” I can’t stop loving u “- Twinj Love. Chapter 2


” I can’t stop loving u – Twinj love!”

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Mumbai Airport

T- ” Yuhhhuuuu !!! Finally we turned up Mumbai…” Yeh hai Mumbai ; Meri jaan ”

Twinkle’s POV .
” Hello ;.Aamchi Mumbai..! I miss Twinkle Taneja express a warm solitude to my city of dreams.
It’s my third time I’m been over here but still it ignites a fire of excitement in me !
Ahhh! what to compliment about this city- a city that never sleeps ; a land with a spirit of gold nd residents wid a never die attitude. A city that hypnotizes millions world over ; which has captured the imagination of every soul that has stepped foot in it ….just like mine ! . It is a place to be in if one wishes to live life to the fullest ….OMG ! I’m crazy for this place”

On a spur of moment ; Leela patted at Twinkle’s back to make her aware about the life running around …

L-” Puttar ; what’s happening ; I’m observing u since morning u r lost in ur own world ”

T – ” Nothing ma ; I’m just checking whether Chinki nd dev ( Chinki’s bro near about 18 yrs) has arrived to receive us or like every time they r late ”

“Twinkle” ….. a voice is heared .
Twinkle turned nd sees a girl approaching towards her ; wearing blue denim with a magenta color top embedded with shining stones …
Seeing her Twinkle happiness knew no boundaries . She ran nd gaved a crumbing hug ..
T-” Chinki ; Chinki ; Chinki …I’m so ecstatic to see u . Thanks Babaji …finally she arrived . I thought u would have forgot me as for now only Rohan .. ( Chinki’s Mr. Perfect ) is in her mind”

Listening this Chinki started to blush..
T -” Maa see someone is looking so cute…pointing towards Chinki ‘

C – ” Oh hello I’m not blushing haan ! ; nd yah me nd forget nd that to u …Hhaahhhaa…is the world’s biggest frolic. These lines fits for u not for me .
Don’t think this time also u sleezy talks would make up my mood …I won’t forgive u this time …u better mark my words”

T -” So u won’t forgive me na ; then I have another option to lighten ur mood ”

Saying this Twinkle started to put sit ups by making a puppy like face …
T -” 1….2……3….4..,……”
Seeing her childish behavior Leela nd Rt started to chuckle nd people passing by were laughing hard….

C-” Hey! Twinki stop this yrr …..don’t do this …don’t embarrass me ”
T – ” First u commit that u forgive me ”
C-” OK meri maa ( my mother) ….I forgive u . Seriously no one can dare to be angry with u for long time”

Twinkle stood up nd hugged her nd murmured in her ears …..
” Twinkle se panga is not changa….( fight with twinkle is not good )
..U know na I’m beauty with brains….”
C -” Therefore I love u the most… my bestie” …


At Bangalore airport around 5 pm..

A boy is seen entering through the gate of airport along with his trolley bag….
Tall ; muscular ; well proportionate ; head full of dark hairs ; defined chuckle bones nd jaws ; broad shoulders; smiling brown eyes full with fire of passion ; bristly eyebrows ; damm hot ; charming ; buccaneering personality ( which is a mixture of wit ; smartness ; confidence).
He is wearing black denim ; white shirt with a grey color coat ; brown belt ; brown shoes …..looking extremely breathtaking..

The guy is revealed to be our apple’s of our eye… Kunj’s Sarna….

Some girls were staring at him nd kunj noticed them …
Girl 1-” look yrr he is so handsome …woow yrr ”
Girl 2 -” Just wait nd watch how I will impress him ”

Saying this she started to walk towards him nd as soon as she reached near him she acted as if her leg is twisted nd she falls in the arms of our hero ….
G -” Thank u so much …hotty…u saved me ..”
She started to move her fingers sensually on his face…while kunj just smiled evilishly….
Immediately he back off his hands from her waists due to which she falls down …
G -” Ahhhh!! what a crap ; what u did ? U made me fall down purposely !”…
Kunj kneeled down…nd said..
” Oh ! Baby doll no infact giri Hui doll ( fallen doll) …what happened u fell down …ouchhhh !! ur back is paining.”

G-” How dare u to behave like this with me “…
K- ” Ik I’m smart enough to make one fall for me ….nd I must say nice idea to impress me but this time u dailed a wrong number ….these r very old tactics to attract a guy……
Nd many of them would have reciprocated u but I’m not like others who falls for a girl so easily…..U know why coz I hate girl’s ….I really hate those girl’s who can do anything just to gain the attention of boys…..hold my hand nd get up…”
He forwarded his hand nd make the girl to stand up…..
K-‘” Byeee….better luck next time”….he smirked nd moved ahead leaving the girl embarrassed…
To be continued…………
Precap- Kunj’s conversation with Yuvi ….Twinj first meet…
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Credit to: Sayeeda

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  5. awesome post soon want to know what happens when twinj meets

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  8. So its 2:30am & instead of going to bed I decided to read your fanfiction as I couldn’t wait. Gosh, your sense of description give me shivers. “Chuckle bones”, “smiling brown eyes”, “buccaneering personality” oh my!
    You’ve got it, the writing skills. The way you choose your words is just perfect & I’m eagerly waiting to get into this story more.
    I’m saying this for maybe the fourth time but ill say it anyway, those that share the Indian religion is extremely talented.

    1. Thank u soooo much dear….. it’s my luck that u r liking my ff ….nd ur love towards Indian people is so supportive…I hope I can make u satisfied with coming episodes…

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  11. Shamz

    Hey Sayeeda,
    The way you describe each and everything is amazing….You are going amazing…….sorry for not comment on ur previous epi as I read it now only….actually I’m addicted to this pg….I’m so engrossed in this pg that it’s really affecting my mind…..
    Keep smiling and be happy……..
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