” I can’t stop loving u “- Twinj Love. Chapter 1

” I can’t stop loving u “- Twinj love.
My thank u speech will be conducted at the end…let’s begin with the first episode
Peaceful as ever ; is the stillness of the night broken by the chirping of the numerous birds . The faint melodious sound of bird’s wings flattering is acting as the alarm to wake up sleepy crooks heads.. The cool breeze blowing is acting as the frosting on the cake to enhance the beauty of nature… The glimmering shine of sun rays is peeping into the room through the window ….

The camera focus on a room painted in combination of pristine white nd posh pink ; with the black flower chiffon curtains addressed in american style ..Along the side placed a dressing table full of perfumes nd other accessories nd the walls is filled with photo frames of a girl posing stylish looks ..The room looked like room belonging to heiress of a kingdom..

A lady enter the room nd removed the curtains allowing the basking sun rays to kiss the girl to augment nd exaggerate her delicacy..
Lady turned around is revealed to be Leela Taneja . She moves toward the bed nd removed the blanket from the face of girl nd started to caresses the forehead lovingly..
Leela- ” Puttar get up ; it’s 8’o clock nd still u r lying as a lazy ass . ”
The girl slowly opened her eyes nd smiled nd is revealed to be our Siyyappa queen – Twinkle

T- ” Good morning my love; my life ; my darling Maa . Please let me sleep for some more time ; u know na I’m so tired . Yesterday night only I came back from my college fest ; I’m feeling very sleepy . Let me sleep naa…”

L – ” I know my princes is tired nd not in mood to get up ; but u know na today in the noon we all have to leave for Mumbai for Chinki’s wedding nd If u won’t be waking up that how will u pack ur stuff . ”

Listening this Twinkle’s smiling face turned to despair… many of thoughts started to run in her nasty mind …

L – ” Twinkle Puttar what happened ? Suddenly u got lost somewhere ; is everything alright ? R u fine? ”
T- ” Arrre my s*xy mom I’m completely fine . Don’t take so much tension or else the frown lines will appear on ur face nd then everyone will taunt me – ” The Beauty Queen Twinkle Taneja mom is old'”
Maa u know na we have to look matching matching ”
L- ” Chup meri Jhalli kudi ( shut up my stupid girl) ; ok let’s leave all this nd freshen up fast nd come down for bf ”
T – OK maa….
Leela gave peck on her cheeks nd moves out..

Suddenly Twinkle’s phone beeped ..flashing Chinki calling ..

T – ” Good morning my shonnu ; no no wait our to be bride ” Twinkle giggles.
C- ” Yah twinkle carry on ; now it’s ur time to tease me but don’t worry my day will also come . When u will on the verge to get married I will take my revenge from u. Leave all this just tell me when u will reach here . It’s my marriage nd my bestie is not with me . She is busy with her college fest . This proves u don’t love me ”

T – ” Aww….my darling is angry with me ; don’t worry we all be reaching over their very soon nd I love u more than myself”

C – ” Stop buttering me ; u always make me to lose by ur cheesy words….

Twinkle I know u r not comfortable in coming over here ; but don’t worry I’m with u ; nothing will happen ”

T – ” No Chinki it’s not like that ; nothing is more important than u . Nd who told u that I’m scared creature who will run away from the circumstances . I’m Twinkle Taneja ; every one gets scared of me…”

Saying this both Chinki nd Twinkle burst out laughing…

C – ” Chalo byee ….see u soon darlo….love u ”

Twinkle’s POV

” Why Babaji ; why this all is happening with me ? U know everything then why r u creating a situation from where I can’t escape . I’m stucked ; I don’t knw what to do . I can hide my pain from everyone but not from u ; u knw with what emotional turmoil I’m suffering with .
Urrghhh!! help me out plzzz ….”

Brushing all the thoughts away she headed towards bathroom .
After sometime she got ready wearing a white anarakali dress with orange flowers embroidery spread across the front ; back nd full sleeves of the frock which is well fitted around her shoulders nd bust .
Her long brown hairs properly braided in fish tail adding a glamorous nd enduring look to her…

She came down nd kissed Leela’s forehead nd sat for bf..
L – ” Their is one good news for u ”
T- ” What ma please tell u know na I can’t wait ”
L – ” Sarna family had already reached to Mumbai along with ur beloved Tanya di ”

Listening this she hugged Leela in excitement …

T – ” Wowww ma ; I’m so happy .We will celebrating Chinki’s wedding along with then . Wooohhooo ……..
After so long time I will meet Tanya di ; I missed her so much ”

L – ” Twinkle control ur emotions .Ik u r happy but first had ur bf nd pack ur belongings as we have our flight at 12 noon nd ur papa will join us directly at airport ”

Twinkle had her bf nd proceeded for packing her stuffs…

To be continued ………….

PRECAP- Kunj’s entry….

Guys I know its quite boring ; but it’s beginning bear with me .U will surely get to read something interesting ….More is to come …I tried my best to give description ….tell me whether u ppl liked it or not?

