I can’t see you in tears (IKRS) – Episode 2

Hello everyone. Sorry for the late post. As u all know I m super busy and also super lazy. Now enough of my bak bak, let’s come to the episode. If u didn’t read the intro and first episode then here’s the link-
Episode 1

Now come on. Let’s jump to the episode-

Dhaani breaks down when she sees her mother being taken away from her. Kanak looks at her with teary eyes and thinks beta how will I tell u the truth? She caresses her face and says beta now come we’ll go home. She holds her hand and was about to walk but Dhaani shouts no I will not go. I want mamma.

Hearing the noise Shambhu, Dashrath, Sushma and Viplav come there. Kanak softly says beta mamma is sleeping na. She will come when she wakes up. We will go or she will get disturbed. But Dhaani shouts no no I want to go with mamma. I will stay here till she wakes up.

Dashrath was about to speak out the truth when Shambhu interrupts and says Dhaani beta come we will eat ice-cream. Till then mamma will also wake up. But our Dhaani is so stubborn to listen to anyone. Viplav is seeing all this drama. He thinks everyone r behind Dhaani. No one is even caring about me.

He looks on sadly. Sushma says beta come na we will go to meet mamma. Dhaani runs to Sushma. She asks her lovingly, dadi u will take me to mamma? Sushma nods cryingly. Dhaani smiles. She holds her hand tightly and says come fast. I want to meet mamma. Sushma signs them to take her in the car.

Kanak nods. Dashrath thinks this girl will now stay with us. I have to do something. They all come out and sit in the car. Shambhu starts driving. Dhaani who is sitting between Kanak and Sushma asks Dadi where we r going? I want mamma. Sushma says beta we r going to her only.

Kanak’s eyes r filled with tears. She remembers all the moments with Dulaari. She thinks Dhaani we r not going to meet your mamma. But how will I tell u this? Sushma keeps her hand on Kanak’s. Kanak looks at her teary eyed. Sushma signs her to calm down. Kanak wipes her tears and thinks I will become Dhaani’s mother. I will protect her and always love her like my own daughter. I have to become strong. Become strong for Dulaari. And most important for Dhaani. She looks at Dhaani who is waiting to meet her mother. She caresses her head.

Soon they reach their house. They all get out of the car. Dhaani excitingly rushes out of the car and finds Viplav’s house. She goes to Sushma and asks Dadi this is your house. Where is my mamma? Dadi who has nothing to answer stands there teary eyed. Dhaani goes to Kanak and asks where is my mamma? Kanak also doesn’t respond.

Shambhu goes to Dhaani and lifts her on his shoulders. He says beta mamma is inside. Come fast. Dhaani smiles. Shambhu runs inside with Dhaani. Viplav sees all this angrily. He also runs inside. Kanak is standing there teary eyed. Sushma goes to her and keeps her hand on her shoulder. Kanak looks at her and says maaji what will happen…. Sushma interrupts saying bahu nothing will happen. But take care she doesn’t comes to know about her mother’s death. Kanak nods cryingly. Dashrath comes there and taunts them and goes. Kanak says maaji how will Dhaani live without Dulaari. She is so small.

Sushma says bahu now u will have to take care of her. U have to become her mother. But take care not to talk about Dulaari or u know what will happen. She is too small to understand all this. Kanak wipes her tears and says from now I will be Dhaani’s mother. I will do all that what Dulaari wished to do when she was alive. I will become Dhaani’s support. Sushma smiles on her courage. The episode ends.

Precap- Dulaari’s body is being taken away for antim sanskaar.(I think I used the correct word. If it’s wrong, plz correct).

Hope u all like this episode. While writing I was in tears. I hope this episode made u cry. Don’t forget to comment, okay?

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  1. Arshdeep

    Veryy painful dear??
    But you described it veryy well???

    1. Mariyam123

      Thanks Arshi di

  2. Elle u have described the pain such that i was imagining myself there. Word used for last rites is correct.

    1. Mariyam123

      Thanks Renu di. Even I was imagining myself there.

  3. Sujie

    Louella….rulaogi pagli….an emotional episode indeed …keep going

    1. Mariyam123

      Thanks Sujie. More emotional episodes on the way.

  4. Oh Louella episode is very sad but I am very happy to see kanak as positive character and the way she is supporting dhani.. keep going

    1. Mariyam123

      Thanks Maha. Keep reading

  5. Shruthy

    Awww finally you posted it. Thanks on behalf of all of us ?❤️ Chalo, now about the episode … It was so painful yaar ?? bechari baby Dhaani! She so wanted her mother but she couldnt see her. ? And poor Viplav also, he wanted some attention ☺️? But I am sure, when he will be more mature and understand what her situation is, he will be the most caring to her ???

    1. Mariyam123

      Yes poor Dhaani!! She lost her mother. Even Viplav is so sad. Oh plz don’t get into a misunderstanding that Viplav will very easily understand Dhaani!! It will gonna be a very typical love story as I have told u. Something very bad is going to happen and then there will be…… To know u have to read further. I can just tell u that there will be a lot of misunderstandings between Vidhani.

      1. Shruthy

        Huuh? Adadaa! ? Anyways I am even ready for that. Because the much they will fight with each other, when they will get to know about the truth, they will get closer na… ? You just post and entertain us, i am ready! ?

      2. Mariyam123

        Yes right. U r too good. U have much more good brains than me.lol. Okay if u r ready then it’s good. At least one person is ready!

  6. Lakshmi

    hey louella i am tired now dear…becoz when i look to any ff…..its just u whom that written it…..i am saying the same things in everywhere….but no problem dear….appreciations never ends…..

    1. Mariyam123

      I understand dear. I m like that only. I love writing ffs. Thodi tareef bhi mil jaati hai.lol.

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