” I can’t stop loving u “- Twinj Love. Chapter 15


” I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love!!!””

This time no sorry only lot of thanks to u all ..u guy’s r more than an angel for me …u all our diamonds of my life who’s shinning light makes my life to lit brighter ….

Benediction to …Bhavoo ; Angita ; Kruti; Risa ; Shreyoo ( lovely) ; Sana( Aamu…u left no words with me to express how beautiful ur comment was ) ; Fan ; Twinjfan( Tamanna); RiaA MendezZ ; Romaisah ; Aaruhi ; Maggi ; Zaku ; Franciee( thanks dear for commenting); Arundhati ( Aru ); Ria ( I loved the way u first scarred me nd then made me smile ) ; Shona Mona ; Rashi ;
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Twinj comes down ….while everyone were seeing them with the hope that they agreed for the marriage but Kunj’s facial expressions were conveying something contradictory..

L-” Puttar …u both took so much time …I hope u both have sorted ur differences nd r ready for marriage ..”

Both were standing silent ..nd looking eo ..

Ta-” Kunj …Twinkle speak up ..we r eager to know ur answers ..don’t stand a dumb …tell what u both have decided ”

Kunj thinks ” What to tell u all…after knowing our decision u all will become sad …how can I tell u that the girl I love the most is not ready to accept me as her life partner ..” …he is having tears in his eyes..but he hides it from others..

B-” U ppl have decided to not to speak haan….kunj tell us what u both decided?”

K-” Bebe….we both r not..”
He was about to complete the sentence but was interrupted by Twinkle..

T-” We both r ready for marriage “…

Kunj was shocked cum happy cum excited cum surprised cum delighted ….he was having a stock full of different emotions ..

K-” Hayyy…..we r ready …kab kaise kahan r kyu ( when ; where ; how ; nd why ) …

Twinkle thinks ” He is so stupid ; can’t even understand what I want to say …dumboo…he will surely get me into trouble ”

T-“Kunj why r u so confused ; u forgot that sometimes before only ; when were at terrace nd u were saying sorry to me for ur yesterday’s behavior …then only we both agreed for it ”

Kunj scratches his head nd murmurs ” I was saying sorry to her !!…but at terrace I trying to convince her ….what is she saying Babaji…”

T”- Maa…actually last night he behave so rudely with me that I said no for the marriage but then at terrace he was holding his ears nd kneeled down nd ask forgiveness nd begged me that I accept the proposal nd I pitied on him ”

Hearing this kunj mouth was wide open …while others were giggling nd teasing him …

K-” Twinkle is saying lie …it’s not true she disagreed coz …”
He was about to speak when Twinkle stamped her foot on his his …

K-” Ooyyiii Maa…”…he screams in pain..
U -” What happened kunj ….why u shouted ?”

Kunj makes a weird face nd says ” Nothing maa an ant pricked me ”

Twinkle mutturs ” Haww….me nd ant ..how he dare to compare me with an ant ….”

Everyone starts to congratulate eo nd give their blessings to twinj …

Kunj moves closer to Twinle Twinkle nd says ” The way u twisted the story nd made everyone to appreciate u nd make fun of mine is great ….I was begging to u …like seriously !!!! I will see u later Zaalim Aurat ( Severe lady ) …while Twinkle smirks ..

B-” So Leela ji …we want marriage to happen soon as we I nd Usha has to leave for London for somework…if u don’t mind we can do engagement tmrw only ”

L-” Tmrw ; but it’s too early …we have to do lot of preparation ….but if u all say so it’s OK ”

Kunj’s POV ..
” My engagement with my queen nd that too tmrw….woooww ….Am I dreaming ?? …
No ; it’s true …but how did she got ready for it …earlier she was not ready but immediately she accepted it …I hope she has not took this decision under some pressure ….but by her happiness …I need to find out the real reason behind her acceptance as I don’t want her to compromise with her life …”

Twinkle’s POV..
” What is happening to me ; last time when my engagement got fixed with Raman I was so sad nd confused too but this time I’m so happy …I feel contend …
When kunj was going to utter that we r not ready for marriage ; I was feeling bad nd I spoked that we r ready …why so ???…Whatever it is but now I’m thankful that the person I’m going to marry is my best frnd ..a person with whom I share a good bond …with whom I feel happy when he is around me …his presence makes me feel safe ”

K-” Maa…what I’m thinking that tonight let all of us go for dinner …what’s say ??”

