” I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love !!””….CHAPTER 19 ..MARRIAGE CONTINUATION PART..

“I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love !!””….

Here I begin with my thanking ceremony …..sorry for not replying back to comments but today I will do it InshaAllah … Nd sorry for not posting the ff early ….Now also I wanted to say so much to u all for giving me nd my ff so much love but still I’m not able to express myself …just bcoz of u all I’m able to cherish each n every moment of my life …
Still I’m so happy that many of my silent readers commented on my ff nd my regular readers what to say to u all …u always act as my support system ….love u all …

Lama dear …where r u yrr missing ur lovely words so much….

Thank u Meeta; Sattu ; Aaru ; Samshiptha( love u dear for making me so happy that one of my silent reader commented) ; Jisha di ; Maggi ( love u for ur so sweet comment ); Princess ; Maanu ; Laddoo; Romu ( I’m honored to have a frnd like u all …thanks for ur sweet words ) ; Zuhoo; Sidhnatfan; Bhumika; Sidmin ; Affo ; Priya ; Sam ; Aashi ; Purnima ; Dolly; Ria ; Fan ; Kruti; Shreya098 ; Baby (Ur comment made me felt so proud on me that I have so lovely supporters like u all); Kinjalmodi ; Ayesha ; Angita ; Twinjfan(tamanna); Zikro Shreyoo ; Forever fan of twinj ; Jas nd Sid lover ; Rashi ; RiaA ; Queen ; Shamzo; Bhavo nd finally all my silent readers ….

Let’s begin with the episode ….


Songs ends …..while twinj shares a cute full of love eye lock …

Tanya coughs seeing Twinj lost in eo …
They both came to their senses nd feels awkward seeing others smiling at them ..

T-” U both have full tonight to do romance privately but now let’s go ahead with vows exchanging ceremony… We r already late for it ….” …

Kunj smiles looking at Twinkle’s smiling face ..nd speaks ” Di ..just some minutes more last surprise is left ; after that we will go for the ritual ” ..

Yuvi-” Kunj still more surprises r left …damm good yrr ….I never knew that my bestie is so talented in planning surprises so well ..leave ur job nd start business of wedding planner ” ..he giggles ..

K-” Oyee …Yuvi my creative mind only works for my siyappa queen ..not for anyone else …”

Twinkle loves his gesture ….nd wonders what can be the next surprise coming on her way ..

Kunj whistles nd lights goes off ….
After sometime numerous of twinkling star shaped lights r glowed …whole of the lawn was lightened up with it…the sparkling light coming from them looks like the millions of star came down to earth to celebrate auspicious day of heaven’s princes ..

Then came down a purple pink color pallette cake ; three tiered with a Topsy curvy on a swing supported by beautiful pink ropes nd wooden stand engraved with “” EAT ME UP IN THE NAME OF NEW START OF OUR COUPLE TWINJ”

Cake was decorated with a lavender sugar roses nd pleated ribbons with a flower cluster on the top layer …..on the middle layer it was written…

Twinkle was not able to perceive that everything happened with her is not her dream …her fantasy world …she was not able to accept that she made feel more than a queen by her prince charming Sadu Sarna …

Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand nd cuts the cake ..
Both of them makes to eat cake to eo …

K-” Nayi shuruwat se pehle Kuch meetha hojaye ( before new beginning let’s have some something sweet )……

Yuvi-” OK…kunj still more surprises r left or we can go for final ritual …I think u r not interested in marrying that why’s u r not eager to go to altar … ” ..

K-” Haannnn!!!!….I’m not eager ….main mara ja rha hoon Shadi krne ke liye ( I’m dying to get married ) ” …he realized what he had spoke …while Twinkle blushes seeing his eagerness to make her his wife ..

Ta-” Kunj u know na it’s our family tradition that groom has to carry bride to altar …So lift up Twinkle nd complete the tradition ..” ..

Kunj moves to Twinkle nd ask her permission to lift her up while she nodded yes ..
He lifts her up in bridal style nd takes her to altar… Twinkle was eyeing him affectionately..

While others showers fragrant nd delicate lavender buds on Twinj as if the sky nd clouds r showering blessings on them …

Kunj makes her sit properly near altar nd sat beside her side while priest started to enchant mantra’s ….
Both of them stands for exchanging vows ..Kunj holds Twinkle’s hands for taking the rounds around the glorious fire ….

