I Can’t stop loving you (episode 2)

Thanks for your response on first part, I hope you’ll support me throughout story.
Episode 1
Uttara informed me to come at our spot for hangout as it has been a long time. i can’t say no to them. I reached our spot and walked towards our table.

Aadarsh and uttara was already sitting their at our corner fav.table.. i grabbed a seat next to uttara opposite to aadarsh. We talked about some random things.

Aadarsh informed me that swara is in town she is coming here and she only made the plan of meeting here. She will be arriving in few minutes lets order the dishes now. it will take 10-15 mins to come. It will be perfect.

Hearing the name of swara a big smile spread on my lips. Suddenly i thought of checking myself in mirror i excused and went to the washroom, i checked myself in mirror, am no more longer that ‘laksh’ who clean shaved,maintained the skin by applying some moisturisers.

Everything changed. i sighed and went towards the table. Uttara informed that she has ordered my fav.dishes as i was not present.
i nodded at her and soon lost in my thoughts.

Flash back:

Laksh’s P.O.V:

I was late for the princi’s class, i went towards the canteen to spend my time. Their i met sanskaar who is my bestie from childhood, he was arguing with a girl .. When i asked them wat’s the problem the girl informed that sanskaar is staring at her continuously.

When i glanced at sanskaar he gave ‘she is crazy bro. i didn’t glanced her believe me’  look. I know about him well.he won’t do these type of things, before i can do anything another girl came from the back and held sanskaar’s hand saying ”sweet heart finally you are here i was searching for you in the whole campus.ok go now and order a cup of capuccino for your girl friend”.

She pecked  his cheek and went towards the table. Sanskaar was startled, the girl who complained her jaw dropped wide,she murmured something and stormed away from the canteen.

I placed my hands at sanskaar’s shoulder to get back from his jolt mode, i ordered coffee and we both went towards her. She introduced herself as swara, she apologized to sanskaar for pecking him at cheek she did all this to save him from that girl.

She was doing all that intentionally. I thought that peck will add fire and he can escape from her wrath. Sanskaar thanked her.

Days passed swara became a good friend of mine, latter she became my bestie. I started spending my whole time with her, whenever am in a prblm she was there with me,she is like wings for my dreams..

Whenever i was sad she was my energy booster,my total world revolved around her i started avoiding my childhood bestie sanskaar also.

One day few of my friends in clg asked me when i was going to propose swara. I laughed at that for a whole day. Soon i realised that i hav more feelings towards her rather than a bestie, a friend. I loved her. I confirmed my feelings i never shared about my feelings with anyone. I thought to tell my feelings to her at graduation day. I waited a year for graduation day.

Finally the graduation day came,she was standing next to sanskaar holding his hand and laughing together. Their fore heads touching and swara’s left hand was placed on his shoulder hitting him slightly.

Seeing her smile a big smile curved on my lips. I went towards them and took the hand of swara dragged her towards the auditorium. After reaching auditorium i proposed her i told all my feelings towards her., i was expecting an yes but she rejected the proposal.

She broke my heart she said that she treated me as her bestie not more than that. She blamed me for ruining our friend relationship.she can never ever talk to me. Saying that she walked away leaving me alone.

I cried myself every night to sleep, i cried myself to scratch her memories away from my heart, mind. She left to states without informing me. She kept her words of not contacting me.

Mom forced me to join in mba. But it didn’t changed me. it didn’t kept me busy in avoiding the thoughts of swara so i drowned myself in drinking ,smoking,drugs and what not…


I was back from my thoughts by listening the melodious voice which break my heart into million pieces..

She greeted everyone even she said hi to me. After a long year she talked with me. I greeted her hesitatingly.

We had our dinner and aadarsh offered to drop both uttara, swara to home. Swara declined the offer and told him that she wants to spend some time with me.

