” I can’t stop loving u “- Twinj Love. Chapter 11


” I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love !!!”.

Today before starting with the episode I will say my speech …
Guys yrr yesterday after reading everyone’s comments I was feeling like the most blessed person on the earth …so lovely comments..
Don’t worry guys I’m not gonna end my ff as without it I can’t stay …like u all ppl can’t stop loving me nd my ff similarly I can’t stop loving u all…Thanks u soooo much for ur love ..U all made my day ; my morning ; my night …love u all….
Today’s episode will portray friendship …nd this episode nd song is dedicated to all my TU frndss…..as u ppl gave a new meaning to my life…hope u all like it..


At Bangalore …Yuvi’s house..
Door bell rings…

A girl open the door ….she is wearing white Patiala nd pink kurta with hairs tied in a bun …having a cute attraction on her face…

She opened the door nd seeing the sight her jolly face turned to gloomy one..

G-” Yuvi what happened to kunj ? Why he is crying ? Nd why r u holding him by his shoulder ? Why u both r wet ;u both got drenched in rain but Uvi u were having ur car then how come ?”….

U-” Mahi relax …..so many questions in single breath .. I will tell u everything later but first let both of us to dry our body “.

So the girl is revealed to be Mahi …Mahi Luthra…

U-” Kunj u go nd change u clothes or else u will become sick …I will provide u with my T- shirt nd lower ; I hope it fits in u properly”…

Kunj speaks nothing nd went to change ..

Mahi was baffled at Kunj’s behavior …while Yuvi was crying deep inside his heart seeing his state..
After sometime Yuvi freshened up nd came ..

M-” Yuvi…plzzz tell me what happened to kunj? Did u both fought ? Why he is sad ?
U told me that u r going to receive him from airport as u wanted to his face shining with realization happiness but here the story seems to be different …Instead of happiness I’m seeing something else on his face “..

Yuvi hugs Mahi nd started to cry…nd narrates her everything..

U-” I lost it…I lost it Mahi ….I lost to give the happiness to my frnd …his heart is broken into million pieces nd I’m not able to glue them up …
Somewhere I’m responsible for his condition ..he was never ready to accept his feelings but I forced him to do so ..He always said to me that he don’t want to indulge himself in any one of such issues but I made him to enter in it…
But Mahi u know na how much he means to my life …he not only my frnd but my bro who gave so much love to a orphan like me …when everyone cursed me he stood by my side nd acted as a savoir of mine …He was saying right I betrayed him ….but I was not knowing that the feeling which lightens up everyone’s life will become a mode of darkness for him …I always wanted to do best for him but I failed in it ….He is bearing so much pain nd I’m not able to lessen it…I’m very bad frnd….worst one… “….he was weeping badly..

Mahi hugs him tightly nd after sometime she breaks the hug nd cups his face…
M-” Calm down…. Don’t cry Yuvi ..Don’t blame urself ; u r not wrong ; whatever u did was right but now time is wrong ; situation is wrong …We need to look after him ; he needs u nd if will breakdown who will be their to support him ….U need to be strong for him”

They hears Kunj’s footsteps nd immediately washes off their tears…nd pretends to smile.

M-” Come kunj …sit let’s have dinner ..see I made u fab dish palak panner..”
All of them sat down for dinner…while kunj was lost in his thoughts nd sliding his spoon ; not eating anything …while Mahi nd Yuvi were feeling pain seeing him like that…

U-” Kunj dude see it’s palak paneer nd if u not gonna eat them I’m going to finish it off …u remember na how we used to fight for it when we were kids …” ..tears falls from his eye’s

But kunj did not responded ….Yuvi placed his hand on his nd realized that his body is too hot …
U-” Kunj ur body is burning like a coal is ….it’s so hot …u r having fever …” …he gets worried for him nd brings thermometer to check his temperature..
U-” 103°…so high fever …let me call doctor..”

After sometime doctor comes nd treats him..
M-” Doc is everything alright?”
D-” Fever is very high nd it seems he is suffering from some stress ….I have prescribed the medicines nd look after him ; he needs proper care or else he has to be admitted to hospital..For now I have given him injection …I hope he get well soon”

Doctor moves out …while Yuvi goes to Kunj’s room..
He sat beside him on bed nd caresses his hairs ….nd tears were gushing from his eyes..

U-” I promise I will help u to heal ur pain… I can’t risk to lose u …I was a useless one but u treated me like a gem …u gave me so much love nd for that I’m indebted to u ….But now it’s my turn to give love to u ….I can’t bring her back to u but I will help u to come out of ur past”

Yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai
(Friends, frendship, is a very beautiful thing)

Yeh na ho to kya phir bolo yeh zindgi hai
(If its not there, then tell me, what is life?)

