” I can’t stop loving u “- Twinj Love. Chapter 14


” I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love !!!”..

Now again this time also sorry for not replying back to the comments but trust me guy’s I read all those thrice or more than that as they all were so amazing …Thanks to all for always making me smile hard with ur beautiful words ….
Thank u. Shreyoo( Lovely – next time no sorry nd love u for ur cute words ) ; Sidmin ( see I’m posting next one today only on ur request ; u always make me feel so blessed ) .; Fan ( u need to express urself as I can understand ur feelings behind ur comment) ; Chehak( Thank u soo much for commenting ; I was so happy to see ur comment ) ; Shreya098 ( don’t say sorry yr it’s ok ….I was very happy to see ur comment ); Maggi ( thanks dear for ur love nd support ); Romaisah ( love u so much dear for ur support ) ; Angita ( dear ur comment is always so good to read nd don’t be sorry nd my Eid was very good coz this time I was having u ppl in my life); Naira ( I feel so happy to see ur comment that u also don’t know ) ; Aru ( thanks for loving the episode ) ; Mitali ( my OS queen thanks for ur lovely word’s ….love u ); Lama ( thanks sis for loving the episode ) ; Ruchi ( I’m fine dear s good to see ur comment ..love u ); Zaku ( thanks dear for liking the ff ); Purnima ( thanks for liking it) ; Rashi ( thanks dear for liking it ) ; Bhavika ( ur song was superb ….love u for ur so cute words ); Baby ( u always make me feels so special through ur words ; ur comment was expressing the happiness u were having ) ; Sana ( seriously I don’t have words to thank u ..the way u comment is so amazing ..I read it so many times nd every time it was giving a pleasure to me ….post ur ff I’m waiting ) ; Affa ( love u soo much for ur cute comment ) ; RiaA( I’m so happy that u liked the episode …thanks for it ) Shona ( thanks for loving everything in yesterday’s episode) nd Kruti ( though u did not commented on episode but u made me know ur views through message …love u)



Sarna House…

Tanya is in room along with Bebe ; Usha nd Manohar nd discussing regarding Kunj’s marriage with Twinkle…. While Kunj is outside the room nd moving here nd there in the tension nd biting his nails….

K-” Yrr kunj why r u becoming hell nervous as if ur board results r coming.. …why r u biting ur nails like girls..stop it or u gonna eat up ur whole nails …
But what to do… I’m so tensed ..whether all will agree for the proposal or not …if not then what will I do ..though I love Twinkle so much but for her I can’t stand against my family ; I can’t go against their will ….Babaji till now u have strengthen nd deepens my love ; my passion nd I have trust in u that I will pass this phase also….
Yes…yes….they will agree… Kunj come on start to repeat these lines it will give u positive feedback …But if they say no then ….Awwwaahhhh…..very soon I will become maniac thinking of it…”

All comes out from nd see’s kunj face full of tension ….nd signs eo …nd shows thumbs up..while kunj was boggled to see their expression…
He murmurs …” Kunj bacchoo tu toh gaya …ab kaun bachega tujhe ( kunj dude now u r gone ; who will save u from these ppl) ..” ..nd he pouts…

B-” I never expected kunj to hide such a big thing from all of us ”

U-” Ji Bebe …jikso hum apna accha beta smjhte the wo toh kotha sikka nikla ( The one who we thought to be a good son proved him to be false coin)

K-” Maa….Bebe : why r u saying like this …here I’m already getting half in tension nd u ppl r in a mood to speak phrases …tell me about ur decision ”

B-” See Manohar …what ur son is saying ; he himself had hidden his feelings from us …was ready to sacrifice his love nd now he is blaming us …Ulta chor kotwal ko daate
( guilty person blaming the innocent )

M-” So my son u want to know our decision …soo ..sooo ..soo”

K-” Are yrr papa jaldi bolo …itna time mat lo yahan meri jaan nikal rhi hai r ap so so kr rhe ho ( Papa plzzz speak fast …don’t take much time ; here I’m dying of tension nd ur saying so so )

Ta-” Haawww…kunj u r so excited for ur own marriage …have some shame …”.

