” I can’t stop loving u “- Twinj Love. Chapter 10

“I Can’t Stop Loving U – Twinj Love “!!
CHAPTER – 10 ….

Soooooo sorry guys …sorry for the late update but what to do I didn’t got time to write the next one …I don’t know whether I will be able it to continue or not as now a days it’s very difficult for me to post it nd making u ppl wait for it ; is not worthful…
Enough of my talks …let’s continue with the episode …

RECAP – Kunj’s realization happiness nd Twinkle’s makes her mind to accept the marriage proposal …


Continued …


” I will agree for the proposal …I will agree ” …these words of Twinkle were piercing Kunj’s heart badly as if a spear is rendered in his heart ..He was trying hard to overlook nd not to think of what he heard minutes a go but her words were haunting him …

Kunj speaks to himself ” Calm down kunj ; calm down …nothing will happen ; everything will be fine . She will never leave u ; never ….Babaji knows how much u love her ; how much she matters to u ….don’t worry she just said that she will accept but till now she haven’t accepted it nd I’m sure that she will not get ready for it …

I know Babaji I always made fun of girls nd this pious feeling love …when some says to me that he is in love ; I used to make fun of him ; when any girl expressed her feelings to me I always rejected the acceptance not only this I never paid heed to anyone’s emotions…
But now I realized how much it hurts when the person u love the most ; whom u want to embrace for lifelong do not reciprocate the same feelings for u …
I’m sorry ; I promise Babaji that I will apologize to each nd every girl whom I unknowingly made to suffer pain ; I will kneel before them to seek forgiveness but plzzz don’t make Twinkle to go from my life…I can’t live without her …”

He was weeping inconsolably ….

Yaariyan ve… Yaariyan
Yaariyan ve… yaariyan ve..
Yaariyaan… yaa….

Dil mera hai nasamajh kitna
Besabar ye bewkoof bada
Chahta hai kitna tujhe
Khud magar nahi jaan sakaa
Is dard-e-dil ki sifarish
Ab kar de koi yahaan
Ki mill jaaye isey woh baarish
Jo bhigaa de poori tarah



L- “Twinkle puttar I nd ur papa wants to know what u have thought for the Mrs. Singh proposal …”

Rt-” Puttar I inquired about his son ..nd their family also nd I had received a good response for them …They r having a good reputation in Mumbai nd U know my princess for every parents it is the dream to see her daughter getting married …starting her new life nd so we have for u also …”

T-” Maa ; papa ; r u ppl happy with the proposal ? R u ppl ready to accept it ?
L-” Yes …we r ready for it but if u r not ready we will not pressurize u …we will say no to them . U just say whatever u have in ur heart ; don’t worry we both r their to support u in ur decision”
T-” I’m ready ….I’m ready for the marriage ..say yes for it ”

Both Leela nd Rt were happy that she agreed for it ….They both hug her …nd kissed her forehead …
L- ” Chaliye ji ye khushkhabri sabko bata dete hai ( come let’s give this good news to everyone ) …

Ta- ” kunj open the door of ur room ….see it’s 10 AM nd still u r sleeping ….Come out ”
B-” I don’t know why I feel something wrong …nd see kunj he is also not answering us ..I’m very worried for him”

While they were knocking Kunj came out of his room ..
His eyes were swollen badly ; blo*dy red ; his hairs not combed ; his face was depicting the pain nd misery he is suffering with ….as he cried whole night long …

Ta- ” Kunj what happened to u ? R u fine ? My God just look at ur condition once …it seems that u haven’t slept for the whole night nd ur eye’s they r so swollen …did u cried?

Kunj was standing their all numb ….while Tanya nd Bebe were in tears seeing him ..They were not able to perceive the reason of his such state..
Ta -” For God sake kunj speak up ; I’m asking u something …don’t behave like a jerk …u stupid ass what u think u will not say anything nd we will worry …I beg u speak ..” ..she was crying badly holding Kunj’s shoulder ….

