I cant live without u (part 12)


Scene 1
Shivaay get call and leaves anika’s room. He cant stop thinking about anika. Then he gone to kitchen were om and rudra is waiting for him they start teasing shivaay gets irritate and he moves from the kitchen but he think something and he didn’t take any move he again goes to kitchen and makes espresso and coffee. In anika’s room she is taking bath and came out shivaaay didn’t knock the door but he entered in room easily .when anika turns and see shivaay she gets happy. First time in her life shivaay is making tea for someone other than his family. anika u r my life without u i am nothing so take ur coffee but shivaay changed coffee and espresso anika didn’t know this. she take cup and drinks withoutlooking shivaay…shivaay gets shocked bcz she didn’t like espresso she always drinks kaali coffee anika turs with a cute smile and said billu ji now we are together so i have to drink all these things shivay hugs her tightly and said u are my lucky charm by the way u mean i also drink kaali coffe she smile at him no billu j ii nevr force u to drink but if u can make me happy he nods and leaves

Rudra (ru), soumya(so), ishaana(ishi), anika(anii),shivaay(shiv)omkara(om)
Morning at dining table
Ru; gud mrng soumya
So; good morning cry aby
Ru; dont call me cry baby
So; why u always like cry baby
Ru; no soumya, now am changed
So; phh u changed right but yesterday i noticed u were crying
Ru(in mind); yea i cried but no one is there right
So; hey..cry baby y r u thinking somuch
Ru; nahe mei nvr cries
So; ohh okay cry baby u made parata for me
Ru; ha soumya i made paratta for u but now i dint give u bcz u want to stop calling me tht name
So; no rudra, always cheat me
Ru; dant be sad sumo come here rudra makes soumya sits and he served paratta nad her all favourite dishes
So(in her mind why rudra’s behaviour is changed i dont need any change in u rudy i always like u)
Ru; sumo plz eat something i made everything for u
So; tastes everything and she gets happy she ran towards om and hugs him tightly
Ru; surprised soumya u are soo sweet i know u will forget everything
So; she came into her sense and leaves rudra
She feels shy

So; rudra food is yummy i like every food so sweet of u
Ru; achaa u like it right
So; dont be happy i never forget u and our past but mera bhaiyya ki shaadi so i will forget everything only for bhaiyya ki wedding
Ru; by the way after bhaiyya’s wedding u will leave me
So; of course cry baby i will leave u for forever
Ru; dont play with me sumo
Su; no rudra i am saying the truth
Ru; no, i wont allow u
Su; why 3 years ago u leave me right now i will leave u. Soumya leaves
Soumya see rudra cries bcz of her but in her mind rudra i cant never leave u but my situation is llike that so plz maaf karo mujhe this three days is the most memorable day in my life i can spend my whole the days with u
Ru; no sumo this time i wont leave u if u reject me i will come with u. U r m,y best friend u make me smile and i want our fight more and more

Precap; shivaay begs anika for forgiveness but she didn’t. Later she gets the gift but she didn’t show it to shivaay

Sorry guyz am little hurry so next time i wll make it lengthy and no ishkara scene bcz ishkara scene is a surprising so plz wait guys

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