I cant live without u (part 20)

hi ib fans thanks for everything…..today am signing off from this ff so plz guys share ur comments
in the morning everyone were in the hall discussing about anika’s arrival
tej; i dont know if my work will get success or not
shakti; dont worry bhaiyya u can do this
tej; shakti am not fear anyone,i always used to fight with the world but today i dont have the strength

janvi; tej dont be too stress anika is coming we should be happy
dadii; puttan we all very happy but the matter is how anika will enter the house
om; dadii dont be tensed papa idhar hena he will take care of everything ru; hare wow om is praising dad
om; shut up duffer oberoi
tej; om can u do a flavour beta,
om; yes dad
tej ; then okay ,u and ishaana go to airport and pick anika
om; we are ready bt…
tej; kya hua

ishi; om dont worry we all find a way soon
janvi; dont tell anika about all this discussion she must be feel sad
pi; jetanji, mera bahu already in pain, u all think she must be happy with the deal
pin; no jetanji, she never want shivaay’s head down, she always love him from the core of her heart
janv; pinky we all know this
tej; lets start our plan
om,ishaana get ready fast

scene shift into shivaay’s room

shivaay was busy with his laptop suddenly he gets a call
shi; hey what’s up man, after a long time u called
person; yea dude
shi; i know u dont have much time for talking with ur friend right?
p;haa tho by the way u can also call me
shi; now u blaming me
person;am really sorry, am become c.e.o of the company somuch works and am busy with all these
shi; same situation here

per; by the how’s ur life
shi; am happy with my family,om always does shayari, and rudra never stops his bakwass
per;here aditya is very busy with his internship
shi; achaa aditya’s internship is over right
per; ha shivaay mom start searching girl for him
shi; such a great news yaar
per; am soo happy with this decision
shi; by the way how’z ur wife mrs mallika siddharth rana.
so guyz the person is siddharth vikram rana
sid; she is perfectly fine like always fights with me
shi; wow ithna cute heina
sid; haha u didint falling in love with girl that’s why u likes all this fights
shi; okay fine
sid; i want to tell u something important
shi; what’s the matter

sid; u know mom’s behaviour
shi; haa i know
sid; she likes prinku a lot
shi; that’s ood
sid; shivaay the matter is
shi; come om yaar batao na
sid; she wants aditya to marry prinku
shi; what…
sid; shiv am sorry if u didn’t like the proposal so we can leave it here
shi; no yaar
sid; then
shi; i mean i know aditya very well he is a nice guy with agood personality
sid; so u like the proposal
shi; ofcourse i want prinku’s happiness nothing else
shi; am 100%sure adii will make her happy
sid; so can u discuss this matter with uncle
shi; yea sure
sid; okay then i will tell this matter to mom
sid cuts the call…shivaay gone to tej’s room were shakthi also present
shi; papa and badepapa i want to talk to u
tej; yes shivaay go on

shivaay explains everything about aditya and he wants this marriage happen
shak; this is a great news beta
tej; of course shakti we get a alliance from vikram’s family the great business family
shak; but what about prinku if she doesn’t like aditya
shi; no pappa, even prinku knows adi well bcz they finished their internship together
tej; then its fine shivaaay call siddharth and tell him we are ready for this proposal
shivaay calls siddharth and he tells they are coming tomorrow
shivaay informs this everyone except prinku..they all get happy and starts preparing

scene 3
dadi is still worried about anika ,om noticed and goes towards dadii
om; dadii, now also worried about anika
dadii; o mi want billu’s happiness but when he will get his love
ishi; also joins them
dadii dont worry soon they will unite

dadi; ha puttan i also want this
ishanna and om reaches airport after a few hour anika also saw them
ani; runs towards them and hugged
isha; didi finally u here amm so happy
om; anika how ur trip
ani; its soo good
but everyone were asking about shivayy
om; its okay anika
ishi; lets go home everyone is waiting for us
anika gets happy hearing all this finally seh asked about shivaay
ani; how z ur bhaiyya
om; he is perfectly fine
ani; thank god
they leaves from airport
ani; o mi cannot come there

om; why
ani; u know shivaay behaviour
ishi; nothing will happen dii
ani; no ishi, i know shivaay well he doesn’t like outsiders
ishkara; but ur not an outsider

ani; no ishkara for shivaay am an outsider..i cant tolerate anything but not shivaay’s words i will get more weak
om; we planned everything so dont worry
ani; no om this time the matter is little different
om; where u live then
ani; my old house where sahil and i lived
om; but anika u r not a poor girl na
ishi; if kapoor uncle will get to know this
ani; nothing will happen
om drops anika in the old house..anika was in teary eyed she cant speak …ishaana consolesher and they bids bye to her