L-” That’s a great idea …we will ” …

Ruhi nd Samrat came running towards Twinkle nd hug her …
R-” Wowww………our Twinkie will become our Mami very soon ..”

Twinkle blushes hearing this ..while kunj smiles looking at her…


Everyone finishes their dinner nd heads to leave for home …
K-” Leela aunty ; I want to talk with Twinkle ..so u all leave we will come after sometime …if u don’t have problem”

L-” Why would I have a problem with it …u both go nd enjoy …this is time when u both needs to understand eo …”

Everyone leaves.

T-” Kunj their is something important that u want to say ?”

K”- Yes…but not here …come with me ”

They both sit in the car nd after sometime they reach a place surrounded by beautiful tulip flowers placed in a round shape nd a fountain in between decorated with heart shape lights …

Twinkle was amazed to see the sight..

K-” Twinkle u know why I bought u over here …coz it’s said whenever a person feels good with the surrounding environment ; he / she is not able to hide his/ her feelings ….
Nd today I want u to not to hide ur emotions from me …I want u to speak truth … Tmrw we r going to get into a new relation but before that we r frnds…so I want both of us to know about eo thoughts…”

T-” Kunj why r u saying like this ; I’m not able to understand what u want to say ”

K-” Twinkle r u not happy with this marriage ? Did u accepted the proposal under any pressure ? If yes then do tell me as I don’t want u to make our relation as a deal for u ….I want u to accept it whole heart….I will tell everyone to cancel it nd don’t worry I will take the blame on me …I won’t let anyone point fingers on u ” ..

T-” R u mad …u think I’m not happy with it …no kunj I’m very happy ….infact accepting u as my husband is the best thing for me …u to sooo good …the way u handle my tantrums no one can do ….” ….she blabbers nd kunj sees her lovingly… she realizes what she is speaking nd sees kunj staring at her nd she stops …

K-” Why did u stopped ..speak more…u were looking so cute ; praise me more…Many of other’s had praised me in past but I never felt so blissful ”

T-” kunj can I ask u one question ?”

K-” Yes…u can anything ”

T-” Do u love me ”

Kunj was shocked to hear this as he never expected her to ask this question …he avoided eye contact with her …

K-” What ; why r u asking this? It’s already very late let’s go “..he stammers

T-” Kunj don’t avoid my question ….look at me nd answer truly ”

K-” What do u think ….whether I love u or not?”

T-” This is not done…I asked u first so u give answer . Why do I give ; don’t throw back another ques to me ”

K-” I will answer it ; first u tell ”

T-” I think that u love me …..today in the evening the way u made me listen ur heartbeat ; I felt that in ur heart my name is imprinted ….Tanya di was also saying that u like me more than a frnd …Is it ?”

K-” Twinkle …I’m sorry but I don’t think this is the right time for me to share my feelings with u but trust me I will share it with u when I feel the time is correct for it …Till then u have to read my eyes nd understand what I feel for u ” …

Twinkle eyes him lovingly…

Twinkle pulls his cheeks nd says ” U r soo cute Sadu Sarna ….Well kunj I want to clear one thing ….see u know that I don’t believe in love nd loving u will be very difficult for me ..I need sometime for it but I promise that I will fulfill all my duties as ur wife ….but I have one conditon ”

K-” Haaannnn!!!! After saying so much still u have conditon ..OK tell what u want ”

T-” My conditon is ….that u will never call me fat …u will never tease me …u don’t since morning I didn’t ate anything just coz I was tensioned thinking that I’m fat nd I was so hungry that I ate too much in dinner ”

Kunj started to laugh …nd says ” Sorry I can’t agree to this conditon …if it was another conditon I would have agreed but this one no ”

Twinkle makes a puppy face nd says ” OK…so go away I will not marry u ; go find someone else for u ” …she moves but kunj holds her hand nd gets closer to her …

K-” No …I won’t go …I can’t get someone better than u ….Ohh….yes u said right I will get …I’m so stupid how can I forget Shanaya …she is so gorgeous …I will get married to her …ok I will not marry with u ”

Twinkle’s eyes popped out listening this …” What u said ; u will not marry with me ; u will marry with Shanaya ; tell me who’s that witch!!…I will see her later nd u I will kill u if u think of marrying someone else …This Twinkle Taneja won’t leave ur hand for lifelong …”

K-” Ohhoo….someone is jealous …u say u don’t love me but ur words r saying something else ..”