Koi to ho raajdaar, be garaj tera ho yaar
(There must be someone trustworthy, he/she should be your friend without any need)

koi to ho raajdaar
(There must be someone trustworthy)

Yuvi puts the wet cloth on Kunj’s forehead ; he rubs his hands ; legs ; palm …whole night he didn’t slept nd was taking care of him ..

Teri har ke buraai pe daante vo dost
(For your every mistake, your friend must scold you)

Gham ki ho dhoop to saaya bane tera vo dost
(When there are pangs of sorrow, he/she (friend) must become your shadow)

Naache bhi vo teri khushi main
(He/She (friend) must also dance in ur happiness)

Arre yaaron dosti bahi hi haseen hai
(Friends, frendship, is a very beautiful thing)

Yeh na ho to kya phir bolo yeh zindgi hai
(If its not there, then what, tell me, what is life?)
koi to ho raajdaar, be garaj tera ho yaar
(There must be someone trustworthy, he/she should be your friend without any need)

LEAP OF 1 MONTH…..Morning..

Kunj wakes up but now he did not smile nd greet the beginning of new day as now for him everyday is same …it comes with pain nd ends with pain…

Kunj’s POV….
“The loss of love u believed to be true can leave u feeling shattered. No matter how independent u believe u were; u may feel like better half of everything u know has disappeared..
This I what I felt since last month ..I could barely get out of my bed. I would my time in sobbing nd convincing myself that the pain would never go away…how could it?
How could I had been so wrong about something I believed with every inch of my soul?
How could I continue living after I had found the person I was meant to spend the rest if my life with ….nd lost him?
Daily I wear a fake smile on my face just to make Yuvi believe that all his efforts for me didn’t went in vain …but I know he also acknowledge that till now I’m not able to overcome the pain nd that the bond we share though I didn’t speak anything to him but he always understand it…
Ohoo ..how stupid I’m today is my meeting with stakeholders nd I’m getting late for it..”


Twinkle is shown standing at the balcony of her room nd was lost in her thoughts..

Twinkle thinks…” After 4 days my engagement is their….preparations r going on for it …Maa ; papa they r soo excited for it but I don’t know why I’m not happy …I’m going to a bride soon but somewhere my heart is not ready to accept the fact ….
I’m so confused ….nd not getting answer for my ques ;whether I did right accepting the proposal of a person whom I don’t know …whom I just met for one time ; who’s like nd dislike is not known to me …Why Babaji I’m feeling so restless ….why I’m feeling that someone is in pain …someone is suffering bcoz of me …this type of feeling is never felt before by me ….
Why again nd again my heart is remising me of time spent with kunj …all the memories spent with him is flashing before my eyes .His last words that he can’t see me going away from him ; still I’m not able to judge what he wanted to say …Since last one month he didn’t even tried to contact me but now I will call him as I’m missing him badly”

Twinkle calls kunj….he receives the phone..
T-“Hello ….kunj..”

Hearing her voice kunj was having mixed emotions in him …..happiness to hear the voice of person he loves the most…
Sadness to think about her marriage…. Love….pain….

He was having tears in his eyes nd words were not coming out from his throat..
K-” Twinkle …..Twinkle…. Twinkle…”
T-” Haan…kunj it’s me only why again nd again u r taking my name …I know my name …Nd u better don’t speak ; u forgot ur frnd so soon ….u didn’t even tried to contact me …I was missing u soo much”

Kunj was delighted to hear that she missed him …
K-” No ….how can I forgot u …never till my last breath..”
T-” okkk….don’t try to act filmy ….nd Tanya di told me that u r not coming for my engagement …
U promised me that u will always be their by my side but now when I need u ; u r not with me….Kunj plzzz come na…I’m waiting for u ”

Kunj was silent nd after sometime speaks ..” OK …I’m coming very soon to Amritsar …me doing promise with u nd not fulfilling it…never… Coz…I Love u ….”

Twinkle was shocked to hear that nd kunj realized what he spoked..
T-” What???…..What u said..?
K-” I love u …but as my frnd… Zayada mat socho smjhi ..( don’t think more haan….)
Talk with u later nd now I will meet with u at the function only…byee…

Kunj thinks…” This is the best moment of my life as now she is missing me…Slowly nd steadily my love will over take ur heart …ur feelings…
Maine haar nai mani hai ….abhi shadi Hui nai hai …iska matlab mera scope hai abhi ..Kunj Sarna haar maanne wala nai hai ; wo tumhe jeet ke dikhayega….abhi tak meri frndship dekhi hai r ab tum mera pyar …bas ruko r dekho mera naya avatar meri Siyaapa queen ….or bahut jald meri hone wali queen” …
(Till now I haven’t gave up ….marriage is going to happen but not happened na..it means still I have scope left to win ur heart.. Kunj Sarna never loses so easily.. he will win u ..till now u saw my frndship but now u will experience my love….wait to see new side of mine….my siyappa queen …or going to be my queen very soon”

PRECAP- Twinkle’s engagement nd surprise… ( hint ….happiness on the way)

Hello everyone…
Did u liked the bond between Kunj nd Yuvi?
Did u liked Twinkle’s confusion?
Did u liked new side of kunj..?

