i cant live without u (part 15)


Hello, ib fans am back with a new epi but day by day comments are getting low. if any silent reader is there plz drop ur comments…as usual thanks a lot dears

Scene 1
Arjun; mom i gave the letter to anika dii
Mom; thats great beta did she asked something
Arjun; no mom
Mom;okay beta
Arjun; mom, she looks like a innocent girl why u want to take revenge from her
Mom; no arjun u misunderstood
I want take revenge from the oberoi family so first i have to harm shivaay he is the strength of the oberoi
Yea she is none other than roop
Arjun; but why u selected that dii
Roop; she is his wife she always protect him my plans all are flopped bcz of her
Arjun; ok mom, do anything u want but dont include me all this matters

Shiv; wakes up and he turns his head, saw his beautiful wife is still sleeping with a cute smile
Ani;was murmuring something but in loud voice
Shivaay plz dont go stay with me
Shi; heard this and he hugs her tightly, no meri jaan i wont go anywhere
Ani; suddenly she opened her eyes and look time
“ohh no its 9.00 we should ready for the marriage mummy will scold me today”
Ani; looks shivaay, he was listening all the things but he didn’t utter a word
Ani; ohh meri jaan, dekho time om will kill us
Sh; ohh no today’s om marriage
Ani; i will go first in the wash room
Shi; no anika i will go u take too much time
Ani; plz shivaay
Shi; agrees but he had some plan
Ani; takes her towel and goes towards the washroom but shivaay came first and get into the room
Shi; meri wife plz wait sometime,i want to go first so darling u sit there and do some work
Ani; shivaay bacchaa,baagad billa,sso, i wont leave u come fast
Shi; yes wife
Anika goes outside where pinky is coming
Pi; anika thum abi thak theyare nahi
Ani; mom shivaaay gone first so…
Pin; u know ur duties right then why r u late
Ani; in mind how will i escape from here
Pin; anika bolo
Ani; mommy ji ur looking very beautiful today but something is missing
Pin; i know that jimmki is missing u go and ready fast
Ani; thank god somehow escaped
Shivaay seeing all these and smiles
Anika came to her room
Shi; anika go fast we dont have much time
Ani; ohh now u blame me
Shi; yea this is ur duty na u have to wake up early and get ready for the function
Ani; gets angrily and she take a pillow and throw it in shivaay’s face
Shi; also does the same

After sometime shivaay came from the back an hugged her and says in her ears
Meri beautiful wife go and jaldhi fresh karo and wear this saree yesterday i brought this saree for u
Ani; she surprised…wow i love the colour shivaay u selected this…
Shi; yea me only thats why its soo beautiful
Ani; coughs for sometimes
After an hour shivaay and anika dressed up well but shivaay thought something missing in anika’s face
He came close to her
Ani; shivaay dont come too close my saree karab hogaye
Shi; quiet

He then understood sindhoor is missing he takes the sindhoor from the cupboard
Ani; yea i forgot to wear it give me…
Shi; no today i put this for u
Ani; closed her eyes shivaay came too close to her and he put sindhoor and he kissed her forehead
Shi; now u looks perfect come lets go
Shivaay and anima coming down everyone looked at them and mesmerised by their beauty
Shivaay was soo handsome and anika also looking gorgeous someone commented “wow beautiful couple are coming down”the great shivaay singh oberoi ke soul mate..

Scene shift into om’s room
Om; this kurtha is too loose how can i wear these
Ru; bhaiyya today is ur wedding so u have to wear like this dress only
Om; i know rudra but it doesn’t suit

@ishaana’s room
Ishi: soumya am looking bad
So; no dii u looking good
Ishi; i know u juzt kidding me
So; di today in this function u and bade baal bhaiyya is the best
Ishi; lekin this dress is too long and heavy also
Later shivaay enters om’s room and anika also enters ishaana’s room
Shi; om, thum abi thak theyyar nahe hua
Om; shivaay look at me am i looking like a old man
shi; why
rud; bhaiyya u na impossible
shi; no om u looks like a prince
anika; ishaana u done with ur dressings
ishi; no dii am feeling that i dont look good
ani; why…
ishi; this dress is soo heavy how will i walk
anika; dont worry hold om’s hand and walk he will not leave u
soumya and anika consoles ishaana
shi; om come fast rituals are gonna start
om; just five minutes i have to call an important person its very urgent
rud; ha i know the person bhaiyya come fast after this rituals she will always with u
om takes his phone and called ishaana
anika saw om’s call and she said in a loud voice i think om want to see someone thats why he is calling now

