” I can’t stop loving u “- Twinj Love. Chapter 5


“I can’t stop loving u “- Twinj love!!.
CHAPTER 5 ( plzzz read this just once)
Guysss I just want all of u to read my ff …plzzz ; whether u read my ff before or not but I it’s my ogour to u all to at least just for once read it …u will find a message in the end…
Let’s begin with the episode…


K -” Maa ! maa …where r u ? ” ….
B-” Kunj puttar ; what happen why r u shouting nd calling Usha Rani …do u need some thing ?”
K-” Bebe I’m searching maa ; since last 15 min …I need to talk her urgently …where is she ?”
B-” Oh!! this is the issue nd u r shouting like a small kid….ummmm ; I saw her going to Twinkle’s room .. u go nd check might be she is present over their .”..
k-” OK ! Bebe …I love u ..”…he gaved the peck on her cheeks nd proceeded towards Twinkle’s room ….


K-” Maa …maa r u here …” …he went inside the room nd found no one there ..
Kunj thinks-” Kya yrr …where is maa ; it looks as if she became Mr. India no no Miss India ( gender na ) ..nd she disappeared…”

He turned back to go out of the room nd while he reaches near the door he heard a voice of girl singing song ..

kunj turned back nd found Twinkle coming out of bathroom …She is wearing orange nd pink combination patiala salwar with her hairs wrapped in a towel ..seeing her kunj hides himself behind the door..

Twinkle removed towel nd to let her wet hairs open …..

Seeing her in that state ….kunj was just enthralled ….nd was constantly gazing her…nd n cute smile appeared oh his face…

Twinkle took her mobile nd played Tukur Tukur song nd while facing mirror she started to shake her legs on the song beats…..while Kunj was completely lost in her …
After sometime she paused the song …
T-” Enough beauty queen ….for today it’s enough ….” …
She took a hair dryer nd started to dry her hairs …
Kunj was not able to see her face clearly so he came nd stood on the entrance ..but Twinkle is Twinkle she was busy in her talks with mirror …

Twinkle while looking in mirror speaks to her own self…” Miss Taneja one thing is of sure ; Babaji ne tumhe badi fursat se banaya hai ( Babaji had took a long time to create u )…that’s why u r so pretty ..she ur eyes it’s too good ; ur nose ; ur red red cheeks ; ur zero size figure …everything is so perfectly carved on u …..just bcoz this u r my fav….what say mirror u agree with me na ….hoon na main beautiful …”

She started to apply glossy lip balm ; mascara ; kajal …..nd was making the funny faces while looking at mirror..

Kunj’s POV ….
” Amazing ……exquisite ….beautiful…
She looks breathtaking when she is drying her hairs . She said true …Babaji must have taken long time to create such unique creature . Her cute talks r proving her innocence hidden in her personality ..I had never in my life came across a girl as pretty as she is ….I know I don’t like girls but I don’t know what makes me feel that she is different from others …”

Suddenly his thoughts r broken by the ringing of his mobile phone…..kunj came back in his senses while Twinkle is shocked seeing him present over their…

T-” Kunj…….u…..heeerree …” she stammers coz she is tensed thinking that might kunj has saw her drama held minutes ago..

Kunj canceled the call nd started to move towards her ….seeing him Twinkle became hell nervous …
T-” Kunj …what r u doing…. why r u coming close to me …stay away ..I said stay away from me …don’t come close to me …I’m not that type of girl…stop “…
But Kunj was not in his senses ….Twinkle’s word were having no effect on him…nd he continued to advance towards her …on other side Twinkle moves backward nd is stopped by the wall…
Kunj came very close to her …while Twinkle closes her eyes …seeing her action Kunj was smiling endlessly…
He moves more close to her nd for a while looked at the twinkling face of her’s….

Very slowly he reached near her ears nd murmured…” Don’t worry ! take it easy …I just want to tell u that ur mascara is not applied properly ..it is smudged ..do apply it properly or else ur cute face will look like a witch of horror movies ” ….saying this he burst out laughing…

Twinkle opened her eyes nd started to hit him on his chest …
T-” What did u said ….I will look like a witch ….I’m not witch but u r devil Mr Sarna ..”

Kunj hold her hands nd pulled her towards him…
K-” Twinkle ; when I was coming close to u ; what u were thinking …haahannn…..u thought I will kiss u …do u really thought this?'”
T-” No ..not at all I was not thinking that …nd without my permission u won’t be able to do such thing..” …she is perplexed as somewhere she was thinking the same …

Kunj leaves her hand nd proceeded to exit the room …while going her turned back nd says -” By the way I’m also not the type of guy u r thinking… see u later ” …he smiles nd moves out ..