I told u that I will show engagement scenes but than my mind told it to postponed for next one…

Love u all ….
Keep supporting…

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  1. Was amazing !!!
    Post soon
    Loved new side of Kunj
    Bond of uv and Kunj was awesome
    Post soooooooooon
    Will be waiting….??

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Zaku ….I’m happy that u liked it….
      Yes I will post next one tomorrow..
      Waise since long time I was thinking to compliment u ….that ur name is so good Zaku…nice one

  2. Dheemahee

    Superb yar it was awesome one keep it up and post soon .

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Dheemahee…
      I’m happy that u liked it….
      keep supporting dear

  3. Lama

    wooooow Sayeeda appi, kamaal kr diya…kya likha h darling…thanks a lot for that song…bond between yunj is Superbbbb…liked Twinkle’s confusion…nd new side of kunj is Awesomeeeee…very excited for the next part…plz post it asap…love u ??????

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Lama….I soo happy that u liked the song….bond between the two nd twinkle’s confusion…nd Kunj’s new side….
      Pata nai kyu but when u call me Appi I feel so goooodddd….waise I normally don’t allow anyone to say that but still I feel so happy when u call me Appi..love u sooo much

  4. Im commentin fr the 1st tym on ur ff…. Still nw i wz enjoyin ur lovely ff bein silent readr… Cute sa episode tha… Every emotion wz well potraid

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks a lot Maggi for ur lovely comment…..I’m soooooo happy that a silent reader commented …
      Thanks for enjoying my ff …I hope I can entertain u further..

  5. SidMin

    Sayeeda I loved the bound between Kunj and Uv and the song
    Yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai was so touchy
    I loved Twinkle’s confusion and waiting for Kunj’s new avatar Hope Twinkle soon realises her feelings for Kunj
    Waiting for the next episode Please post it soon

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Sidmin….
      Love u for always supporting me…

  6. RiaA MendeZz

    Again you made me cry. The song was a perfect choice. The way yuvi was taking care of kunj stole my heart away. When yuvi was crying badly for his friend I realized that I don’t have a friend like that and thats what friendship is about, you share each others sorrow and happiness.the way u portrayed the love and friendship is this epi just goes to show how pure your heart is. This episode was so heart touching. The writers of tei need to come read and take lessons.

    1. Sayeeda

      Again I’m sorry for making u cry…
      Yrr ur comments r always so good… tei writers nd lesson from me ….love u for this…
      Nd u said right friendship is very beautiful relation ..don’t worry dear I’m ur frnd only …..but the difference is that we r very far from eo …
      Love u

  7. Bhavika

    oh dii u also wrote on friendship i had also updated my ff next episode which has a song and the episode and song both are dedicated to friends i think thats the reason u r my elder sis we both can read each others mind love u dii

    the episode was awesome really the greatest gift of world is friendship and u know what i have recieved but u know what friends are forever but sisters are for life RIGHT???



    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Bhavoo for ur cute comment nd for me whether u comment first or not but ur comment are always very special for me…
      Love u too my small sis

  8. Bhavika


  9. Saby

    Sayu… Darling?
    Wat an epi…. Seriously so emotional
    Kunj ka pain….. Usko dekh k UV ka pain
    The brokenhearted feeling of one-sided love, true frndshp, hope of fighting for love. loved the epi so much??

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Saby ….
      I’m so happy that u liked it ….
      Love u …..I will try my best to entertain u all….

  10. Sameera

    Wow sayeeda superbb song n scenes were too good uv n kunj friendship just awesome.e ??? hope twinkle realises soon best of luck kunj ?

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Sam….
      I feel so happy that u liked everything….
      love u ..

  11. Shatakshi

    Omg Sayeeda
    I was literally having tears in my eyes…
    The way u depicted kunjs feelings were mindblowing
    N the song…it was like an icing on the cake
    Seriously it was the best
    N twinkles dilemma was Amazing…
    Loved it…I really can’t describe the feeling I m holding now
    ..love u❤❤❤

    1. Sayeeda

      Soooo cute Sattu ….u comments always leave a bright smile on my face ( I know ki main ye bahut baar keh chuki hoon ; but what to do I always feels the same)…
      Love u ….

