I Can’t stop loving you (episode 6)

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After 2 years;

“Where is this woman? How many minutes i have to wait. Where is she gone??? I won’t leave her today if she becomes late”. Suddenly some one lightly tapped on his shoulder and hugged him.

“finally. You are here. What took you so long??? I was dying to take it in presence of you”.

“chill Mr.Topper” said the girl and her eyes scanned everywhere and she got a look of the person finally.

“So how are you feeling topper, after getting top ranks and being a bright student, outstanding student of the 10th batch of this clg laksh????” asked the girl.

“oh its nothing. Its all normal you know. Its awesome and toppers don’t talk more. Now cut the nonsense and lets go swara”.

swara – “fine. By the way how am looking???”

laksh – gorgeous as always.

swara – Can we take a selfie

laksh – From when did you started asking permission from me. Are you alright???

swara – From now onwards. I think the priorities of people are gonna change in your life.

laksh – Shut up. What are you saying??? No one can occupy your priority in my life.

swara – Again you are doing wrong lucky. Now you have a girl friend. Rather than waiting for me, you should have took the care of her. See how she is looking towards you for every second.

laksh turns around and glances at the girl, give an apologetic smile and again looked at swara.

laksh – I too know that. Am purposely avoiding her. by the way she knows about relation.

swara – why you are avoiding her. See i will kill you if a tear drop come from her eyes.

laksh – Really??? I thought that you both are not on talking basis. How many days you both will fight??? Just go and patch up.

swara – I tried my best. But she was saying that i left her alone. Now you are going towards her.

laksh – Ok fine. Am gonna propose her to marry me. Wish me luck.

swara – All the best lucky. Catch you later. Now go. Bye


After receiving the award in graduation day of his mba. Laksh went towards the girl and took her to his secret place in clg. He was nervous thinking its not too quick to ask a girl to marry him or it may freak her out and what will happen if she run away.

Clearing all his thoughts he took her to the place which was decorated with red color balloons, a table with two placed in the middle and red clr decorative lights are placed at the end of the table forming an clrful border in the shape of love.

Laksh bend down on his knee and held her hand,

“i know. No one can handle me so well as you. Oops sorry. I mean only two people can handle me well which is you and swara. But i want to share a major step of my life with you. Would you please give me the honour of marrying you. I promise you i will try to be a good husband, fulfill all your wishes only if you say yes.”

ragini – I was dying to hear from you. Finally.

laksh – is it a yes???

ragini – i think so. lets have dinner and i have to take care of many things too.

laksh – What was that??? I thought everything is settled and you have to talk with swara now.

ragini – but she forgot to acknowledge me today.

laksh – seriously??? You avoided her like she is some plague and now you are complaining like that.

ragini – I know. I think i became over dramatic.

laksh – Yes.

ragini – Gonna talk to her today.

laksh – I planned a surprise for everyone. I hope everything turns fine.

ragini – What is that surprise???

laksh – First you go and patch up with her.

ragini – Fine. am going.


Ragini’s P.O.V:

I quickly glanced each corner of the clg to find swara. She was surrounded with aadarsh and uttara. Only one person is missing here and that is sanskaar. I marched my steps quickly towards swara.

I placed a hand on swara’s shoulder and when she turned towards me i quickly gave her a tight bone crashing hug to her and cried remembering the memories.

Flash back:

After our little confrontation, laksh informed me about swara and his plans. How swara came in his life again and how his feelings got changed.

I was so happy finally atlast my swara and laksh are back. I always wished that their friendship should lasts forever.

I was eager to meet swara but after meeting her in person i became so angry for two facts.

1) she left all of us just like that without a meeting.

2) she became pale and thin. How can she be so careless.

swara explained me that she didn’t want to confront me for a reason which i didn’t even thought.

She said that i would be mad at her for ruining my love for laksh. I scolded her alot but i avoided her daily whenever she tried to talk.

Everything was settled finally one day a miracle happen that laksh proposed me to be his girl friend.

I switched to bombay from delhi. Am happy alot. I wish that swara too gets an amazing person who will love her to the moon and back.

At Present:

swara – Ok. Alright. If we stay like this more than a minute now, people will talk wrong about us.

ragini – stupid. Am sorry and i love you alot. don’t avoid me.

swara – Past is past. Leave it. Shall we leave, am tired yaar.

ragini – Let me ask laksh. Then we will leave and we are spending night in your house.

swara – superb.


Swara’s P.O.V:

laksh informed all of us that he was waiting for his friend. He literally ordered each one of us to stay until he arrives.

After an hour his friend appeared and by seeing that person my world moved upside down.

Uttara, aadarsh squealed and hugged the person so affectionately. Ragini stood there with me anger flicking in her eyes.

I was numb, i started feeling dizzy. Before i could black out i ran from the place following ragini behind me.

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