” I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love !!””….CHAPTER 20 ( especially for Bhavika)

” I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj love !!” …

Firstly today u all will see new side Sayeeda normally I’m very chilled out person but whatever happened in my last episode of my ff made me to speak like this I hope u all don’t mind but today it was necessary for me to do this ….

Miss Bhavika ( not our Bhavoo coz she can never so such cheap comments ) …..how dare u to speak bad mouth about Muslims …u don’t like my ff nd whether u read it or not it’s ur personal choice nd neither I invited u to read my ff …nor I want such type of ppl to read my ff ….If u would have only bashed me I would have never felt bad but u pointed out my religion …my pride ….my identity …Nd when it comes to my religion I can show u my worst side ….
That day also I can stoop to ur level but I’m sorry I can’t as my manners don’t allow me to do this …Infact my religion also taught me not to abuse someone….to regard every religion nd I know ur religion also teaches u the same nd I respect ur religion a lot ..but I never thought a person like so cheap mentality also exist ….

Thank u so much Affo ; Marie nd Mahi for supporting our religion nd me ….the way u all spoked that day made me proud to be a Muslim ….
I’m damm sure u r the one who used my name to bash Aamu in her ff ….but finally I request u that whether u respect my religion or not but if u respect ur religion then from next time don’t ever try to comment on my ff nd u better start respecting every religion ..

I’m so sorry to everyone for this but no sorry from my side to Bhavika as she deserves this…

Nd thank u so much Bhavoo ; Sujina nd Zikro for ur so lovely comment ..sorry I didn’t reply back to 3 of ur comments..

OUTSIDE TWINJ ROOM …..Twinkle ; Mahi ; kunj nd Yuvi were present..

Ta-” Now we all must leave these love birds to do romance …”

Y-” Of course Di today is their first night nd we all know how much desperate kunj is to celebrate it ….nd if we don’t let them to go in their room early then he will get angry with us …”

Everyone giggles why kunj mouth was wide open hearing this ….while Twinkle blushes ..

K-” So what u all want me to spend the whole night with u ppl …at least give some private time to me nd my wife …Nd U Yuvi don’t try to act so innocent I also remember how much excited u were to celebrate ur first night ”

Yuvi hits his shoulder nd blushes …
He bow his head down in shyness .” Kunj u na …don’t make me remember my wedding night it was so romantic …I’m feeling shy remembering it …” ..he covers his face wid his hands just like girls …

Everyone was laughing hardly ….while Mahi was shocked to see Yuvi behaving like a girl ..

Kunj was happy to see Twinkle laughing so much ; somewhere the guilt he was having was lessened …

K-“Yuvi I think some spirit of girls soul entered in ur body that why u r behaving like this …so from today I will call u Yuvani ….”

Yuvi comes sensually closer to kunj …nd speaks in girls voice ” OK my kunno u can call me with this name ..my jaan u r so hot ; ur six pack abs r so killing ..”

Everyone eye’s popped out seeing Yuvi new avatar …
K-” Oyee Yuvi leave me ; Mahi bhabhi save me he gonna rape me ….today only I got married nd today he is planning to make me gay ….plzzz bachao mujhe is jallad se …plz Yuvi I beg u leave I’m already late for my suhagart …”..

Yuvi back in his original form nd speaks – ” kunj for now Yuvani went to do romance wid other person so u r free to go..she will come back later to flirt with u …but yrr u r so desperate to do romance with Twinkle …
Twinkle sambhal ke rhna aaj ye bahut excited hai ( Twinkle beware today he is very excited)”

K-” Of course I’m excited …nd if I say I’m not excited then u will tease me saying that I’m not happy wid marriage …nd Twinkle u don’t worry I won’t make u feel uncomfortable ….but somewhat I will do so be ready for it ..”

He looks at Twinkle nd passes a flying kiss to her…..

Twinkle’s POV…
” Haww…..what was that kunj passed me a kiss nd what he was saying he will come closer to me ….yah he has full right on me being my husband but right now I’m not ready to take our relationship to next level …but if he wants to do so I won’t stop him as he did so much for me nd if I resist then he will feel bad but I’m not ready to allow him to come close to me before that I need time to understand nd respect our relation..”


