I Can’t stop loving you (episode 7)

I landed in bombay and went towards the clg of laksh. I know am pretty much late and he is definitely gonna kill me. I can imagine how he will be fuming as a ‘cooker’ ready to burst out. I have given many reasons though…

1) i got disappeared the day of my graduation evening itself.

2) i opened the fake id account in facebook, instagram but never ever thought to tell truth about it to him,that it was actually ‘me’ whom he was talking.

3) and today too.

It’s like my life has totally changed within a week. I don’t know whether it’s in a good way or bad way but am dreading to not step in their lives.

But i can’t do that. All because of my bestie laksh. He threatened me that he will kill me and ready to go jail if i won’t come back. I promised him to comeback to save my life.


I love my life yaar.

In that one week laksh informed about his studies, future plans, he made a business plan how to build up it, how to produce a product and to reach customer satisfactions.

I was impressed that he was finally completing his dream. He even mentioned that he was proposing ‘her’ for marriage. I didn’t dared to talk and even ask about her name.

Her name itself remembers me the bitter truth of my life that she can’t be mine.  I only asked about aadarsh and uttara. Am happy by knowing that they are settled with their love lives.

Through out the whole journey i was keeping my mind cool not to react in anyway when i will meet her. I need to be brave. I  realized the cab came to halt due to abrupt stopping of it.

I quickly payed him and went inside the clg. I learned that the function was over and all are going to their homes, while some others are having fun.

I dialed laksh number and he said that he is waiting for me near his clg library. I nodded and kept the phone in pocket and slowly i walked like tortoise.

The thoughts of her is killing me. Am feeling like that my heart is facing a critical cancer and it’s taking too much pressure. All i want to say at that moment to my system is;

“Dear Brain,

Sorry for overloading you with too much thoughts of ‘HER’.

Dear Heart,

Sorry for all the pressure and damage”.

I came to know that i reached the spot when aadarsh and uttara squealed and hugged me tightly. They both are killing me with their affection. I calmed my breath, freed myself from the hard grips of them and talked with them.

While talking to them i glanced at the surroundings and my eyes landed on her. She was looking surprised, shocked, hurt and tears in her eyes.

Why??? Is because she didn’t expected me here or she missed me???.

My thoughts got broke when she ran from there and ragini followed her behind. I wanted to go after her, to soothe her and lock her in my arms and never let her go. Laksh nudged me and showed his prize and kept talking continuously.


Laksh’s P.O.V:

What the hell just happened?? Why swara ran out after seeing him. I thought she will be happy as they both used to spend most of the time in clg. They were like those friends who can easily tell or know what is happening in their minds. I will ask her about it later.

I dialed to ragini but it was not reachable. I sighed and kept my thoughts aside and started communicating with him.


3rd person’s P.O.V:

Aadarsh – Finally our gang is complete. Am soo happy after seeing everyone like this.

Uttara – Yep. But i want to take a group pic of our gang tomorrow at our hanging spot.

Laksh – Good idea dear. I will make the arrangements of special dinner and i need to give invitations for my marriage too.

Aadarsh – What happened sanskaar?? Why are you spacing out for every second???

Sanskaar – Its just that am not getting any words to express about my feelings.

Laksh – leave it. Lets go to swara’s home, i need to pick ragini and after dropping rags we will hang out.

Sanskaar – But……….

Aadarsh – No buts. I will drop uttara to home and we are meeting tomorrow.

Uttara – Bye guys.

With that uttara and aadarsh left. While laksh dragged sanskaar with him.


Ragini’s P.O.V:

I ran after swara and asked her what’s the matter??? Even though i know how swara feels for sanskaar but this time i want it to hear from swara. I want to listen that she love him. She is hiding the feelings from clg. She never shared about it to anyone but i know the way how she look, cares for him.

I can understand her feelings now after seeing him she is feeling miserable. I want to confront her how she is feeling but she is stubborn. She kept a fake smile and switched on the tv.

i sighed. I need to give her some alone time.

after few minutes laksh and sanskaar came. I was talking with laksh while sanskaar is keeping himself busy in phone.

i bid bye to swara and hopped in the car. Sanskaar is sitting next to laksh in passenger seat while i sat back.

After 10min drive i quickly made an excuse saying that i forgot my phone at swara’s home. I need it now. I told them if my boss calls and i didn’t answer the call regarding some ppt then he will kick me out of job. Before laksh could take reverse turn. I shooed sanskaar away to walk for swara’s home.


Swara’s P.O.V:

After 3 Long years, he came infront of me like nothing happened.

Yeah it was nothing girl. Do you told ever that you love him??? Then why are you blaming him???

listening to the thoughts of my inner self i realised that i can’t behave like this. There is no fault of him. Then why am feeling so miserable. Why i want to hug him and cry on his shoulder. Why i still love him so much.

all the thoughts of why’s gone when i heard a door bell.

i quickly wiped my tears with the back of my hands and opened the door. Their stood the man in his glory looking devilishly handsome in blue shirt and jeans who stole my heart.


Sanskaar’s P.O.V:

I don’t know what happened to ragini but i can’t argue with her right now. I don’t even know why all this is happening today in my life.

I got out from the car and walked towards swara home. I reached home and started pacing front and back  whether to ring the bell or not. Finally gathering all the courage i knocked the door.

After two seconds she opened the door. She was looking same but the difference is that she became more gorgeous, cute and more breathtaking.

she didn’t blinked her eyes even for a second and tear drops flowed from her eyes. I quickly cupped her face and kissed her forehead. She quickly hugged me tightly as if she was waiting to do that from long time.

We stood there in each other embrace and i suddenly realised the fact that she is getting married. I want to push her aside from me but my heart is not listening. She moved back and kissed me at cheek and we kept staring at each other.

“My eyes were always out of control at the time of seeing HER EYES”.

I don’t know what happend to me and i held her from waist and closed the distance between us by keeping my lips on hers.

I tried to convey all my feelings to her with my kiss. All the sadness i went through without her, the pain and the need of wanting her in my life permanently.

At first she was startled and later responded to my kiss slowly. Automatically a smile came on my lips and i was feeling so happy that somewhere she likes me.

After the kiss  swara buried her head in my chest and murmured i love you to me. i hugged her tightly.

I asked her about the questions clouding in my mind that whom laksh is going to marry and what about the proposal happened in our clg between her and laksh.

she laughed at me for knowing that i avoided her for laksh and told me that laksh is marrying ragini.

i took a deep breath and decided that i will never ever leave my love, my life swara for anyone or for anything.

i will always be with her until death do us apart.


finally it’s a wrap up guys. The story is completed. Am feeling sad that i will miss reading ur comments, ur love.

I hope you all like the story and share with your friends,family and in social circle.

Keep showering your love through comments.

A warm welcome to my new readers. I hope u njy reading it 🙂

A big thanq to all those who stayed with me throughout the journey and always encouraged me through their support.

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  1. Awesome ? But u finished it so soon

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      Tq dear. It’s bcz that I lyk to keep my stories short and sweet 🙂

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    Its awesome finally swasan raglak are together
    Dear if possible can u give an epilogue

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      Tq dr 🙂 surely I vl try 🙂

  3. U ended very soon… gonna miss
    If possible pls give an.epilogue

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      Tq dr 🙂 it’s bcz that I lyk to keep my stories short and sweet 🙂

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