i cant live without u (part 16)


Scene 1

@ oberoi mansion
Shi; om i think this is ur happy moment u ever had
Om; yea shivaay one of the best moment in my life
Ru; ofcourse u got ishi dii right
Om; u have any problem
Ru; no bhaiyya mera matlab u too got ur soul mates but what about me when i will get a girl like ani di and ishi dii
Soumya came
So; dont worry rudy u will get her soon if u tries something big
Ru; what, me workout karthi hum
So; ohh u na think something else rudy that make her happy
Ru; soumya u have any idea
Om; mera duffer oberoi now also u dont know how to manage a girl
Ishi; yea rudy u can ask ur bhiyaa he is an expert
Om; no ishi dont start again
Ishi; i said a truth

Anika enters but she is little sad..shivaay notice this
Ru; mera pyaari bhabhi, how i propose agirl
Ani; what rudy u finds her
Ru; no dii may be one day i will find her soo this is juzt a practice
Ani; achaa if she is with u so u dont need to go soo far…
Ru; what dii where..evryone looks at anika
Ani; sry i mean one day she will come ….she then looks at soumya
Shivaay notices anika and he want make her mood angry bcz when she is angry she really looks cute
Shi; pyaar and all its just a deal rudra
Ani; ha thumara bhiyya kya deal started hare mr bagad billa love is not a deal if u have money u can buy it
Shi; so mrs hsivaay singh oberoi can u explain to us what is love
Ani; first u explain then i will
Shi; okay for me love is like a mirror u can break it into pieces but when u look closely u are still in it ..u never know this anika u r the first person and the only person to touch my heart with ur passionate and never ending love…i love you dear after u came into my life i understood the value of love
Anika gets emotional and said
Ani; yes billu ji for me my whole life is belongs to u my love, my passion and all no one cant change this if i lose u i will die
Ishi; love is blind…love is not something that u can search for and find it is something that finds u
Om; if i was a tear in ur eye i would fall from ur eye kiss ur cheeks and die on ur lips but if u were a tear in my eye i would never cry for the fear of losing u
Ishi; hugs om tightly and said om u know am so lucky that i got a husband like u
Rudy; soumya say ur thought about love
So; for me love is not based upon romance, candle light dinner and all in fact its based on compromise, respect and trust
Ru; ohh my love is for my body biceps and all

Om and shivaay say ur opinion about love duffer
Ru; bhaiyya u got ur love but i dnt know when i will get plz god send a girl in life and make me realize why it never worked with anyone else
Yes rudra i got my love and he goes towards anika and kissed her cheek infront of them
So guys ur honeymoon pack is ready so today night u can go and enjoy ur honeymoon
Anika; wipes her tears and make some excuses
Shivaay i want to go clinic i had an appointment
Shi; anika come with me
Ani; ha just aminute she takes her phone and leaves
Shi; come anika and open this
Anika; open the box and saw a chain with a long locket
Shi; takes from her and makes her wear
Ani; then she opened the locket, inside the locket a beautiful picture of them were their first meet
Shi; u know am leaving for London so after one week only am returning so keep this with u bcz remember me and our best moments then u dont feel alone u feel u like with me always
Anika gets so emotional and she hugs him tightly after she gets a phone call from an unknown person and picks
Ani; shivaay excuse me
Roop; hi mrs shivaay ur time is started so come fast otherwise u will lose ur husband
Later shivaay started leaving he takes blessings from everyone and he hugs his brothers then he gone to anika and hugs her shivaay feels something will happen sure may be he will never return