Twinj enters the room nd was amazed to see the room decorated beautifully nd romantically …..
The room was decorated with softer lamps creating a dim romantic glow nd feeling of intimacy…exotic fragrance of lavender nd jasmine was sprinkled in room making their hormones go more romantic…
Bed was decorated with flower petals spread across it wid a two swans designed with towels kissing eo …one named imprinted as Twinkle while other as kunj …..nd on their beaks it was written
” KISS EO PASSIONATELY ….ALL THE BEST “..while across the table’s champagne glasses were placed having red roses in them …

Twinj stared at eo nd both of them felt uncomfortable seeing the ambience of room .

Kunj bolted the door nd heads towards Twinkle ….
She starts to move back …while kunj moves more close to her ….both of them falls on bed..Kunj on top of her ..both of them shared a romantic eye lock ..

Twinkle was hell nervous …her increasing heartbeat was clearly heard by kunj …

T-” Kunj …..listen to me plzzz “….kunj keeps his fingers on her lips..

K-” Twinkle whatever u want to say …say Tmrw for now don’t disturb this moment ..nd tell ur heart to control itself as for whole night we r going to do romance …” ……….
….he move’s his finger’s on her lips ….he kisses her forehead while Twinkle clutches his sherwani ….after feeling Kunj’s warmth she felt relaxed as she know how much Kunj loves her nd she also feel safe in his embrace….

Kunj was about to kiss her lips but he stops nd stands up …Twinkle was waiting for the Kunj’s soft lips to touch her but she didn’t find so …she opens her eye’s nd finds him standing with his arms folded …she gets up nd was confused to see Kunj’s behavior.

T-” Kunj why did u stopped …u wanted to come close to me so why did u didn’t do that”

K-” Twinkle still u r not able to understand me …what u think I will come closer to u without ur permission …never ; I will never force our relation on u ”

Twinkle holds his hand nd makes him sit beside her …
T-” How did u know that I’m not ready for taking our relation to next level”

K-” Twinkle whether u speak through ur words or not but ur eye’s speak everything to me …I know u don’t love me nd if today we complete our relation without ur approval then for ur whole life u will never accept me or love me but for me ur love is important ; the day I will find u comfortable with our relation that day I will come closer to u ..so much closer that u don’t even think ….
For now u r not ready but I promise very soon u will get ready for it …nd I will wait for that day to come…if I have to wait for that time for whole life then I will do so ….coz u r so special for me ….”

Twinkle hugs him …..
T-” Thank u so much for understanding me …I’m so grateful to Babaji that he has blessed me with a husband like u ..
Kunj I know what u feel for me but I want u to speak ur feelings to me ….”…

Kunj cups her face nd speaks ” Just wait for sometime I will tell u everything but not now as if now I tell u about my feelings then u will feel guilty that u r not able to feel the same for me nd then u will accept ur feelings forcefully but I want u to accept it your own self … ..Siyappa queen don’t pressurize ur mind u r also tired …so sleep …I’m coming back after changing my dress ..u also change it…” ….

He moves while Twinkle becomes sad ….

T-” Don’t worry my Sadu Sarna I Siyappa Queen Twinkle kunj Sarna promise u that very soon u will confess ur love to me ….very soon u will say ” I LOVE TO ME ” ….just wait how will I make u say it …u always ignore to speak this but I will compel u to say this …



Hello everyone !
How was the episode ?
Did u liked the promise Twinkle made herself?

Nd finally love u all for showering ur love to me ….


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  1. Awesome epi yaar….and ur right in ur way that shouldn’t have pointed out on ur religion…hope she understand

  2. Shatakshi

    Hey sayu
    The episode was shoooo cute???
    N u know.I had no idea about Bhavika so I visited ur previous episode….
    Such type of ppl r dumb…I know it hurts but the lack sense so never mind….
    N.I m happy to see that the cite Sayeeda can take a stand for her religion
    Love u soo much for this
    N the person please stop using others name n bashing other writers???
    Loved it to the core❤❤❤❤

  3. Kruti

    Superb epi Sayeeda loved it

  4. When did this happen? This ‘Con’ Bhavika thing? I saw the comments of the prev episode jus now…shit how can a person be so cheap to say something abt someone’s religion? Ok…u dnt like a religion then no one is pressurizing u…but why comment like this in open? Mnalso a Hindu…then how come I say ‘Love you’ to any Muslim writer without hesitation? It’s the difference between menatlity and mindset…shame on u Miss ‘Con’ Bhavika! Fie!