Hearing Tanya’s sobbing he came back to his senses ….
K-” Di !! Don’t cry I’m fine …nothing has happened …I’m fine ..Some dust particle went in my eyes nd rubbed it ; just bcoz of that my eyes r swelled ..”
He cleared the tears from her face …

Tanya was about to speak when Leela called them from the back ….
L-” Bebe ; Tanya ; kunj ….it’s good that u all r present over here ; actually I want to tell u all one good news ”

B-” Leela ji ; what good news ? ”
L-” Good news ….infact the best news …
Nd the news is that Twinkle said yes for the proposal …she is ready for marriage ”

Listening this all the three were hell shocked ….nd looked at eo
Both Bebe nd Tanya speaks ” What ? Ready for marriage ? How come ? This is not possible …”

L-” Why ? Why not possible ? R u both not happy with this news ?”
B-” No Leela ji ; we r extremely happy ..wo we didn’t expected Twinkle to get ready so soon ; it’s like a surprise for us ”
L-” Yes I was also very surprised by her sudden acceptance but she is ready nd today we will call Mrs Singh nd say yes nd will ask her to decide the day for engagement ..”

Kunj was thunderstrucked …he felt as if the ground will collapsed nd he will be buried in it ….he was trying hard to control his emotions …his tears but was unable to control them nd without uttering any word he left the place nd proceeded to his room …
While Leela nd Rt were confused seeing him while Bebe nd Tanya were having hint regarding his sudden outburst of his weird behavior …

After sometime he comes out from his room nd sees everyone busy in congratulating Twinkle ..He moves towards her ..

K-” Congrats Twinkle ” …his voice was trembling nd words were choked in his mouth but still he tried nd spoke those two words to her

T-” Finally my best frnd urff Kunj got time to wish me …I thought u will not do so .
I don’t know since yesterday u r behaving weird ; u r not talking with me nd now also the way u r wishing me is so plain …no happiness …no smile on ur face . At least wish me with a jolly face not with ur Saadu face …..kunj I think u want to say something to me ; if their is something then do tell me ”

Kunj’s POV …..
” I wanted to convey many things to u …my love for u …my carve for u …my feelings for u ..my emotions for u ….my feelings nd pain to lose u …
But I’m so feeble to tell u all this . See when I was not having such emotions for u I used to blabber so much in front of u but today see how my destiny is making fun of me ; today I want to pour out myself but I’m not able to do so …”

Kunj was lost in his thoughts while Twinkle snapped her fingers before him ..
T-” See again u r lost in ur own world …I’m asking u something nd u r not replying to it …U r my frnd so u have to do something to make me feel special as very soon I’m going to start my new life …”

K-” U want me to do something for u …OK I will ; just wait nd watch …This Kunj Sarna can do anything for u ..”

He takes guitar in his hand nd announced …” Pay attention everyone ….I’m going to sing song for my bestie Mr Twinkle Taneja as a token of congrats for my side …

While Twinkle was extremely delighted to see Kunj like this …..
Kunj thinks..” I hope that the song I’m going to sing will make u understand my feelings indirectly as once u only said that if in future I want to propose a girl I should try out this one to express myself …”

He closed his eyes nd remembered his beautiful moments with her nd starts to sing song …” Bol do an Zara”…
Throughout the whole song he was eyeing Twinkle lovingly …but our Siyappa queen didn’t understand the hidden feelings of him behind the song ….

Song ends ….nd everyone claps …

After sometime Twinkle ; Leela nd Rt got ready to leave for airport as they were having flight for Amritsar …
They were bidding adieu to everyone …
T- ” Kunj it was nice meeting u ….I’m happy that I got a frnd like u …see u soon …I hope u will come for my engagement to Amritsar.”
K-” No I will not ….I will not come as I can’t see u going far from me ”

Twinkle was confused with his reply …while Leela told her to sit in the car as they were running short of time..
T-” What he was trying to say ? He will not come as he will can’t see me going far from him ….but why …?”

