i cant live without u (part 13)

Hello ishqbazians, ayath here sorry for the late submission bcz am busy with eid shopping and all…so plz plzz guyz keep commenting

Scene 1
@oberoi mansion

Ishaana goes to om’s room but om is still sleeping she walks near him and sits beside him.om feels ishaana presence .he hugs her tightly like she cant move anywhere when she shouts om leaves his hand but he make her on the bed itself beside with om.they start talking….
Om; ishaana tomorrow is our wedding right
Ishi; yes om u have any doubt about this
Om; nahe dear woo..mein….
Ishi; kya..woo…mein what all these

Om; mera matlab tomorrow onwards my life will be changed(he cuts his words) bcz when he stare at ishaana she became red so he changed his topic.
Ishi; so omkara singh oberoi thinks u dont get any freedom or space after our wedding right
Om; no ishi i didn’t mean
Ishi; its okay om all boys are thinking like this only
Om; no ishi u know am different from everyone
Ishi; ha i know u very well
Om; then why u teasing me
Ishi; its my hobby darling
Om; so its ur hobby can i do my hobbies if u dont have any problem with it

Ishi; no om am just kidding
Om; dont worry ishi
Ishi; o mi will; go from here so plz stop
Om; came close to ishi and make her sit in the bed
Ishi; om what are u doing
Om; he kept his finger on her lip
Isha; didn’t utter a word
Om ; make her comfortable and tell in her ears
Ishaana today we cant see each other tomorrow morning only we can see after all rituals gets over
Ishi; omi plz tell me,we cant c each other

Om; no ishi this rituals is doing for our good future if we didn’t do this we cant live together for 100 years with our 2(no..no)5 children’s
Ishi ; stop omi , we dint even married u think all this matter so fast haaa
Om; i prepared everything
Ishi; what the wuck u done all preparation without me
Om; no ishi i mean i decorate our room with our favourite things and …nothing
Om; i think u thought something else right
Ishi(gets shy); no om… mera matlab…
Om; know everything, he tickled her a lot
Om and ishaana smiles and hugs each other
When rudra and soumya were coming to the room for some discussion at the same time shivaay and anika also joins them

Scene 2
@ om’s room
Shiv; rudra what u want
Ru; whoa bhaiyya, designer came they need om’s selection
So; ha bade bhaiyya, om bhaiyya is different so we cant choose anything for him
Anika; its okay soumi u dont need to give this much explaintion om is ur bade bhaal bhaiyya
Shiv; looks at her angrily
Ru; soumya did u noticed something
So; what ruddy
Ru; something fishy b/w bhaiyya and bhabhi
So; ha ruddy first time u said something good
Ru; dont start again soumya
So; u started first now u stopped me
Ru; i didn’t mean it
Ani; guys come lets go inside and discuss
(They four stand in front of the door bcz they all get stunned seeing om and ishaana )

Ru; bhaiyya u can do these now
Shiv; shut up rudra
Ani; she calls ishaana
Suddenly ishana and om leaves their hand
So; bhaiyya wo..wo…designers
Ru; what soumya, bhaiyya ithni fast u has so much time after ur wedding just wait for tomorrow
Om gets awkward and said with his low sound
Om; u guys are here what’s the matter
Ish; ha any problem
Shiv; no problem , i came here honeymoon pack
Anika looks shivaay
R u okay shivaay i mean u never done all these matters. How u know about this
Shiv; no anika i dont want to create a fight here am soo busy now

Ani; i know that u dont have much time for call me also
Now shivaay understood why anika is too stubborn
Shiv; no anika i called u bt…
Ani; ha but what tell me
Rudra soumya om and ishaana looks at anika bcz she lied to them
Om; anika yesterday u said shivaay called u and all
Anika; whoa om he called me but
Ishi; but what bhabhi
Ru; tell me bhabhi
Anika; he scold me verywell bcz he was full of angry
Om; then why u sayed that shivaay is fine he will come home and all

Anika; bcz i dont want ur bhaiyya gets tensed for me. Its a silly matter
Om; no anika its not
So; i know di well, yesterday full night u were crying
Ish; yea soumya i also seen her
Ani; no guyz i didn’t cried
Shivaay understood everything and pulled anika towards him and anika tell me one thing yesterday night u cried or not ….tell me dammn
Anika; yes shivaay i cried bcz of u .your words make me hurt today morning i saw u, get happy bcz u r safe then i came near u but that time also u were busy with ur business u know i left my dad for his misbehaves but i cant leave u like this. shivaaay shocked hearing this words by anika and he realised his mistake. shivaay makes her comfort but she didn’t .she leaves the room
Om; shivaay u can only make her happy then why u doing all these
Ishi; now happened plz make some plan to make dii happy
So; ha bade bhiyya dii gets hurt by u
Ru; i have a plan
So; i know ur plan ruddy

Ru;what soumi
So; dinner date right
Ru; yes soumya how u know my idea
So; bcz u had only this idea
Om; guys let stop everything and make some plan
(Om ishana rudy and soumya tell their opinion but shivaay didn’t like none of them)
Shivaay ; i know everything i will do this but its risk i dont know how it works
Shivaay make his plan after discuss with everyone
Anika; shivaay come with me
Shi; ha sweetheart what u want
Ani; dont call me that name only loved ones calling me that name
Ani; dadi called u

Precap ; anika got a letter after reading this she gets shocked but didn’t discuss with shivaay she gets worried and goes to her room she ran towards shivaay and hugged him. shivaay doesn’t know the matter after a while she leaves him and gone outside

guys i know this part is little boring and next tyme i will make it a good one. and sorry guyz for the delay bcz i am not well, i had fever.

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