i cant live without u (part 28)

Hi guyz…… I know u all are angry with me…..but plz bear me ….i will stop in 2 epi
In case anyone missed my last part here is the link
Part 27

Recap; now tia in oberoi mansion…she called shivaay and explains everything…..he said her to execute plan B{guyz shivaay is in London he didn’t return yet]

Shi; now tia also came ……anika ur time starts now…..so wait
Charles; shivaay lets begin our presentation
Shi; okay am coming
[FB; remember guys when shivaay met with an accident anika gone to London to fulfill his dream…… anika cracked tht deal ]
Till now shivaay doesn’t know anything about it ..
Today his meeting is with the same company…..
[god knows what will happen next so guys wait for it]
In oberoi mansion:
Anika was thinking tia came there
Tia; hi anika
Ani; hi tia
Tia; wo actually my wardrobe is not good can u tell anyone to change it
Ani; yea I will tell them
Tia; thanks anika
Tia leaves
Our duffer entered
Ru; bhabhii
Ani; rudra how many I tell u don’t call by tht name
Ru; sorry didii
Ani; its okay thum batao…kya baat hei
Ru; woo lady baba hei
Ani; who
Om; anika don’t listen him.
Ru; don’t interfere our matter
Om; oh oh ur matter
Ru; ha yes
Om; okay baba
Ani; rudra tell fast I have lots of work
Ru; haa wo tia is a lady baba
Om; why u telling the past
Ru; no rudra may be past will repeat
Ani; what rudra
Ru; tia loves bhaiyya a lot….her family also wants the same…..our family also likes her but when shivaay bhaiyya met u he didn’t want to marry her so she left to London but now why she back to our lives

Ani; don’t worry rudy ….shivaay wouldn’t do anything
Om; ha I know shivaay
Ru; but lady baba
Ani; no rudy I don’t want this topic again so
Ru; ha didii I hope she didn’t do anything
Ani; hugs him….ur bhabhi is here no so don’t worry
Ani; om where is ishu
Om; she and soumya went to shopping
Ani; okay ….i want to meet dadi
Ru; bye didii
Om; rudra come lets go……

Back to London
Here boss name is Richard
Now presentation is over
Ri; well mr shivaay we all are impressed with ur work…so let’s finalize the deal
Shi;[haapy]; yea sure
Ri; so come to my cabin
Shi; okay

Ri; hi shivaay i know u before thts why I don’t want to see all those presentation…I know oberoi’s are with word famous business group……few months ago….we cracked a deal

Shi; no richard I think u r mistaken
Ri; no shivaay
Ri; how’s ur wife
Shi; wife hey man am not married
Ri; no shivaay I mean ur wife mrs anika shivaay singh oberoi
Shivay is shocked with Richards answer but he is not able to find out anything
Ri; ohh shivaay lets confirm the deal
Shi; he signs
Richard left from there….but shivaay was thinking himself
Later he got an idea
Charles is waiting outside
Shivaay dragged him to the side
Shi; Charles we had any other deal with the same company
Ch; is worried he didn’t say utter a word
Shi; am asking u Charles tell me
Char; woo shivaaay
Shi; kya batao
Cha; he know if shivaay get angry he will destroy his career so he explains everything[shivaay’s accident…and anika’s arrival…….deal….and the award also]shivaay was hell shocked with everything he just sits in the floor and cries vigorously

Char; shivaay come lets go home
Sh; how can I do with anika…..she is my wife but I didn’t remember anything about her…how ……
Char; shivaay its not ur fault tht time u met with an accident so u can’t remember anything happen ur past
Shi; but how I remembered my family and my brothers
Iska matlab mei sirf anika koo pehechaane nahe paye but I feel some connection with her….then also I asked to her but she didn’t say anything….why she hides everything from me
Now shivaay gets angry he leaves from there

Shivaay lands india
He got a call frm detective office
Person; sir u gone to tht house
Shi; no why is it necessary
Per; yes sir bcz there is somany thing which may bring ur memory back
Shi; what ……then I will go there
Shivaay leaves to the place which the detective mentioned

Shivaay saw the kapoor’s palace near that he saw a small house but it’s beautiful from the outside itself
There is servant …he is old man…..shivaay and anika called him kaka
Kaka; areey shivaay beta thum idhar koi kaam hei
Shivaay thinks why he know me …I didn’t came here before then also he know my name may be anika said
Kaka; past week also anika beta didn’t came….i thought u too gone for some trip otherwise she will visit here every week I know u will be busy with ur works
Shi; [in mind]; so this kaka knows everything about us so I can ask him when I came here before
Kaka; beta thum kya soche rahe hei
Shi; nothing can I go inside
Kaka; ha…

Shivaay was walking towards the entrance there is a garden with full of different color roses
Then he entered the house where he entered to a room is full of chits and photos shivaay and anika…..now shivaay get some flashes

Shivaay came to their room he saw anika is thinking something
Shi; anika kya soche rahe hu
Ani; wo actually I miss mom and dad
Shi; he feels sad bcz for him she leaves them
Ani; don’t be sad I know one day they will come
Shivaay hugged her tightly and kisses her forehead
Shi; anika u take rest I will come
Ani; where are u going
Shi; office I forgot my file
Ani; ohh bye shivaay

Shivaay leaves from there
He calls khanna
Shi; khanna I want tht house near kapoor palace
[Guys I mention in previous epi of anika’s parents story in case anyone didn’t read tht epi…..i will tell u who is kapoor and all]
kapoor is anika’s dad name…..shivaay want tht house near kapoor palace bcz anika can see her parents from there so he didn’t look tht house is small or big he want anikas happiness only]
Kha; but sir tht house is too small
Shi; I don’t want any excuses just do what I said
Kh; okay sir

