I cant live without u (Part 2)


Ishaana sees om and follows him. She finds him sad and goes towards him but she remembers her past and stop there when om was thinking something else and he cries and shouts from there. Why she did this to me she didn’t realise how much I loved her. On the other part shivaay drives very fastly but anika calls om but he is not reachable later she consoles shivaay and calls rudra.

Rudra, bhabhi where are you, I thought u guyz are enjoying over there that’s why I didn’t disturb u guyz. anika said rudely rudra stop all these rubbish things I want to tell u something its very urgent if u get any call from om, rudra said no bhabhi he left for his art gallery. Then ok u go there and search om. bhabhi is there any problem?? no u go there and find him. After we reach there and call u.

Scene 3
Om starts moving and he thinks about ishaana and cross the road suddenly a girl ran to him and she moves him from the centre but unfortunately she gets injured by the car she became unconscious om sees these and shocked he ran to her and shouts at her ishaana please wake up I will not let u please ishaana that time shivaay and anika came there and sees om cries loudly for her shivaay ask om you know her om said yea I know but please we have to go to hospital because her head is injured. anika starts the car they reach hospital. Shivaay, anika go home take rest because u looks like soo tired. No shivaay I am alright. Then it’s ok if u want to home I will drop u my sweetheart no thanks billu ji shivaay gets angry and stop talking. Anika thinks about shivaay, I know u care me a lot but this I want to be with u and your brothers so sorry for hurting you.
Doctor came and said to shivaay and om, the girl by the way what is her name, om said ishaana. ha ishaana she is in coma, om gets shocked and he feels sad and guilty. shivaaay and anika sits beside om ask about ishaana.

He starts thinking about her and said one day I was in art gallery a girl came their starts dancing for poor kids, because they don’t have much money to learn everything.om wants to see her but unfortunately they can’t meet each other. When om leaves, ishaana came there and she spot a painting. she can imagine with a good heart because it explains beauty of love. she was surprised to c this kind of painting she asked about him. One old man came and said this picture is drawn by a great artist,ishaana suddenly asked who is this guy. He is omkara we all call him om. Can I see him, sorry mam today he leaves early? Then om sees rudra and make his normal face.
Scene 4

Rudra came to hospital, bhaiyya what happened? Why u all looks like worried. Anika came and explains everything to rudra. Rudra goes towards om and hugs him.dont worry bhayya nothing happen to her. Rudra and anika leaves hospital

Precap: rudra wants to confess his love with the beautiful girl. will he able to do this or not.

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  1. Ayath awsum episode I loved it the way u explained the incident in a clear manner??????

    1. Ayath

      thnx shama

  2. Yeah ..I’m the first one to comment!!! Kudos Ayath!!! U r doing really really well !! But waiting for shivika love story

    1. Ayath

      thank you somuch anaida I think u didn’t read my old ff there shivika scenes are more

  3. Nice…. u r doing a good job ayath..

    1. Ayath

      thnx jayashree

  4. Goms

    Awesome epi..
    Can yu make it lengthier.??? Plz..??
    want more shivika scenes

    1. Ayath

      yea sure next time

  5. Hey ayath,u did killed it today bro,in the real serial, its only abt shivika and no ishkara and thnku for this

    1. Ayath

      thnx aashna

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