i cant live without u (part 27)


Hi IB fans….am so happy after reading all ur comments and thankuu somuch the one who read and my silent reader’s also……keep reading guyz love u lotzzz 😀 😀 😛
I am going to dedicate this part to my favorite friends
Cute princess/ann
Bcz they are leaving tu :’( :’( :’(

Coming to my ff
Shivaay was staring at her
Shi; anika u cant see
Ani; kya karuu am lost in this kanji eyes
Shi; wht
Ani; understood what she said by now
Ani; nothing billu ji
Shi; okay from now on be careful
Ani; ha billu ji
She leaves from the place
Shi; I know u said about my eyes but wait only few hours left

Everyone gathered in the hall
Dadii; wow our prinku’s wedding is near
Pin; ha mummy ji am also waiting
Tej; prinku come here
Prinku walk towards tej
Tej; he hugged her and kissed her forehead
Shak; dear don’t forget us after leaving this house
Shi; dad she is not leaving us
Ru; ha chote papa I will not leave her
Om; rudra grown up…..every girl have to face this situation
Ru; so what om I cant leave her
Om; ohh u know that……
Shi; guys she is not going far na
Dadii; ha billu
Shi; she will be near us only
Om; am very happy bcz she got a partner like her imagination only
Ru; b tom he can live with us naa

So; areey duffer boys didn’t stay in their wife’s house
Ru; why…..
So; if we are married u live with me in my house okay
Ru; no noo I cant I will live her only
So; why
Ru;bcz am marrying u…hw can I live in ur house
Su; exactly
But the hall is silent and watching their scene
Dadii; soumya only can make rudra understand…
Then they understood what example……. soumya gave and how they are talking and rudra understood everything very easily
They all laugh
Anika and ishu enters the hall
Ishi; areey kya hua all are laughing
Ani; our rudra done something
Om; ha anika

Ish goes and stand beside om
Om; hold her hand
Ishu; she tightens the grip
Like they don’t want to leave eachother
At the same time our shivika notice this ………
Ani; remembers all her memory with shivaay and looked into his kanji walla eyes
Shi; some flashes are going on
He also stare at her
Bt this eye lock is disturbed by rudra
Ru;bhai is anika dii looking beautiful
Shi;[not in sense] Yea she is beautiful
Ani; her face become red bt ….
Ru; oh oh bhaiyya
Shi; nw he is in his world……what rudra
Ru; ohh now I understood urn t here u were thinking something else
Om; may be someone special
Shi; shut up guyz
He leaves to his room

Ru; bhabhi u become tomato
Ani; oyee duffer don’t call me bhabhii
Ru; make sad face and said why
Ishi; rudy in case bhaiyya heard this he get doubt on anika dii
Om ; ha I think he already had a doubt
Ani; haa om I know
Tej; that’s good
Pin; haa anika he will come back in his life
Ani; no maa I can’t see shivaay in pain
Ishu; then what will u do
Sha; haa beta after prinku’s marriage
Om; he won’t allow u to live here
Ani; haa om I know….. I hope he will remember everything soon
Dadi; lets pray to god
Everyone leaves to their respective room


Shivaay is in his room
He checked his laptop but no mail from the detective office
He gets angry
Anika in her room ……she closed her door and ran to the bed…..crying vigorously :’( :’(
Ani; why shivaay I know very well u started remembering our moments but am too helpless if I say truth to u …..Then I have to answer every question of yours……..i cant see u in pain………sorry

Back to shivaay’s room
He get a call from detective office
Officer; hello shivaay sir
Shi; what the hell are u
Off; sir we tried our best
Shi; then why u cant get a information about a middle class roadside girl
Off; sir this is the first time in our career we didn’t get any information about the person
Shi; why …
Off; sir I think she is from a big family and don’t want disclose her details
Shi; no she is a roadside girl I wont agree
Off; but sir then also we didn’t get any information
Shi; okay fine I know what to do ….
Off; sir I promise u I will find out every details of her
Shi; its good if u don’t I will kill u guys
Shivaay calls his friend