ishaana hears this and attend the call
anika, soumya, rudra,shivaay all leave to downstairs
om notice this and goes to ishaana’a room
ishi; o mi want to see u but how
om; dont worry my sweet heart am here
ishi; she looks at him surprisingly om how u come here….u cant see me i told u yesterday itself naa
om; leave all this come sit here i want to give u something
ishi; sits in front of the mirror
om; ishi u close ur eyes
ishi;; om we dont have time
om; its okay darling first u close ur eyes
ishi;she closed her eyes
om; remover her ornaments
ishi; om thum kya kare
om; then he wears a diamond necklace and other ornaments also
ishi; later she openes her eyes she was totally stunned
om; this is a small gift for my darling now u looks lika princess soo my princess u like my gift
ishi; of course o mi never thought a gift like this
om; ok darling am going
ishi; she smiles and bids bye

Again om enters and said ishaana i forgot something to give u
Ishi; what…
Om; kissed her lips and said now am happy come fast my darling
Ishi; smiles and u na impossible i want to see this smile on ur face always
Anika and soumya came and takes ishaana as shivay and rudra also does the same
Om and ishaana sits in the mandab
And pandit ji start all rituals and they finish all the seven rounds..
shivaay; anika thum yaadhe hamare wedding wow its beautiful day in my life now also i remeberd that day

anika; ha shivaay i also remembers that day
rud; soumya one day u also marrying someone like me
so; ohh my god someone like u
ru; why amm soo handsome i have biceps ets
so; but u dont have brain
ru; no soumya
sou in her mind
rudra i dont want to marry someone like u but i want to marry u with full of love i dont when u will understand our love…am waiting for the day
rudra (in his mind); soumya i want to marry u but i dont know how will i express my feeling for u,….one day i say my truth to u
om and ishaana takes everyones blessing they came to shivaaay and anika side they both hug them with full happiness
anika is sad bcz after this shivaay will leave to london

precap; om and ishaana moments and honeymooon…shivaay met with an accident……anika leaves oberoi mansion forever….rudra and soumya becomes thick friends

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  1. Plz don’t make Anika leave

    1. Ayath

      no dear but there is a twist so…plzz

  2. Jazz1

    The episode was great. But in precap shivaay ‘s accident and anika leaves why. Plz don’t do this

    1. Ayath

      sry jazz but nxt epi will be great

  3. Akshaya

    Why anika leaves? Universe wants to know ayath baby. Come on tell me

    1. Ayath

      sorry akshaya…actually there is a suspense plz wait for the suspense

  4. Jara

    What!!! Accident!!!! Anika leaves!!!! So much shocking news at one go….update ASAP dear

    1. Ayath

      sry dear but there is suspense and all….

  5. Ayath sorry but I didn’t understand ur last epi comment for me I mean u wrote I red it 5 times why so it was not a so special comment..?
    Oh my mata precap ?? Honeymoon thak thik hai per SHIVIKA separation accident and anika leaving….
    Anywhere u created very well suspense continue it…
    Loved it to the core as always and don’t worry my comments are also decreased what can we do other than requesting Dr… So don’t worry u have talent it’s not that ur ff is not interesting but the readers mindset is like that…

    1. Ayath

      ohh thanku dear as always u made me smile…u want suspense next next epi double dhamaka

  6. Pls dnt make anika leave the house….

    1. Ayath

      hi nimi thanks for commenting…no dear i wont

  7. Nice plz update next epi soon

    1. Ayath

      hi anshi..thanks for commenting

  8. plzzzz update soon……eagerly wating for next update…..plzzzz don’t make anika leave…..and update soon….

    1. Ayath

      hi tanu….yea sure may be today i will submit

  9. Episode is nice..post next asap ..but yr don’t make anika leave ..plz…

    1. Ayath

      no dr..there is a twist so next epi u will come 2 know

  10. Goms

    Ayath you’re impossible… Awesome epi…

    1. Ayath

      hi dear….u also impossible dear

  11. please dont make anika leave.by the way your ff is mind blowing as always.your ff is so nice.so dont be sad.

    1. Ayath

      thnx roshini dear for those lovely words by the way i will not seperate them

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