i cant live without u (part 14)


Hello ishqbazians…am back thanks a ton for comments and suggestion.. shaza, shama, dobsh, goms, jazz, namrata, jara, alekhika, tanu, tulsi i liked the way u all concerned for me

Precap in detail;
Anika; shivaay dadi called u,come fast
Shiv; yea coming,now u go
Ani; no come with me she dragged him
Shi; ur problem solved
Ani; dont think like that, if dadi see’s us like this she will become sad so i dont want that
Shi; oh hi thought u forget everything
Ani; never shivaay
Shi; anika am really sorry plz look at me
Ani; dadi is looking us so keep quiet
Shi; okay darling
Dadi; billu i want to tell u something
Shiv; yes dadi go ahead
Dadi; billu i know u wont believe all these matters
Ani; no dadi he wont do this
Shi; what i will do
Dadi; smiles
Anika(in her mind); i know billuji if i say u wont do something then only u will do its my trick for u
Dadi; anika start preparation
Shi; preparation for what?
Dadi; tomorrow a small puja will be here so u and anika is doing the puja
Shi; what puja and all and he stares at anika
Ani; dad ii said na he wont do that
Shi; no anika i will do
Dadi ; anika puttan start preparation we dont have much time
Shi; dadi this puja for what
Dadi; our enemies increasing day by day so i want to perform this puja
Anika and shivaay leaves the hall
Shi; anika u want to perform this puja right
Ani; no way mr shivaay singh oberoi
Shi; why u want me to die
Ani; shocked hearing this words by shivaay
Ani;pl stop all ur nonsense and come fast we have to start the preparation
Shi; nods yes darling
Anika left from the room
Servant; mam a person want to see u
Ani; where is that person
Ser; infront of our house
Ani; okay u go
Person 1: mam am arjun, i got a letter for u
Ani; what letter that too for me i think u mistaken the person
Arjun; no madam, Mrs. anika shivaay singh oberoi naa
Ani; yes
Arjun; so this letter also belongs to u
Ani; ha okay
Arjun leaves oberoi mansion
Anika read the letter and she get shocked she read in her mind but somewhat loudly “MRS ANIKA, SHIVAAY’S BEAUTIFUL WIFE U ALWAYS PROTECT HIM FROM ALL DANGEROUS SITUATION BUT THIS TIME U CANT HELP HIM SO WAIT AND WAIT MRS ANIKA. IF U WANT TO SAVE HIM COME TO THIS PLACE day after tomorrow at 6.00PM”)

Anika got worried and ran towards shivaay…shivaay was in his phone standing near the window she ran and hugs him from the back shivaay doesn’t know the reason but he turns back and hugs her later he feels anika is sad.shivaaay leaves the hug and asked her what happened anika why are u sad.then anika came to her sense she said with a sad tone nothing shivaay…
Shi;anika u noticed something
Ani; no what
Shi; u came and hugged me
Ani; so whats the big deal
Shi; no anika sometime before only u said na u wont talk to me
Ani; yea i only said dont think too much
Shi; ok baba now i dnt have time for u
Ani; like always
Shi; anika…..dont start again
Ani; ok….zip..zip
Shivaay left the place..anika pov; how sweet shivaay na i wont allow anything happen to u i will always stand by u i cant loose but i will always protect u from all evil eyes
Scene shift to hall
Shivaay and anika done the pooja very well all the family members gathered in the dining hall om and ishaana also came
Dadi; tomorrow is our om’s wedding family members only there bcz tej had an important meeting after he come back we can arrange a big party om and ishi beta u too have any problem
Om; no dad ii dont have any problem
Ishi; also says the same thing
Rudra; ha dadi they will happy if u get them marry today itself heina bhaiyya
Om; shut up rudra
Ishi; rudra ki bachaa u want my help right
Ru; no dii i wont talk about this
Ishi; acha good boy
Shi; o mi kept ur sherwani in ur room
Anika; wow bhaiyya knows how to help other things also
Shi; angrily stare at anika
Ishi; bhaiyya leave it bhabhi juzt kidding
Shivaay wants to announce a happy news guys everyone attention plz
Shiv; happy news
Dadi’ billu, what happy news
Ru; bhaiyya r u becoming a father
Everyone looks at rudra
Anika; smiles
Shi; dumbbell oberoi not that
Janvi; then what
Shiv; i got a new project from London this offer is my dream
Janvi; ha shivaay u always saying about one London company from them u got offer
Janvi; yes bade maa i got the offer them
Tej; am so happy shivaay finally u got the deal
Shakthi; goes and congrats shivaay
Om and rudra goes and hugs him
Shivaay takes dadi’s bless
Anika still standing in a shock
Shi; but there is sad news also, only i can go London i cant accompany anika
Anika; no its okay shivaay it is ur dream so u go and fulfil it dont worry by the way am happy for thesebut in her heart she was too sad
Shivaay hugs her and says i know anika u will be sad bcz after our wedding u and me never live without a day..so it will be very bad situation for us
Anika; leaves the hug, shivaay dekho u only always saying we have to face new problems and all
Shi; thank u somuch anika for all ur support
Shi; come anika u know the seminar plz help me for to prepare the project
Anika prepare everything for shivaay but still she wasn’t in her mood after om’s wedding shivaay will leave to london
shivaay brought a beautiful saree light pink and white combination and a big rose flower plot
in the morning everyone getting ready for om’s marriage rusy and soumya helpind them where shivaay and anika still sleeping…later shivaay phone rings and too of them wakes suddenly and look at the clock only i hour is left for them to prepare

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  1. Akshaya

    Wow ayath . Who is gonna blackmail anika

    1. Ayath

      thnx dear tmrw u will come to know that so wait lil more dr

  2. Superb yr ..keep it up ..plz post next asap..

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      thanx abiha

  3. Thanks ayath u mentioned my name I was at cloud nine reading my and my friends name…. By the way ur ff is rocking and shocking… Better than my…
    Keep it up best wishes for ur future u can become a nice writer… And soon u goona cross twinkling 20 episodes and sooner 50 too best wishes for it but in this take care of ur self don’t take stress…

    1. Ayath

      shama …i read ur comment almost 5 times i loved ur commenting thankuuuu dear

  4. Jara

    Superb Epi ayath …waiting for next

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  5. i think it shivaye rudra om and ishana plan to unit shivika.

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      thnx roshni first time u commented keep supporting me dear

  6. Nice one Ayath .was waiting for your ff since a long time

    1. Ayath

      sorry dear …….thnx for reading my ff

  7. I was waiting for your ff and finally it came. Nice episode. Who is the person? Is that person going to blackmail anika or what?

    1. Ayath

      thnx jazz today u will come to know that person..yea they are blackmailing anika

  8. superb episode…..wating for next update soon… nd take care of yourself… eagerly wating for update….

    1. Ayath

      thnx priyathanku tanu…yea sure today i submitted

  9. Priya15

    Amazing di…

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  10. Pls update asap.and yr ff is extraordinary loving yr ff.pls make next update faster

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    Wow,amazing update
    Waiting 4 nxt part.

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