She blushed …

K-” Twinkle don’t blush yrr….or else “….
T-” Or else what?”
K-” Or else I will kiss u”

He start to move closer to her while she steps back ….

Twinkle’s heartbeat starts to increase ….kunj moves more closer to her while Twinkle closes her eyes ….
Twinkle felt a soft touch of hands embracing her ….
She opened her eyes nd found Kunj hugging her ….

Twinkle smiles nd hug him back …
K-” Thanks for coming in my life nd accepting me ” ….

T-” Thanks for giving me a frnd like u …”

After sometime they reaches back to home …
Twinkle was about to go when kunj called her nd says ” Twinkle Taneja get ready to take ur first step towards Twinkle kunj Sarna …byee …see u tmrw at engagement….” ….

Twinkle smiles…



PRECAP – Twinj engagement…

Hello everyone …!!
Did u all liked the episode…
I thought to show engagement scenes in today episodes but I postponed it for next one as it was important to show understanding between them …

Well I want to tell u all one thing …see guy’s I can’t show u too much of twinj romance before marriage ; I mean during rituals as still they both have confessed the love with eo nd moreover twinkle has still not accepted her feelings as I have planned it to be after marriage with a lot of romantic scenes..
I hope u all agree to this…


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  1. Fan

    Awesome epi sayeeda..

  2. Bhavika

    wesome episode dii specially their nok jhok part loved it and about romance and all see dii we love ur ff and its all ur choice we font want to presurise u we want to see ur choice so do as u like BOL..???

  3. Angita

    Awesome and really no words. It was so sweet,so cute,so lovely and a super duper blockbuster.this is one of the nicest eye to eye confessions loved it all the best and love you to

  4. Jiya_Ani

    Sayoooo..awesome tha..and u know.. Comment karte karte maa be dekh liya….uffffff…yeee lammmbaaaaaa vala lecture sun kar aa rahi hoon..yaar..I thought not to comment but main bhi Shreya hoon..ruka nahi gya…but ab mujhe ff post karne main bohot dikkat hone Bali hai …ab toh aap log mujhe bhul jaao….

    Aisa main nahi kahungi…lolz…but remember me..kyunki kab post karu…pata nahi…but chahe kabhi bhi..but ff toh manne sare padhne hai..
    and I am waiting.. Post …jaldi se…fatafat..post karoo..
    Okay…see you..(I hope so)

  5. Ria

    Sayeeda, it was amazing. See, I didn’t scare you na. I’m so sorry as I can write such beautiful comments like you. Please forgive me. Wait I’m sorry as I can’t say sorry. Uggh. Again! Okay, I’m not sorry but, please don’t mind.

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    Post sooooooooooooooooooooooon

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  14. Awesome, amazing, supperb episode just loved it…keep updating

  15. Sayeeda

    Guys I’m sorry but I’m ending this ff …this one my last one …
    Today whatever happened in Aamu’s ff was wrong nd unacceptable ..how can someone use my name to bash her ….how badly she bashed her …but it was not me ….I beg u all to understand it wasn’t me ….
    Just bcoz of her Aamu is ending her ff ….nd when she is ending her ff being my name as her reason that how could I continue with it ….
    Aamu I love u dear ….I love u all but today I feel betrayed the way she bashed u was so painful …
    Hope u all forgive me ….
    Nd u will never find my comment or ff again…
    But ur Sayeeda love u all…Will miss u ..

