I cant live without u (part 9)


Hi guys thanks for the support and i think u al said right answer.priyanka i will clear ur doubt also.lets read and see.

When kapoor’s second daughter came everyone gets shocked because it is none other than anika well she is anika kapoor. She loves her sister a lot that’s why she came for the wedding after long years. She see shivaay and get happy but she didn’t showed in her face because there is huge reason behind this (sorry guys here also a flashback)
When shivaay’s and tia marriage were called off because anika find out her truth and shivaay out from his life and family so he was sad bcz he thinks she is the honest person in the world but she broken everything’s she wants only money and reputation. After all this shivaay went to anika and thanks her for again saved his life. Anika and shivaay talks for long hours they didn’t know the time passed. They continues there talking through phone and sometimes they met eachother.they are becoming a cute couple were shivaay cant taken any decision without anika like that the situation. Shivaay also loves anika a lot but he hates wedding so he cant express his feeling also.

one day anika came to park to meet shivaay. She was well dressed like a princess. She waited shivaay for long hours but he didnot come.so she gone to her house. Next day also she waited for him no result his phone is not ringing she didn’t any idea about shivaay so she starts worrying.
Shivaay was hospitalized because met with an accident but it is a minor accident nothing to worry. Anika calls om and ask about shivaay. then only she know shivaay was in hospital she rushed towards him. When she saw nad runs towards him and hugs tightly. Shivaay was surprised for the sudden change of anika. He leaves her and shouts at him why cant u look ur health u always busy with ur work only

She is worried for him like his wife shivaay suddenly asked her why u cared me like my wife or something she dint answered shivaay again asked her about she gets angrily and loudly said BCZ I LOVE U DAMM shivaay gets shocked asked anika seriously u love me anika came her sense no i did not love u.why anika juzt before u said u love me right no shivaay its ur imagination no anika i heard it clearly. Shivaay i want to clear u something if hadn’t surname u will marry me…shivaay was angry mood he said no anika i will not marry you…anika gets sad shivaay this chapter is closed forever so i am leaving she resigned her job and leave the place(GUYZ THIS IS HAPPENED BTW SHIVAAY AND ANIKA LATER HE REALISED HIS MISTAKE BUT HE CANT RECITIFY IT)

Shivaay sees anika and go towards her but she dint mind him.om and rudra met anika and greet her.rudra, anika dii u r kapoor ucles daughter. She said yes but i dont wnt his reputation with my name. As far as i am alone so let it be then shivaay came there and said hii anika how are u..where is ur sister by the way today u looks very beautiful.she nods shivaay every question and goes towards her sister.om rudra noticed everything and they make it should be perfect b/w shiv and anika.finally shivaay catches anika in his arms and stops her in the front of her room and dragged inside.shivaay;anika why u always avoiding me why cant u talk with me i am ur best friend i searched for u everywhere but i could nt find u. anika; shivaay stop all these drama come to the point i think u remember that day when i proposed u and u know what’s happens over there. Her sister came inside and met shivaay..she introduce anika..shivaay u know she is the world best sister she is very sweet and she loves a guy but he didn’t loved her back it was his unluckiness.so guyz come down rasama are started.shivaay goes on his knees and apologised but she didn’t even mind him.no shivaay i cant forgive u. So please moves from here when goes out from the room she said turns and see shivaay he was crying very loudly and apologising to his mistake. She said in her shivaay i know u i will surely come back to u an wait baby for that moment

She goes down were her papa come besides her but she moved from there. (in my ff anika hates her dad very much but today she came for her sister)shivaay also comes there and stares at anika. Anika makes a weird face towards shivaay.as wedding get over. Kapoor make a announcement.ladies and gentleman everyone knows i have one more daughter she also getting married soon.everyone were happy except oberoi family members bcz they shivaay loves anika a lot.anika also got shocked when kapoor announce the son in law name shivaay get shocked bcz it is none other sidharth rana. Anika takes the mike and announced i am not ready for this marriage kapoor asked angrly why beta u have any problem.. yes dad i am in with a person.kapoor family shocked hearding these and who is the guy dad; its shivaay singh oberoi idont know he loves me or not i love him with all my heart.kapoor u cant take any decision without ur parents she aid i can dad bcz i hate u othe than that i am living alone so i can take every bit of decision in my life is it good or not. kapoor; okay beta then i will clear u something today on wards i had no relation with u… u will come not enter my house hereafter. If u agree this u can go with shivaay. She said with a cute smile i am leaving shivaay came front and hold her and said to everyone that i loves anika alot i want marry her and one more here after she is mrs shivaay singh oberoi
They both hugged each other and shivaay kissed her forehead.

Guys sorry today no ishkara scene i wish u will understand bcz i want to explain how shivaay and anika married so guyz plzz support me and comment below

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