I cant live without u (part 7)


Scene 1
@oberoi mansion
Shivaay goes om’s room and thinks how can I surprise om and ishaana if I ask my sweetheart she will give a big lecture I don’t want to hear her lecture why am worrying Google is here na so I will search it anika came and see everything and she laughs loudly shivaay turn back and see anika he said what the wuck I think she heard everything today I will be gone. Anika came close to shvaay and she makes her face angrily Mr. billu ji ohh sorry, Mr. shivaay singh oberoi may i help you i don’t to hear the same dialogue shivaay singh oberoi can do everything and all leave all this and say something newly so i will be happy..shivaay gets angry okay fine u think u can do everything naa then do it an hour and show me..ha billu j ii can do it lets wait and watch ohkay my sweetheart….mera prince charming stop i want to talk to u if i will do it perfectly then what gift u will give shivaay, first u do then see
Who will win and lose. shivaay goes,and he know his darling will do everything perfectly and i will go with her. In her language its a special sweet wala date ohh my god i am also waiting for this moment i wish she will do everything clearly

Scene 2
@ hospital
Om packs everything where ishaana wakes up and saw om she suddenly goes towards om, and hold him good morning my dear om with a beautiful smile he turns and said my ishi baby plz get ready soon thum hara duffer oberoi is coming for picking us so goo get ready she goes and take bath and came out with a simple dress then she saw a gift on her bed there is a paper inside she reads “mera beautiful charming ishi baby…ur favourite colour dress is inside plz take it and wear i will wait for u my darling love u lots by om”
She came outside om looked at her he faints over there because his darling is very beautiful in that dress he had no words for express his emotion…he take a deep breathe and goes towards her ohh my darling you look awesome…om stop teasing me i know am not that much beautiful plz ur bakwaas…he goes her came in front of the mirror and says ishaana look at the mirror this shows ur reflection how beautiful u are….i don’t need mirror ur words is perfect for me it’s make me really happy rudra came there and see his bhaiyya and bhabhi romace he says sorry guyz i am came the wrong time ishaana and om leaves there hand and om ohh duffer ur timing is really good i know u will always interrupts us this is ur job naa no bhaiyya ….whoa hamare ghar pe sab loke thum log koo wait karenge so we have to move rudra takes their bags and leaves om find ishaana leg is not okay he take her in his arms and drop her in the car they both share an eye lock and leaves to oberoi mansion

Scene 3
@ oberoi mansion
Shivaay can’t wait anymore he goes om room and checks everything is okay or not. When he entered the room anika pulls him and make her closer and says shivaay singh oberoi u want to see my work na shivaay, ofcourse my sweetheart then close ur eyes and come with me anika what all these nonesenses u know i dont have much time to play with u i know billu come with me.she hold his hand he came infront om room shivaay can smell like a rose garden then shivaay baby now u can open ur eyes shivaay was shocked to see anika s decoration works she change the room itself shivaay hugs anika and said i know my sweetheart u will do it anika tall me how’z it it was sooo awesome hare yaar soo beautiful its unbelievable om definitely love all this decoration
Scene 4

Om and ishaana arrives oberoi mansion dadi hugs both of them and prayed dono puttan live long and be happy everyone blessed ishaana and om but om bhaiiyya and bhabhi is not there om gets worried if anything happens to shivaay and anika.rudra came dont worry bhaiyya thumdonno ke liya ek letter thi hamare bhaiyya and bhabhi ki tharaf se om takes the letter and read
My dear om and ishaana this is ur sweet bhaiyya and bhabhi we plan a surprise for u guys so find out and jalde aana me and anika waiting for u guyz…om gets a small chit and he reads go straight u will find abox…go om takes ishaana along with him and he saw the box it was painting were om and ishaana enjoying their 1 year friendship and love om surprised to c all this and give to ishaana…isahaana remembers that day and came out from the past. she saw another chit and goes there in that chit there is corner in this house were big box go and find out ishana and om goes there and open the box there also gets surpised because it is a wedding dress for om and ishaana…..the both look at each other and hugs tightly

precap; ishaana and om wedding….plz tell me guyz if this part is boring so i can change it

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  1. Noooo plz it’s not boring …and ff is super wala interesting ..

    1. Ayath

      thnx piya

  2. And yaaa waiting for next one plz update soon

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  3. Not at all ayath… it’s incredible… just loving shivika alot…

    1. Ayath

      thnx jayasree

  4. No its not boring its nice plz post the next one soon

    1. Ayath

      thnx shama

  5. Not at all boring!!!!!! It’s interesting!!!!!! Please continue……..

    1. Ayath

      thnx mukta

  6. RANdomfANCreationz

    omg ishkara wedding 🙂 i loved it and shivika scenes amazing too 🙂

    1. Ayath

      thnx fatarajo

  7. waiting for your ff.pls post soon

    1. Ayath

      thnx zaisha I submited but they didnt upload it I hope they upload soon

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