Twinkle is surprised nd again face the mirror nd says ..” Yah he is right see my mascara ….I just hope he had not seen me acting weird ….if he had seen then what he would think of me ”

“That this Siyaapa queen …is also a jhalli queen who looks splendid while doing her drama “….Kunj replied from the door
” See u later drama queen ….” …

T-” Aaaaaawwwweee ….Babaji this not done haannn….it means he saw everything..now how will I face him…”..she makes a sad face nd got ready …

Twinkle nd Chinki were discussing something nd were laughing ….Tanya enters the room ..
T-” Hi ! di …u over here “..
Ta-” Yes Twinkle I need to talk to u ..”..
T-” Yes di ..say what u want to say”..
C-” U both carry on …I have some work ..I’m going. ..” …saying this she went .

Ta-” See na yrr …this Kunj …here also he is busy with his office work …we all r persuading him to stop nd prepare for the dance performance for tonight sangeet …but he is so stubborn that he is paying no attention towards us . U do something nd make him ready..”

T-” Basss !!! such a small issue don’t worry I promise u that he will surely agree to ur words …just wait nd watch “…

They both headed towards Kunj’s room…along with Samrat nd Ruhi..

K-” Twinkle ; di…what happen u all r here ? Don’t tell me u r again here to make my mood for dance….I said na I won’t ..”
T-” Ohhh ! hello who told u we r here to persuade u ….u r not a PM that we will request u ..It’s ur choice whether u want to enjoy ur life or not …none is concerned about that..”
Ta-” Yes ! she is right “..
T-” Ummm….Samrat yesterday when u were defeated u told me that ur Mamu is very smart nd when he will come u both will pair up nd goona make I nd Ruhi lose …but the story seems to be different over here …it seems that he is a coward one who afraid of taking challenge..”

K-” Who told u that I’m coward one…I’m not …infact if I come in my real personality I can make u lose within a blink of eye ….””
T-” Over confidence ….nice …then prove urself that u r none less …what’s say accept the challenge of dance in today’s sangeet nd let’s see whether u boys win or we girls ….”
K-” OK ….so pull up your socks nd be ready to lose tonight …challenge accepted..”

While Twinkle smiled nd shows thumbs up to Tanya..

Tanya thinks…” I always knew that she is the perfect girl for my kunj… thereof I pressurized him to attend this marriage ..so that he can understand her ..”
All guest arrived …Rohan’s family also arrived …Chinki nd Rohan were sitting beside eo …while kunj nd Twinkle were teasing eo through their actions…

“So let’s start with sangeet function… one side is girl’s team headed by Twinkle di nd other side is boy’s team headed by Kunj bro…” ..Dev spoked.

Twinj smirked at eo ..
Girl’s performed on the song Chittiyan Kalaiiyan ….whereas boys performed on Aadat se majboor..

Results r declared where boys team won by 2 marks….Kunj was extremely happy but Twinkle was making sad face but deep inside her heart she was happy to see him happy …

Twinkle thinks-” Though I lose but still I’m very happy to see him happy …See his face is shining so brightly bcoz of wining the dance competition… nd seeing him happy Bebe ; Usha aunty nd Di is so exalted ….at least he gave a break to him from his office life..”

” So now it’s the time for family performance…. everyone comes on dance shake ur leg in the tune of song Gallan Godiyan …” ..Dev spoked ..

Everyone along with twinj is busy in dancing while kunj was staring Twinkle nd smiling…. His this action is noticed by Tanya….. nd she just thanked God nd prayed to make them one very soon..

A boy is seen coming inside the hall ….tall ; handsome ; dashing ….

While everyone is dancing ….Twinkle’s eye falls on the person ….seeing him she became shocked …tears started to form in her eye….nd the guy was also staring towards her..

Twinkle’s POV….
” Finally …..finally he is here …..why he came …he shouldn’t !!!….No Ranveer I don’t want to come face to face with u ever in my life but no see my destiny …what games it is playing with me . The guy whom I never want to meet is standing in front of my eye nd staring at me .. Babaji plz give me strength so that I should not fall weak again ….”

She was not able to control her tears nd ran away upstairs…
The guy is revealed to be Ranveer Kapoor ( guys u all can imagine Ali Gony …currently playing the role of Romi in serial yeh hai mohabbatein..)

Others were busy in their dance but kunj noticed the Twinkle’s tears nd Ranveer too staring at her…He ran behind Twinkle nd reached at terrace nd saw her sobbing badly ….her eyes blo*dy red..
k-” Twinkle …what happen is everything alright ….why r u crying?”.
Seeing him she ran towards him nd hugged him very tightly ….

