” I can’t stop loving u “- Twinj Love. Chapter 12


” I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love!!!”


Twinkle is sitting on her bed lost in her thoughts… Chinki arrives…she puts her hand on her eye’s…

T-” What yrr ….who r u ? Take off ur hands from my eyes”
But Chinki did not do so …
T-” Chinki haath hata rahi hai ki main bataun tujhe ( Chinki r u taking ur hands off or I tell u)”

C-” Yrr …this is not done ! How did u recognized me …”

Twinkle started to laugh …” U know na Chinki intuition power nd love power of frndship”

Chinki smiles nd they both share a friendly hug….
C-” Twinkle now it’s my turn to tease u ; now the ball is in my court …I must say before engagement only u r lost in ur would be husband thoughts ; what will happen after engagement ” …she laugh a fake evilish smile..
T-” No yrr it’s not like that …I was thinking something else nd u r taking it in a wrong way..”
C -” Ok..leave all this ; come with me I need to show u something..”

She shows one packet to her …
C-” See this is the lehenga …I nd Rohan bought for u …Though I know Leela aunty has already selected the one for u to wear in function but I want u to wear it …I will talk regarding it to aunty also….See nd tell me whether u liked it or not?”

Twinkle sees the lehenga nd in a low voice she answer’s ” It’s nice ….”

C-” Twinkle why r u speaking so low as if u r not interested In seeing it …U r going to get engage tomorrow but there is no happiness or glow on ur face …tell me r u fine”.
T-” Yes I’m fine …don’t worry ; it’s just that I’m tired …u know na these pre function preprations r so tiring ”

Chinki was not convinced with her reply nd she was about to speak when Leela called her …
C-” Twinkie I will talk with u afterwards as for now I have to go aunty is calling me…but next time u gonna speak truth to me….as I know u said lie to me right now…”

She leaves while Twinkle makes a sad face..

Twinkle’s POV …
” What to tell u Chinki ….I myself don’t know the reason of my sadness …Since childhood I was having a dream to get dressed as a bride but now when I’m getting that chance my heart is not allowing me to cherish the moment ..These lehenga is so beautiful but still I’m not liking it not bcoz it’s design is bad but now a day’s my feelings designs r changed ….I don’t have an idea what I want from my life …Babaji itna confuse toh apne mujhe maths ke questions mein nai kiya jitna confuse ab kr rhe ho aap ( Babaji u never made me confused to so much extent even in my maths questions but now u r making me hell confused…”

In order to fresh her mood she plugs in her ear plugs nd listens her fav song..Bol do an Zara nd closes her eyes nd lay down…
While listening the song she was recalling the way kunj sang the same song …she recalls her moments spend with him nd a curve of smile appears on her lips…
She thinks ” Kunj plzz come as soon as possible …Though I met u for the first time at Mumbai but the way u stood beside my side I found a frnd in u …I can discuss my tension with Chinki but it’s one month only she got married nd I don’t want to get her tensed from my side …this is time for her to enjoy her married life…”

Bangalore Airport…

Yuvi nd kunj arrives at the airport….
Y-” kunj think for once more …R u sure u want to go over their…u know na u can’t be able to face her engagement nd this time the pain u will feel will be unbearable nd seeing u like that kills me ….With how much difficulty u moved on …Though not completely but still u tried …Have a thought dude”

Kunj keeps his hand on his shoulder nd says ” Relax Yuvi ..don’t worry this time history won’t be repeated …this time I won’t back out so easily ..I know what I have to face but now my love is my strength …U know me so well that I don’t let me feel as a loser so easily …Last few days I acted like a crying jerk but no more tears …
Just see how I will win her back …..
( Kunj’s Family member will take away Twinkle’s Palanquin) ”
Kunj chuckles ….while Yuvi smiles…

Y-” OK ! I understood u…till the time immigration formalities r going on … let us sit nd chat here only “..

They both sat down …kunj takes out earrings from her pocket nd looks at it …
K-” My jhalli siyaapa queen ….ur king is coming to take ur heart away ; be ready “..he kisses the earring…his ecstasy was overpowering him..
He saw a troop of ppl carrying guitar along with them …kunj went to them nd borrowed the guitar ….nd started to sing the song …

Tu Hi Tu
Aasmaan tu mera
Ya hai mera khuda
Dekhta hoon jahan
Tu hi tu, tu hi tu
Teri duniya se toh kya
Jeene se bhi gaya
Ik kalma mera
Tu hi tu, tu hi tu

(Only You
No matter you are my sky
Or my God
I can see
Only you, only you
This is your world, so
Why cant I live in mine anymore?
My poetry now is
You, only you)

( While holding guitar he started to dance with ppl around ….)

Kaanch ki titliyaan
Thi yeh nazdeekiyaan
Tootke reh gayi
Dhoop mein pattiyaan
Mom ki battiyaan
Banke jalta raha
Jalke bhuj gaya

( Like butterflies of glass
We were too close
To be shattered
I am like a leaf
That lies in the sunlight
I am like a candle
I was burned)
( He was so happy nd on the other side Yuvi was praying to God ..” plzzz always make him smile like this ..)

After sometime he went for his flight…

Kunj reaches Amritsar…
Kunj thinks ” Finally back here …when last time I came over here I never thought that the reason of my next journey will be girl… How much I got changed just bcoz of love; it has overtaken my sense of thinking …
OK!..Mr . Sarna get ready to dance in the engagement ceremony of ur Twinkle …it’s just like Begani Shadi mein Abdullah deewnan…Wowww…Kunj ..not bad haan!!!”

