I cant live without u (part 4)


Hi guys ayath here, so this part will be iskaara are u all excited.plz continue supporting me I will wait for your comment.

Om is in ishaana’s room; he goes towards her and holds her hand. He became so emotional but at the same time he remembers his past with ishaana. ishaana u know, I missed u so much in last 3 years. when i first met u I never thought I would fall for you, after I fell for you I never thought I would love you, but I do and I don’t I want it to change but for me u changed everything ishaana, why…..?

Om thinks there first meeting. Om came to art gallery and he searches for the girl. On the other side ishaana also searching om. When they both opposite to each other a man came and push ishaana she began to fall, but om came there and hold her hand in his arms. she get shocked but she thanked him, the man came and said ma’m the same man yesterday u searched for ,oh are u an artist, om replied yea. I am first time meeting u am I right, yea I will explain but before that u helped me so have a coffee. Yea sure lets go, so yesterday I so your painting I was awes trucked I couldn’t imagine

such a guy can draw like that picture. I want to tell you something yesterday I also saw u there u teaching dance for the poor kids but I can’t meet u. Now we met right. sorry I have to go now my time is over. By the way what’s your name.om replied with a smile I am omkara singh oberoi and yours ishaana. Wow, now we are friends they shakes hands and both of them leaves.

Precap; shivaay came to hospital with anika.

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  1. Nice one waiting for the next n plz make it a bit lengthier becoz I finished it in only 10 mins

    1. Ayath

      thnx shama …..

  2. Priya15

    Nyc di… Present scenes was so emotional…. Loved it…

    1. Ayath

      thnx priya…

  3. It’s really good. Keep going

    1. Ayath

      thnx jazz

  4. I really loved it. But please make it little longer

  5. Goms

    Keep going

    1. Ayath

      thank u goms

  6. plzzzzz update soon…..nd make it bit larger.. loved it….

    1. Ayath

      thnxx tanu

  7. Ayath

    sorry guyz i dont have enough time to complete this ff. so next time i will make it lengthy

  8. Jara

    Nice one dear

    1. Ayath

      thnx jara

  9. very nice make it lengthier

    1. Ayath

      thnx shivani

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    I loved it and Ishkara 🙁 but i love ur ff

    1. Ayath

      thnx fatarajo

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