    Coming to today’s episode di…
    *Standing Ovation*
    What an episode! Humour, romance, understanding, compromise, everything! Firstly, that ‘Yuvani’ part??…m still ROTFL! Secondly, that note on the swans…my mouth was jus in this expression?…seriously! And finally, when Kunj understood her, it was the best part of the epi. I was like ‘aww!’ I was really very happy that u added this. I wish they confess their love to each other soon. M waiting for the next episode eagerly. Also, do continue the other FF also asap…but only when u have time…no pressurisation…I know u r a busy lady…obviously i can call u a lady?…but ull always be my di!

    Coming to u now…hwr u? Hope u r fine…always keep smiling! I was really surprised to see this sherni avatar of urs…but I ovio loved it…really! Don’t mind such comments. Ya, comments against one’s religions is something that no one can accept, I know. Anyways, cheer up and smile like MY Sayu di does…chlo chlo jldi haso…aan…yeh hui na baat…take care and love u forever?. Stay blessed?

  5. Bulbul23

    I guessed it right

    Na na na nnna na nnan nan na
    Yes yes and amazing episode sayu di wt an episode love this kunj so so so so much

    I just laughed when uv turned himself into yuvani ?????

    And the bhavika not our bhavu

    I only want to say is

    Commenting on someone’s religion is not at all acceptable and every religion teaches us to respect each and every religion

    And I hope u don’t take it in a wrong way

    And sayu di I am with u

  6. Hey Sayeeda,
    Amazing episode loved it….I really loved it to the core… The way u express each and every feeling was amazing….and dat yuvani part was toh mindblowing and wat not…..and the decency wat Kunj showed towards Twinkle……I loved it….eagerly waiting for how she is going to make him confess his feelings…
    Luv u and I’m always by ur side no matter wat is d reason…. And sorry for not commenting on ur previous episode as I’m going to read it now and I’ll surely comment over there as well……

  7. Shreya098

    It was superb….?????
    The way u described the ambience of the room…it was mesmerizing
    And that yuvi-yuvaani thing was soooo damn hilarious…?????????

    Haaaye kunj is such a sweet and understanding hubby….I just wish sabko aisa partner mile….
    And yaa I would like to tell u one thing to u…..u are an amazingly talented awesome writer….so don’t pay any heed to what others say…. Just keep up the good work going….u know what… No matter how good we are..still there’ll be some people who just can’t mind their own bussines..
    So just ignore….and keep smiling???

  8. Romaisha

    Heyy sayu dii even i didn’t no abt bhavika so sorry if i had seen it i would’ve gotten really angry like u said wen its comes to insulting our religion its something else. I hate wen ppl bash Muslims we don’t talk bad abt others as a matter of fact we try to understand their culture also….sorry got a little outta control there ??? …. Sorry nah wen it comes to religion i go a bit overboard n the person whoever keeps using other people’s names better stop…..
    Now back to epi……you r damn awesome when you’re in your writing mood seriously the epi was superb!!!!!! And yuvi’s avatar !!!!! ??????? i was literally laughing it was too amazing really …hope u post ur next epi soon can’t wait … ? love u di …. ????

  9. Sameera

    Ha sayu the epi was too awesome hahaha uv behaving like girl uff ??yeah I agree with sattu
    Don’t think as religion n for we all our religion is only Indian so stop bashing using others names
    N lastly epi was more than awesome u nailed it ????
    Love h yaar plz cont soon