    1. Sameera

      What yaar don’t end it we know that it’s not u how can we think it’s u don’t end ur ff n aamu u too yaar take it lytt don’t end ur ff too plzz

    2. Krystal_Krysiee

      which ff dear ??? n whos ammu do tell ne plzzzz

      1. Krystal_Krysiee

        n plzzzz dont end this plzzz i know i neva cmmnted bt srsly it was vry beautiful every epi tluched my heart dear its a humble request plzzz dont end plzzz

      2. Dreamer...arundhati

        Krysi.. The ff is junoon wala ishq by aamu.. Someone misused sayu di’s name

    3. U know what sayeeda….today uproved me wrong…the love this family carry for u…
      I never thought that u r so weak…u know the one who is loved the most have some haters too becoz they r jealous of ur goodness….for u I m missing the marriage just in hope that u will come back…u saw that the frawd used jr name but aapne yeh nahi dekha ki there were many…. correction….there were all the ppl standing to support u….saying that this is not THEIR SAYEEDA…..u can see the love we have….
      Now last thing that I want to say is…..I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SAYEEDA….that’s it
      Aap he is family ki ronak ho
      ….so now the decision is urs….aagar aap yeh ff continue nahi karengi….then u will loose a friend cum sister…
      I m seriously hurt to know that my sayeeda is so weak….if u love n respect our feelings ….we will get to know from ur next episode….n if not then I will be the one feeliing betrayed n that too by my sister

      Now this emotional talks apart…n today’s episode was fantastic….I m eagerly waiting for twinj engagement….
      Love u
      Ur sis sattu??

    4. Kruti

      Guys pls iss pagal ladki ko kuch samjhao kisi ki baaton ke bare mein soch soch ke itna aacha track bigad rahi hai

    5. Dreamer...arundhati

      Sayu di.. I beg u. .Plz dont do this.. Just bcoz of some idiotic people u will do this with us.. Ur readers. Ur frnds. Ur well wishers. Ur fans… Plz di mai sachi mai ro rahi hu. .U know na v trust u.. How could u believe that v would doubt u.
      Plz di don’t end this ff.. Plz di.. Mai aapke haat jhodti hu. . ? ? di iluv u and this ff.. Plz di plz di

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      Whts all happening here doll….
      Bataga mujhe koi…????
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      That BL*** jerk ki hi padi hai…..
      Hum sab ka kya …???
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      N that’s it yaar….
      It’s nt a request it’s an order from ur sista…….??????
      Aur mai kuch nai janti……
      Ap ko b karna hi padega……
      N that’s final……??????
      Urs stubborn ZIKRAAAA…….
      N epi toh pucho hi mat yaar epi ws jus osmmmmmmmm loved it…
      N ya jusss do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz…..
      M nt at all lisnting to any thg…..
      Ur cont n that’s it…
      Luv u…,.❤❤❤❤❤
      Sry if my any word hurted u..????
      Bt srsly sry if u ws rude…..

  16. Sameera

    Superbbb awesome mind blowing fantastic fabulous marvelous great too cute n too much cute???? just loved it do cont soon hats off to u love u

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  20. sidhants dieharder fan

    Hi sayeeda di I am a silent reader of your ff and today as u sàid u are ending your ff I can’t control myself and I commented di what’s this plzzzz don’t end it and by your comment amu di also read that was not u so plzzzzzzzz and she will also not end her ff plz di… its a humble request plz and if u love ur silent readers then I will be waiting for your reply

  21. Sayeeda

    Agayi Sayeeda wapas….
    Seriously I’m soooooo stupid no no a big dumboo that I can’t see the love u all have for me …the way u all supported made me believe that how much I mean to u all ….I’m so thankful to Allah that he has blessed me with a so cute family ..
    But u all know I felt so bad seeing that comment nd I have clarified the things with Aamu also …she also trusted me …now every thing is sorted …I won’t end this ff as this my passion nd commenting is my love for u all…
    U all must be thinking that I’m such a tantrum queen nd I agree with it …nd I’m sorry for my behavior but guys just keep urself in my place ..
    Love u all….sorry Sattu for disturbing u …coz of me u r not able to enjoy marriage …
    I can’t risk to leave u all…as u ppl r my mode of happiness…
    Love u allll…….nd u imposter don’t dare to comment using my name ..what problem do u have with me ..??…But still I want to thank u coz of u I came to know how much my TU family loves me…hope u don’t do it again as sometimes ur words can hurt someone sentiments ….nd I know u also know to respect others feeling…