Twinj completes the rounds ….nd sits …
Kunj makes Twinkle wears mangalsutra ( sacred thread of goodwill nd love…symbol of wedlock; symbolizing union of bride nd groom admist the presence of deities ) ….nd applies vermilion to her hair partitions ( it’s red color symbolizes power ; it wards of lurking evil to husband’s life …) …

Twinkle closes her eyes in order to feel the emotions of calling Kunj’s wife ….her life changing to a new one …her womanhood turning from a girl to a lady one …
Tear drop falls from her eyes which kunj holds in his palm ..

K-” These tears of happiness is a pearl for me …Congrats Twinkle kunj Sarna …welcome to my life ….finally u nd I is one from now …”

T-” Congrats to Twinkle’s kunj Sarna’s husband ….this siyappa finally enters in ur life ..” …
Both smiles nd move ahead for taking blessings …..

Twinkle’s bidaai takes place …she cries a lot hugging Leela nd Rt …

T-” Chinki plzzz till the time u r here take care of ma ; papa ..I know they won’t be taking their meals timely as without me they never have it ….
Papa take ur medicines on right time nd maa don’t cry holding my pic every time …” …she was about to speak further but her emotions overpower her words ..

Kunj feels bad seeing her crying so badly nd feels guilty that somewhere he is responsible for this …..
Twinj sits in car…..Kunj consoles Twinkle ..


Twinkle’s grahvarpesh is done ….

Bebe-” So ….let’s start wid our Post marriage rituals or challenge …Tanya tell them what they have to do”

Ta-” I will keep curd ( thick mixture not one that flow off easily ) ..on Twinkle’s palm nd kunj u have to eat it ..”

K-” What’s tough it’s so easy to do …I will do it ..kya di bacchon wale challenge deti ho !!( what di u give so easy challenges like u gave it to a kid ) …he laugh ..

Ta-” Don’t smile so much ….first listen ..
In this one u will not use ur hands nd on other side we will hold Twinkle’s hand nd as soon as u come near to eat it we will jerk her hand away so that u won’t eat so easily ..Now tell r u ready ” ..

K-” Yes ..I’m ready”..

He moves towards her palm to eat it while he failed to do so …he tried so many times but every time he failed in his attempt ..seeing him struggling Twinkle giggles ..

Kunj thinks ” see this siyappa queen here I’m struggling to do it nd she is laughing ; at last now she should support me being my wife but no she is least concerned ..”

Kunj thinks of an idea nd says pointing towards door ..” U all came so late ..” .everyone turns to look at it nd kunj holds makes him eat the curd from her palm ..nd smirks seeing Twinkle ..she realized it was his plan to divert everyone minds so that he can win .
Everyone turns nd realize that it was his plan ..
Ta-” U cheater …u won by cheating …nd if u ate it so eat full curd from her palm ” ..

Kunj moves towards her palm licks her palm nd plant a kiss on her palm ….nd looks sensually towards her
Twinkle feels giddiness nd was happy to feel Kunj’s warmth through his lips on her palm .


PRECAP – Twinj wedding night …..Twinkle promising something to her own self..

Guy’s I’m so sorry ….u all thought next marriage episode continuation part to be different but what I can do my silly minds was not allowing me to think of good idea
…..seriously now I don’t have any idea left wid me …so sorry for it …

Did u all liked it ?
Did u all liked the curd ceremony ?
Do think what promise Twinkle has made to her …”,


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  1. Jisha

    Superb Sayeeda…
    You made it so grand and dream come true…wow… beautiful…yuvi wedding planner dialogue was awesome…the mangalsutra and vermilion part was explained very well… awesome… first time heard of this curd ceremony… it was nice….???

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u sooo much Jisha di for ur appreciation ….I feel so contend that u liked the description …
      Curd ceremony is my fav ritual …this is a tradition that our family follows..

  2. Kruti

    Sayeeda……the epi was awesome….amazing
    That curd ceremony was something new……liked it
    All in all the whole marriage ceremony was a blockbuster hit …….and some directors can steel ur idea and use it in any serial or movie(and by chance if they take sidmin as leads then tohhh cherry on the cake ho jayega …….lolz…..kuch zyada hi dream world mein jiti hoon main)

    But on a serious note the marriage was a very much different one……I enjoyed reading it
    Love u loads Sayeeda♥♥♥
    Eagerly waiting to know what promise is twinkle gonna make to herself

    1. Sayeeda

      Awww…..Kruti ur comment made me felt so happy …
      Even I wish that our twinj will be casted together in a movie ….
      How much I thank u is less in front of ur lovely comment ….
      Love u….I’m happy that u liked the curd ceremony part ..