K-” What’s the need to shame haan….someday every one has to get married nd now it’s my turn …guy’s yrr plzzz tell me ur decision ”

Everyone was surprised to see the new side of kunj …the quiet one tuned to a gingerbread nd industrious one…

B-” So listen…. We r not ready for the proposal …we don’t like Twinkle …”

Kunj was shocked ….he in low tone says ” okk…” ..he turns to go …while Bebe calls him ..
B-” Kunj first listen my complete nd then go …we r not ready infact we r super duper ready for the marriage nd we don’t like Twinkle infact we love her to make her DIL of Sarna family..”

Listening this Kunj’s happiness was upto extreme …
K-” Thank u all for accepting it …I have the best family with so cute ppl” …nd he hugs all of them ..”

Ta-” Maska marna band kr ( stop buttering us …) …now we have to do preparation as we will go to Taneja Mansion in evening to talk to them regarding Twinkle’s nd ur marriage “..

Everyone leaves..

Twinkle is standing in front of mirror nd having a look to her figure ..

T-” Is kunj was saying right ; have I gain weight ; do I became fat ?….But my figure is looking so perfect then why he was saying like that …That Sadu Sarna thinks himself as a very handsome one ..always having misconception about him ….uuhhhh…stupid ..yesterday he behave so rudely with me ..but somewhere I also did wrong with him ; he was trying to cheer up my mood but I fought with him …”

Her thoughts came to an end with the ringing of mobile ..the screen flashes kunj calling ..

T-” Yes ..kunj speak ..” ..she speak in fake anger tone..

K-” Siyaapa queen still u r angry with me …I’m sorry for my behavior …forgive me …but u also reacted in bad way “…

T-” Yes …I also did wrong ..I’m also sorry ”

K-” OK…enough of sorry …well u tell till how much time u gonna stand in front of mirror nd checkout ur figure ”

Twinkle was surprised ..
T-” Hawww.,….kunj how do u know this… R u near my room …or u kept hidden cameras secretly in my room”

K-” Wooww…it means my guess is right …I just guessed it nd u proved it right ..hats off kunj Sarna ” ..he pats on his shoulder
” Nice effect of my words …u think of me …Tabhi toh main sochu aaj subah se mujhe itni hicchkiyan kyu arhi thi ( That’s what I was thinking that since morning why I’m suffering with the problem of hiccups ) ”

T-” I nd missed u …fffoooo….in ur dreams ”

Kunj murmurs in low tone ” Now a days u r only in my dreams ”

T-” What did u said speak loudly …don’t say in ur mouth …I’m not able to hear it ”

K-” U tell ..yesterday u were crying bcoz u wanted the engagement to happen nd u felt sad that it got canceled ”

T-” No …I got sad seeing maa ; papa crying …I felt bad seeing their conditon …about engagement ; even I was happy that it got canceled my heart was not ready to accept Raman as my husband ”

Again kunj murmurs in low tone ” How u will accept it ; coz ur heart wants me to be ur husband ”

T-” See kunj again u spoke in low pitch
..I’m not able to hear it ….what u want to say speak Ioud so that it is audible to me ….sometime I thinks that with which kind of person I did frndship”

K-” Sorry …next time I won’t repeated it again …well I called u to inform that today my family nd I will come to ur house …we have surprise for u ” ..

T-” What kind of surprise ?”..
K-” U have to wait for it ..if I will tell u now then it won’t be a surprise ..so wait ..okk ..talk with u later ..byee..see u in evening ”
T-” Byee.” ….she thinks what it could be ..


Sarna’s arrive at Taneja mansion …
Twinkle was standing side of kunj ..nd showing her tongue to him ; to tease him …while kunj was enjoying her childish action ..
L-” Bebe… U all came to talk something important ….what’s that ?”

