I Can’t stop loving you (episode 4)

My phone started ringing loudly from 10mins, i can’t take it more. I hate it when people disturb my sleep even it be my parents and best friends.

I shouted at ‘siri’ to shutdown my cell.


you don’t know siri???? Lemme introduce her she is the girl friend of my mble phn.

what now???? Don’t think high even mobile phones do have ‘girlfriend’ guys.

It’s my ‘iphone siri’. 😉 😉

But the difference is that she listens to my orders mostly. As a good darling she obeyed my order and went to sleep.

I slept again unaware of the surroundings and time. after like sometime someone started nudging me continuously. Still i didn’t budge.

I heard someone yelling “getup sanskaar,otherwise am not going to share palak panneer with you”.

That sentence made me to woke up in hurry and i rushed to washroom to complete my morning chores. I quickly got dressed in my fav.White clr shirt with blue jeans and descended the stairs.

The person who yelled was eating the whole panneer by not sharing with me.

I quickly rushed to him and grabbed the plate.

Come on guys am a foodie no one can separate me from my food.

The person ‘saahil’ started yelling at me again.

saahil – Oh god. you have to change this habit of your eating, otherwise god knows what will happen if you marry

sanskaar – come on yaar. Don’t think about my wife now.

saahil – you are saying as you know her very well. By the way who is the girl??? Do i know her???

sanskaar- their is no one. I said like that because who knows that i wont be alive for tomorrow,so live in present. Why to talk and worry about my so called wife.

saahil – don’t start your drama of live in present and all. I know we have to njy the present more not caring about past and future but can you give answer for my one question???

sanskaar- you can ask anything buddy. But mind you don’t ask me to die. I can’t do that.

saahil- cut the crap. you said that you can’t guarantee for being alive by tomorrow then why are you earning and saving???

sanskaar- its just that.. Because everyone do it….. my family had not to suffer from money if i won’t alive.

saahil – Other than that give me another reason.

sanskaar – Ugh… You know what i hate you so much when you put me in this type of dilemma.

saahil- i think you too know the answer my dear, its hope. Everyone hopes to live one more day, one more opportunity etc.

sanskaar- fine. i will never bring this topic. you have every right to talk about my wife but don’t talk wrong. She will be your sister.

saahil- seriously dude, you thought that i gave you the whole lecture about that wife’ word. you are ridiculous.

sanskaar- what??? chill buddy can’t i have the right to crack jokes at morning.

saahil- is it a joke??? then it is the very lame joke i ever heard.

sanskaar- you changed alot after meeting her.

saahil-well is it a good change or bad???

sanskaar- good. but now a days you are becoming soooo much philosophical dude.

saahil- ohhh.. I think perks of getting married.

sanskaar- hahaha 🙂 🙂 dude if she heard about that, you will be in graveyard now.

saahil- she is not here yaar.so chill

Suddenly we heard a voice from behind “idiots still not finished lunch, we need to roam many shops, buy gifts for some relatives, wanna pick the bridal dress from manish malhotra” yelled ‘kavita’.

saahil- we know. that’s why we are stuffing our stomachs full not to get irritated by shopping.

kavita- mind your words honey.it’s our marriage i want each and everything perfect.

sanskaar- leave him darling. Am finished shall we go.

kavita- ofcourse ‘cutie’. You are looking ‘dashing’ in white.i wish that i had met you before this stupid saahil.

The words ‘cutie’ and ‘dashing’ relished the past memories of my life which i buried in my heart. I thought i buried it without any ‘key’ to open but i was wrong. I never forgot about her.


Sanskaar’s P.O.V:

I met her in the college canteen where she pretended as my ‘girlfriend’. It was definitely not first sight love. But there was something a unknown connection in between both of us.

atleast in me i think.

Her smile, her antics, her attitude, her style, everything about her attracted me.

I just can spend my whole life by watching her. I still remember the fact why she avoided talking with me.

That days were like hell for me. When i confronted about it she said that am giving my whole attention to ‘uttara’.

I don’t know what to say to her.

To laugh or to kill her.

I hugged her tightly like my life depended on her. { check ch-1 for clarity } after that we spended time together always more than others.

One day we went for shopping just ‘her’ and me ‘alone’. She wanted to gift ragini for her birthday. I enjoyed shopping with her. She made me feel that am ‘her prince’. She bought a gift for ragini after that she dragged me to men’s section and bought me a ‘white shirt’.

She kept on insisting to wear it. I sighed and went to trial room. After wearing the shirt i came outside she beamed happily and replied ‘you are looking so cute and dashing sanskaar’. We are buying the shirt and its final.

From that onwards white became my fav.clr. Whenever i was angry she will crack some lame jokes, and always makes my day happy.

At ragini b’day party i wore the shirt which she bought and together we clicked a pic. Still that pic was my favourite. I can’t forget her. She is my first love.

who thought that everything will change at graduation day.it ended.

I don’t even confirmed anything from anyone i cut down all my ties from everyone.if i would be there in that city definitely i can’t leave swara alone.

I dont want to come in between my bestie lucky’s happiness which is swara.

I left from their and moved to kerala.

Sometimes i wanna scream at my fate for everything. Today also my heart aches for her my swara. My love.

At present:

“sanskaar, where were you lost. I was screaming at you from 15mins” yelled kavita.

I sighed and walked with her following saahil behind to their wedding shopping.


Happy reading my dearies 🙂

love you all as always it increases a bit more daily towards all my dear readers and friends 🙂

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    Awesome story cutie, but I was confused about which is whose pov until further reading… Now that everyone’s pov is done, I’m guessing twists are gonna start…. Right?? You make us wait too long…. Really!!!! Plz update soon

    1. Cutepie

      Haha. U got clear view. Yes the twist is gonna come but it also is a short and sweet luv story 🙂

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  6. So laksh and sanskar love swara swara love sanskar so it is swasam for sure but laksh don’t love ragini then how could it be raglak very confusing no future for raglak because laksh desperately love swara and don’t make it laksh favor ragini because she loves him

    1. Cutepie

      Hi dear, if u have read episode 2 laksh learnt that he himself destroyed his life and caused so much pain to Swara. They became frnds. Their will be Swasan. About raglan don’t worry I will mend it like u love them 🙂

      1. thank you dear

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