Car started to speed up while Kunj feels that with every seconds his heartbeat was increasing ..he feels like as if his breath is going away from him …
Kunj murmurs ” Plzzz stop …plzzz don’t go …don’t leave my hand …If my love for u is genuine then one day u will surely realize my love for u …I LOVE U ….I LOVE U MORE THAN MY LIFE ..”…..tears were gushing from his eyes…

Kya huaa asar tere saath reh kar naa jaane
Ki hosh mujhe naa raha
Lafz mere thhe zubaan pe aake ruke
Par ho na sake woh bayaan
Dhadkan tera hi naam jo le
Aankhein bhi paighaam ye de
Teri nazar ka hi ye asar hai
Mujh pe jo huaa
Is dard-e-dil ki sifaarish
Ab kar de koi yahaan
Ki mill jaaye isey woh baarish
Jo bhiga de poori tarah

After sometime kunj also left for airport to go back to Bangalore…

Uvi – ” Yrr where is this kunj …his flight has came half nd hour back only then where he is? ”
He enquired to help center at airport nd got to know that he left his luggage at the airport nd went away nd told them that he will come tomorrow to take his luggage ..
Uvi -” Yrr had he gone mad …where did he went away leaving his luggage behind here nd he didn’t wait for me to receive him …I told him that I will come ..
It’s raining so heavily outside …I have to find him soon …something went wrong with him as I able to judge in his voice at mobile ”

On the other side kunj was wandering around the road ….nd was crying so badly nd the way rain was pouring down looks as if heaven is also crying along with him …

Tu jo mila
Toh zindagi hai badli
Main poora naya ho gaya
Hai be-asar duniya ki baatein badi
Ab teri sunu main sadaa
Milne ko tujhse, bahaane karun
Tu muskuraaye, wajah main banun
Roz bitaana saath mein tere, saara din mera
Is dard-e-dil ki sifaarish
Ab kar de koi yahaan
Ki mill jaaye isey woh baarish
Jo bhiga de poori tarah

Finally Uvi finds him kneeling down on the road nd crying …He runs to him ..
U-” kunj u here ? What r u doing here ? U r crying but why ?”
He hugs him …nd consoled him

Kunj hugs him back very tightly …
” Uvi everything is finished …nothing is left ..
The day I realized my feelings the very same day I felt the pain of heartbreak …Why Uvi …why with me ?
She was going away from me nd I was so helpless to stop her …very soon she …my love …will be called as wife of some other person …U cheated me ..u told me the positive sides of love but u didn’t told me about the negative one …U didn’t told me how much it hurts …How will I be able to live without her ….”

Uvi cries along with him ….

To be continued….
PRECAP – Twinkle’s engagement…

So tell me was I able to portray Kunj’s breakdown properly or not ?
Whether I’m able to compensate my gaps woth long episode ?
RiaA MendezZ tell me r u able to connect urself with Hindi lyrics of song ; if not then tell me I will try to convert them to English one …

Thank u guysss for ur kind gesture towards my token of gratitude …If some one has missed then do read it …


Love u all nd keep supporting

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  1. SidMin

    Loved the episode Sayeeda it was amazing hope Twinkle realises her feelings for Kunj soon waiting for the next episode

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u sooo much Sidmin….
      Keep supporting….

  2. Ruchi

    Hi Sayeeda…
    Awsum epi dear…
    Aww poor kunj he was not able to confess his love infront of twinki…

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Ruchi …..
      Keep supporting nd loving my ff as always u dooo….hope u like the upcoming tracks

  3. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sayeeda again a fab epi
    U expressed emotions very well
    I was literally like crying.
    Plz unite twinj soon
    Ctd soon

    1. Sayeeda

      Awww….sorry Aru for making u cry ….I’m happy that u felt the Kunj’s emotion….
      Keep supporting dear…. more to come next…

  4. Srija

    omg it’s heart touching ????
    i was literally crying??????
    amazing dear the way u had portrait kunj’s feeling is really commendable ??????
    continue soon

    1. Sayeeda

      U don’t know Srija ….I’m sooo happy to see ur comment for the very first time on my ff….
      Thank u sooo much for ur lovely words ….I’m glad that u were able to feel Kunj’s pain….
      I hope I can entertain u all further …

  5. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    I also cried along with kunj…im not that emotional but the u potrayed kunj’s emotions was just fabulous. .loved it from core of my heart. ..