    1. Kruti

      Thank u Allah sayeeda ko akal de di

  22. sidhants dieharder fan

    I am so glad that u will continue and will not end it yesssss but seriously u make me hell scared I was doing my project then I saw ur comment I left my project like that only and commented u may god always keep u happy like this….gn

  23. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous marvelous epi…..loved it…& sayeeda we trust u….hume pta h k tum esa kuch bhi ni bol skti ho kisi k liye bhi……isley kisi aur ki glti ki saza hume ya khud ko mt dena ye ff band kr k….dare if u thought of ending it…haa ni toh ki….sapne me bhi mt sochiyo esa krne ki….we really love u & ur ff….& also trust you…..humara trust esa thode hi h k jo koi bhi aera gera aayega tumhara naam uss krke kuch bhi bolega aur hum trust kr lenge….esa kabhi bhi ni hoga….we all r always with you…..

  24. Sayeeda please I’m beggin u, don’t end your fanfiction. I know you feel hurt and the other writer that was the victim is probably extremely hurt but do u think u should let others take away your passion for doing something that u enjoy? We are going to have critics no matter what we do be it good or bad. People will talk about us and try to put us down but our job is to show them why we’re up in the place that we are right now. Backing down shows defeat, it makes the abuser feel powerful because they took the time to make u feel down and u took the bait. Sayoo, can I call u that? We will meet mean people everywhere we go whether its on social media or in real life but that does not mean we suck up to them does it? I don’t know u personally, but I what I’ve gathered from ur comments and ff is your heart is pure, you’re super kind.I don’t ever imagine u “bashing” another person. Youre only now getting started with this ff, it will b heartbreaking to see u end it so soon because some lunatic has no manners, devious fingers, brainless head and a malicious soul. Please reconsider. Idk who amu is but amu baby y bother with maniacs who judge others because of their jealousy? What people think about us is nothing comparing to what we think of our selves. A bird flies when its fear of falling is gone, same way we do what we love when our hearts give us the go ahead. To hell with what ppl say.

  25. Affaa

    Who the hell used my sayoo’s name for blush Ammu…If I mate that person nah I don’t know what I will do for that idiot…what you thought about yourself…by your cheap behaviour we are going to miss understand our sayoo haa…do you know what she is the best no one can be like her do you understand..stay away from my sayoo..
    And haa sayoo what you thought haa for that ***** your ending your ff haa…how dare you haa…show that person who are you…really yaar your owner of a good heart….Your soooo sweet…
    Ok leave all this coming to episode..
    Marvellous…do as your wish okay u mean about romance hahaha..such an great writer…I think Allah only give you beauty and talent hahaha…I love you soooo…and your ff outstanding…
    My umma is sleeping if she came to know I’m using phone at this time she kill me..
    Haa please don’t end you’re ff…
    I love you soooo my friend…

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  27. Saby

    Darling the epi was too much good and I understand that uh can’t show the pre marriage romance….. Its ok….
    Excited for engagement…..
    And dear already I have wrote a big essay at ammu’s ff…… I don’t want to cont again…
    As I can see uh r convinced. ..
    Trust me we all luv uh so much dear…. Think about us…. And quitting TU
    Never ever uh dare to think about….
    Lots of love….. Stay blessed????

  28. Shonaa...

    Sorry Sayeeda i m late…. nooooo very late…. nd i came to knw yha bohut bda siyappaa ho gya….. hawww or mere aane se phle sb solve bhi ho gyaa…. vese it’s good sb jldi se solve ho gya…. sana’s ff nd fake Sayeeda…. oh god but atlast sb thik ho gya…. nd leave her hogi koi b*t*h…. think it as a nightmare…. bcoz don’t forget we all believe you trust u love u…. y… bcoz u r shoooo shweeeeeet….. about episode diz is as always yrr super se bhi uper wala…. excited for twinj engagement…. nd yaa love ur ff nd love u…. ??

  29. Baby

    amazing sayeeda sry fr being late really sry

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