Neither she is saying anything nor I’m able to express my love to her…u r aware of the promise I made to myself…. I want her to realise it through her own but she is so stubborn to listen to her heart’s language… What should I do…? “…. Tears form in his eye’s…..

Yuvi sees his pain nd hugs him…..he consoles him….
Y-” Listen kunj.. First of all break the owe u made to yourself coz of it u r not able to take any step to let ur love showered to Twinkle… I won’t say u to go close to her without her approval but at least do some acts to show that how much u love her… If u stays like this then for ur whole life u wait ; as she will never come close to u… Ur all frnds will become dad soon nd u will act as baby sitter for them… “… He laughs hard…..

K-” Oye… I won’t be baby sitter for others children’s but for mine children’s…. Don’t worry I won’t lack behind it.. One day Twinj will be close… Will be one… U r right Yuvi ; I have to do something before its too late…
Just wait Siyappa Queen for seeing the romeo side of ur Sadu Sarna… My Juliet get ready “…… He smiles nd thanks Yuvi for the advise…..

Door bell rings…
Twinkle opens the door nd finds a courier boy standing in front of her holding bouquet.. Nd a gift parcel….

C-” Mam this is for u… Plz sign here… Take the delivery of it…..Mr Kunj Sarna has sent it…. ”

Twinkle is baffled that why he is sending her all these items… She signs nd takes the package from him….
She sees a letter…. On the face head of its written…” BEFORE OPENING THE PARCEL ND SEEING WHAT’S IN IT… READ THE LETTER WITH A SMILE…. ”

She opens the letter….

Dearest Wifie cum my Siyappa Queen..

Words underwritten here , the feelings that I wanted so much to share with you today is expressed directly from my heart’s deepest core….
You and I are forever bound by a invisible chord of trust nd care isn’t it ? I want to share my entire life with you and I know you feel the same. Together we will decide the best way to do that.
You make me fly Twinkle but in a way I’ve never known before. Safely. Because of you I’m not afraid to be me, to be the person I was always meant to be. The greatest gifts are these given from the heart. You have all my love, you always have. And what you do to me…you confuse me, you torment me, you tease me, you make me laugh, you make me cry but most of all Twinkle – you make me love you.

And I find there is no life without you in it to share it with. Nothing is too hard, nothing is impossible because of you… My heart is a barren land without the mark of ur presence…. Right now I wish so much I could touch your face, your hair….Just to look in your eyes and see what I’ve been waiting to see. Just to let you look in my eyes and see my soul as I know you’ve been waiting to do. The truth of my feelings for you. More than mere words can express. I love you is not enough in front of what you have gifted me….
I am no longer afraid of you or afraid of this bond between us.Till now u were asking me to express my feelings to u.. Though I’m not confessing it being in front of u but the day I gather all my courage nd let me doubts get sorted out.. I will do it…..

You are a complete mystery to me and yet I know you, know you better than I know myself…. I know you love me when you’ve never said a word?

Though no words r required to fall an impression on our bonding ; because of what we share; If you do not feel me now I have no doubt that there will come a day that you will.. U know when I meet you Twinkle , I loosed my heart…. My feelings that day only to u…

I look at you and I know, I finally know, what it is to love and to be loved…Without conditions, without reservations.
The way u wait for my arrival back from office …. The way u allow yourself to stay hungry so that u can do dinner with me… The way u take care of my necessities…. I’m habitual of all that…. So in short I’m habitual of u…..
And I want to shout it out to the whole world what I’ve found. I shout it out in my heart to God instead. Not a day goes by Twinkle that I don’t thank him for leading me back to you.

Even though you never said a word directly to me but , your actions have finally convinced me that you do care about me. I know I had been seeing it and feeling it in my heart, but I needed to see it from you before I could accept that it was true.

You are my friend, but so much more than that to me. But when I think of you as my friend whom I can always trust, I find I can talk to you much more easily than when I think of all those feeling between us still waiting to be explored and discovered.

