I Can’t stop loving you (episode 1)

Hii frnds thanks for loving my os , hope you will love my ff also.

“Swara are you alright?? You are looking high. What’s the matter tell us” pleaded uttara.

“Nothing guys its just that i missed india alot, juhu beach, marine drive, pani puri, bhel puri more over both of you” replied swara.

“i know that you returned from the states yesterday,but by looking at you i can tell that you are hiding something”
enquired aadarsh.

Swara – “it’s nothing. I was just trying to live the past memories”.

“ok leave that tell me about your relationship status, did you find any guy, are you in love” uttara asked excitedly at swara.

Swara – “not yet. i didn’t find a guy suitable for me”

“now you don’t tell me that love will happen at a certain time, certain date and at certain place” exclaimed aadarsh.

aadarsh – “i have a partner in my life, uttara has too her partner. It’s high time to have a partner in life”

Swara – “guess what then am lucky. I have a girl and a guy in my life”.

Uttara – “stop it yaar,it’s not funny what you will do further??? Don’t tell me that you are trying to settled.because i know you are well settled at states and doing job well”

Swara – “guys please, i need a break. Can we change the topic plz”

Aadarsh – “laksh is in home,he came for a vacation. I think you should go and meet him for once”

Swara – “i don’t want to meet him,you know why i moved to states right. Is he fine???”

Uttara – “ok fine. Don’t meet laksh,atleast meet auntie and uncle,auntie is worried about laksh”

Swara – “what happened to laksh???”

Aadarsh – “he became drunker,i don’t know when is the last time he came outside from his home after arriving in mumbai from his clg”

Swara – “Arrange a meeting at our favourite restaurant guys, invite laksh i will see you all there”

Uttara – “are you sure??? Don’t worry we will be there for you, we just want to see our bestie’s and our gang re- union”

Swara – “yes guys. See you at 7 tomorrow in the evening.bye i need to go”

Aadarsh – bye. Take care

Uttara – “do you think everything get solved and settled this time???”

Aadarsh – “i can hope things should turn better”


Flash back:

“swara how many minutes i have to wait for you at the clg. such a drama queen you are” snapped laksh.

“don’t get angry romeo, girls do need time more to get ready for clg. By the way you won’t attend any classes if am not with you. Then chill” uttered swara.

“i have to meet sanskaar today,he must be waiting for me at library you carry on yourselves for the classes all the best” yelled laksh.

“aaahhh… I hate you damn it. Why didn’t you informed me early i should have skipped clg and watched tangled movie at home” Screamed swara at laksh.

“chill swara am there for you na. Why are you screaming at my poor boy” exclaimed ragini.

“really rags, leave it. Lets go the class” replied swara to ragini.

At library:

Swara’s P.O.V:

After all the classes i bid bye to rags and went towards the library in the search of laksh, my eyes scanned around every corner of the library but i can’t find him.

Sanskaar was their alone sitting at a corner studying something. I marched my steps slowly towards him. curiosity got the best of me i went back of him and tried to saw what he is studying???

But this stupid is playing candy crush. I took the book away from him, he slightly jumped from his seat and composed himself saying “yaar tu ne toh dara hi diya” ( U scared me ).

I enquired him about laksh he said that he returned home soon. We talked for sometime. Sanskaar offered me to drop home,he dropped me at home and left.

I always liked the way how sanskaar talks with everyone so caring,so humble, i just love it when he laughs at my lame jokes and stuff.. I kinda got attracted to him you can prefer it as a crush.

But soon i got confused about my feelings towards him when he saved uttara from goons one day, he started spending more time with uttara from that incident..

Uttara is one of my bestie but i got jealous whenever i see them talking. So i avoided talking with sanskaar for a month. He tried to talk with me but i never gave any chance..

One fine day when i was going home alone he caught my wrist and folded it back. He pulled me closer to him that there is just a millimeter space in between our bodies.

He asked straightly looking in my eyes that why am avoiding him??? I simply told that he is not giving more priority to me.

To that he answered “you don’t know how much important you are to me. I can’t live with out you. Don’t avoid me ever. Have you ever thought how i felt. You could have asked me. Damn it”.. Saying that he crashed me in a bone crushing hug and we stayed hugging each other for the rest..

That evening sanskaar dropped me at home and always gave half of his time to me. I like spending with him always more than my other bestie’s.

Uttara one day said that she is in love with someone and she is gonna marry him after graduation., i wonder what love means??? After listening the explanation of her i mean her feelings of love, i thought of it by closing my eyes.

Suddenly that evening incidents came into my mind and i don’t know that my feelings towards sanskaar is love or crush????


Hey guys if you like it then pls cmnt, only your response will decide I will continue or not

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