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…loved it….kya description diya h shaadi ka…..bhot accha tha…..eagerly waiting for next part…..

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u so much Purnima for ur comment ….
      love u …

  4. Meeta

    That was so good.

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Meeta for liking it ..
      love u …

  5. Amazing……Awesome….Superb!!!
    Post soooooon

    1. What about it another ff???

    2. Sayeeda

      Thanks Zaku ……I’m happy that u liked it ….
      About my second ff I will post it Tmrw….
      love u .

  6. Jiya_Ani

    Sayoo amazing..
    Speechless.. Show shorry I can’t give a long comment.. Social studies exam haina kal..I am going to study..
    Loved it
    Love you

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooo much Shreyoo …
      Don’t be sorry for short comment ..I can understand even sometimes I’m also busy ….for me ur love matters the most ..
      love u

  7. Kuch kahu ya naa kahu tum mujhko sadaa sunte rehna….bas itna hai tumse kehna….bas itna hai tumse kehna
    Keh toh diya bas itna hai tumse kehna…abb meri bolti band kar di toh main kya kahu? Kuch nhi na….bas I love u??

    1. Sayeeda

      Awww…meri Laddoo tumne bina Kuch kahe itna sab Kuch keh diya …
      Thank u soooooo much …..
      love u soooooo much….

  8. Shreya098

    Wow… It was such an amazing epi..
    Kunj’s surprise was sooo beautiful… Those Star shaped lights,cake… Everything was soo perfect… And those words on the cake????
    U described everything soo beautifully and perfectly…..
    The curd ceremony was new one….I hadn’t heard about it before….it was fun
    But kunj is kunj he tricked everyone…

    Wanna know about her promise…. Continue soon

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooooo much Shreya for letting me know that u liked the scenes ….
      About curd ceremony ….I’m happy that u liked it ….
      Love u dear ….

  9. Bulbul23

    I hope I am the first one to comment but sayeeda di I am sorry for not commenting on ur previous episode but u made me speechless and as u said tw made a promise to full his wishes and be loyal towards him and di now I am a registered member you can talk to me anytime if u wish so bbye love u stay blessed
    Best wishes

    Bye bolna? tha bulbul23

    1. Sayeeda

      Hey Bulbul don’t be sorry it’s OK …
      Thank u soooo much for ur lovely word’s ..
      I love to chat wid u …ur looking gorgeous in ur dp ..
      love u

  10. Zuha Fatima

    Arey Sayoo Api dil khush Kar deta ?? Sach an Amazing episode…Full of Tashan and Ishq ??? Your FFs are driving me crazy 🙂 When are u uploading your Caught in Love embrace of a wild beast (I guess I named it right ?Sorry if it us wrong??) You are an awesome writer with awesome writing skills…Each and every bit of this Episode was amazing ?? And the curd ceremony?? No comments ???? Amazing is not the word to describe your imagination ?? Simply Superb?? Look this grey cat is also loving your FF ?? Keep entertaining us like that☺ Your lovely stories are a pleasure to read…A perfect break from studies ?? Well before my mom catches me with the mobile rather than doing my homework she will scold me like he’ll ??

    LOVE U ❤???? (IN ALL COLOURS ?)

    Keep smiling like always 🙂


    1. Sayeeda

      Awwwww….my Zuho u always make me speechless to thank u …
      love u soooo much for making me smile through ur words …
      Nd u took the name correctly ..I will it tmrw ….
      Love u more than infinity ..muaah

  11. Baby

    no sayeeda di it ws amazing n agr aap apne mind ko silly khete ho toh toh apka yeh silly mind bhot jyada amazing hai itne brilliant ideas dose strs n cake n r naughty sid luvd it di it ws an amazing engagement marriage n all d rituals n functions by sid fr jas were jst gr8 di luvd ur riting 2 vry mch u rcksd di n now toh i m w8ing fr nxt episode very eager 2 no d promise made by jas n aLSO d wedding nite by r di luv u di pls post nxt episode asap

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooooo much Baby …
      Ur comment is always a bliss to read for me ….
      I’m so happy that u liked it…love u for loving my silly mind…loll…
      love u ..

  12. Angita

    So sweet episode sayoo di its just too good

    1. Angita

      Wait,….is that curd ceromany really??????

    2. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooo much Angita …
      About the curd ceremony …yes it a ritual celebrated in my family ..I love it so much so just thought to include in the ff ….