We have to be friends before we can be anything else to each other. Wouldn’t you agree? That is the next step Twinkle ; so if my words earlier today left you somewhat confused as to my intentions, I hope this clarifies the confusion in your mind.

I promise to u that we will laugh together, have fun together whether we spend the whole time just talking to each other or whether I drag you out to get some fresh air! Before the intensity of our feelings has us doing something we’re not ready for. Not that we both don’t want that (and you know what I mean) but that will not be the right time for it. Trust me on that one. Yes I’m sure we will dance all around it, we will both tease and make innuendoes but we won’t be ready for that level. I also know you will read this and agree immediately. You just be you what u r and I promise to just be me.

I never knew what real happiness was until I found you. Never knew it was possible to feel this way, to wake up every morning and smile because I love you, because knowing you has brought me a serenity that I never dreamed was possible. Knowing that if I can feel this way and not be with you that what I feel must be real….

Here are my thoughts, my feelings… My love for u…. I hope you like them…
Today at the night a party is arranged by my office mates to celebrate our marriage… Their’s a gift for u inside the parcel….. Check it out..

All my love,
Saadu Sarna…

Twinkle is over whelmed to read the entire letter….. She read it again nd again for the numerable times as she don’t believe that finally kunj said I love u to her…. Though not face to face but he accepted his feelings through his words…..

Tears of joy nd happiness are flowing from her eye’s…. She twirls around nd kiss the letter…..
She opens the parcel nd finds sarre inside it… Her face expression changes to worried one…

The episode ends on her tensed face..

PRECAP – T-” Kunj I don’t know how to wear saree “..
K-” May I help u to wear it? “….

Hello everyone….!!!!!

I’m sorry for the long update… As I was late in posting the ff so I thought to give a long one…..

Did u liked the episode?
Did u liked the letter part…. The confession made by Kunj?….

Next one will be full of romance nd now the upcoming episode’s will be like.. Love is in the air for Twinj….

Plz guys do support or else I won’t be able to continue my ff..


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  1. SidMin

    Sayeeda di Loved the episode
    Each word in the letter touched my heart and the best part was Kunj I don’t know how to wear a saree Loved it waiting for the next do post soon Love you 🙂
    Unique way of saying I love you through a letter Sayeeda Di Love you 🙂

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Sidmin…. U made to so happy that u loved each nd every line of the letter….
      Love u too ???

  2. Ranabulbul

    Sayuuuuuuuuu diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    Finally aapne post akr diya…..I am so so happy
    As today is raksha bandhan and u gave me wonderful gift by posting this ff

    Love u loads and the episode was a blast
    This way of expressing feelings was diff. And I can feel the deepness in omur words
    And I am really happy to find a siso cum friend like u
    Keep writing keep smiling and keep is updated love u bye muaaaahhhh

    1. Sayeeda

      Awww…. My Bulbul rani even I’m blessed to have a sis like u….
      Thanks to Allah that he made to post this ff today or else I will not be able to ur smiling face….
      I feel obliged that I can bring a cute smile on ur sweet face…
      Thank you for liking the episode
      Love u too ???

  3. Jas and sid lover

    Hey Sayeeda don’t ever think that no one likes ur ff…because one person is their always…..U know what more than your other ff ..I love this ff the most…that is also good but don’t know why this just takes my heart away….I know I didn’t have commented since long …I don’t know u remember me or not…but I always read the episodes when I get time ….this ff is amazing u know why? Because in this ff u showed the purity of true love….I have saw ur numerous efforts in showing depth of kunj’s love….the wedding decorations , his surprises I have seen ur efforts …I love ur creativity…don’t u dare to end this ff else else……………….? I would be very sad…anyways sorry for long comment

    1. Sayeeda

      Jas nd Sid lover.. Don’t ever think that I will forget u… As it will never happen… U know what ur comment are the most most precious for me…. The way u express yourself through ur words make me realise that many ppl r their who love my ff….