Now 5hours passed
Khanna calls shivaay
Shi; u got the property
Kha; yes sir
Shi; then am coming
Shivaay goes there and arrange everything ……..so he can surprise her

Shivaay came to oberoi mansion and directly goes to his room
Ani; shivaay u came
Shi; yes my darling……I have a surprise for u
Ani; is super excited bcz shivaay always surprises her
Ani; what
Shi;for tht we have to go out then only u get
Ani; okay wait 5min…am coming
She dressed in a red gown
Shivaay is mesmerized by her beauty
Ani; shivaay am ready come lets go
Shi was lost in her beauty
She noticed this and calls him loudly
Ani; shivaay…..shivaay
Shivaay came back to his sense
Shi; ha come
Anika and shivaay leaves to the place

They reached the place first shivaay get down and he opens the door for anika

They entered the house ……anika was so happy to see the decorates were moving forward there is a big family pic of oberois and kapoors now she is in tears……she side hugged shivaay…..then she entered into a room were wall is full of shivika’s pic and some small small chits also their ….she moves towards the chits ….inside tht written some dates ….she starts remembering the dates the
first chit date on their first meeting
2nd chit date is on their first fight happen
All chits have some special moment been they spend, date and all………

The house contains full of memories of shivika……..they she came to other room were she can saw her parents
She hugged him tightly and said
Ani; shivaay this is the biggest gift in my life ……and she kisses his cheeks ……shivaay what u want from my life
Shi; promise me u will come here every weekend
Ani; yea shivaay I will come
Shi; one more
Ani; tell
Shi; hereafter we have lots of memories so when u come here then u have to write it on the chit
Ani; for what shivaay we will remember everything naa
Shi; no anika if something happens to us I want our memories to be together…….IF AM NOT WITH U THIS MEMORIES WILL ALWAYS BRING US TOGETHER

Ani; ohh how cute yea I will promise u today onwards I will write on the chit
Shi; thts my darling
Then they leave from the house
FB ENDS**************************

Shivaay reads all the chits and now every memories is flashing on his mind
Shi;ohh god I speak harshly I know u r really sad but why anika why u didn’t left me alone………….. anika u didn’t break my promise ……after my accident also u came here and wrote every memories of us but it is not our memories……. its ur pain….he sits the floor and cries
Later he gets up from there
Shi; this 6months I don’t know how u passed ur days u always said na u cant get sleep without seeing me…….now I get after all those humiliation also u didn’t leave me……..am sorry anika am sorry now u don’t need to be in pain am coming ….in ur language ur shivaay or billu is coming

Shi; I want to see her ………..
Shivaay goes to oberoi mansion but he thinks something
Shi; why anika didn’t said anything if she said I will definitely trust her but why I asked her about this matter not for one times….. so many times I asked her but she didn’t answer me

So anika u will say the truth by ur self only but I know u don’t like me with any other girl so ………
He thinks about the plan but plan is muted

Later he calls tia
Tia; hi shivaay u came
Shi; no tia am on the way
Tia; ohh how’s ur deal
Shi; we got it
Tia; congrats
Shi; tia I want ur favor
Tia; haa tell me
Shi; go and check anika
Tia; okay
She goes downstairs anika was talking with omru and ishisou
Shi; what she is doing
Tia; talking with family
Shi; ohh
Tia; whts ur plan
Shi; I will tell you but call her to ur room
Tia; okay shivaay
He cuts the call

Tia came downstairs
Tia; anika
Ani; ha tia
Tia; can u come to my room
Ru; for what
Ani; rudra
Tia; if u cant then its okay
Ani; no tia no problem am coming u go
Ru; why she want anika didi
Om; I don’t know
Later anika leaves to tia’s room but as per plan tia is in shivaay’s room

After shivaay enters into hall
Ishi; hello bhaiyya u came
They all turn back and saw shivaay standing their
Om and rudra hugged him
Later ishu and soumya also joins them
Dadi; shivaay how is ur deal
Shi; its good dadii
Om; which company
Shi; London Company
Everyone is shocked hearing London company
Shivaay understands the situation so he changed the topic
Om; company name bataoo
Shi; what om just now I came then u started with ur question
ishi; ha om…bhaiyya need rest
ru; waise bhaiyya lady baba came
shi;what tia came
he acts liks he don’t know anything
om; ha shivaay today morning
Shi;then I have to see her….See u all
He leaves from there
Ishi; I hope bhaiyya didn’t met them
So; ha didii
Ru; which company
Om; arey duffer….anika had a deal with a london company
Ru; ohh god om now what we do
So; arey rudra we don’t if bhaiyya met them only or not\
Ishi; if…..
Om; if he meet the same company…..then we cant do nothing
Ru; but om
Om; if destiney makes them one then this is the right time
Ishi; haa om I also thinks the same
Ru; I know u too always thinks the same
So; why rudra
Ru; bcz they are takkar ki Jodi hei na
Ishkara; shut up rudra
Ru; makes puppy face

Anika came to tia’s room but she didn’t saw her there…so she searched everywhere and stand near the window
Just then she saw shivaay was coming out of the car but he has a different smile
Ani[in mind]; after accident I never saw shivaay smiling like this but now what happened to him…..but am happy with tht smile

Here shivaay came to tia’s room he saw someone standing near the window
His heart beat fasts then he understood she is anika so he move towards her
Anika also feels the same but she didn’t turn back bcz she know he is shivaay only

Shivaay is near her…now air also can’t pass so she feels restless

Suddenly shivaay hugged her from the back………..anika is shocked but she feels happy bcz after a long time he hugged her knowingly she likes his touch………..

precap; twist and suspense………………shivaay announces something everyone shocked but not anika she stands with her usual cute smile

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