Shivaay had a childhood friend ……..she love him but shivaay like her as his best friend.one day she proposed shivaay he said no but her family fixed their marriage in their childhood itself but later shivaay became great business man she became a world famous fashion designer…….tht time shivaay met anika and he want her to be his better half no one else……so he fall in love with her and he said this to his best friend [guyz her name is tia] So she is heartbroken and that day itself she vacate into London and she is married now shivaay knows her every details but others don’t know she got married] FB ENDS********************

Shivaay; if anything happens b/w me and anika before my accident
I can find out this way only
He called tia
Shi; hello is this tia khanna
Tia; yes who is this
Shi; am ur friend
Tia; ohh the great shivaay singh oberoi
Shi; yes baby
Tia; after a long time u called me
Shi; yea dear
Tia; leave all that how’z u
Shi; am good and u …….where is ur handsome husband
Tia; he is in office
Shi; ohh tia I need ur help……….he explains everything to her
Tia; am coming baby ………I will do anything for my best friend
Shi; thanku baby am waiting come soon
Anika was passing by shivaay’s room she heard the last sentence only
Ani[in mind] Wow baby and all who is he waiting….ohh god nothing will happen to our relationship
I know shivaay u will go any extend to know the truth…..i also want tht but I hope u don’t get into any trouble

Shivaay; wait anika ur time starts now

Later he got a call from detective office
Offi; sir we got a information
Shi; what tell me
Offi; every weekend she will visit a place
Shi; which place
Off; sir it’s in Mumbai
Shi; ha okay
Offi; near the palace of kapoor’s
Shi; which kapoor
Offi; the famous business tycoon kapoor
Shi; ohh I know that place
Off; okay sir
Shivaay cuts the call ………he was soo hurry go to the place
But destiny makes something else
He got a call from London[guys remember the London deal which cracked by mrs anika shivaay oberoi the same company wants to meet shivaay bcz they know now shivaay is perfectly fine]

Charles; hi shivaay singh oberoi
Shi; ohh Charles whatsup man
Cha; am fine shivaay’
Shi; any urgent
Char; yea shivaay the London Company is coming…..so they want to meet u tomorrow itself
Shi; why tomorrow itself they postponed it right
Ch; no shivaay in case we are postponing then the new deal will not get to us
Shi; okay am coming
Anika came to his room she saw him packing his clothes
Shi; kya hua anika
Ani; after the accident also u can feel my presence she is in teary eyed
Ani; woo aap kidhar jai rahe huu
Shi; haa
Ani; where
Shi; business trip
Ani; now itself
Shi; so what
Ani; I just asked
Shi; u don’t have the right
Ani; sorry billu ji
Shi; its okay

Anika again stared her question section this time shivaay got too much angry
Ani; which place are u place
Shi; anika I said u ……..u don’t have any right to ask all this question
Ani;became sad
Shi; just take the laptop
Ani; give to him
Ani; kyon sa deal
Shivaay gets angry
Shivaay hold anika tightly and pinned to the wall
Shi; I said somany times u don’t have any right on me….sirf my family and my wife can ask question to me
But u r just middle class girl a roadside girl u cant stand near me I think u understood now
Anika was crying her tear drop down into shivaay hands he leaves her…..then he takes his bags and leaves to hall

In the hall
Dadii; billu where are u going
Shi; dadii ek business deal hei
Dadi; suddenly
Shi; ha dadii now only I got the call
Om; so shivaay u can leave tomorrow
Ishu; haa bhaiyya
Shi; no om I cant tomorrow is meeting
Anika runs to the ahll and sees how shivaay answering every questions of them
So; bhaiyya all the best
Shi;thank uu Barbie
Om and rudra hugs shivaay
Ru; bhaiyya if u win the deal…bring that new car
Shi; okay duffer
He takes blessings from dadii
Then he stares at anika she was in teary eye…….