      U r soooo good yrr…. Thanks for always leaving a big smile on my face ?….
      U r right dear even my this ff is my fav one as compared to other one…..
      I’m soooo happy that u liked the episode….
      I won’t end the ff… Its just that comments encourages me to write more… I promise u the upcoming episodes will be full of romance…

      Love u dear.. Thank you for supporting me endlessly ????

  4. Angita

    Hawww….what an episode dii…..awesome letter yaar….wonder how twinkle gonna tie a sorry
    Love you

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Angita…. I’m happy that u liked it…
      About ur imagination so I would assure u that it will be so romantic…
      Love u ???

  5. Wowwwwwww…….. amazinggggggg episode.. the letter was just soooo cute…. nice episode 😀 🙂 i just loved the whole episode

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Angel….
      Love u for ur sooooooooo lovely nd cute comment….
      Love u ??

  6. Priya_

    Awesome letter… It’s one of the best episodes I’ve ever read so far…
    Loved it…
    Eagerly waiting for the next part

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Priya…..
      Awww…. This is one of the best episode u read…. Ur comments really made me blush….
      Will try to post next one soon…
      Love u ??

  7. Sameera

    Wah wah sayu aakhiri karna kya chahti ho yaar
    Dil to pehle Hi leliya hum sab ka
    Ab kya jaan b logi
    Itna cute ff pe itna amazing wala epi
    Letter wala part just loved it yaar
    Love u soo much for giving this cute ff
    Do cont soon …..plshh
    But wait if u have time ?????

    1. Sayeeda

      Sam yrr tu na bas dil hi dede kyuki jaan lelungi toh tera itna accha ff kaise padhne ko milega???…

      Ab tu bata tu kya mere cheeks ko permanently red krwa dena chahti hai….. I was blushing like hell after reading ur comment ???…

      Thanks for liking the episode….
      Love u sooooooooo much… Will try to post next one soon…. ???

  8. Joonakanksha

    Awesome epi sayeeda
    And really liked the letter

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Joon….
      I’m happy that u liked it…
      Love u ??

  9. Oh my my..dii wat an episode u have writen..u have writen it or some1 else..i dont beleive that u have written it..i just cant believe it..i think u r not writing any single episodemof urs..a great writer or some good writer is writing ur ff..matlab amazing dii…n precap toh mind blowing..i srsly liked that letter wala part..n was that the letter or essay of kunjs feeling..i think he wrote an essay..loved it dii..n if ur comments have dropped down then dont worry about comments..one or other day u will get them..just dont loose hope..n i know u r not loosing ur hope..i hope so..n lovely epi..i cant say about every1 but i like it very much..n u know wat..wen i reach school na the first thing i do is to ask my best friend..manu urf mahi that did she read ur ff..if she says no n i have read it then she asks me the story..n in the whole classes we discuss about it..srsly dii believe me..n srry for long comment but mujhe na likhne ka man ho raha tha to likh diya..n yea di srry if i would not be able to comment coz my grandparents r coming..n my uncle also lives with them..they will reach here anytime..n my uncle has twin kids..i thought i will keep their mane SIDHANT AND SIDHARTH..but unfortunately i dint knew kunjs real name..coz tei was not started at that time..sooo m extremely sorry..not only to u but to every writer…plzz add 1comment coz i will read ur ff…every1s ff..n dii loved ur epi..love ur ffs..n love u to moon n back..love u loads..muah!!

    1. Sayeeda

      Awww Jasmine… U wrote so lovely comment for me jaan… Love u for this gesture ?….

      U know what even I don’t believe that I wrote it ????…. Heehee….. But at the end it is the fact that wrote it… Nd u liked it so much which means a lot to me….
      Yes Kunj ki feeling itni zayada over flow ho rhi thi that he wrote the essay on it ??…

      Don’t be sorry for the long comment… Coz u know that I’m famous for my long comment’s nd if I say frankly so I love long one’s only….
      U really discuss about my ff with Manu.. Soo sweet of u yrr… Tell Manu that Sayeeda di is missing her…
      U enjoy with ur family… Gonna miss u….
      Love u ???