T-” Kunj ….kunj he is back …”…
K-” Who ?”…
T -” Ranveer…. the guy I once loved ….”..
Kunj was shocked listening this ….somewhere he was feeling bad to listen that she loved him ….
K-“Shhhhssh!!!!! don’t cry …sit down nd tell me everything..” …he consoled her ….” stop crying… tell me “..

T-” kunj u know love is something which is perfectly destructive nd perfectly beautiful.. Difference is sometime through love u lose everything in the end nd u give up nd sometime bcoz of it u feel harmless nd the walls u built up around u come crashing down showing the world who u really r just bcoz u love someone…
When u r in love ur emotions r really taken control by the one u love ..when they r happy u r happy ; when they r sad u feel more pain in them….
But I always came across the pain after realizing this emotion..””.

To be continued…

Hi ! everyone …ik episode was long but do u all liked it ?
Thank u everyone for their support nd love …
Guys today I just want to pour my heart out among u all….ik many of u won’t like it but plzzz try to understand it from my point….
Their r many ppl who gives their precious support to ff writer’s whether new one or old one…nd I always use to read their comment on other ff …but guys I just want to know whether u ppl r not liking my ff ? If so plzzz tell me so ….I will surely try my best to satisfy u all as for me u all r my family…I can go to any extent ;if in my way ; to satisfy u all but plzzz do tell me !!!
With my last chapters being posted I felt very low …their r very less ppl to support me….
I request to all to at least comment on this one to let me know what is stopping u from extending ur support ….if u want changes i will surely do that but plzzz comment once on this episode …Guys I don’t know. whether I’m doing right typing this or not …but still I’m doing…
Plzzz don’t take it any negative sense ….I just want to know ur opinion nd if anyone felt hurt by my words then I request him / her to forgive me..

Love u All…

Credit to: Sayeeda

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  1. Callmenazu

    just luvd it……….plzz do continue and dont end it becoz i luv di ongoing track and i am reading ur ff but den i am in a hurry and so i could not comment……will be surely waiting for d next chapter

    1. Callmenazu

      i request you not to end ur ff becoz of less comments becoz i believe dat dere are many other silent readers or {loquacious readers} who are too lazy or in a hurry or any other reasons which stops dem from commenting….hope dat gives u a support

      1. Callmenazu dear I’m very very happy that u commented on my ff…don’t worry I’m not gonna end it …I will continue with it…it just that I need u all ppl to support me ; as ur wishes encourages me to right more…love u nd keep supporting dear

  2. Sayeeda I don’t like this fanfiction at all. Honestly………… I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it.
    You’re doing such a fantastic job and anyone that knows good writing will appreciate your fanfiction. You’re an excellent writer and I support you 1000000%

    1. RiaA dear…. how much I thank u is less …u r always their to support me no matter what the situation is …
      Thank u so much for ur love nd support ….love u …keep supporting.. stay tuned more is yet to come..

  3. Shamz

    Hey Sayeeda, I was partially correct…just the name is different…but the character is same as UV 😉
    About ur note I won’t be able to say anything….. As I really like ur plot….
    Hey I won’t say to change ur track…because when I started to write my ff beforehand I had all the topic in my mind…even now also I have so many topics in my head that it may go till 100 episode…so the point of telling this is that if you write with ur own mind u’ll get more creative ideas and yah suggestions are good it will help you but if you change ur track then it might be difficult as you may have already set in ur mind which topic is going to come after the current topic u already had uploaded….. Sorry if any of you is hurt by my thought… I’m really a straight forward girl…..I was just saying my POV….please don’t take it otherwise…..
    I think every ff writers’ comment had gone down and they might be agreeing with me……

    1. Shamzooo …u know dear the best thing about u is ur straightforwardness ….what ever u have in ur heart u pour it out nd this what I love the most abt u …
      Nd whatever u said is true …I had already made my mind regarding the story plot ; it’s just that when I see comments on my ff …I feel motivated nd my heart says to write more nd it gives me a immense pleasure while writing it…
      Nd yah u r always great as I said earlier… u easily guessd the track but UV nd Ranveer have a different personality all over….

  4. Sameera

    It’s superbb fab awsm cool no words …?? ur ff as well ur writing was too good plzz post next epi asap ???