she enterers the same house were shivaay’s memories are there

fb starts
once shivay get married to anika…sahil gone london for higher studies s no use of that house she thinks to sold the house but shivaay didnt allow her
shi; i dont want to sell this house
ani; why shivaay that house is no use now whenever sahil comes he will stay with us
shi; that’s not the matter
ani; then what
shi; this place were we met first and our love starts i got my lady love from here so i dont want to sell this house this is the memory of our love i want this forever
ani; ok baba now on wards i wont say to sell these house
shivaay; hugs her and smiles
ani;can we take a selfie
shi; for the lovely moment right

ani; yes my billuji
shivay; ok come
anika and shivaay was too close they take somany pictures but there is picture shows their love
shi; i will frame this photo
ani; also like the photo
then shivaay bring the photo and hang in the wall its looks like a beautiful couple
anika remembers all her past and cries loudly when she saw this photo suddenly she had a cute smile on her face
billuji am coming dont worry
fb ends

present situation
om and ishaana reaches oberoi mansion were everyone is waiting for anika but she didn’t came]
tej; where is my daughter
janvi; ha om where is she
pinky; i want to see her
shakti; calm down pinky she will come
pi; no shakthi jii she wont come i know her
dadi came there and shocked hearing all this
dadi; why om she didn’t come
om; we called her but she refuse bcz she know shivaay’s nature
ishi; papa she said one more thing
tej ; with curiously what beta
ish; she became an outsider

everyone in same tone said
no never we wont allow this..we love her a lot tej says she is my daughter seh cant leave me and my family
pinky; i dont have a daughter but i got a daughter like her if she leaves me i will leave this house forever
tej; me also if she is not here i wont able to keep my family happy
shakti; i want them together..mera shivaay beta and anika bahu
all were sad about the fact anika didint enter the mansion

later shivaay came and saw everyone looked tensed and sad
shi; what happened everyone are sad
all came to their senses
dadi diverts the topic
tej; nothing shivaay is sidharth family is coming or not
shi; yes papa they will be here in 2 hour
dadi; start preparation,
all are sad but done this for priyanka’s happiness
sidharth family reached oberoi mansion and they greets them
and welcomed everyone..they all satrat talking about this wedding then prinku came in the hall with ishana and soumya she looks like a barbie girl…sidharth family likes prinku….ishaana teases prinku
isha; prinku u like aditya
sou; wow he looks good
rud; more than me
so; yes protein shake

rudy makes puppy face
isha again ask her the same question she noded yes
they all get happy with priyanka’s decision and share this great news with everyone.
tej; we dont have any problem with ur family or ur son so lets discuss the engagement date
vik; yea tej we can call the pandit
they called pandit and pandit says a date within a month so there is no much time they need to prepare everything
rana family leaves frome there with the great news
shivaay was soo happy with this alliance bcz he loves his sister a lot he goes towards her and hugged her
shi; i think u happy with this wedding

pri; yes bhaiyya dont worry
shi; i want this answer from you
everyone hugged priyanka and they all are in ahappy mood tej was so disturbed without his favourite daughter anika
shi; i want this wedding grand bcz my lovely sister ki wedding hei
om; yes shivaay we have to organise a big function
shi; for that first we have to know the best wedding planner
tej gets happy hearing this words from shivaay
tej; i know a girl she is the best wedding planner
shi; that’s great bade papa
everyone looks at tej confusingly later tej reveals the person
shi; bade papa were u met her
tej; i met her from kapoor daughter wedding she had a good personality which attracts everyone
shivaay; can i know her name bade papa
bcz if tej judges a person its so difficulty thats why shivaay was too excited to know her name and all
tej said with a great smile
she is anika…

everyone gets shocked at the same time all are jumping from there bcz this is the waiting moment for them
shi; anika??she didn’t have a surname
tej; once she had but now..
shi; waht about now
tej; nothing dear its her personal matter we want a planner
shi; no bade paap i want all the details of her bcz she is the one who makes this wedding grand or perfect\
tej; no need shivaay, i know her personally

shi; then okau bade papa
ej; can go and pick her
shi; no bade papa i will go there bcz this is our prinku’s marriage i want everything perfect
shivaay goes from there everyone thanks tej foe the great idea and they had agroup hug for the success of their step
in anika’s house she was thinking of shivaay and she fees his presence some where around she goes towards windoe but he didn’t ther she came back and sit in the sofa suddenly someone knocks the door she ran towards the door and while openind the door she slips but how will she slip if her princess is there shivaay saw this and hold her waist from falling they had an eye lock shivaay feels something different in her eyes he ws mesmerized by her beauty he cant utter a word

sorry guys for the late update i thought of stopping this ff but when i think about my friends i restarted the ff may be this is my last part….so guys please share ur comment silent readers if u like my ff then please drop ur comments i really need ur support to write more plz plz plz

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