Ishaana and soumya came towards him and hugs
Shi; bids bye to everyone and looks at anika
Ani is fainting due to weakness
Shivaay saw this and runs towards her and hold her waist with his hand
Shi; anika open ur eyes
Om;anika what happened
Ishi; didiii kya hua
So; I think dii didn’t even had her breakfast
Dadi; billu take her to the room
Shi; ha dadii
He took her and gone to his room
Shi; someone bring water
Ishi; bhaiyya take it
shi; make her drink

after sometime she opens her eyes and saw shivaay holding her hand tightly
shi; anika thankgod u opened ur eyes
om;anika are u alright
ishi; ha dii ab teek hai
so and rudra gone to kitchen and brings food to anika
sou; bhaiyya anika dii ka food
ani; I don’t want soumya
shi ; stares angrily at her
om; u didn’t ate ur food now also u don’t want
shi; u cant be careful in your life……anika eat this or else
ani; what will u doo
shi; u don’t know me I can do anything in this world
ani; yea I know everything….bt am a roadside girl na soo
everyone are shocked bcz they don’t know anything happened before

shi; leave all that just eat ur food
ani; no billu ji …I cant
shi; am saying u last time eat this
ani; no….before she can utter any word
shivaay feeds her…….others are happy seeing their romance
ani; hold his hand
shi; is angry ………..
ani; I don’t want ur help so go from here
shi; that words make him sad bcz he knew why anika is saying all this
ani;plz just go from here….on the other side she don’t want shivaay to lose the deal
shi; okay am leaving
he leaves and anika started crying loudly
everyone consoles her but she cant hide her pain due to weakness….. she slept the place itself
om; now I cant see this I have to tell shivaay
ru; ha bhaiyya
so; bhabhii is very strong bt I don’t know why she behaved like that
ishi; may be bhaiyya scold her
om; no ishi ani is not that weak
ishi; ha om I know tht but…I cant see her in pain

after sometime shivaay reached London

in oberoi mansion;
everyone are sad due to anika’s behavior
ani; ohh dadii why u sad
dadii; u know the matter dear
ani; don’t be sad dadii
ru; but dii
ani;kya but duffer now am okay
om gets a video call
om; dadii shivaay is calling
he kept his phone on the table so shivaay can see everyone
shi; hii dadii
dadi;puttar u reached
shi; ha dadii
shivaay just looking at anika but she is looking in somewhere
shi; ohh I think this girl is angry with me
ru;bhaiya somany girls are there
shi; haa rudy
so; heii duffer
ru; oops sry

hearing girls name anika turns to look shivaay
shivaay notice this….ohh nw this girl turn just see what I will do
a girl came towards shivaay
girl; hey shivaay can we dance
shi; looks at anika
ani; ohh god he will say yes
shi; yes just a minute am coming
dadii; billu is there any party

shi; haa dadii
ru; bhaiyya go….go
anika angrily stares at rudra
shi; ha rudra am going
shi; dadii I will call u later

dadii; ha beta

later tia enters into mansion
dadii; tia thum
ru; areey lady baba aagei
tia; hi grandma she hugs dadii
dadii; am so happy to see u here
tia; me too grand ma
om;hi tia
tia; hi om she hugs him
ishaana; om who is she
om; she is shivaay’s childhood friend
tia; om who is she pointing towards ishu
om; she is my wife mrs ishaana omkara singh oberoi
tia; ohh nice to meet u
ru; hello lady baba
tia; ohh hey handsome boy
ru; meet would be mrs rudra singh oberoi
tia; ohh finally this duffer got a girl
so; hii dii am soumya
tia; wow u r soo cute

later tia came front of anika
tia; hii may I know who are u
ani; mei anika
tia; sirf anika
ani; ha anika wedding planner of prinku
tia; ohh fine shivaay said me about prinku’s wedding and all
dadi; haa puttar
tia; where is shivaay baby
dadi; he gone for meeting
ani; ohh shivaay baby I think shivaay called her only
tia; its alright grandma I will stay here
dadi; that’s good tia
ru; come lady baba I will show u ur room
ia get into her room and takes her phone
shivaay on the line
tia; hi shivaay
shi; hello tia u reached
tia ; haa shivaay just now
shi; u met her
tia; she is so beautiful and innocent also
shi; I know tia bt am feeling some relation b/w us
tia; dont worry shivaay we will find out
shi; okay tia u take rest I will come soon then we can execute plan B
tia; okay baby am waiting

precap; shivay get to know about the deal which anika cracked…..and plan B……wedding somany suspense are there

ann; I love u a lot dear….u r really a cute princess I will miss u a lot…….I got a good friend like u …….and all the best for ur examz take care dear 😀 😀

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