  10. hello
    even i agree with the topic of muslims
    even i was a silent reader and writer but what what shatakshi said force me to find out who the hell did and in which words say bad words about our religion.even i am a MUSLIM and thre must be other muslim readres also but no one ever bad mouth about anyother religion.even my real name is also seher but i write it as misha.seriosly what that bhavika said was totally pointlesss.she had no point in that.with no reason she is saying this.even Dr abdusalam was also a muslim but what happen in the case of hi.today he is succesfull.he had made the name of muslims at the peak.there are others hero also like abdustar edhi and our biggest hero HAZRAT MUHAMMAD PBHM and no religion said to bad mouth about other religions.good religion always care about poeple emotions….. even now the words are soo much and time and my life is even short for it.but i would request everyone not to bad mouth about any religion.on this website we all are readrers and writers.plz

    wesy can i call you sayeeda api.plz
    and misha was my best friend so wrote her name almost everywhere but now she left me and went america and now our friendship iss broken

  11. Shreya098

    It was superb..????
    The way u described the ambience of the room ??….it was mesmerizing
    And ya that yuvi-yuvaani thing was soooo damn hilarious…????????
    Haaaye kunj is such a sweet and understanding hubby…..I just wish sabko aisa partner mile…
    Sayeeda u are an amazingly talented writer…don’t pay any heed to what others say…just remember one thing we all love u..
    U know…… No matter how good we are ……there are always some people who just can’t mind their own business….
    So just ignore… And keep smiling???

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow sayeeda nice episode dear loved it to the core I read ur ff but couldn’t comment as I was super busy last week but I read ur episode but I never saw bhavika’s comment but when one of my friend told me about what she did I really got mad at her. People like her do this merely to seek attention and nothing else don’t even pay attention to these kind of stupid people I have seen many if she does so again tell me I will deal with her. And dear bhavika, our Sayeeda is 1000 times better than u if u hate her ff u write one we will see how well u can write never ever dare to say like this this shows how cheap mentality people like u have. And sayeeda u rock n u have a lot of fans I m one of them bhavika is just jealous of u

  13. Ria

    Sayeeda, the episode was amazing. Esp the part outside the room. Sh*t! Yuvani! Like seriously? I legit loved it. Aww..Kunj is so cute and nice. Excited to see how Twinkle makes Kunj confess his love for her.
    Love you loads.?

  14. Rashiverma2199

    Superb Sayeeda…lovely it was….

  15. Well done sayeeda (di) u gave a good slap to that bhavika,…….
    I came to know abt tht cmnt today only else i,ll give a nyc reply to her who has dare to talk against muslims…….

    Bhavika seriously i had never saw a person of low mentality like u and what u think that cant we reply u back in same tone that u hv talked but if we did than there will be no diff btwn u and us and yeah plzzzzz learn ur religon properly becoz there is no religon which allow u to talk rubish like that…..we should respect every religon so better u stay in ur limits becoz we forget our limits na than u will pay bad for it……

    And yeah wht u said that ur had has eaten by this ff.. Do u hv head also 😀 nyc joke…..

    And what a wonderfull TU admin u r doing like u guyzzz take abt hour for moderation and atlast we r getting cmnts like this… Than what is the need of such moderation……

    And sayeeda (di) ap mjhe nh jante hoge and u will feel weird by my sudden and long comment but u write well seriously so dont think abt these stupid pplz………….

  16. Saby

    Comedy romance drama….
    Sab ka mixture that….
    Splendid episode….
    Yuvani… Like seriously?
    Ohhh god I m still laughing like helll…..
    And twinj they were so cute…
    To undrstnd each other….
    Uh really nailed it…. Not with polish…
    But with every emotions…..
    And and and came to knw about that fake bhavika vala thing…
    I m not a Muslim BT I too support uh Jaan….
    Uh r right… No religion teaches uh to bash other religion… This shit ppl… Try to make chaos… Don’t heed attention to them…
    And jaannnneman… Apni hassi barkarar rakhiye… Aapke hasiii k diwana bahot hai…. Jismese ek hum bhi hai???
    Love uh sayuuuu????