  5. Heyy Sayeeda
    First of all let me commend your amazing and breathtaking writing skills !! 🙂
    you r always so kind to comment just wonderful words of awesomeness to the other ff writers n we all r here to shower our immense love on u too
    I’m really sorry tht im not commenting regularly but my exams are here n I really need to pass to go over to my other form im rele sry tht I didn’t comment i usually read ur ff bt the time to comment is just beyond impossible yaar just consider me as a huge fan oout here reading ur ff but cannot tell u how gr8 u r !! seriously i will trry to comment on ur ff i read it but just consider me as a silent reader for time being ur episodes always make me smile and if any of the other ff writers r gonna read this plzz im rele sorry im not commenting but i am reading do bear tht in mind !! =))
    I am srsly in love with those descriptions tht u give our stars and yes do continue ur ff as i’m waiting for ur next epi hope u understand bye n i love u !! :* n this fabulous ff ofc !!

    1. Romaisha dear….u don’t know ur each nd every words are precious like gems to me ….I’m glad that their r many silent readers who r loving my ff nd discontinuation of my ff will be unfair to them ….
      Don’t worry dear if u r busy nd not commenting still I will feel ur presence as a silent one ….
      Thank u sooooo much for ur compliment ; love nd support …
      Love u a lot nd I’m happy that u like my comment on other ff…

  6. Awwwwww didu ur sho sho shweet dea loved it
    U always make an different feeling reading ur ff yaar…..
    Donno y bt ur ff is so attractive yaar do b sad na ……
    Listen Ik u r getting very less comments n ur sad n d reason ur getting less comments r bcz schls have started n may b clgs tooo
    N even m busy wid my schl work bt still I whenever I get tym I comment so plzz don’t b sad for n ur is too good
    N do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz……
    Luv u n ur ff alot didu…..
    Hope u understand abt schls ……
    Luv u to d core……….??????
    N may b nw entry will make our twinj come close…..??????
    N plzz do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz
    N m sry if my any word is hurt to u
    Or can say if I hurted my sista any way ……..
    Luv u n m always der to support u didu….
    N ap k writing skills toh mashallah kya baat hai manna padega apko toh bhai ooops mean sista…..luv u……

    1. Don’t b sad *

    2. Zikra dear …don’t ever say sorry . U called me ur sis nd saying sorry to her is not good …right na?..
      I love uuuuuuuu. …..love uuu …for ur kind words ….I don’t make u feel different ; it’s u who always leaves a bright smile on my face …I can’t tell u how much I feel blessed after reading ur comment…
      Nd yah I understand the buzziness of life …but what to do ur comments make me feel relax from my hectic schedule….
      Love u …….bahut zyada ….keep supporting…. mmmuuuaahhh

  7. Ria

    Sayeeda, firstly I’m very sorry for not commenting on your ff all these days. I’ve been quite busy. So sorry for that. The episode was amazing. And, you’ve always told the ff writers to not worry about the comments. So, why are you upset over it. Please cheer up as you’re doing a fab job. And, moreover Tara told me this that it’s not only the commentators who’re reading. There are enormous number of silent readers too. So, please cheer up and continue your ff.

    1. Ria…. u r forgetting something …friendship mein no sorry….
      So don’t say sorry to me …ik whether u comment or not u r always their to support me .
      Ik one time I told u that don’t think about no of comments but when I stepped my foot in writing I came to k know the importance of it ….today I’m happy to see that their r so many ppl to support me….
      Love u …..

  8. Ruchi

    Hey Sayeeda
    your ff is awsum nd we love it…
    Actually these days m quite busy wid my cousins that is y i rarely cmmnt on ff’s…
    Sorry yr…
    nd plz post the nxt epi asap…

    1. Don’t say sorry Ruchi ….I’m very happy to see u supporting me ….do take ur time as ik u r always their to stand as support to me …
      I’m glad that u liking it ….u will get to read next one soon…love u..

  9. Kruti

    Amazing epi sayeeda….and u don’t need to change d track as I’m loving this one….keep smiling and keep writing

    1. Thank u sooooooo much Kruti ….I’m satisfied that u enjoying the current track….
      Love u to moon nd back for always supporting me …..nd yah I will always keep smiling….

  10. Rashiverma2199

    Sayeeda……u r just awesome …the way u write is commendable…. 3 cheers for u…hip hip hurray…hip hip hurray…. Hip hip huraay….pls don’t end ur ff….I am in love with this….pls don’t end ur ff….._?????