  12. Bhavika

    AND YAA I LOVED EVERYTHING the bond between Kunj nd Yuvi…Twinkle’s confusion…new side of kunj. EACH AND EVERYTHING

  13. Mitali

    Jhakass. Kya ff hai yaar.
    Mein toh tere ff par fida hogayi hoo
    Rapchik ff.
    Madhuri Dixit ke style Mein “PREFECT”
    Remo ke style Mein “THIS IS IT”

    1. Sayeeda

      Awww…..my OS queen Mitali ….tumhe accha laga…. I’m so happy nd ur words r soooo good…
      Ab mere style mein tumhare liye mmmuuuuaaahhhh…..love u

  14. Shreya098

    amazing episode ……loved it?
    finally our kunj is back…now he’ll definitely win his siyappa queens heart
    loved UV and kunj’s bond
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    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Shreya …..I’m happy to see ur comment…
      Yes Kunj is back ….akhir kab tak wo rota bechara ….
      keep supporting…

  15. Rashiverma2199

    Awesome sayeeda…waiting for next episode…fab…loved it….

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Rashi ……
      love u dear for …keep supporting like always u do

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    Awesome epi sayeeda…loved kunj n uvs bond..waiting 4 the nxt epi…

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks fan….I’m waiting for the next episode of ur ff ….post soon

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    Soooo goood to see the frndship even sooo good frndship of uvi and love for kunj.. ???

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    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks dear …..
      yes finally twinj talked akhir kitne din dor rehte dono ….
      Well I wish I can fulfill ur demand but everyday each ff has to end nd so is mine….
      love u

  18. Shonaa...

    As always…. loved it…. kunj uv bond…. nd d new side of kunj nd nd ur whole ff i love every thing… just loved it lovely episode lovely u… ??

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      Thanks Shona…. tumhe pasand aya …I’m so happy ….
      Love u too….

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    1. Sayeeda

      OMG…Aaruhi ….ur comments r always amazing….
      The song which u added was superb…. Yes dear it relates to ur real life nd mine too coz I have u as my bestie in my life….without my Unno this Sayeeda is nothing…
      love u soooo much..

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      Thank Romaisah…. I’m so happy to know that u wait for my ff…
      Nd yes Kunj is back …sad look don’t suit him …..
      Love u ….

  22. Kruti

    Hey Sayeeda …….very very sorry for the late comment yar doston ke saath full busy ho gayi thi meet them after a looooong tym sry
    Anyways kya epi tha matlab sacchi mein kya epi that just out of d world kunj ka dard then uska come back that its still not too late wowwww matlab seriously kya likha hai yar tune just am not able to find words
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    OK so now……. seriously it was a marvelous piece of writing
    Love u to the moon and back …….muhhaaaa
    Keep writing and keep smiling

    1. Sayeeda

      Hey ….Kruti love uuuuuuu soooooo much for a lovely comment… it’s too good yrr…
      Nd no sorry for next time ….OK..
      Nd yes maine kunj ko tumhari taraf se sjmha diya hai….wo tumhe thank u bol rha hai….hheehhee….

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    1. Sayeeda

      Hey Angita don’t say sorry yrr..
      I’m happy that u liked it nd yes happiness is on the way ….nd Jo kal aegi mere next chapter ke saath..
      love u ..

  24. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome…really loved the bond of yuvi n kunj…twinkle cnfused…wow…really eagerly waiting fr ur episode …btw can u ans me. .frm which episode is the cover pic of ur ff???plz….post next epi asap…

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      Thanks Tamanna….for ur lovely comment…
      Nd I’m sorry as I don’t know it as I downloaded it from tei fc..so I don’t have idea regarding it..

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    1. Sayeeda

      Awww…..Aaffoo….u r soooo sweet my darling ….though I’m not a good writer but the way u comment make me believe in myself….
      Even I’m soooooo lucky to have a person like u as my frnd ….u really mean a lot to my life…
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      I’m happy that u liked everything….
      Like the way u love surprises …the same way I love ur ff….nd I’m waiting for the next episode of it….

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    Osum epi
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    Well thanks for the comment..

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  31. Sayeeda

    Areeee…….meri Zikroo missed u soooooooo much..
    Accha ab main bolti hoon ….bahut ….bahut miss kiya yrr tujhe …poore din tere comment ka wait kr rhi thi main nd I was damm sure ke chahe Kuch bhi hojaye tm comment zaror krogi nd love u for proving me right…….

    Wo song tumhare liye bhi tha …pr chalo tumhare liye doosra hojaye…
    Ayi ho meri zindagi mein ; meri angel banke…
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    R hann next time se kehna bhi mat ke tumhre comment irritating hai ….smjhi ye mere liye bahut special hai …nd ur after reading ur lines I feel so touched…. I’m so thankful to Allah to gave me a sis like u …
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