I Can’t stop loving you (episode 5)

127 missed calls, 100 msgs from that unknown number. Before i can read the msgs,i got call again from that number. I quickly picked up anticipating some bad news or yelling from any distant relatives..

Strange. the call got disconnected and someone was continuously ringing the door bell.

i quickly descended the stairs and opened the door, their stood the person.

“hello rags” the two words from that person blocked my brain, i was stood numb and tears started rolling down continuously.



Laksh’s P.O.V:

As promised ‘swara’ never left me after our little mature talks. I never thought that she will take this step for me.

she resigned the job for me.

After all she is my bestie. Who can say no to my bestie. The boss of her company offered her a job in india as he cannot lose a employee like her. Which she readily accepted.

Am happie she got her job return and as i promised am gonna achieve my dreams. I met uttara, aadarsh to inform about my plans and stuff.

The next day swara ordered me to check my facebook,instagram and keep it in use for atleast 16 hours once in a week.

I sighed. I can’t say no to her. I opened my facebook account i got lot of notifications,messages only from one person ‘ragini’.

In each and every message she asked about my where abouts,my health, her likes and dislikes towards her job. She even mentioned her office details works, where she is living. Etc.

In each message she always ended the line saying ‘waiting for your reply’.

after from some 4 mnths the msgs stopped. It clenched my heart. I can feel the pain, joy, in reading her msgs. How can i forget her??? She was the one who supported me after swara.

“How can you remember her duffer??? All you did was sulking in a corner about you. You became selfish”. My inner conscience remarked.

Swara was right. I was not that laksh whom she used to call bestie.

i regret that. But i dont want to regret it ever. I want to correct everything before i start to achieve my dreams and a new life. I thought to give reply to ragini’s msgs. My hands are not moving forward to type.

Suddenly swara barged in. I quickly averted my face realizing the fact that i was crying.

From where these blo*dy tears are coming???

Swara didn’t talked with me she glanced the screen and stood dumb struck. She said that she got application form of my dream university ‘lsrf clg’.

I quickly explained her that am going to meet ragini. She nodded and gave a bone crashing hug. We went to the airport she bid bye to me. I boarded the plane and after 2 hrs i landed in delhi.

Thankgod ragini mentioned about her phn no. Details of her office and room.


At present:

Laksh’s P.O.V:

I quickly switched on my phn and dialed ragini’s number. At first it was ringing and then it went switched off. My heart and mind wandered about lot of questions.

“Is she realised it was my number???” My heart asked chiming in.

“no it can’t be i changed my number” answered by my brain.

May be she was busy. I kept calling her,msgng her and all went in vain. I thought to visit her at office. But i want alone time to talk to her. So i rejected the option of going to office.

I informed swara that i reached sound and safe. I went to a hotel and had a nice nap, ate my stomach full.

What now??? I had to be strong to handle the tantrums of ragini.

I quickly got ready and went to ragini’s room by taking instructions from google route map.

I reached their and tapped the door continuously for two reasons;

1) am freaking nervous,my heart is stammering in such a way that it can comeout any next second.

2) i want to see ragini now. I can’t wait more.

someone opened the door quickly and started yelling without looking at me. But i was dumbstruck after looking at her ‘my ragini’.

Seriously dude when did she became yours???

She was looking the same except the dark circles under her eyes. She became more beautiful, she was looking breath taking in her red clr salwar. I just can keep looking at her.

A two tear drops slided from her eyes to cheeks. I quickly entered inside held her face in my hands and wiped her tears. She pushed me away from her. She started beating me. She throwed papers,flasks everything which came in contact to her hand.

Now you understand right why i said that i had to be strong.

I successfully dodged except three times. She was sitting on the floor crying vigorously.

i went towards her,sat next to her and embraced her into a tight hug. First she started wrigling out later she relaxed and hugged me tight.


After sometime 😉

Third person’s P.O.V:

they sat in each other’s embrace, holding tightly as if their lives totally depends on each other.

it was…only for ragini. I think so

ragini – I hate you alot. how come your brain recognized me after these many years.

laksh – Stop it rags. Am sorry. I know a sorry cant be enough. I will make out everything. Just stop arguing and just stay like this in my embrace. I want to feel you. I missed you so much.

ragini – I missed u too alot. You can’t ever imagine.

laksh – I know. I will never ever leave you again.

words aren’t enough for them to express how they are feeling. Their silence,feelings are enough to tell each other that how much they love each other, missed each other, how they can’t live without each other.


Laksh’s P.O.V:

Holding her in my arms is so relaxing as if i found my life back. I don’t know what is this strange feeling.

i sighed and shut the cpu of my brain.

I lifted ragini slightly and made her sit in my lap. And embraced her more tightly. I just want to be with her now like this. I want to hold her like this forever. I kissed her forehead and closed my eyes.


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stay healthy and happy.

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  1. It’s beautiful but sudden change in lakshya behaviour can’t digest I am hoping he realise all this things slowly slowly. Raglak part was too good

    1. Cutepie

      It’s not change in behaviour dear, it’s of his feelings what he felt towards her. Love can happen at first site too. Thanq dear 🙂

  2. DivzS

    Woww so cuuute.. Wanna read more, plz update soon.. Loved it

    1. Cutepie

      Tq dr 🙂

    2. Cutepie

      Tq dear 🙂

  3. Ragz_teju

    awwww ending was so cute… amazing part

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  4. Kakali

    Beautiful dear .. love it.. thnk u…

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      Tq dr 🙂

    1. Cutepie

      Tq ma 🙂

  5. Brilliant writing.. Loved it to d core

    1. Cutepie

      Tq dr for appreciating my writing and story 🙂

  6. Amazing ?I read all the parts today only.They were just mind blowing ?Pls post next part soon ?

    1. Cutepie

      Tq dr 🙂 recommend it to ur frnds too. I hope they too vl like it 🙂

  7. who does laksh love ragini or swara

    1. Cutepie

      I think u should read all the episodes.

  8. Hemalattha


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