I cant live without u (part 5)


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@ oberoi mansion
Anika wakes up early and opened her eyes to see sweet billu ji. In sleeping also he looks very cute but his bagad billa attitude is always there. She touches his hair and said am soo lucky to have u shivaay, and she kisses his forehead. Then she came to kitchen where no one is waked up because it’s so early she thinks her mind what i will make for my billu ji if i made anything unhealthy he will scold me. No,no….he won’t scold me…he will beat me. She turns and see rudra hi good morning rudra, good morning bhabhi. where is bhaiyya, is he late today..yea he always late rudra….they both smiles that time voice came from far….why am always late my sweetheart u know everything then also u will make fun of me…no bhaiyya, whoa bhabhi was just kidding she said my billu ji is very sweet handsome not like me…ohh achaa mera duffer oberoi now u supporting your bhabhi. Of course I will support her, because she is the one who helped me for falling in love. Ha rudra I think your bhabhi is thinking something because she is not even listen to our jokes.rudra nods and goes to his love angel.

Shivaay came close to anika and hold her with his hands, asked what happen my sweetheart why are u so upset with me. shivaay you know u didn’t even say good morning to me. Now a day’s you are forgetting me u have only your work to concentrate. whoa that’s ur problem.. But today u walked up so early that’s why I can’t say to u. okay leave all these and come to our room she nods and said I have lots of work I cant come with u,he takes her in his hand and goes to their room….shivaay leave me if anyone see us don’t worry Mrs. anika shivaay singh oberoi u are my wife I don’t want anyone permission to take u in my arms. The reached their room when shivaay says anika please close ur eyes.she said why I close my eyes shivaay….. with a smile please my sweetheart she closes her eyes and entered to room. She see room is full of roses and she saw a big quote over her mirror she goes towards the mirror and read it loudly

She goes to shivaaay and hugs him tightly now r u happy my sweetheart..shivaay I am juzt kidding u but I never know u will do this much for a such a simple morning, shivaay sayswith a smile because “I LOVE U, SWEETHEART”
Shivaay and anika goes to kitchen and them both packs food for om and ishaana and they left from the oberoi mansion.

Scene 2
Shivaay and anika reach hospital where om is sitting alone in front of ishaana room.om sees shivaay and hugs him bhabhi how are u, i am fine om by the way how’s u everything is fine here?yea bhabhi, shivaay then holds om hand and ask om u can forgive her because she saves your life, shivaay u won’t forget the same person were left me alone….om i know everything bt u need to realise one thing in ur life she is the one who make u happy as well as cry but without her your life is incomplete like me if i hadn’t get anika my life will be gone somewhere…om hugs shivaay tightly and said shivaay u know I love her till my last breathe bt I want to tell her everything, yea om go ahead try to understand her side also and then judge a person…doctor came said who’s omkara and doctor ask them to go inside ishaana’s room

Scene 3
@ishaana’s room
Ishaana is murmuring something….om please forgive me i know i done a big mistake…but i cant live without u….last 3 years i am searching for u finally i met u bt i cant reach to u…then suddenly om goes to her and hold her hand and said… no ishaana u are with me, today onwards I always with u like friend or like a life partner.shivaay gets happy seeing all these and he hugs anika in front of everyone. Ishaana regains her consciousness

She looks at om and stunned. He cries and said please forgive me ishaana she wipes om tears and said no om, u cant say sorry to me i am the one who made mistakes….they both laughs and om hugs ishaana tightly and kisses her forehead and he looks at ishaana and said ishaana forget everything were happened in our life please start a new fresh life and ishaana holds om hand and she said in my new life please om will you be with me bcz without u I am incomplete.shivaay and anika gets happy after hearing all these sweet words shivaay goes to ishaana and he said welcome ishaana to our oberoi mansion she thanks shivaay and anika hugs ishaana and take care and get well soon my devrani…they three hugs eachother and rudra came over there and shouts bhai without me u all are enjoying its not fair….

ha my duffer oberoi come inside u have meet ur next bhabhi…what mera bhabhi….om looks at ishaana and said rudra she is ur bhabhi go and greet her.no i wont greet her why rudra u have any problem with her…no bhaiyya i go and hug her they all laughs and takes a selfie because it’s a happy moment. shivaay ask anika, my sweetheart can we go home or else r u staying here and u want to disturb these love birds she smiles and said no billu ji, I am not like u they both start fighting om and ishaana talking something else and rudra gets happy to see his two bhaiyya were happy with their sweethearts i wish they never leave their happiness.

Everyone welcomed ishaana but shivaay and anika they didn’t come why??is there any problem

plz guys is this boring plz tell me…..can i continue these or not….

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