    1. Sayeeda

      Soo sorry Tamanna for making u cry ….I’m happy that u sensed his pain …
      I was thinking that the episode was too boring but after seeing u ppl comments I’m so contend…
      Love u dear…. keep supporting

  6. Shamz

    Amazing episode……
    Loved it to the core……..
    And yah you very beautifully portrayed the sadness, pain….of Kunj….
    And plz do take time but don’t stop writing as these ff are connecting us…so plz don’t stop…

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooooo much Shamzoo …I’m glad that u liked it …
      About ending the ff ….never ..I can’t even think of ending it as u ppl love me so much nd I can’t be selfish …nd yah I too love u all …
      Keep supporting…

  7. Bhavika

    my favorite thing is for u
    and what not yaar u r soo nicee dii your ff is a treat for us to read

    1. Sayeeda

      Areeee….meri Bhavoo …meri cutie pie…. itne saare good words to praise my ff….thank u soooo much dear….
      Jitna bhi accha ho lekin tumahare ff se accha nai hai ….cozz u r one among 100 ….love u soooooo much

  8. Angita

    I actually had tears reading this episode.my heart feels so heavy.you portrayed kunj tears and emotion extremely well ,sayeeda you deserve a standing ovation but forgive I’ll be crying and congratulating you as you know what.twinkle pls pls pls realize that kunj loves you.amazing literally just fabulous

    1. Sayeeda

      Angita dear …..thank u soooo much ..Ur comments r always so special one ….
      Standing ovation should not be given to me but it should be given to our commentators who always encourage us to write ….
      Once again thanks for ur support…

  9. Rashiverma2199

    Sayeeda today’s episode was so emotional…. All the scenes were very beautifully depicted…. We all can wait for ur ff….but pls continue it….

    1. Sayeeda

      Rashi dear …..I will not think to end it …it’s just now a days bcoz of hectic schedule I will not be able to post daily …
      Thanks for ur lovely comment..
      I’m happy that u were able to understand Kunj’s emotion nd for a non writer it’s an achievement to make it’s readers feel the story ….
      Love u nd keep supporting..

  10. RiaA MendeZz

    Oh God. Sayeeda this epi made me cry so much and i hate crying. Did I understand the song? No, it was pretty much blank for me since I don’t understand the least bit of Hindi. But what made me cry was envisioning sidhant in tears. I felt his every pain. I hope twinkle does not take too long to make this a fair love na. Every thing was portrayed beautifully and carefully.. Also, kunj & yuvi’s friendship is so pure. I admire the bond they share.
    If the length was ok? It was just fine. I dnt mind long episodes.
    Beautiful writing. Oh & I don’t care hw long u take to post ur ff as long as u do post it ok.

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u soooo much RiaA ….nd sorry for making u cry …but at the same time I’m happy that u were able to imagine Sid in that place ..
      I’m happy that u liked the bond between kunj nd Uvi …
      I will try to write the lyrics in English…. so that u don’t feel a prblm in understanding it ….
      love u ….

  11. Awesome, amazing , supperb epi sayeeda loved it…..

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks a lot Naira ….inspire of being busy u commented …
      I’m very happy that u liked it ….I hope u also like the upcoming tracks

  12. Shonaa...

    I can’t stop loving u Sayeeda…….. Hayeeee rula diya…. it was suuuuuuuuperrrrrrbbbb….. justttt lovedd itt….. don’t u dare stop writing it…u have to continue…. ab damkiee smjh ya request it’s up to u….? but plz continue it…. ??

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    Loved it
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    Bas waiting for Twinj union

    1. Sayeeda

      Description queen…..soo sweet of u dear…. u made me blush… red cheeks acche nai lagte hai mere but u made them to turn red….
      Nd Shreyooo….no need for sorry …kya koi di se sorry bolta hai batao bhala..
      I’m so happy that u liked Kunj’s breakdown….
      love u soooooo much dear…. loads of love…nd no sorry from next time..

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    Hope twinj unite

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Zaku ….I will post next one tomorrow….
      Keep supporting ….

  15. Fan

    Very emotional epi….