B-” Ji Leela ji …see right now I know it’s not good to talk about it but we can’t want someone else to come nd ask for the thing we r going to ask for ..one time we lost the chance but this time we don’t want that ..
Actually we r here for the marriage proposal of our Kunj for your Twinkle”

Twinkle was shocked to hear that …she stared at kunj with confused expression while kunj was blushing endlessly…

L-” Twinkle marriage with kunj ..woooww…Bebe u stole my words even I nd Rt ji wanted to talk with u all regarding this ..we like kunj very much …we r ready for it ”

Twinkle speaks ” I’m not ready for it …” …she runs to terrace ..
Kunj nd other was not able to interpret Twinkle’s behavior..

Tanya -” Don’t worry I will talk to her “”
K-” Di ! I’m also coming ”

Tanya nd kunj reach to terrace nd sees Twinkle standing their ..while kunj hides behind the door …

Ta” Twinkie r u fine…why don’t u want to marry him ? U don’t like him or u think he is not suitable for u ? ”

T-” No di ..don’t say like this …kunj is very good nd thereof I don’t want him to spoil his life getting married to me ..he deserves someone better than me ”

Ta-” What r u saying ; his life will not spoil infact it will lightened up with ur presence ..u know he likes u the way a boy likes a girl …for him u r more than a frnd ….for him u r everything …can’t u see the feelings fr u in his eye’s ”

Twinkle was shocked cum happy listening this ….” but di …try to understand I’m not eligible for him ”

” Who said u r not eligible for me ..infact u r perfect for me ” ..Kunj speaks ..

Twinkle turns nd see’s him..

Ta-” U both talk I’m leaving ” ..she goes ..

T-” Kunj u know about my past ….about Ranveer nd yesterday only I’m tagged with a tittle of girl who’s engagement got canceled …still u want to do it ..u deserve one best for u not I ”

K-” I know everything …nd I want to do it ..coz I’m proud to have u in my life ….coz u r special for me …”

He takes her hand nd place on his heart ..
K-” Now listen my heartbeat nd try to listen the name pumping in my heart …IT’S TWINKLE… TWINKLE ..”

Twinkle eye’s him lovingly ..

PRECAP – Twinkle to agree for marriage ..

Hello everyone !!!..
Again I’m back to bore u all…
Guy’s I want to know one thing r u finding the track boring ….
Nd one more thing u want me to show pre marriage rituals ..or direct marriage ..
Do answer plzzzzzz!!!!!!

Silent reader’s plzzz guys ek baar boldo I know my ff is not good enough to break ur silence but still I will be very happy if u all give ur views…


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  1. Bhavika


    1. Bhavika


    2. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooo much Bahvoo….this time u r one first one to comment …u did it ….
      Haahhaa….u were biting ur nails… bad manners ….lol..
      Nd yes as per demands I will show rituals…. love u ..

  2. Angita

    Okay first you’re not here to bore us but to take boredum and give us happiness in life while posting your episode. You know normally ffs are my past time,tea time,breakfast timer and all time and I always eat while I’m reading.I read this episode 2wice as it was too good for me to digest in just one time.I just loved loved loved Kunj s dialogues.and loved twinj conversation though Kunj talked or rather said murmured to himself. I think showing pre mariage ritual will increase the masti so pls go ahead. And to add in some super super stupid and funny moments. And yes before I forget pls pls pls update photo links of wedding outfits,your track it super duper opposite to boring(sorry forgot the word for it for now)

    1. Sayeeda

      I’m so happy that my ff makes u feel happy ..this is the best thing for me.
      I’m feel so blessed that u liked the scenes nd dialouges nd I will try to add more funny scenes ..
      I will try to post links of outfits… for sure….
      Love u dear…..

  3. Kruti

    Hey sayeeda
    I’m back
    Lovely epi…..the way kunj kept tw hand on his heart and said its twinkle……Awwwwwww sooooooooo cute
    Pls show the pre marriage rituals with a bit of twinj ka romance and their cute not jhok
    Eagerly waiting for the next one
    And love u tooo

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooooo much Kruti …happy to see u back ….hope u enjoyed ur trip ..
      I’m happy that u liked the scenes….nd yah I will show rituals with some exciting scenes….I hope u like it …
      Love u ..

