” I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love !””…….CHAPTER 21


” I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love “!!!….

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Let’s start with the episode ….

Kunj comes back from washroom after getting freshen up …. Twinkle also wear her night dress …she is wearing pink kurta with white pataila ….

Kunj finds Twinkle struggling to remove her bangles …

K-” Twinkle is their any problem?”…

T-” Kunj see na I’m trying to remove my bangles nd I’m not able to do so …”..

Kunj move’s to her nd holds her wrist …
K-” Let me try once ..I hope I can help u out ..”

He trys to remove them while Twinkle is eye’s him endearingly ….

Twinkle thinks …” He loves me so much ; the way he cares for me is beyond my expectation ….no matter what happens he is always beside me to shower his affection on me …though now our relation is only limited to friendship but I will try my best to make our relation move ahead …..
Every girl drools for a life partner like him… They want their heart to beat for such person but I’m blessed that my Kunj’s hearts beat for me …”..

She remembers her convo with Mahi ; that she also needs to apply efforts to accept her marriage nd Kunj’s feelings too …”

Kunj snapped his finger before her …Twinkle comes out of her thought world ..

K-” Where r u lost …I’m calling u again nd again but u r busy in ur dreamworld ..what r u thinking …”

T-” Me…lost no ..no …”..

K-” Yes u were …leave it ; see I removed it ..” …

Twinkle see her hands …

T-” Kunj …u removed all of them …I just wanted to remove some not all “…

Kunj is confused….

K-‘ First u told me to remove it nd when I did it u r saying why I removed them …U r fine na ; I think u r so tired that u r behaving weird ..”

T-” Kunj I’m fine …see now I’m married nd for a lady it is auspicious jewelry as it symbolizes long life of husband ….it a sign for others that a girl is finally a wife of a the person who’s name bangles she is wearing ..From now my bangles …my vermilion ..my mangalsutra ..is my identity ….from now I’m wife of my Sadu Sarna ….”..

Kunj loves to see her gesture ..her respect towards their relation …

K-” Twinkle for u these things matters a lot ?”

T-” Of course kunj these all r inestimable for me…..the things which makes me feel that I’m ur wife r earnest for me ….as owe a peculiar place in my heart”

Kunj touches his forehead with her forehead..

K-” My Siyappa Queen ; I never had any idea that u can be so emotional …U made me so happy that I owe a special place in ur heart..
See it’s our first night ..now whatever u request to me I will give u that ..so tell me what do u want ..?”

T-” Me nd demand …phass gaye tum kunj; main jo bhi magungi tumhe dena padega soch lo ek baar phir se
( U r caught kunj …just think for once whatever I will ask from u have to give it to me “)

Kunj gives his one eyebrow killer look to her ..

K-” Ur expression is looking quite suspicious to me ..(tumhare irrade nake nai lag rhe hai mujhe )…don’t tell me u r going to demand for a romantic night with me…..
Tum meri izzat lootna chahti hoo…bachao mujhe iss zalim ; bedard aurat se ( U want to snatch my respect …someone plzzz save me)
But if u want so … I won’t reject ur request I’m ready to do so …so can we start as we r already late for it …Chal Twinkle hoja shuru ; bada maza ane wala hai ( Twinkle get ready ; we gonna enjoy so much )……..he smiles nd leans forward to her …

Twinkle’s mouth was wide open …she pushes him away …..

T-” Kunj u r so naughty …every time u think of romance nd what u r doing now with me is called flirt ..”.

K-” Hayyeee jiski biwi aisi ho toh flirt toh krne ka dil krega hi ; meri koi galti nai hai saari galti tumhari hai tumne mere iss dil ko cute sa badmash sa aashiq bana diya hai
( Uff ….if a person has a wife like u then flirt will happen automatically ; I’m not at fault its u who made my heart crazy for u ..)

They both burst out laughing …

K-” OK ..jokes apart …tell me what u want from me ?”..

