I Can’t stop loving you (episode 3)

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Episode 2

“ragini wake up quick, otherwise our boss will throw us out of the office” yelled my friend ‘anika’.

i sat up and flashed a smile at her, again grabbed the blanket from her hand and covered myself totally and slept.

i don’t care about that office seriously. Yesterday i came to home at 12:00am in night.

“god you will never change. I pity  your future husband”. said anika

ragini – Oh god anika,how many times i told you to not show any sympathy towards him. He is a gem. You know well how much i love him.

anika – as far as i remember i mentioned abt your future husband not about that laksh. Why can’t you move on.

The one and only name i remembered every second, every minute, every day is ‘laksh’. I use to message him daily at  instagram, twitter and facebook.

But he didn’t acknowledge to reply for any msg. I guess he don’t remember me at all. I have stopped msging him from four months.

I knw how he was broken when swara said no to him. Obviously she will say no bcz she didn’t have feelings for laksh as more than a friend.

anika hates swara, she thinks that she is responsible that laksh and me are not together today as a couple.

swara is not at mistake here, she did each and everything for her friends.

the mistake is totally mine, i should have confronted laksh about my feelings.

i have became a coward and moved to delhi.

i still regret the fact that i didn’t expressed my feelings to him.



Ragini’s P.O.V:

I got admission in my dream clg a step ahead to accomplish my dreams..

Daily i used to go in local trains of mumbai to reach the clg. My first semester got ended soon. I don’t have more friends except in my department.  I had chosen ‘information technology’ as my carrier.

One day i got bored in travelling at local trains.…

In local trains their will be ladies bhogies. Only women’s are allowed in that bhogies. I used to see daily some girls applying make up before getting down at their respective destinations, some teenage girls will gossip about their boyfriends,some will talk continuously in phones.

I got fed up of it, so for a change i thought to go in bus. I went to the bus stop hopped the bus which goes in our college route.

The bus is filled with lot of persons some ppl are hanging at the stair case. I felt suffocated. Some ppl are purposely clinging on me. I glared at them. They laughed and passed some comments. I sighed and decided to get down at the next bus stop and will hop my train.

The bus halted i moved forward, when i was just away from two steps to get down from the bus, my dupatta got stuck some where. I force fully pulled my dupatta end revealing it has stucked in a guy’s watch.

The guy smiled at me lightly and hold my hand we both got down from the bus together.

I was soo busy in removing my dupatta’s end from his watch, i didn’t noticed him perfectly. but i can sense his gaze on me continuously. After successful attempt i made my dupatta free without any damage.

I glanced at him to thank., i was lost totally at him.. his features.He was looking so handsome, his eyes, his smile breath taking. We were lost at staring each other.

my day can’t get even better .

We were disturbed from our staring world by the continuous horn of vehicles.he introduced himself as laksh.

He walked with me to the station mean while we introduced each other,got to know we are from same clg but different departments, i travelled with him in normal bhogi. 

from that day onwards we became good friends, he used to give company whenever am alone. I just love his attitude,character everything.

that one day change of my plans  changed my life totally.

I had listened many times from many people that love happens at first sight. But i never thought that i will experience this feeling.

yes am in love with laksh at first sight.

But i didn’t had courage to confront him. I thought to take help of swara in this matter.. She too agreed for helping me.

everything went wrong at graduation day. Where laksh proposed swara and my heart broke into million pieces.

He cried hugging me on that day. I can’t even cry like him for my broken heart. I tried to mend his heart. I was their with him when swara left us without a word.

He pushed me away from him, he started neglecting me.

I want to yell at him – “Don’t push me away from you laksh, i love you”.

But i can’t i moved to delhi to pursue my dream further and trying to move on from the fact that laksh loves swara.



“down to earth rags, down to earth. You were lost in dreamland from 20 mins” snapped anika at me.

anika cleared my tears until that i didn’t noticed that i was crying.

i quickly avoided the topic and went to complete my daily chores to get ready for office.

i got ready with in 30 mins and descended the stairs towards the dining table. I had my breakfast prepared by my bestie cum roommate anika.

damn she is a great cook. I wish that if she was  a boy then definitely i would  have married her.

we left to our office in scooty pept. with in an hour we reached the office,greeted our boss indulged ourselves in  work.

i got a call from unknown number..before i could pickup anika switched off the mobile saying no calls at office.

i sighed and completed my work in the project and reported to my fellow team mate and went to home.

after reaching home i switched on the phone to check the notifications and all.

127 missed calls, 100 msgs from that unknown number. Before i can read the msgs,i got call again from that number. I quickly picked up anticipating some bad news or yelling from any distant relatives..

Strange. the call got disconnected and someone was continuously ringing the door bell.

i quickly descended the stairs and opened the door, their stood the person.

“hello rags” the two words from that person blocked my brain, i was stood numb and tears started rolling down continuously.

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