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks fan….thanks for always supporting….
      I hope u like the upcoming tracks

  16. Saby

    Sayedaa… See uh made me cry…. ?
    Kunj pain is reflected so well….
    And uh portrayed that just nicely….
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    1. Sayeeda

      Soooo sorry Saby for making u cry …
      I’m so glad that u liked it..
      Mee too very excited for twinj meet …llollzz…
      Thanks for ur lovely comment…
      keep supporting…

  17. Hey syaeeda one thing only that I can’t stop loving u and your ff and the plbreakdown of kunj was so so heart touching do cont soon

    1. Sayeeda

      Haayyyy….Bulbul u made me blush hannn…..
      Thanks for ur precious comment nd I also can’t stop loving u all…
      I’m so happy that u liked the breakdown..
      Keep supporting

  18. Sameera

    Superbb epi awesome n wrote it very well ???? feeling bad for kunj hope twinkle realises soon do cont asap

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      Thanks u soooooo much Sam…
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      Ab Twinkie ziddi hai na ….dekho kab tak realize krti hai ..lolzz.
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      Thanks dear for ur lovely comment …nd I’m speechless to thank u …
      Love u

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      Thank u soooooo much Amii…
      I’m very happy to see ur comment for the very first time on my ff…I’m glad that u liked it……
      Keep supporting ….

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      Thank u soooo much Lama….
      I’m very happy that u liked the song nd emotional part ….
      Twinkle realization will happen but when that I also don’t know …lolzz…
      keep supporting …love u sis

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      Thank u soooo much Kruti ….
      I’m soooooo happy that u liked the breakdown of kunj….
      I will post next one tomorrow…
      Love u nd keep supporting..

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      Thank u soooo much Sana…
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      Thank u soooooo much Purnima…
      I’m so happy that u liked it ….
      Nd yah dear once again sorry as I forgot to mention ur name in token of gratitude posted by me and I had clarified the reason for the mistake..
      I’m glad in spite of my folly u always supported me…
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      1. Purnima.agrawal30

        it’s ok…nevermind….yr….hota h kabhi kabhi….& tum toh janti ho naa k bade bade shehro me aisi choti moti baate hoti rehti h….sayeeda…

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  26. Shanaya Gulati

    Was really emotional one yaarrr!!
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    1. Sayeeda

      Shanaya I must say smart hhhaannn!!!.
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      Thanks for ur beautiful comment….
      Love u ….keep supporting…

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      Loveleen I’m sooo happy to see ur comment for the first time….
      I’m so glad that u liked my writing skills nd u loved the breakdown part…
      About Twinkle’s POV ….so sure dear next is her POV’s coming as now it’s the time for her to get into frame…
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      Aaffo kya chahti hoo tum ke mere cheeks permanently red hojaye ….u don’t have an idea that today u made to blush so badly …I read ur comment more than 10 times….
      U boy nd propose me …hhaahh….so cute of u …
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    1. Sayeeda

      Wah….Ria tum mujhe bade acche se smjhne lagi hoon…sahi hai …
      Whether u comment late or early ur comment r always precious for me …
      I’m happy that u liked the way I expressed Kunj’s emotions…
      Ek sach baat bataun…while I was writing I was thinking ke yrr Acche se express nai kara hai but u all made me so happy that u loved it…
      I hope I can let u ppl to love it further…
      Thanks for ur comment …love u

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      Thanks Fatarajo for ur comment…
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  33. Sayeeda

    Soorrryyyy for making u wait for so long par next wala kal pakka post hoga….promise..
    Zikrrooo tumhare comment Inna cute hota hai ke main padhte time smile krti rehti hoon r wo bhi badi wali smile….
    I’m so blessed to have u in my life nd happy that u liked the episode… plzzz jaldi se registered karwalo apne aapko I want to chat with u …
    Love u tooooooo my sis….love u 100000000000000000……..

  34. Sayeeda

    Romaisah I’m happy that u were able to sense his pain…
    Nd I will never disappoint u ppl…I know now it’s hard time for kunj but trust me that dark clouds will remove soon..
    Yes dear whatever is the case I will always find time for u ppl ….
    Love u ….keep supporting

  35. Apoorwa

    kunj breakdown scenes were described well
    and i am ok with gaps dear
    epi was emotional one

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Apoorwa…..I’m glad that u liked the breakdown scenes..
      Keep supporting….. love u

  36. osm sayeeda sry fr cmnting sooo late bt sidmin seprated i hp dey ll soon meet n unite in ur ff

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