T-” Kunj …I want to take one promise from u that u that no matter what happens u will always trust me ….
I have seen many couples fighting with eo just coz of misunderstanding …nd at that time they forget the time they spend together …the love they carry for eo …A lack of trust can lead to many arguments; stress nd heart breaks ….
Nd u know kunj I have already faced the rejection in my life from Ranveer …only bcoz of him I’m not able to believe on love ..
I want to spend my life with u till my last breathe being loyal to u …but if once my trust is shaken then I won’t be able to cope up with it ….
Nd I know a person for who I’m his empress of his heart will never betray my trust ..I trust u completely but still I want this promise from u”

Kunj is silent …he is just staring her face with love …

T-” Kunj say something …don’t look at me like this …did my words hurt u “…..she is having tears in her eyes coz she thought that her words hurt him ….

K-” Heyy…Don’t cry plzzz …I’m not angry with u …infact I was glad to see what u demanded from me ..If any other girl would be their in ur place then she would have asked me for a expensive article but u r so innocent …..
Yes ..I promise u that I will always trust u nd make u me capable so that u can trust me blindly…nd very soon ur past bruises will be healed nd then u will able to believe in love …again love will knock at ur heart door …..

Bas dil ka darwaza kholke rakhna …kahi deri na hojaye …
( Keep ur heart door opens before it gets too late ..)….”..

Twinkle smiles hearing his words …..

K-” That’s like my wife….keep smiling like this only as ur smile is a only reason for my smile …I can never see u crying ….throughout our life I won’t let any grief come near u ….
Now lets sleep we both r tired ..”

He take’s pillow nd blanket to sleep on couch..

T-” Kunj where r u going ?”…

K-” Twinkle I know u r not comfortable sharing bed with me nd I don’t want u to make u uneasy ..u sleep on bed nd I will sleep on couch …Good night “…

He is about to move but Twinkle holds his hands ….nd stops him..

T-” Kunj why r u so good ; why u care for me so much ….why u always keep my feelings as ur priority ..at least think about ur emotions …u can sleep on couch so that I can sleep comfortably over here …
But how can I sleep peacefully seeing u sleeping with difficulty …no I can’t …
U will sleep with me on bed only …I will sleep at right side nd u on left nd u don’t worry I won’t try to seduce u ….” ….she smiles ..

K-” U nd seduce me …haahhaaa what a joke u can never do it as u don’t have guds to do it ….haahhaa …Twinkle u crack so good jokes ..”…he holds his stomach nd laugh hardly ..

Seeing him Twinkle get frustrated ….she thinks … ” Huuhhh…this Sadu Sarna thinks that I don’t have guds to do it ..I can do it just wait …”

She gets up from bed nd keeps moves her hair’s to one side nd moves sensually towards him…
Kunj gets tensed seeing her approaching so charmingly towards him..

She start to moves her fingers romantically on his face ….she holds him more closer to her by holding his collar …

T- So kunj am I not able to seduce u …am I not romantic ….”…

Kunj don’t know how to react seeing Twinkle’s new side …seeing her so close to her …he just speaks ..” Hmmm…..”…

T-” What hmmmm…..my hot nd s*xy husband…” …she moves her fingers on his hands ..shoulder ….she leans closer to him ..while kunj heart is pumping like a speed of bullet train …he closes his eyes …

Twinkle moves more closer to him but he move’s away from her ..Twinkle smiles seeing his respect towards her …
She back hugs him ….

T-” Kunj why r u getting so nervous with my touch ….its ok I’m ur wife ..”
She makes him face to her …..her hands reaches to his shirt buttons …
She opened first two buttons of shirt …while kunj is enjoying her touch but somewhere he is having a feeling that she is doing all this just bcoz he challenged her …

K-” Twinkle …stop it ..plzz”..

She understand his worries nd moves back leaving him …

T-” Aaj ke liye itna bahut hai …Baki ka baad main ….abhi toh ye trailer tha r tum itne main hi daar Gaye …aage aage dekho hota hai ; tumhari siyappa queen ke bahut saare rang hai”
( This much is enough for today left one will be carried on later ; This is the only trailer of mine nd u r scared in this much only ….Just wait nd see as ur siyappa queen has many shades ….)”..

K-” Ufffff …..tumahri iss ada pe hi toh main marta hoon( I die in this attitude of urs)…
Come let’s sleep …

They both sleep…



PRECAP- 1 month leap nd Twinj reaching Bangalore….

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