At the same time anika feels very bad loosing of shivaay and she gets worried
Shi; bides bye to everyone
Anika; looks on
Shi turns back and see her teary eyes
Later shivaay ran towards anika and hugs her anika plz dont go anywhere…dont cry i cant see ur teary eye so pls smile karo
ani; after hearing all these she smiles and bids bye to him with a smile face but inside her heart was crying a lot
shivaay leaves at the same time anika also leaves
she reaches the unknown place where no one is there.. she again searched everywhere
anyone is here i dont know u but i have to come here bcz mera whole is belongs to him so come front u…..then she saw a mirror her face is seeing where her sindhoor falls on her nose she gets more worried and tensed

sorry guyz i will not separate them but there is big twist in my ff and if u guyz dont like epi plz tell me i will change the story soo plz tell me and thanks a lot shama u made me happy in ur ff so the coming suspense of my ff is for u

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  1. Nithu

    It’s gud..Di. .but don’t make anika nd shivaye meet after a leap or like that..di

    1. Ayath

      hi nithu…thank u no nothing like that

  2. Pls don’t bring any twist there pls #from a silent reader

    1. Ayath

      thnx silent reader am very happy for this comment keep supporting dear

  3. Its nice. Update ASAP .And keep going. I luv it.

    1. Ayath

      thanx shiju yea tmrw

  4. Akshaya

    Ayath no precap. Oh my mata . You killed it and killing my heart with suspense.

    1. Ayath

      thanks akshaya no dear….bcz i dnt know if u like this or not so no precap

    2. Ayath

      akshaya dear actually this is not the suspense but u all guyz want shivika together so am juzt wrote this.

  5. Miraaj

    Nice ff.. loved Shivika together. Want to know what happens next…!!

    1. Ayath

      thnx miraaj…am also waiting for ur ff

  6. Nida

    Ayath i liked your ff very much because you didn’t separate shivika please don’t do that .. i read all the ff on ishqbaaz i like all if them but in your ff they were together its a request please don’t seprate the ??

    1. Ayath

      thank u somuch dear no i wont seperate them

    2. Ayath

      hi nidha dear i want to tell u something but there is aproblem while i sending u message in private

  7. Nice episode keep it up ??

    1. Ayath

      thanks ruhi

  8. Please.dont kill shivaay?

    1. Ayath

      thanks ayushi by the way I wont kill shivaay

  9. Jazz1

    I just want shivika it’s fine if u will have big twists in their lives. Otherwise it was good

    1. Ayath

      thank u somuch dear….for ur suggestion

  10. Priya15

    Wow good di..

    1. Ayath

      thnx dear

  11. I agree with nida and amazing ep

    1. Ayath

      thanku fiza yea dear I wont separate them

  12. Plz dont separate shivika
    It waas a fantastic episodde

    1. Ayath

      thank u somuch nammu sry can I call u nammu

  13. Hii ayath…..sooooo gd……waiting for yr next asap

    1. Ayath

      thnks tulasii dii

  14. Nice episode

    1. Ayath

      thnx ekta

  15. Hi ayath super duper surprised to read my name at the ending really sweet gesture.. Sorry for commenting late actually I was planning the second part of your OS and submitted the grand 50 …
    Waiting for my surprise and I don’t have any objection on separation because sometimes separation increases the closeness… At the last omkara and shivaay description on love was really awesome…

    1. Ayath

      wow shama ur next epi is 50……thank u somuch for the comments bcz no one wants to separate shivika

      1. I know dear in fact the viewers always wants to see the couple together which becomes difficult for us means writers .. Let’s see what comes next surely it will be interesting

  16. loved it ….update soon….eagerly wating…..and dont bring a big twist…..

    1. Ayath


  17. Alekhika20

    Nyc updt

    1. Ayath

      thnx alekhila

  18. Its awsome…just post next asap..n i hv no prblm wth ur writing..if u want to seperate them then do it..

    1. Ayath

      thank u somuch abiha yea may be tomorrow i will submit

      1. I am facing problem in sending message in private y so actually I wanna have talk with u

  19. Amazinggg eagerly waiting for next ep…..when will it b posted??? From
    A silent reader X

    1. Ayath

      thnx dear i submitted i dont when they upload it

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