  13. Happiness

    Hey sayeeda I have uploaded my ff twice I got no rejection email n i also emailed tu through d contact us process plz help me ….. n ya ur episode was jist fab loved it n waiting 2 know d promise…n this new curd cceremony is very nice

    1. Sayeeda

      Happiness dear ….
      About ur problem I can only suggest u to mail TU on contact us option ..they will reply u soon …..
      Thanks for liking my ff….

  14. Jas and sid lover

    Sayeeda….I can’t express it in words u r just so amazing….the most good wedding expressed ever…Ur imaginations are just so fab….the way of description of each and every wedding decoration shows ur great efforts …hats off to u and ur efforts..and the significance of ritual was explained so nicely…I think I am at a lack of words after reading this

    1. Sayeeda

      Jas nd Sid lover u don’t have an idea how much I love to read the appreciation I get from u …
      Ur comment always make my day ….thank u so much for ur lovely words ….

  15. Shatakshi

    That’s why I love u the most
    U r just Awesome n ur ff is exceptional
    Loved each n every segment of it❤❤❤??????

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooo much Sattu …..
      I feel so happy that a great writer like u appreciates my writing ..
      love u

  16. Aamu

    It was lovely???????????????
    Waiting for next???

  17. Sameera

    Wow kya bolu kuch samjh nai ara kaise express karu apni feelings ko feeling jealous if Twi ???but kunj awww yr idea was superbb hatke n superbb I love u
    Do cont na it’s a req from me can’t wait fir next epi ??oive h love u

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Sam for ur sweet words …
      Will try to post next one soon ..
      love u

  18. Shonaa...

    amazinggggg sayoooo…. wht to say yrr ur mind is soooo creative….. everything was described soooo well…. nd d curd ceremony never heard about it…. is it really happen…. or its just upaj of ur creative mind…. well overall episode was tooo good…. nd m eagerly waiting to knw wht is twinkle’s promise to herself…. post soon…. nd keep writing nd writing nd writing nd writing nd writing nd writing nd writing zyada ho gya na pr mere liye to phr bhi km h…. love u…. ?❤

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooooo much my Shonu Monu for so lovely comment …
      Yes dear that curd ceremony happens in real …we used to celebrate it in our family …infact it is my fav ritual …it is not my idea it is my forefathers idea….lollzz…
      love u

  19. Awsm,
    mindblowing……i luvd the challenge to the core…. Eagerly waitin fr nxt updt….. Post it soooooooon..

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u so much Maggi…I’m happy that u liked it …
      Will try to post next one soon..

  20. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ loving it…. Awesome. ..

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Chehak …
      keep supporting ….

  21. Shailja

    U r just amazing

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Shailja ….
      keep supporting …

  22. Srija

    amazing dear such a grand wedding
    i think u can be great wedding planner???????continue soon

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Srija ….for ur sweet comment …
      Wedding planner ….haahhaa…..I’m satisfied being a CA ….but thank u so much for appreciation …

  23. Romaisha

    Ahhh too good ?????????????? bidaii was emotional and the wedding was just blissful ?? i love u yaar u create wonders !!! Can’t wait on next episode and twinkle’s promise … Hmm .let’s see nah … ?? bye n hope u post soon

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Romu for liking my ff …
      love u for ur sweet comment ….
      love u …will surely try to post next one soon..

  24. Sayeeda

    Thank u soo much Aamu ..
    love u

  25. Affaa

    No I didn’t like episode…
    No I didn’t like the way lights like star
    No I didn’t like hid last surprise
    No I didn’t like How you explained about marriage rituals
    No I didn’t how kunj felt guilty for bidai
    No I didn’t challenge….
    Ohhh my baby I just loved it there is any word more than love then I do that….sayoo I don’t know how to appreciate you my love…Wah wah what a episode Haa…from where did you gets this ideas Haa…
    Sayoo If I meet you one day do you know what I’m going to ask your autograph….
    Masha Allah….
    Love you
    Take care
    With lots of love Afllal….

    1. Sayeeda

      My Afffoooooo love u ….love u soooooo much for always making me soooooo happy with ur sweet comment ….
      Thank u so much …the way u started ur comment I was scared but as I headed further I found so lovely comment ….
      love u so much ..

  26. Hey sayu awesome wedding year…i loved the curd ceremony…cant wait for next episode…hope you post it soon…dear please post your other ff caught in the love embrace of wild beast soon…im eagerly waiting for it…

  27. Hey sayu awesome wedding year…i loved the curd ceremony…cant wait for next episode…hope you post it soon…dear please post your other ff caught in the love embrace of wild beast soon…im eagerly waiting for it…love you and your ffs sooooooooo much…??????????????????