  10. Fan

    Amazing epi sayoo!!!..loved it..the letter was very beautifully written..only u can write something like that..keep up the good work..love u loads ❤

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank you so much for ur lovely word’s Fan…..
      Plz post ur ff… I’m eagerly waiting for it….. Plz…
      Love u too ??????

  11. Romaisha

    Hawww n u tell me u need tips from me to write?? Haha i knew that was a joke my jaan sayu!!
    Yaar my hand was literally shaking readinthese words
    Haiiii mar gaya yaar took good!! And damn well expressed kunj’s confession is epicc mind blowing!!!!! Cud continue if i had to but out of words 🙂
    Love u di n plzz post soon
    Can’t wait for orecap

    1. Sayeeda

      Romu jaan that wasn’t a joke… I was saying true…. U rocked with ur ff… I really love the way u write nd express the emotions…. Nd don’t worry I won’t leave u so easily.. Until nd unless u won’t teach me the skills I won’t spare u???….

      Thanks for liking the episode…. I’m so happy that u liked the confession part….
      Love u too…. Love u sooooooooo much….. ???

  12. Haan…so what were u saying? No one is liking the track? Aur what were u saying? Now listen to what I am saying…
    I will na definitely kill you if u say all this again
    What dyu think of urself ha? What dyu think? If u want me to speak to u…then u won’t repeat all this…
    And yes…ppl are busy in their exams…that’s y they can’t read ur ff…or say can’t comment in ur ff…
    Aur aaj ke episode ke baare mei no comments
    Coz the letter left me speechless, spellbound, flabbergasted, baffled, dumbfound, dumbstruck and God knows what not! So, no comments! Bass jldi se dusra wala ff bhi postie postie karo…niii toh no talkie talkie…bayeeee baayeeeee….love uh?

    1. Sayeeda

      Oye maa Icchu ne dhamki di hai… Baap re ab toh jaldi kuch krna hoga kyuki Ishu se panga is not chaanga….

      Accha ab nai kahungi that no one is liking the track… Smjh gayi main ppl r busy…. Par tu naraz mat hona… U know na that u don’t look good with Sadu face ????…. Chalo ab muskurao zara…… Ye hui na baat….

      Love u for liking the episode…. About next one I will post it by tomorrow….
      Love u sooooooooo much… More than u loves me… ???

  13. Thanmy

    Awesome dii simply amazing its marvellous

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Thanmy….
      Love u…. Keep smiling ?

  14. Jisha

    Wow…I loved that concept for letter…n what to say about the letter…each n every word of it touched heart….it was that much awesome…
    N who is not supporting… leave that imposter incident behind….everyone loves you n u r a fabulous writer…

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Jisha di for motivating me…. No di I’m not paying any heed to that imposter now as I know she can’t break my strength….
      I’m soooo happy that my inspiration is liking my ff…
      Love u di??

  15. Post asap plz cant wait for next one its mindblowing

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Sidmin love….
      I’m happy that u liked it…
      Will try to post next one soon
      Keep smiling ??

  16. Chiku

    Omgggg ?????????????????????????????????????????????
    I am loving it???????????????????????????????
    Thanks fr posting long episode it’s awesome ?????????
    I didn’t realized wen it ended i wanted to read more…
    Plz post next asap

    1. Sayeeda

      Awww Chiku u wanted to read more. I promise u to post next one soon… Pakka wala plomish ??…

      U gifted so beautiful hearts to me… Thanks for it….
      I’m soooo happy that u liked it… Ur comments always make me feel so joyous….
      Love u ????

  17. it wad so cool

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u so much Tehreem….
      Thanks for commenting…..
      Keep supporting…


    awsome episode like it very much dear love u

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Ayesha….. I’m glad that u liked it…. ??