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°NEXT SCENE… EVENING…

Everyone got ready nd guest started to arrive

Kunj nd his family arrives …
Kunj was wearing cream color sherwani…nd as usual looking dashing…
While Bebe nd Tanya is watching the expressions on his face …but to their outmost shock he was smiling…

Ta-” Bebe u were saying right our Kunj got mad ….sometimes he smile …sometime he behaves weird …” …while Bebe nods..

Leela speaks ” Welcome to u all ….kunj puttar thanks for coming ..”
K-” Aunty where is Twinkle …if u don’t mind can I meet her”.
L-” Why would I mind …she is in her room ….go; meet her ”
Leela shows him the way to Twinkle’s room nd her leaves..

Kunj reaches her room …he was so happy to see her after so long time….his euphoria was on seventh heaven ..
Twinkle is wearing light pink lehenga with a coral embroidery of raw silk with a light make up on her face …but she is sitting with a dull face
Kunj’s POV …
” My God ! My to be wifee is looking so gorgeous ….extremely breathtaking …Hayyoo Rabba iski iss ada pe main jaan dedun ( God I just can give away my life on her looks )
After 1 month 5 days I’m seeing her …no one has an idea how much I missed her …..I’m so lucky to have her in my life…”

Kunj speaks …” Siyaapa queen see I came ”

Twinkle turns to see him …..now her gloomy face lightened with a bright smile ..she runs towards him nd hugged him very tightly…
She speaks ” kunj u came ….Thanks Babaji …”
Kunj was shocked to see this action of hers …but some where he was so happy that she did that nd he too felt so good to embrace her …his all sad moments of past were erased from his memory …Though he too want to hug her back but he stopped him …
After sometime Twinkle she realized that what she did nd broke the hug…both of them were feeling uneasy …
K-” Wowww…..u look gorgeous …but why r u so sad ? It’s ur engagement ; u should be happy ….”
T-” Yes …I’m happy …but now I’m more happy to see u …I missed u so much ”

K-” Me too …but ur eyes r saying something else..it is saying to me that u r not happy with this relation …is it so ?”
T-” I don’t know I’m confused ….” ..
They were talking when their conversation was paused by the noise coming from down..
They were tensed to hear that nd went to see the reason behind it …

A man is shouting …” Stop …this engagement will not happen. ”


PRECAP- Kunj’s craziness …..an another marriage proposal for Twinkle “..

Hello !!!! Everyone…
How was the episode ?
What the reason for engagement not to happen ?
Who was the person shouting ?
Another proposal …which one?
Think…. Think… Think…

Thanks a ton to u all for ur support ..u guys make me feel so blessed ….
Zikra dear I’m not at instagram
..do give ur mail I’d we will contact through it ..
I will not be able to post for next few days coz of eid…


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  1. Rashiverma2199

    Eid Mubarak to u as well #sayeeda the episode was….eagerly waiting for next part….

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    ur epi was super awesome,amzing,fab
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    anyways will wait for ur amazing epi sayyu
    n uh mst b thinking y i did big wala aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah haina
    so dat is for i had bcame deaf listening some1 shouting in ur ff to stop d marriage…..hehe
    just joking
    i think aaj bohot bada wala cmnt ho gayaa.nai?
    but itna to banta hai i was eagerly waiting for ur ff
    next 1 do cont asap
    u must b thinking now wat it is ……….


  3. SidMin

    Loved the episode waitung for the next post it asap

  4. On is that so sry….????
    Wht ur nt at insta…??????
    It’s OK nw a very biggg wali eid Mubarak to my nly didu……
    Celebrations r going onnnn………
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    I can understand ok…eid n all…. U ll b buzi….
    Oki my mail is [email protected]…..???????
    Biee biee c u soon……
    Luv u……
    Keep smiling …..?????
    Keep loving me….????????????

    1. Yaa Allah ap ko iss eid per Ik wish my didu..ko Kai sare commentors dedu na plzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz…..
      May ur all wishes come true sista…..
      Luv u…..

  5. SidMin

    Eid Mubarak Sayeeda and may this Eid give all the happiness to you which you are destined to have and about the episode it was fantastically fabulously mind blowing and Twinkle ke liye one more rishta but I know Kunj will manage this one too and I think this marriage stopping credit goes to Kunj Sarna
    Waiting for the next episode please post it as soon as possible I now you are busy because of Eid but please do try if you have time

  6. Kruti

    Hey Sayeeda
    Awesome epi as always yar…… Mission twinkle ko realize karaofy jari hai……but I seriously din’t think the engagement would stop
    And EID MUBARAK ….may this eid ul fitr bring joy and happiness to u and ur family…….enjoy the festival and have a lovely day
    LOVE U LOADS…….keep smiling

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    Too good
    Eid Mubarak
    Love ur ff n u too
    Remember me in prayers as I need it tge most fir my exm ?????
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    Sry for late post as it was EID today btw EID MUBARAK…
    Post soooooooooooooooon
    Zyada ho Gaya

  16. RiaA MendeZz

    I’m late on commenting aren’t I? Ughhh I’m sorry.
    Anyway, this chapter was awesome. Its so cute to see twinkle’s love tho she does not understand it yet. I love every bit of today’s chapter and I’m happy the engagement will be stopped. I hope the next proposal is of kunj. You’re doing a spectacular job with this ff sayeeda and I’m actually really happy u decided to join the ff world. lots of love!.

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    A huge applause to my best friend…love you soooooooooooooo much….take care…

    Allahaffiz ……..

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