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u so much Sidmintwinj ….
      I’m so joyous that u liked the ceremony part ….
      love u too dear ….nd about my next ff it will be posted Tmrw for sure..
      keep supporting..

  28. SidMin

    Sayeeda di loved it ?
    I have no words todescribe how good it was? could really imagine the set up loved it ☺
    Feom where do you get such ideas di you surelly can become a weeding planer ?
    You would only plan my weeding (approx 10 years later )?
    Loved it di ??

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Sidmin ….
      Heehee….after 10 yrs I want myself to be a successful CA but if u want then I will surely arrange a grand wedding for u …this much I can do for my sis …
      love u

  29. Rashiverma2199

    Sayeeda episode was superb….awesome…..

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Rashi ..

  30. stupid episode by the most stupid writer in the world SAYEEDA or whatever is your name u r totally mad and of no use just dont write STOPP WRITING !!!!!! god knows why the hell this stupid ppl came dont u hv anything else to do wanna come on TU only to eat our head stupid muslims 😛

    1. Sayeeda

      Hey u stupid creature u better stay in ur limit ….I’m not interested in ur comment nd u don’t dare to speak about Muslims …whatever problem u have keep it with u …have I ever disrespected any religion ..I can tell u so much but I’m sorry my ethics don’t allow me to stoop so low like u …it shows how cheap is ur mentality

    2. Affaa

      Oyiiii madam Bhavika how dare To speak nonsense about Muslim Haa bl**dy…what you thought about your Haa who give you right to come to tu..stay in your limit…If we want we can also bush your religion..but it’s not our culture….do you know anything about Muslim…. I’m sure that you have no commences to speak rubbish..If you’re not interested Please don’t comment….do you know what sayeeda is the best writer in whole tu…and she Is the shaann of our Muslim…We are proud to say we are Muslims…and we are thanking to Allah…
      Wait wait don’t say that your same person who miss used sayoo’s name…
      Whatever you think about yourself keep it in your pocket…and we know what we are…Stupid…

    3. Marie

      Ooo hello…wat u think of ur self u stupid….who give u ri8 to say bad things abt Muslims?? Huh?
      N abt our sayeeda di?? Who r u to say this….. Stay in ur limits..
      If u can’t say good things then don’t even say bad things frm ur blo*dy mouth..!!!
      Understand this….we r proud to be Muslims…n u don’t have any rights to say bad things abt our region we won’t tolerate this….
      Pata nai kahan kahan se aajate hain cmmnts Karne ke liay….

    4. Mahi13

      I’m a silent reader but can’t keep my silents after reading ur comment. If u don’t like this ff then font read it but who give u the right to insult Muslims. U HAVE NO RIGHT TO ABUSE OR INSULT OTHER RELIGION. I GUESS UR RELIGION ALSO DON’T PERMIT INSULTING OTHER RELIGION. It’s very easy to insult other ppl but when those abusive words come back to u only then u’ll understand the pain. I want to say so much to u but I won’t. MY RELIGION STOPS ME. MY RELIGION DOESN’T PERMIT INSULTING OR ABUSING OTHER PPL. BCOZ WE BELIEVE IN PEACE N IM PROUD TO BE A MUSLIM.

    5. Don’t say anything about my religion!! Please stay in ur limits

  31. Bhavika

    awesome fabulous wonderful episode dii do continue the gud work i wish still that it happens with mee too

  32. waw sayeeda u shud get a best directorial award…really u visualise all d emblems in ur ff so beautifully…so that d custom n tradition gets glorified n we can know d speciality n symbolism…loved it…post asap…

  33. Sayuuuuuuuu diduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…..??????
    Naraz ho .????
    Hoge b kya na itni late se Jo comment karri hu ….???
    Ik Ik Ik ki m really really really se bhi zyada wali late hu…..
    Bt kya karu…????
    Ek toh buzy wid schl stuff….?????
    N nxt xams…????????
    Aur usse bhi zyada kharab baat yeh hai…ki fever….?????
    Yaaar jisne mera jeena haram kardiya hai…..??????
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    Kaan pakad ker shorry sholy pleazzzzz pleaashhhhhhhh. ……
    Ok nw commin to d epi…..
    It ws…

    Lajawab …..kya baat hai jusß superbbbbbbb…….
    No words to describe it……????
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    Luv uh so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much……..
    Luv ur ff to d moon n back…❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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