  17. Srija

    hey sayeeda the episode is as usual amazing ?????????
    don’t think about the words from those cheap people
    u are a brilliant writer everyone loves u a lot
    i know it have hurt u but just forget it they are the most stupid people
    keep smiling always??????? & keep writing such beautiful update
    continue soon

  18. Meeta

    Heyy Sayeeda.
    I really dint know bout d last epi incident.
    When I checked it , I got to knoe bout it.
    I still can’t believe How could someone say like that.
    I hate people who bash religions.
    I was so proud to have such best friends like you,
    Irrespective of your caste, colour, religion, state.
    I just want to remain friends with u forever.
    I’m proud of you.
    The way you stood for your religion.
    Thank you.
    I respect all religions
    N I’ll do so forever.
    I solemnly promise to one of my such a good friend.
    N I loved the episode.
    Keep writing.
    (My first si long comment)
    Always fight back n stand for your rights.

  19. Bhumika12

    Hii sayeda……u r awesome….,,,episode was tooo gud….i loved the scenes when yuvi turned into yuvani….sorry i got to know about the comment rut now….BHAVIKA how can a person be this much low ….how can u disrespect muslim religion ….?????? U R STUPID. And your mentality ….means such a stupid and low mentality u have??? ……and last request DON’t judge people by there caste ok…. Sayeeda is a awesome and one of the best writer…???? u r awesome and tooo gud sayeeda???

  20. Jas and sid lover

    Loved the episode…kunj’s character which u have portrayed is amazing..respecting twinkle and caring about her comfort zone was the best….and also twinkle respected kunj to allow him to come near her…the bond which u depicted is just fabulous…what to say now I just get finding words but never get to appreciate u…love ur writing??
    I won’t interfere in ur personal.stuff above mentioned but will just say I am also not of ur religion but I respect u a lot for taking a stand for ur religion and I already said ur thoughts prove u r an amazing person…

  21. Zuha Fatima

    Sayoo Api this episode was rocking ?? Mind blowing…Enjoyed it a lot! Amazing episode?? Keep going!

    Well coming to that Bhavika…Affaa Api told me about her I don’t know what she thinks about herself (I guess she is a girl only) Well how dare she say a word against my religion.. I gave her a fit reply, but calmly so that she comes to know about Muslims…about our beautiful religion ISLAM!

    Well the episode was rocking keep writing!

    Keep smiling ☺

    Stay blessed!


    Love u!


  22. Hii di love you so much and your ff too.as always awesome episode sorry for not commenting in last two episodes .they too were mind blowing.
    Now coming back to point hey bhavika aur Jo bhi original naam hai apka miss dukhi aatma (kaisa hai mera naam).haa to main kaha rhi thi ki tum se request hai ki kisi ke bare mei maat kaho got it.just think how you will feel when someone tell you all that.and I am sorry for name but by seeing your works done I am getting that name.its my last warning stop bashing with different names.
    And dii please don’t feel bad because these people are found thousand in ones who get happiness by hurting other.

  23. Isha_

    Hi sayeeda just saw the comment of bavika and really angry but yiu dont have to say sorry cause she does not have any right to talk like this about us muslims or any other culture and bavika do you even know anything about muslims you have no rights to make fun of musims

  24. Fan

    Awesome epi sayoo loved it…i had no clue about this bhavika incident..how can a person stoop so low??..i liked the way u took stand for ur religion..iam not from ur religion but i respect every other religion..no religion teaches us to direspect the other..n for bhavika a small advice get a life!..stop posting ur useless n stupid comments..if u dont like the ff then dont even bother to read it coz nobody cares about ur opinion..plus learn to respect other religion..
    N sayoo u r an amazing writer..u rock!

  25. Jisha

    Hi Sayeeda,
    Awesome episode dear.. loved it…mind blowing…kunj is the partner any girl would dream of…u portrayed his character so well…
    I didn’t know about this bhavika incident. I went back to previous episode n found what she has done… disrespecting someone’s religion is not at all acceptable…we all are tu tei family members and are bound with love…differentiating us on basis of religion shows how narrow minded she is….
    Anyways I am happy you gave her a tight slap by giving her answer. previously you were sad and was about to leave ur ff coz fake Sayeeda… happy to see you this way… if someone is giving u one n for wrong reason, make sure he gets 10 and he/she doesn’t have that daring to do that again with anyone…
    Love you…