  4. Risa

    Sayeeda! It was fab! Everyone is right! Teri stories kamaal ki hoti hain! We love u n ur ff! 🙂

    1. Sayeeda

      Finally Risa….u commented everyday I used to wait for ur comment ….thank u soooooo much for ur lovely words ….
      love u too

  5. Jiya_Ani

    Sayeeda.. (No di today..elderly feel mat Karna)..I’ll call u sayoo..ab aap mere name main oooo add karti ho ..toh main peeche kyu rahoon??…and epi toh awesome, amazing, funny, cute, sweet, jhakaas, dhasu, rapchik…???..actually meri tounge KO ek bimari hai..sayooria..bad..aisi hi words bolti hai..Sayeeda word sunte hi…well I loved Twinj’s convo..and aye haye Kunj ke dialogue… Muaaah…
    Loved it di..and maafi ke liye dhanyavaad.

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooooo much Shreyoo. ….I feel so happy that u called me Sayooo….aage se yahi bulana as I love it ….
      Love u for ur cute words…. itne saare words mere liye mat likho wrna meri aadat kharab hojegi..lollzz..
      I’m happy that u liked it …nd Sayoria OMG …u made me blushed …
      love u….

    n by d way today’s episode was ……..bakwas,boring,bekaar,gandha,hate it…….n 1 thing is left n it is dat wat i hav write about ur epi is incorrect,its a lie,its a prank….heheheheh
    sorry hhaaaaaaaaaaa thodi masti walle mood me thi isliyr
    now truly speaking
    it was just fab i loved it n yaa plz do marriage with all pre-ritual methoda like haldi,mehndi,sangeet………………BUT::::::ek hi shart par agar twinj scenes zyaada ho tb hi
    N u r telling dat u dont hav words to thank me den y r u thanking me..i had already tell u dat NO THANX N NO SORRY IN FRNDSHIP dn y y y
    it means u dont mean me as a frnd
    n if u think me as a frnd den ye choti si bachchi ki ek vinti hai ki kripya aap thanx n sorry kaa istemaal naa kre
    n sry today also 1 big lecture de diyaa
    but kyaa kru didi hi majbur krti ho…ap aisaaaa cute wala epi post krte ho to apne jazbaat roknahi paati
    …hehe tooo much hindi dialogue

    n i hav posted my ff
    plz do read n sorry for confusion it will get cleared in my next epi
    aaj pehli baar me hi bahbye ho gayaa

    1. Sayeeda

      Ohhoooo..,.sorry ab boring nai bolungi ..pakaa….I just love ur masti wala mood as it makes me feel so delighted with it …..
      Nd yes I will show rituals nd paaka with lot of twinj scenes..
      Yrr seriously ur comment always make me feel extra good ….sooooo cute one….itna mat blush karwao mujhe ke mere cheeks red hogaye ..
      Love u soooo much …

      1. Aamu

        its k if ur cheeks get red…from my imagination evry girl looks cute by every style
        n i think u will look cute…..to blush to banta hai bosss
        m vry glad for upcoming twinj scenes
        n mee 2 love my own masti wala mood…lol
        i know m thodi si jhalli hu but jhel na to pdegaa


  7. Fan

    Awesome epi sayeeda…loved it….

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooo much Fan….I’m happy that u liked it …
      keep supporting…

  8. twinjfan (tamanna)

    awesome….srry fr not commenting on ur previous episode….u know na..uff these projects…aur mere mob me kal tu page open hi nahi ho raha tha…srry once again…

    1. Sayeeda

      Don’t say sorry dear…I know u must be busy so it’s OK…
      Thanks for liking it ….keep supporting… love u

  9. RiaA MendeZz

    Boring? Never. I was actually nervous while reading this epi.wanting to kno y twinkle would refuse kunj. I enjoyed every last part of this epi. Twinkle have got to b the luckiest girl ever. anyway, I must say hats off to u.. The way u portrayed the anxiety, tension and happiness sooooooooo well.you did a fabulous job.

