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scene 1 (precap in detail)

shivaay reaches anika’s place….she feels shivaay’s presence and ran towards window side but he is not there…
FB****************************(before their marrige)

one day shivaay calls anika
shi; anika come out am waiting
ani; shivaay plz dont come here
shi;what r u mad
ani; no bagad billa
shi;then what
ani;bua is still here
shi; so i wont fear anyone i will come inside straightly
ani; i know u dont fear anyone,bcz u r shivaay singh oberoi heinaa
ani;plz go from here

shi; no i wont go until i see u
ani; plz for me shivaay
shi;okay then dont be sentimental
ani;thanku my billu ji
shi;okay bye panika take care
ani;cuts the call
anika thought shivaay left from the place so she came near her window and looked outside
shi;still standing there and looking anika
ani; she saw shivaay and gets happy she wants to hug him but she cant so she juzt stare at him like a lovely wife does
shi;smiles and he too stares at her
they didnt even know time passed
by then bua called anika loudly so she came into her sense then she signs him to go…after few minutes he left the place

(whenever shivaay want to see anika he always came and park near her window so he can see her without any disturbance)

someone knocks the door so she slowly walk towards the door and she opened the door by the time she slips from there shivaay noticed this and he hold her waist from falling down.after a long time anika was soo surprised to see her love ….oh janaa plays
suddenly they break their eyelock and he made her stand starightly
shivaay gets a different feeling from anika’s side
shi;we ever met before
ani;she was silent
shi;again ask same question
ani;just stares at him

shi;hey plz tell me the answer
ani;then only she came into her sense
ani; no i never seen u before
shi;okay fine
shi;hi r u wedding planner
ani;yes what u want
shi; actually am shivaay singh oberoi

ani; ha i know
shi ;(little confused)
shi;how u know me
ani; wo..sorry mera matlab i know ur uncle so am familiar with ur family name
shi;ok that’s good
shi;my sister is getting married so i want the best wedding planner in the world
ani;ek second,who suggest me
shi;bade papa, i mean tej oberoi
ani;was in tears she thinks her mind the all family is concern about me when will billuji regain his memory…her tears drops down
shi; what happend ms anika are u alright
ani; she wipes her tears and said in a low tone am alright shivaay singh oberoi anika was little disturbed bcz after their marrige anika never called shivaay’s full name….
shi;would u join today itself
ani; yea
shi;then come with me
ani; now
shi;yea now we have to start preparation

ani;okay come
shivaay drives to oberoi mansion but in his mind he thinks something different bcz when he met her in the hospital he get the same feeling like today but in his life this is the second time this feeling…
they reached oberoi mansion were everyone is waited for anika’s arrival the moment is here
at the entrance******************
anika and shivaay together entered into oberoi mansion
everyone gets excited bcz thier daughter,bhabhi,didi is here so now they dont need to worry

shi;so dadii this is our prinku’s wedding planner
dadi;come here puttan

ani;came towards dadi and takes her blessing
dadi; gets so emotional she hugs her and said finally u here my lovely bhahu
shivaay gets shocked why dadi hugging a third class girl she is juzt a wedding planner
tej,shakti,om,,ishi,ru,so,janvi,and,prinku smiles at her
pinky ran towards anika and hugs her shivaay was surprised with his mom’s behaviour she never behaves like this before
pi;cries and hugs anika tightly she doesnt see shivaay standing there
ani;breaks the hugs
shi;mom what are u doing
pin;came into her sense
shi; what mom she is juzt a wedding planner not shivaay singh oberoi kii wife
everyoned shocked hearing shivaay words but noone expressed in their face
pinky;shivaay she is the beat daughter in the world
shi;what mom
pi;understood what she said now..i mean she is the best wedding planner
shi;thank god
shivaay juzt stares at anika and leaves from the place…rudra noticed shivaay gone his room.so everyone came near anika and they had a grop hug
tej;my dear i miss u so much
ani;no dad dont be sad, now am here
ani; i know bade papa u suggested me right
tej;yes my daughter,i dont want to leave u

shakti also hugs her
anika see janvi and walks towards her…. she hugs her tightly and said now am happy dear
ishaana and soumya still in tears anika wipes the tears and said with a smile
anika;now ur bhabhi and didi is here so let’s have a group hug
dadi;pinky control ur emotion
om;haa bade ma otherwise if shivaay get to know about all these matters he will feel guilty that we dont want
pin;i will try omkara
ani;its okay maa dont be sad

om’s room
ishaana ran towards om and hugs him from the back
om; what happened to my Barbie
ishi; om am so happy
om;that i know
ishi;i want to jump from here
om;now u r doing that only right
ishi;om today no fighting
ishi; today my bhabhi came na
om;ohh that’s why we are not fighting today
ishi;yea my zulfi singh oberoi
om; ishi dont start again
ishi; ohh am sorry omjiii
om; that’s okay my sweetie

precap;shivaay make food for anika……Rudra soumya gone for date
……om and ishaana went to newyork for art exhibition….

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