i cant live without u (part 17)

Scene 1
@unknown place
Anika saw her face and gets more tensed she called shivaay
Shi; yes sweet heart, u missed me right
Ani; no shivaay thum kidhar hei
Shi; me airport road se full traffic yaar after 15min only i will reach airport
Ani; achaa okay
Shi; where r u
Ani; am at clinic
(In her mind) mei aaj thak kabhie jute nahe bola to shivaay
Shi; r u okay dear
Ani; ha shivaay em fine
Shi; but shivaay feels something else
Ani; suddenly anika hanged the call
Shi; as always she cuts the phone…i hope she will be fine
Ani; no shivaay am not fine after ur return only i will be fine
Anika didn’t see anyone the unknown place but suddenly she gets the call
And shocked she didn’t utter a word

Scene 2
@om’s room
Om; baby finish ur works
Ishi; ha om but
Om; kya hua tumme
Ishi; em feeling something bad i wish nothing happen to ur family
Om; dont worry meri jaan

Oberoi brother’s are always one..longs as we are together nothing happen to our family
Ishi;ha acha o mi dint pack ur dress i dont know which dress u want juzt help me yaar
Om; u take naa i dont have any problem with ur selection or decisions… Darling take only for one week
Ishi; aaj thak meine neh dekha a person like.. u r too lazy for all those things
Om; exactly dear…meri wife is here so i know u will do everything for me
Ishi; okay baba i will do lets go and check our tickets
Om; juzt a minute i want to do something
Ishi; plz om atleastthis u can do naa
Om; achaa then u want to give me something
Ishi; no om….
Om; okay fine i will sit here only
Ishi; oh my maatha tell me what u want
Om; i want a kiss
Ishi; haha
Om; why r u smiling
Ishi; kuch nahe
Om; come fast i want to go

Ishi came close to him and kisses his cheek and whispers something in his ear
Om ur the best…
Om; ha me bolo
Ishi; ur the best lazy person in the world
Om; gets angry and runs behind ishaana
Ishi; takes pillow and throws his face
Om; ishi dont play with me if i get i will..
Ishi; kya omkara ji what will u do
Om; smiles and said juzt watch baby
Ishi; okay then
Om; gets a call and he shocked
Ishi; ran and stand in front of him and asked om what happened tell me…kya hua om fell down and cries
Ishaana can’t tolerate om’s situation she shake him and asked what happened om bataao
Om; with his sad tone
Shivaay met with a accident..near airport road his car crashed with a truck
Ish; om dont be sad nothing will happened to bhaiyya come lets go
Om; where’s anika bhabhi
Ishi; she gone to clinic
Om; thank god dont tell her…
Shivaay will be fine soon

Scene 3
@ College
Rudy; soumya am feeling something bad
So; why rudy
Ru; i dont know yaar..this feeling never happened to me
So; may be today u didn’t drink ur protein shake
Ru; no somya its something else
So; achaa baba leave and come to class
Ru; no yaar i want to go home and check everything is fine there
So; okay fine am also coming with u
Ru; no yaar u attend the class
I dont want u miss ur class for me
So; rudy we are good friends na
So if anything happen to my friend i cant tolerate that so i also accompany with u

Ru; u r soo sweet dear
So; what rudra u said something?
Ru; no yaar am just….
So; ha i know that
Rudy don’t waste our time lets go to oberoi mansion
Ru; ha sumo lets go
They both are in car rudra gets a call and om said with his low tone
Om; rudra u and soumya come fast to hospital
Ru; om what happened
Om; nothing rudra i said come to hospital okay
Ru; ha om
Sumo; why bade bhaal bhaiya is angry with u
Ru; i don’t know we have to go hospital
So; may u made something wrong as always
Ru; no sumoo don’t blame me this time i didn’t done anything
So; god knows…she smiles

Scene 4
Anika gets the call and he is tej
Ani; ha bade papa kuch kaam hei
Tej; nahe beita mei
Ani; babde papa kya hua bathana
Tej; anika don’t be tensed u r strong girl na so’
Ani; ha papa tell me
Tej; wo..wo.. come to city hospital dear as fast as u can
Ani; anything happenend bade papa
Tej; nahe beta u come here

ani; gets in the car and goes but she remembers shivaay’s last word and starts crying she then saw a temple and goes there pandit ji gave a thread and said and praise god nothing will happen to shivaay
Pandit; betta tie this thread to the person u dont want see his failure or without him so tie this in his right hand god will protect him always dont be sad my dear
Anika leaves the temple and reaches the hospital
Dadi,pinky, janvi was crying terribly
Om saw anika and walks towards her
Ani; om what happenened everyone is crying
Ishi; also came there and calm down her but she didn’t
Om; nothing happen anika u come and sit here
Ani; no om if nothing happened here bade ma will not cry
Ishi; nothing bhabhi
Ani; tell me om, ishi u know everything dear tell me something am getting mad
By the way just a minute where is rudra and soumya….anika what happened we are here
Ani; thank god nothing happen to u guys

