I can’t see you in tears (IKRS) – Episode 4

Hello all. Hope u all r fine. If not fine then read this episode. Come let’s go. Before I start, I want to give u the link of the previous episode.


Here we go-
Kanak is in her room. She is sleeping. But her face is very sad. Tears r rolling down her eyes. Let’s see what’s going on in her dreams.
In her dream-
Whole Tripathi family is present along with Dhaani. Dhaani is crying while Kanak is consoling her. The ceremony of Dulaari’s antim sanskaar is going on. All r crying.

The men stand and lift Dulaari’s body which is kept on the plank of wood.(actually I don’t know what it’s called) Dhaani stands up.
Dhaani- No No where r u taking my mamma? She is sleeping. She tries to stop them but no avail.
Kanak looks at her teary eyed. They all reach the venue where they r going to burn Dulaari’s body.
Dhaani- where have u brought my mamma?
But no one speaks. She goes to each and every person but all r like statues.
Dhaani-(shouts) why r u all not speaking? Why r we here?
Dashrath goes to her.
Dashrath- because your mamma I’d dead. She will not come now. She has left u. Now got your answer?
Dhaani is left disheartened.
Kanak sees this and cries. She is speechless.
Dhaani goes to Kanak.
Dhaani- (shouts) Why did u not tell my mamma is not there? Now u only have to bring her. Bring my mamma or u go.
Kanak cries. She says beta I have not done anything.
Dhaani- what have u not done?
This question wakes Kanak up. She gets relieved as she realises it was all a dream.
Dhaani- what have u not done?
Kanak- nothing. Why r u asking?
Dhaani- first tell me where is my mamma?
Kanak is speechless.
Dhaani- say na where is mamma?
Dashrath who was passing nearby hears and thinks to tell her the truth. He goes to her.
Dashrath- beta I will tell u where is Dulaari.
Dhaani turns and smiles.
Kanak is shocked.
Kanak- babuji I will tell na.
Dashrath- bahuji it’s okay.(turns to Dhaani) beta your mamma is dead. Kanak is shocked to hear this.
Dashrath- she is gone. She will never come back. Now go and sit in your room. (shouts) Go!!

15 years later,
A party is going on. All the guests have gathered there. A boy is seen there wearing orange suit. He is looking very handsome. Beside him there’s a girl sitting with him. She is wearing pink lehenga.
Host- So ladies and gentlemen, today we r gathered here for our sweet couple’s engagement. Let’s clap for them.
All the guests clap for them. The boy and girl stand up.
Host- Now its time for them to exchange the rings.
Kanak and a lady come there with the rings.
Kanak goes to the boy and the lady goes to the girl.
Kanak- beta Viplav make her wear the ring.
Viplav takes the ring and makes the girl wear it. All clap for them. The girl then makes Viplav wear the ring. All clap. The episode ends.

Surprise!!! Oh sorry the surprise was a leap. Hope u all liked it. I know u all must be thinking about what happened to Dhaani and that all. This all is a suspense. To know keep reading. And don’t forget to comment!

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  1. Arshdeep

    Aww i liked it. DT was as usual harsh but love kanak?
    Finally the leap? Awaiting to know whose engagement is there
    Kewp going dear?

  2. Starting was sad but last part was good .. Excited to read the suspense. Keep going waiting for the next one 🙂

  3. Elle nice episode. Also leap interesting. Who is the girl to whom viplav is engaged should be dhani. ?

  4. Sujie

    Louellu.. This was a surprise package….. DT ko toh marne ka mann kiya…chhoti dhaani pe chilllaya usne…. Kanak…. I am loving her in your ff…keep going chuttku

  5. Shruthy

    UFF so that was a dream… or maybe nightmare ? omg the way DT shouted on her after saying to Dhanni that her mother died. ?? such an idiot. Poor girl ! She might have fekt so bad.
    And.. Who’s that getting engaged to Viplav? ? Really curious man!
    Post fast the next epjsodes ???

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