Thanks a ton to everyone for their love nd support .I never thought that u all will shower so much love on me….Seriously u all made me felt so special …Thanks to each nd everyone who spared their precious time for reading my ff…..keep commenting nd supporting….

I will post the next one day after tomorrow….. till then byee..

Love u all….

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  1. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sayeeda u get 100 on 100 in describing. Fabulously witten.i m veryyyy much impressed by ur descriptive skills.do ctd soon

    1. Thank u so much …..I’m happy that u liked the description…keep supporting…

  2. Rashiverma2199

    Sayeeda its not boring at all…..we all really enjoyed it….plans post next part asap…..

    1. Thanks …..I will try my best to make u all enjoy next part…

  3. Sayeeda di….I knew it..that in describing things ..no one can beat u…loved it ..and if I think that v have to bear it ..then I am ready to bear punishments like this my whole life????

    1. Thank u so much …..Shreyooo darling…. love u for ur appreciation…. I’m feeling so overjoyed after reading ur comment..

  4. Hi sayeeda! Ur chapter was great buddy! U rock! Surely will provide tough competition for me. 😉 anyways keep up the good work. Update soon.

    1. Thnk u sooooo much Risa …..haahhha me giving a tough challenge to u is something not possible as u r far better from me ….but ur support will make my ff full fledged… love u

  5. Someone plz tell me how to keep do and that statuses..here on tellyupdates…

  6. Sayeeda…. Muuuahh muuuuaahh… Its been a very interesting and bubblful xprenrienc reading Ur ff…. Ur description to d opning of did episode was jst speechless…. <3 …keep posting further asap….

    1. Aaruhi dear ur comment always leaves a big smile on my face…love u for ur support ..I’m glad that u liked the description.. love u …muaahhh

  7. Hi sayeeda . I just loved ur storyline a lot .
    It’s just fab . Please post the next one ASAP

    1. Hey ! Sanam I’m very happy that u commented as u r one of my inspiration to start up with writing ….I’m happy that u liked my story line…

  8. Shamz

    Hey Sayeeda great start…I know my comment is not beautiful like yours but you know na that I’m very bad in expressing….so plz forgive for that….
    Ek ladki thi deewani si….
    Uski bateein thi mastani si….
    Jab bolti thi marjaani si….
    Uski baatein thi nasheeli si…
    Haaye deewana bana Di….
    Apne likhawaton se….
    Hope I’m able to match ur comment…. 😉

    1. Shamzooo darling u r too good …..u made me blush ….nd u r very good commenter too ….
      I’m feeling on cloud night as u being such a awesome ff writer is praising a non writer through such beautiful lines….love u….a lot..

  9. Hey wooa sista wat a superbbbbbbb start yaar mangaye ap ko tho Matlab wat a osmm plot loved it so much do cont asap

    1. Zikra …..thank u sooo much ….I really love the way u comment as ur comment are always different nd unique…. always keep supporting…

  10. Kruti

    Sayeeda it is not at all boring its just fab waiting fr d next wpi post it asap

  11. Sayeeda Awesoemeeeeee start…just Perfect

    1. Thank u so much Lama….always keep supporting….

  12. Ria

    It was amazing Sayeeda. Don’t worry about the start. It was great. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be better as we go on.

    1. Thank u sooo much Ria ….for motivating me ….I know if u all r their to support me I will be successful in entertaining u all

  13. Shatakshi

    U know what really love u
    I know u r elder from me…but I love to call u SAYEEDA
    N u described everything so well..
    I think it was the best..
    Just loved it
    N plzzz don’t make me wait for long????

    1. I feel blessed if u call me by my name….as we r frndzz nd frndship do not see age…Right?
      Nd u have full right to call me by my name as u r one of my inspiration..
      I’m so glad that u like the episode…love u for ur support..

  14. Thanks u so much Kruti…..I’m happy that u hadn’t got bored …I will try my complete efforts to entertain u all..

  15. OMG!! Boring? No way. I love this. For a moment I thought I was reading a novel instead of a fanfiction.
    I see maturity in your writing & trust, its makes it all the more interesting to read.

    1. Thank u so much RiaA ….I was waiting for ur comment …u know I feel so happy to make u contend …thanks for ur support nd for such a unexpected comment…

  16. Shatakshi…. I feel blessed if u call me by my name….as we r frndzz nd frndship do not see age…Right?
    Nd u have full right to call me by my name as u r one of my inspiration..
    I’m so glad that u like the episode…love u for ur support..u will very soon to get read next one..

  17. Tara

    hey sayeeda… it was out the world… i thot m reading some story of a famous author… wow… superb!!

    1. Thnk u so much Tara….I’m glad that u liked it…nd very thanks for the compliment

  18. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    what???? boring…..seriously! ! do you think its boring. …agar agli baar bola na….tho mai tumhare lips par tape laga dungi…don’t u dare say like that….are yaar its really awesome. . hw can u say that. ..♥♥♡

    1. Thnk u so much….nd yes next time I won’t say it’s boring…. akhir ksiko apni lips pe tape lagana hai…hahaah…love u for ur support..

  19. awesome post soon loved it

    1. Thanks Sam dear….already posted …u will soon get to read it…

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