Just a minute i want to call shivaay
Om interrupts her and said no anika shivaay may be in fight u cant call him now
Ani; no om shivaay calls me he said after he reached airport he will call me but now i hour is gone
She takes her phone and calls shivaay but he didn’t attend the call she tries so many times but he didn’t attend she gets more worried and sad( but the truth is shivaay was in i.c.u. but she didn’t know this)
She… u know om shivaay never done this to me if he is busy he will messaged me but now i called him like 25 time neither his message nor his call didn’t came
Doctor came outside everyone rushed to him but anika is still calling shivaay and tear down in her eyes
Tej; doctor how is shivaay no is he okay
Om; ha dontor how is shivaay

Anika hears this and rans towards them and asked bade papa tell me what happened to shivaay…wo anika
Om ishi dadi tell something i want to know where is shivaay u all know tell me yaar am becoming mad plz bataao muje plz
Tej; holds anika and said anika…shivaay met with an accident he is fine now
Ani; what bade papa i wont believe this i want to see shivaay
Doctor ; no u cant see shivaay now bcz his condition is very weak he didn’t regain his consciousness
Why doctor anika asked
Dr; looks mrs shivaay…he lost his blood too much so his
Ani; so what doctor tell
Dr; he lost his memory he didn’t remember his past few things happened
Anika hears this and she faints over there everyone shocked about shivaay’s condition and now anika also becomes weak oberoi’s can’t tolerate this
They admitted anika next to shivaay but she also unconscious…. her BP level becomes very low

‘’Next morning’’
Shivaay regain his cousiouness and he opens his eyes and see’s everyone dadi and all get’s happy; shivaay starts talking and om rudra hugs him
Shi’ thumare bhaai ko kuch nahe hua
Then why u crying like a cry baby
Ru; no bhaiyya this is happiness tears so
After sometimes doctor came and checks him
Now shivaay is okay u can take him home by the where is mrs shivaay yesterday she worried a lot
Shi; doctor i didn’t marry then y u asking about my wife
Then everyone realises and shocked
Om said to doctor, may doctor ur mistaken my wife with me she is worried about shivaay so
Shivaay gets happy and shocked om when u get married u didn’t tell me why om am ur best bhaiyya na

Shivaay completes his higher studies in London so after he returns to india he became c.e.o of oberoi industry and he was so handsome, but arrogant and all he didn’t like low class people at all after anika came to his life he realises everything and the value of it…..after his best friend marriage is taking place in London so he want to attend the marriage shivaay was in London,so he gone there and while returning he met with an accident but nothing happen to him then he met anika and falls in love with her and their marriage happened but shivaay didn’t remember this at all and he thinks that accident only

Precap; anika and shivaay’s meeting,again anika will enter into shivaay’s life….

guys if this is boring plz plz tell me na and u all dont want to separate shivika so this is for u guys if am on track or off plz comment guys

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  1. Cuteprincess

    don’t make anika cry again.. he should remember his past soon.

    1. Ayath

      thnx cuteprincess no dear i wont

  2. Awesome…
    no ayath u are on a fine track
    Its really interesting to see an arrogant shivaay meeting anika again

    1. Ayath

      thnx namrata

  3. Nida

    Super duper great

    1. Ayath

      thnx nida

  4. Akshaya

    New turn so good

    1. Ayath

      thnx akshaya

  5. Shaza

    It’s nice but ..memory loss !? Track is similar to Kum Kum bhagya…and this have happend in many other serials also.and in one end movie also I don’t remember the name …..,…!? ..but anyway u didn’t write the shivika love story so it’s good ?

    1. Ayath

      thnx shaza but i never seen kumkum bhagya i dont know the story i think is different by next epi u will know

  6. Ruhirachel

    Nice episode

    1. Ayath

      thnx ruhi rachel

  7. Jazz1

    It’s good. We will get to know their meetings and how they fell in love. I really love this ff and your track. So plz go on

    1. Ayath

      thnx jazz for ur suggestion

  8. Nice one Dr ayath don’t worry ur track is nice but in future if I personally feels that some what it is kkb …….but I know your planning some thing big in this track so it will not be kkb….
    Best wishes Dr
    For a bright future

    1. Ayath

      thnx shama but dear i think my track is different i dont the story of kkb next track only u will know

  9. Nice track Ayath!! Sumthng different…luv it??

    1. Ayath

      thnx anaida

  10. Priya15

    Memory loss… Omg… Amazing plot di..

    1. Ayath

      thnxx priya

  11. Amazing yr …plz keep it up..

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  12. Alekhika20

    Asum updt

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