  19. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Omg sayeeda di
    It was amazing n that naughty Precap is just killer
    Uffffff I’m burning with the coming hotness
    Plzz post next one asap can’t wait more
    Loved it n u ?????

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Sidmin – daamini…
      I’m soooo happy that u liked it….
      Will surely try to post next one soon…
      Keep smiling.. Love you too ???

    2. Sayeeda

      Thanks Sidmin – daamini…
      I’m soooo happy that u liked it….
      Will surely try to post next one soon…
      Keep smiling.. Love you too ???…

  20. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous marvelous cute emotional epi…..loved it

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Purnima….
      I’m soooo happy that u liked it…
      Love u for always supporting me since beginning…. ??

  21. Awesome epi.. loved kunj’s letter n confession.. was too good..??

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Sidvee….
      I’m soooo happy that u liked it….

  22. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….Sayeeda marvellous…. Awesome ….letter was amazing?????

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Rashi…..
      Happy that u all liked the letter part…..
      Love u dear for always supporting me since episode one…

  23. Asalamulaikum I was eagerly waiting for your ff and you killed it . I absolutely love it ! I am waiting for the next episode hope you post it soon . Xxx

    1. Sayeeda

      Walekum massalam… Dear…
      Thanks for waiting for my ff…. I’m so glad that u liked it…
      Ur comment always makes me so happy….
      Will surely try to post next one soon…
      Love u ???

  24. Kruti

    Sayu…..sacchi bolun mujhe nahi pata main kya bolun ……I am spellbound….it was such a beautiful epi…..that letter was an extrordinary piece of writing…..all d feeling d emotions d love everything was expressed in a marvalous way

    Sacchi bolun toh tumhari engagement aur shaadi se zyada cute tumhara likha hua ye letter tha……i just loved it??

    Love u?❤

    1. Sayeeda

      Seriously kruti u liked the letter more than marriage nd engagement part…..finally my hardwork borne fruits……..
      Thanks for liking the episode dear….
      Love u too ???

  25. Twinjfan.tamanna

    awesome yaar.. really it was just a bliss to read ur ff..jab Maine deka ki tumhara ff post hai…toh I ws seriously dancing…fir padne ke baad tho mera haal behaal tha..th letter was so beautiful written ..love u n ur ff.. cant wait for next one

    1. Sayeeda

      Tamanna dear ur comment was a bliss to read….
      It made me felt so good that I was able to make u soooo happy… It’s a blessing for me to make my frnd happy….
      Will try to post next one soon…
      Love u ???

  26. i m in love wid u sayuuuu darlo…
    letter was so touchy 2 read…
    it gave a thrash in my heart…
    how can u write so nicely dear…
    wow interesting 4 saree part..i remmember tei…post nzt asap..

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Sujina….. Ur words really means a lot to me….
      It encourages me to write more…. I’m so happy that u liked the episode….
      How can I write so nicely… Hmm it’s u ppl who makes me motivated to write…..
      Will surely try to post next one soon…
      Love u ??

  27. Shreya098

    Wow yr fabulous….
    Sayoo u made me speechless….
    The letter❤❤❤❤
    It was soooo heart touching…I seriously have no words right now to describe how awesome it was…
    I was like “are khatam kyu ho gya”….
    Agar tum mere saamne hoti na to mai tumhare haath choom lete…❤❤
    U described his feelings soo perfectly… Just looved it…
    And the saare precap….seems like romance is on the way…eagerly waiting for it
    And one more thing…can u please tell me u are in scl or in college???….as I don’t know it… So I am in a dilemma ….whether i should call u by ur name …or u are elder to me or smaller ..so plz tell me ha..

    1. Sayeeda

      Hey Shreya… Thanks a ton for ur lovely comment…..
      Ur each nd very word is so precious to me… U made me felt so happy…. Still I’m smiling nd reading it again nd again…..

      Yes u r right romance is on its way……
      Dear I’m in BCOM third yr… Doing CA course simultaneously…. I wish that u call me Sayoo only as I love ppl calling me with this name…
      Love u too ??