  26. Aye hayye sayuuuuuuuu diduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……,….
    Mai kabhi sudrugi nahi na??????????
    N I kno that k mai kabhi bhi nahi sudarugii…..?????
    Kyuki har baar ese late Jo comment karri hu….!!!!!!
    Sho sho sho shorry….,…..
    Sholy pleazzzzz pleaashhhhhhhh ……??
    Kaan pakad ker shorry sholy bola na pleaashhhhhhhh………
    Ik ki bahut late ho jari hu mai bt kya karu…tym.,……
    Ahhhh kaash allahmiya NE mujhe 4 hrs extra time diya hota….??
    Nai ton kitna achha hota…ehhehehehe…….! ¡!!!
    Ha toh comming to d point “MISS BHAVIKA” u b***** ,b******,…
    I swear I cant stop my self nw…..???
    R u srs…..!!?????
    Lyk srsly???????
    WTF ws that???haan hw cn u stoop so low abt other religion??¿
    If uh had prob wid her ff thn plzz ha don’t read it…..????
    I swear I wanna bash uh like hell nw….
    Firstly for bashing our religion…..
    N secondly for commenting such bad mouths on my diduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu k ff…..????
    If uh were infront of me na den m damn sure m goin kill uh……
    U stupid creature…. BL**** crap….
    Or whatever!!!! !idk…
    We should nt give uh damn….
    If uh cn stoop so low…. Thn don’t worry I won’t bash any religion….
    Bt m gonna bash uh.,……….
    Chahe jisko Jo samjna hai samjhe bt I can’t tolerate even a single word abt my religion or any other….!! !!!
    Bt uh did!!!!!!……
    U r juss f*****g bl**** shit ……..
    Dipshit ….(m really really sry if I hurt any of uh except this girl …..)
    Ik m rude bt I can’t stop myself nw……
    Ok nw juss enough of this…….
    Sayuuuuuuuu duuuu epi ws jus marvellous…,
    Luv uh sho sho shooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much……
    Muaahhhhhhh wht an epic UV hehehehehhe……??????
    That ws damn…..
    Jus do cont asap pleaashhhhhhhh…..
    N ya so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much wala sorry yaar for using such sorry…..pleaashhhhhhhh maaf kardo..!!!!
    Sorry for using such ill words ….
    Bt I can’t tolerate any bad thing on ur ff n any religion….
    N hw dare she speak abt uh haa….
    Ok m again gong sumwhr…..???????????
    Jusss do cont asap pleaashhhhhhhh……..
    Luv uh to d moon n back …❤❤❤❤?????
    Luv ur ff to d core….???????
    Keep smiling…….
    Keep writing…….
    N keep giving such amazing give backs to cheap plle……
    Lub uhhhh more n more….❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. N yeah didu m always by ur side chahe jo hojaye ……
      My sista……muahhhhhh u r d best….❤❤❤❤
      Lub uh..

  27. Angita

    I don’t know when that happened but I’m shocked
    I actually love Muslim culture and what you said is absolutely true
    Your episode today di…………..
    Hilarious….. Yuvani part
    After all you’re you
    One of my best di
    Love you
    Kunj understanding twinkle was so sweet that my eyes?popped out
    Like wow so amazingly written
    All the best dear

  28. Sry di jzz nw read abt dat fake bhavika…. i jzz dnt undrstand hw can she bad mouth a religion…every religion is sacred…hope she understands dat soon…
    Regarding epi…i luvd it 2 core?????
    Luvd twinkis promise???…..dialogues ver awsm…..updt nxt 1 soon…

  29. hey sayu aj meri cmnt short hogi……so chalaa lene
    n yaa how can some1 say ill words about any religion i m by ur side……
    now who is dis f**king bhavika
    i know dat ff likhne wali bhavika nahi karsakti
    i think some1 want to stop ff
    so jo b hai sun lo tum read karna band kardo hamlog nahi karenge

    n about d epi
    i loved it till d moon
    tw promise to herself was soooo…………good
    she donn wanto to kunj come close to her den also she got ready
    wowwwwwwwwwwwwww….it was speechless
    do cont asap
    tumne ekcheez notice kiya
    short cmntbolkar b long hi day di

  30. Sriya

    It was fabulous and ignore the Bashers I love your this ff more than your other one I was laughing like a maniac reading the yuvani part love u loads dear sisso

