I can’t see you in tears (IKRS) – Episode 3


Kanak and Sushma enter AN with tears in their eyes. As soon as they enter they wipe their tears so that Dhaani does not come to know anything. Dhaani comes to Kanak and says Aunty where is mamma? Kanak has nothing to answer. She lifts Dhaani up and says beta I told u na she is sleeping. She will come to u once she wakes up. Kanak thinks beta your mother has slept forever. She will not come back. Tears fool down her eyes thinking. Dhaani notices and wipes her tears. She says Aunty don’t worry mamma will come back. Kanak smiles and says now come let’s play. Viplav is seeing all this sadly. He thinks Dhaani is loved by all but I m standing here alone.

Dashrath comes to him. He asks Viplav beta what happened? Viplav says dadaji no one is playing with me. All are back of Dhaani. Dashrath thinks this is right time to make Viplav against Dhaani. He says beta what to do now? She is so cute and good. But u….. Viplav curiously asks but what I dadaji? Dashrath says but u r very naughty. So all love only Dhaani. Viplav gets angry and runs to his room in anger. Dashrath smirks. He thinks now soon Viplav will be against Dhaani. And then one day she will be out.

Shambhu sees Viplav running to his room. He goes to Dashrath who is dreaming about his victory. He keeps his hand on Dashrath’s shoulder. Dashrath gets shocked. He turns behind and finds Shambhu. He gets relieved. Shambhu asks why Viplav went? He was looking so angry? Dashrath says oh he? I asked him to go and play but he just ran away. Don’t know what’s wrong with this boy. Dashrath leaves hurriedly. Shambhu thinks is something wrong with Viplav or babuji? Why is he behaving as if I have caught him? Just then Sushma comes to him. She says beta where is Viplav? It’s time for lunch. Go call him and also call your babuji. Shambhu nods yes.

Dhaani is playing with Kanak. But her eyes are just going upstairs. She is thinking about her mother. Kanak notices this and says beta don’t worry. Your mamma came from hospital na so she is tired. She will come soon and we will play together. Now come let’s have lunch.

Dhaani says no I will not have lunch. Kanak caresses her face and says beta if u don’t have lunch then how will we play? Dhaani says no till when mamma doesn’t come till then I will not eat. I want mamma to eat with me. Kanak thinks beta how will I tell u that your mamma will never come? Dhaani shouts I want mamma. Where is mamma?

Kanak tries to explain her but Dhaani is so stubborn that she goes on shouting to call her mamma. Hearing the noise the whole family enters. Sushma goes to Dhaani and says beta mamma will come after u eat food. Promise u will eat food. Then only I will call mamma. Hearing this Dhaani says okay promise but I want to meet mamma after eating food.

Kanak, Sushma and shambhu smile hearing this. Dashrath thinks this girl is just so irritating. They go near the dining table. All take their seats. Viplav was going to sit between Shambhu and Kanak but Kanak says beta today let Dhaani sit here. Shambhu says yes u sit in the front. Viplav sadly goes besides Sushma. Dhaani sits between Kanak and Shambhu. Kanak starts feeding Dhaani. Viplav stares at them angrily. He thinks maa never fed me but she is feeding Dhaani. He doesn’t eat food and walks away. Sushma tries to stop him but he just ignores. Dashrath smirks seeing this. Kanak thinks what’s wrong with this boy? The episode ends.

Precap- Dulaari’s body is taken for antim sanskaar. Dhaani breaks down seeing her mother going away from her.

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  1. It was quite sad but yar viplav should support dhani.. I hope his all misunderstanding sort out soon .. I have fallen in love with kanak in ur ff she is so lovely.. waiting for the next one

    1. Mariyam123

      Thanks Maha. I will try to post the next one today itself.

  2. Yes elle agree to maha. Kanak is loving. ?Great writing

    1. Mariyam123

      Thanks Renu di.

  3. Sujie

    Arrey…. Ye kya hogaya ….. I have started liking Kanak Tripathi Maha……
    Please make Viplav support Dhaani….and this DT is annoying to the hell

    1. Mariyam123

      Thanks for commenting Sujie.

  4. Arshdeep

    DT is as usual very cunning but kanak is such a sweetheart..
    Good going

    1. Mariyam123

      Thank u Arshi di

  5. Shruthy

    Awww poor child! Losing a mother but still knowing it … ? Poor Kanak & Daadi, they are so trying to convince her but they can understand her pain so much … It was such a great episode. Cant wait for next episode ?

    1. Mariyam123

      Thanks Shruthy

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