      1. Shreya098

        Ya I’ll call u sayoo only…as I am also in college..

  28. Hey Sayu finally you posted the most awaited ff…episode was beyond heights of awesomeness dear…I legit loved the letter…try to post next soon and your other ff too…sorryfor commenting late I was busy…

    Love you tons??

    1. Sayeeda

      Twinjsidmin don’t be sorry… We r frnds nd in friendship their is no place for sorry…
      Whether u r late or not what matters for me is ur comment…. As I always look forward to it…
      Thanks for liking the episode…
      Will surely try to post next one soon of both of my ff’s….
      Love u too ??

  29. Sorrry do fr nt commenting on ur previous epi……track is awsm……the letter Part solo well written…..exceptional work????
    Luvd it????

    1. Sayeeda

      Hey Maggi don’t be sorry yr. Its OK….. I know u r quite busy these days….
      Thanks a lot for ur lovely comment…
      I’m soooo happy that u liked the letter part……
      Keep smiling ???

  30. Sonali05

    I know…I know… As usual I’m late…
    Just tell me …
    Iss bar toh batana hi hoga…How could u manage to give such a mindblowing, awesome, heart touching, lovely, superb, fabulous…… Epi every time…
    That too with a spark seriously d way u express his feeling for twinkle with a new style was damn awesome…,
    No one could able to think at such a stage…
    I’m so lucky by being a friend of such a talented person….
    “I always found something new
    In ur both ff my dear sayu
    D talent which got by u
    was really a gift from god for u
    i wanna to say something for u
    & wanna say some words more than few
    But every word is less infront of u…”

  31. Shayna aka twinkle

    Hats off to you yaar nd this episode was mind blowing nd I just imagined twinkle reading it nd I felt so happy to see it ff nd I felt like I was reading the letter I mean to say ur words the way I expressed it took me another world nd I r awesome nd keep gng nd never forget that am great great great great fan of ur ff

    1. Sayeeda

      OMG….. Shayna ur comment made my day……
      My ff fan ????…. I can’t tell you how much happy I’m right now… Thanks for making me feel so happy…..
      I’m so glad that u liked it…..
      Keep supporting dear….. ??

  32. Sayeeda

    Sona…. What to say to u… All words in dictionary r less to express my love nd gratitude to u…..
    U don’t have an idea.. How much desperately I wait for ur comment… I’m madly in love with ur comments…. U won’t believe but I read it more than 10 times….

    How do u always manage to leave a smile on my face…. U always make me blush……
    Whenever I write my ff I used to remember ur word’s…..

    I’m so lucky nd thankful to Allah that he blesses me with a frnd like u…. I can’t even tell u what place u owe in my life….

    Love u sooooooooo much… Sooooooooo much…. Inna saara pyaar….. Nd please post ur ff…. ???????????

  33. Baby

    hey sayeeda di
    first of all sry fr being late
    di now i cnt w8 to cmnt
    fr dis fantasic
    even wrds r less fr d episode
    di ohhhhhhh myyyyy god
    d letter it was amazing
    d wrds d expressions n everything
    really tchd my heart
    it directly stole my heart
    n d precap amazing
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    oh god di post nxt asap
    u r fab di adorable n beautiful also
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    luv u 2 d core

    1. Sayeeda

      Baby… Dear I just love u ??….
      U never forget to leave a big wali smile on my face…. Ur comment made me felt so happy….
      Love u….. ?

  34. Sayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu di what an epi yr kya khate ho koi goli ya khuch achaa likne ke liye yr aap ka ff padti hi toj ek nai duniya mai kho jaati hu yr siriously aap ka epi padti hu na toh pyar ka ek naya meaning pta chalta hai ha epi me yrrrrr siriously aapka epi mere liye bohotbohot bohotjyada special hai sryyyyyyy for laye comment really sry was tooooo busy and what to say about todys epi

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