My heart skipped a beat thinking of what will happen now. I felt nervous. Aadarsh and uttara left leaving both of us alone. Swara talked with me as nothing happened before two years..

She asked about my lifestyle, friends,girl friend etc.. I got angry by listening the ‘girl friend’ word.

laksh – I loved only one girl & you know better than anyone. Still i luv her.i luv u swara no one can take your place.

swara – okie.how is auntie???

laksh – she is fyn. Don’t think that u can escape by changing the topic.

swara – what you want me to do laksh??? Why can’t you understand???

laksh – i need your love swara.Thats it.

swara- I love you laksh but as a friend.

laksh – Its not enough swara.you r not my friend anymore.

swara – if i love you., you will change yourself right, promise me you won’t drink,smoke.

laksh – I can do anything for you. I promise you. Am sorry for indulging myself in bad habits.

swara – Its ok laksh.

laksh – you didn’t said you love me.

swara – I luv you laksh.

laksh – Lets go to beach,i wanna celebrate my love,our love.

swara – Okie.

I held her hand, interwined our fingers and we walked towards the beach which is 20 Mins away from our fav.restaurant spot. There was no much crowd as it was late midnight.

I held her waist and pulled her close to me. She hesitated, i kissed her cheek she just stood emotionless.tears started flowing down from her eyes,she quickly wiped off.

I left her and started taking long steps.. She started calling my name and running behind me.

swara – am sorry laksh, please don’t go.

laksh – leave me swara, i dont want to do anything.,which i regret later.

swara – plz laksh dont be angry.

laksh – you love me right???

swara – Yes.

laksh – Then why you reacted like that??? Why you felt disgusted when i touched you???

swara – Its not like that. Its just that.……

laksh – Stop it swara. Don’t tell lies i know you better more than me.you can’t even stand my touch.how can i believe you that you love me??

swara – Okie,no lies. I don’t love you laksh,you deserve someone better than me you deserve someone who loves you truly.

laksh – I just want you swara. No one.

swara – Why are you doing this laksh??? What happened to our relationship??? What happened to us???

laksh – i fell in love with you. Why can’t you understand the thing that i love you damn it. I can’t move on from your memories.

swara – Stop it laksh. It’s hurting me to know that am the reason of your failures today. You always wanted to study in world’s best mba clg, you wanted to become a great business men. Can’t you focus on that???

laksh – How can i??? I failed in life,i failed in love. More over your memories is haunting me.

swara – I will help you to move on in your life laksh,i will be there with you in every step as always your bestie.

laksh – I don’t want to move on.its too late now.

swara – Remember laksh,once you said that am the wings for your dreams. I want to be your wings again to reach your goals.

swara – am not gud for you. See what i did to you, what i made you. You became drunker, you smoke, you started having drugs.

laksh – it’s too late swara. It would be better if you not involve in my life again. enjoy your vacations and leave to states.

swara – just once think about auntie,your friends and everyone who loves you. Plz try to move on.

laksh – am sorry swara, i know i became selfish thinking about my feelings not about you. Am sorry for hurting you. Please stop crying..

swara – Am not going to states any more, i want to help my bestie to move on in his life,i want to support him in every aspect.

laksh – sorry, forgive me.. I love you. Chill yaar but this time as previous buddy laksh. Not that arrogant,ruthless,devdas laksh.

swara – Finally,am happy alot. And I love you too buddy.

laksh – lets go home.

They both started walking together holding hands happily as bestie’s., two girls crossed the path next to them giggling something..

laksh – Why they are laughing???

swara – Probably by looking your devdas style.

laksh –  Am i looking that bad??? I need to shave and buy some beauty,gel products too.

swara – By the way,you need to change your dress sense too. First take bath i can’t stand next to you. { She left the hand of laksh and started taking two steps at a time }

laksh – Mmmm. Okie.. { After registering the words what swara said} shona, wait i will kill you.

saying that laksh ran towards swara and they had a tom and jerry fight.

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