  31. Affaa

    Ohhh my shernii kya baat hai yaar….Today you shown power of Muslim…sayoo dam sure she may came to know what Muslim…Thank you sooo much….she deserves this and she will dare to say anything about Muslim again….
    I’m really very sorry for being late….
    Ok now coming to episode…
    Masha Allah I’m saluting for kunj’s thought…kassh every boys has same mentality…to understand his life partner with out saying anything…
    And I loved fast part of uvi…I was laughing like anything…It was soo funny…bedroom was also amazing…only my sayoo can rock like this…
    Today you Neil it yaar…
    I just loved the episode and writer….
    Both are outstanding….
    Love you lots….
    Take care…

  32. Aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww…….sso cho cho cute episode sayeeda….!!! ♡♡♡
    D way kunj undrstnds twinkiies feeling was jst beyond lovable !!!! Hatts off to ur imagination…….
    Room decoration dscription jsssss waaaaaaoooooooooooo…..

  33. Baby

    hey sayeeda di hi i m sry 2 b soooooo late bt u no na y i ws really shckd to read sch cheap wrds well i m also a hindu bt still we r nt taught to speak sch chheap wrds against any religion i ws shckd how cn she bt i srsly luv u n respect u di n i luv ur ff sooo mch i ws lyk i jst went bck n read wt hs she said i ws srsly feeling guilty lyk y she said lyk dis di we all r ds samme n i respevt all of dem n u no i m sry bt merko pta nhi hai ki abhi mein kya bol rhn hun pr yeh pta ki sb dil se hai or mein kbhi kisi ka bura nhi cahungi we all hv same pwr n di i hp u still luv me dt mch nly which u use b4 reading dis cmnt n u still gt blissd by reading my cmnts hahahahaha i luv u soo mch di n bilkul uss bndi ka msg apne dil pr mt lena i no all feel d same if sm1 points finger on r religion n we all r sissies here n no1 hv d rite to say any thing bad about us nhi toh yahan p ham usko uski okad uski jagah dikhani aati hai hume so she shuld stay in her actual limits n i thnk she shuld nvr cmnt here agn how dare she spoke so bad about my di i ll kill her fr dis di about episode it ws fab fantastic u hv nt left me wid any wrds i srsly laughed my heart out at dat yuvani wala prtion oh god srsly u rckd mein toh abhi tk has rhin hun n d kunj who is understanding ws also amazing d room decoration ws fab n i m speechless as usual luv u di cntinue riting post asap di

  34. Bhavika

    hey sayeeda dii first i didnt understood why this episode especially for ME but then i readed it still didnt understood then I went back to the previous episode and there I saw that. shit crap stupid person has commented no blabbered something that too with MY name but i swear its not me ?U trust ur sisi naa and for that stupid person

    miss Bhavika or whosoever dont U even dare to speak anything about my senorita Ok and what u think about muslims who told u that Muslims are also Humans just like us and some even much better like my senorita and U dont have any right to say anything about any religion and if next time u blabereed something about senorita than better u protect urself coz i will kick ur ass and slap u nicely ok and this ff is not at all stupid nor senorita…??if u dont wanna read the ff then go to hell ?actually NO you dont deserve to be in hell …in hell also there are much better people than u so go whereever u wanna go but stay away from TU and us OK got it better U grt it and never weite these stupid blabbering about my senorita otherwise u dont know me what i will do ????if u r too much intelligent naa then ur dash ki dash U r the world’s most stupid person

    muslims are good yaar

    and coming to the episode

    haye senorita a PERFECT episode like always ho bhi kyo naa writer is also PERFECT ??

    and that BHAVIKA is not me

    1. Bhavika

      zyada ho gyana hna hna??but this stupid ass Fake BHAVIKA deserves it he or she is a blo*dy jerk ????????????????????

  35. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…loved it…vese kisi ne kuch bola h kya????srry mujhe pta ni h cozzzz

  36. 1stly loved yuvanis part a lot…
    wow kunj is so understanding…
    hope twinkle will express her love soon…
    n don get depressed abt bhavika…
    u r so florised writer loved ur ff…
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