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooooo much RiaA ur comments r always a pleasure to read….ur words make me feel so happy …
      Yes Twinkle is soooo lucky to have a husband like kunj..I’m glad that u liked the emotions portrayed by me..
      love u dear…

  10. Noo no direct marriage :v do pre marriage rituals so we can see hw u describe all the fun :3 since u r damn gud at it !!! Loved today’s episode why r u soo damn good at writing an ff ?!? Anyway i forgot to mention in yday cmemt that thode de him was one of my fav songs ! ? just wanted to let UK btw can u plzz plz post ur next epii soon??? Im waiting … 🙂

    1. Sayeeda

      Me good at writing …hahhaa..no dear ; it’s u ppl who likes it nd make me feel happy nd ur comments make me to write more…
      Yes I will show rituals with lot of fun ..nd thode se hum is one of my fav as it was the first time I saw Sid in that ..I will try to post next one tmrw..
      Love u Romu..

  11. Woooohooooo…..sory for not commntng on ur last episode….but i read it was awsssmmmmmm…..n do plss post pre marriage rituals it will b quiet xcitng n full of funnn.. intzaaarrr….shaadi k dholl or pyaari c nok jhhok ka

    1. Sayeeda

      Don’t be sorry Aaruhi urff my Unnoo….thanks for ur comment …love u …nd I will show rituals…

  12. The epi wz jzz amazing…. I wz srsly so tensd thinking why twinkle refuses the marriage…. BT I HD a broad smile wen I completed reading it…. Regarding the rituals however u feel comfortable…. As LNG as it hz twinj moments I’m OK wid anything u post.. Bas jaldi inn donno ki shadi karaa do… Aur kuch nahi chahiye…:):)

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooooo much Maggi ….I’m happy that u liked it …I will show rituals with twinj scenes…
      Don’t worry they will be married soon….as I also wanted to focus on their married life..

  13. It was fab loved it
    Post soon

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Zaku ….I’m so happy that u liked it….
      keep supporting…

    2. Why I will not like it????ur ff is amazing

  14. Nice one

  15. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sayu di dare u call it boring ..V wait 4 it and ur saying it’s boring. No ways. . Its fab.
    Today’s epi was wonderful.
    Eagerly waiting for next episode
    Luv u di

    1. Sayeeda

      Okkk….Aru I won’t say it’s boring …it’s so good to read that u wait for my ff….thanks for ur awesome words…
      Love u too…..

  16. Ria

    Sayeeda, hamesha bakwaas! Kya huh? Nahi, nahi aj bata hi do what do you think? I know you think that ff is a super flop but, the reality is that it is super duper.
    I’m sorry for not commenting for the last few episodes and you know the reason behind so, please forgive me.
    Coming back to the episode, it was just awesom, amazing, fabulous and etc etc. I loved it. Especially the last action of Kunj and his dialogue..loved it..
    Now, answers to your question.
    I would love to see pre marriage rituals but, it depends upon you.

    1. Sayeeda

      U scared me Ria ….reading ur first lines I felt that u didn’t like it but as I read it further I was having a bright smile on my face..
      Don’t be sorry dear …I know why r u unable to comment ..nd I told u it’s OK ….
      I’m sooo happy that u liked the scene nd dialouges..
      Yes I will show rituals…. hope u likes it …
      love u..

  17. Rashiverma2199

    Wwow…..sayeeda it was awesome…..