    1. Thank u soooo ssoooooooo much Rashi …..three cheers nd that too for me …I’m feeling on cloud nine right now….
      Don’t worry dear till the time I’m not done with my storyline I won’t to stopping it…I’m surely continuing with my ff ….
      Love u for always supporting me ….load’s of love to u …stay blessed


    hey sayeeda its very good yaar

    1. Thank u ….thank u …so much Ayesha for commenting…. I’m happy that u r liking it…
      Love u ….keep supporting …

  12. hii sayeeda di I don’t like the episode sorry because I loved it.you are an awesome writer and your story line is too good love you.

    1. Thank u …sooo much Lover for always supporting me nd loving me .
      Reading ur first words I thought u didn’t liked it but after reading further I was so happy ….
      Love u nd keep supporting

  13. Shatakshi

    Hey Sayeeda
    Firstly the episode was Awesome as u…
    N please don’t be heartbroken…
    There is a long way ahead..
    Trust me…its just ur 5th chapter…n u already got so much comments in ur today’s episode…
    I told u na that there r many silent readers of ur ff…
    N from today’s episode.. Things r much clear n so does ur story line…
    We all r supporting… Even the silent readers giving u the silent support…
    N u know today morning I was late for class as I was taking screen shots of ur ff….becoz I don’t have internet outside my house…becoz of WiFi
    We all love u a lot…
    So much that u can’t even imagine…n to ur ff too….
    Keep writing… Such Amazing chapters
    Aur mai zyada nahi bolungi as my work is done by the comments above…
    Love u?????????

    1. Shatakshi dear …..I never in my dreams thought that u being such a marvelous writer will extend so much nd support to a non writer…
      U don’t know always ur words give me a huge pleasure nd for that I can never thank u in words….
      Yah u said right today I finally acknowledged my silent readers …
      Love u ….love u ….looooooovvvvveeee u to moon nd back… mmmuuuaahhh

  14. Shanaya Gulati

    Haaaye nii!!!
    This episode was really full of romnce..
    Loved it yarrrr..
    Jldi s tmhara nxt ff post aaye yrr????.. Cnt wait to see that..

    Love uh girl.. Muaahhhh

    1. Shanaya thank u sooo much ….much more romance is coming ahead …i will make sure that u would like it ..
      Love u yrr…muaaahhh.

  15. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    loved it yaar. ..don’t think that the readers don’t like….I know ur ff is a masterpiece. ..

    1. Thank u sooooooo much Tamanna.
      Ur words are always a great support to me ….
      Well is it a masterpiece or not …that I don’t know but it’s my luck to make u all happy through it is enough for me ….
      Love u a lot …..keep supporting as always u do ….

  16. Awesome episode Sayeeda…ur story is going perfect…dont feel bad if u r not getting enough comments…or waise bhi u hv called us ur family then if there is anything which is not good v will tell u…about others i dont know bt i m in love with u muuuuuaaaaah ?????

    1. Lama ….thank u soooo much for considering me as ur family …I’m very happy to see ur love nd support..
      Ur suggestions are always welcomed …love u to moon nd back …..looooovvvvveeee u…..muuaaahh…keep supporting…

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    1. Well said Aaruhi ….I will not dare to end my ff….
      Thank u for always for supporting me ..Love u too …..mmmuuuuuaahhh…

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  19. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sayeeda dear there is no need to feel low.
    U know what ur a very good writer. Keep writing and about thw comments…. Lemme tell u that when i wrote my ff sometimes i too got less comments but u know our luv 2wards twinj, faith in our writing and our regular readers and silent readers r our driving force.
    Ur doing a great job dear.
    Very good epi
    I never want u too feel low bcoz remember that v r always waiting for ur ff.
    Luv u and ur ff dear
    Ctd soon
    Keep writing and smiling dear sayeeda

    1. Thank u Arundhati…I was waiting for ur comment….ur words really acted as the driving force to make me write more nd more…. yes u r right Twinj fans r always their to strengthen us ….
      love u ……keep supporting… loads of love..

  20. sayoo I Don’t know what to say to make you clam…I can understand you words what it means…sayoo did you observed there many ff in very less comment…example my ff epi 5…If you check you can see my comment page…sorry for comparing my ff with your ff….you’re ff is just amazing..I told you before but I want you maje realise I promise you when you reach at 11-20 epi insha Allah…you will have highest comment…sayoo your the best the way you write amazing no not amazing….adk melle(in tamil)…seriously yaar…you know daily we wait for your ff…only bcoz your story line is fantastic…when I asked you whether you write ff or not…do you know why I asked…I was thinking the way comment is awesome then I just imagine about your ff…If you write ff how it will be…you went more than my exceptions you nile it…Haa if you stop your ff I will come to your country…to know next part of epi hahaha…love you so much…I will support you as much I can…keep reading…I love you my sweet and cute sis…

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