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooo much Rashi ….I’m glad that u liked it ….
      love u …keep supporting…

  18. Shonaa...

    Amazing episode…. d dialogue was really amazing nd dat last scene whn kunj hold her hand nd place on his heart…. schiiii yrrr i love dat scene…. scene of d day…. loved it…

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooooo much Shonu Monu ….u don’t know how much happy I’m to know that u all loved the last scene …infact I also liked that scene a lot…
      Love u too….nd post ur ff I’m waiting

  19. Sayeeda di….agar aaj maine aapka khoon kar dala to galti meri nhi hogi haan. Ek to itna achha ff ki silent reader bhi comment kr daale aur aapne use kya bulaya? Boring? Sharam karo di….kuch to sharam karo! Aapne do minute ke liye bhi nhi socha aapke chhote chhote behne hai….ek to main 14 episodes padhne ke baad comment kr rhi hu…wo bhi na krti kyuki mujhe comment krna achha nhi lagta…comment lamba ho jata hai….par aaj aapne jo gunha kiya hai….aapko uski sazaa bhugatni padegi….hume aur zyada episodes padhwakar….aur di….khoon nhi krungi….dnt wry….aapka khoon kr dungi to itna badhiya likhega kaun? Aaj ke liye tata bye bye shabba khair….bohot bak bak krti hu main….good night….

  20. Sayeeda

    Hey ! Franciee…I’m soooo happy to see ur comment for the first time ; thanks for it….
    Plzzz keep supporting like this nd keep loving the ff coz it needs support of u ppl ….

  21. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi…..loved it…..eagerly waiting for next part….

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooooo much Purnima …I’m happy that u liked it ..
      Keep supporting….

  22. Sayeeda

    Ya Allah….Laddoo……main tumhe jitna laad lagau utna kam hai ;thanks for ur soooooooooo good comment; I loved ur long comment ….
    U don’t know how much happy nd satisfied I’m after reading it….
    Sorry from next time I won’t call it boring ….pakka…nd I love to read ur comment ….agar aisi saza humesha mile then I’m ready to accept this punishment coz this is the best one I got till date….
    I love ur bak bak…nd haan I’m also like u as I also speak a lot nd I love person speaking more…
    Hhaahhaaa…mera khoon kardogi ..
    soo cute..
    love u

  23. Lama

    wooooow…its sooooooo Awesomeeeeeeee…eagerly waiting for next episode…plz cont asap

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooooo much Lama…
      I’m happy that u liked it ….I hope u like it further …
      Love u

  24. Saby

    Itni galiyaa khali sabki bas hai k meri bhi baki hai abhi…..
    Tu soch bhi kese sakti hai k tera ff boring hai…. Pagal its too much interesting and haa…. In silent readers ka toh sachi kuch karna padega Jo itni pyari writer ka ff toh padh lete hai par comment nahi karte….
    Yeah Sab chod… Episode was to good….. Atlast twinj ki shadi ki baat toh chali…. Friendship dekhli Now waiting to see their love…..???? and love uh darling….. And ur ff so much?????

    1. Sayeeda

      Hhaaha…itni galiyan ….lekin teri galiyaa bhi mujhe pyari lagengi kyuki tu pyar se degi na…
      Tu sacchi kitni cute hai ….amazing hai bilkul tere ff ki tarah ….
      U liked the episode is a big thing for me…
      love u till infinity …Saby

  25. Nice yaar

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooooo much Dharti …I’m glad that u liked it ….
      Thanks for commenting…. keep supporting

  26. I hate u no no I love u no arghhh I am so much confused but one thing I know is I can’t stop loving u and wait a minute did u say that ur ff is boring not at all it is more than Amazing and whenever I write my ff I always think after posting it that how will u comment coz u r a regular commenter so love u muahhh and keep the good work going

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Bulbul ….I missed ur comment on my last episode so much ….I’m so happy to know that u liked it …
      Boring ….okkk ab kabhi nai khaungi …pakka…..love u

  27. Baby

    wow yr how do rte sooooooooooooooo gud jst luving it pls post nxt asap u r really amazing i mean wowkya likte ho yes vry happy dat jasmins reasn fr nt marrying sid ws dis d way u portray a para is amazing di pls post nxt asap

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Baby ….I’m soooo happy that u liked it…
      Yes I will post next one very soon

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