I cant live without u (part 11)


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@ oberoi mansion flash back
Shivaay wants to see anika but his brothers and dadi is always in his room. So anika messaged shivaay “i want to see u plz come to my room plzz billu ji” shivaay reads this and he smiles dadi,om,rudra noticed this and stand behind shivaay. when he turns he get scared dadi u want something?no puttan u are looking cute with this smile. Whoa dadi mein smile nahe kareega…so u didn’t smile…okay then go sleep. Tomorrow is a important day for u right so take rest were dadi leaves. Shivaay thinks about anika and his brothers. shivaay; yes om u want to sleep right or u have some plan to execute. no om didn’t think about any plan. Achaa bachaa i know u want to go anikas room and….rudra stops them i wont allow bhaiyya to c bhabhi.om and shivaay looks rudra surprisingly bcz he never act like this he always made plan to bring shivaay and anika closer. rudra; whoa bhiyya if u want to go anika didi’s room u have to give that new model racing car. Shivaay agrees and look om.om can i go…om with a smile we want ur happiness shivaay if u happy then we dont want nothing in the world. Rudra says no bhaiyya i want my car.om duffer oberoi plz stop ur nonsense. shivaay goes anika’s room but she is not there he off the light so he can hug her from the back. anika came from the washroom she got scared bcz there is no light so she slowly moves suddenly she heard some sound she screams and everyone gone to anika’s room. Dadi on the light and goes to anika, anika puttan what happened why are so tensed she said i saw someone on the bed so…anika see’s shivaay and she suddenly turns to shivaay side whoa dadi no one is here may be i scared so i doubted someone is here..then dadi understood she is protecting shivaay from everyone and she tells everyone that no one is here come lets go..Everyone leaves and shivaay came from the wardrobe. He thanks anika and hugs her they share a sweet eye lock. Shivaay starts talking and suddenly he asked anika a question she gets stunned. billu ji, hamari wedding ab thak hua nahe so keep some patience. Shivaay lying in her lap and continues talking.anika ans shivaay sleeps same time when morning om didn’t c shivaay he directly goes to anika’s room were shivaay and anika sleeping together rudra also comes there. Om starts his philosophy dekho world best couples are sleeping together without fighting they both laughs anika wakes but shivaay didn’t she want to stand but shivaay hold her hand tightly she makes shivaay wakes up without any noise he suddenly see om and rudra. He says goodmorning to both. Anika is taking billu ki phone and give it to him and says go ready fast otherwise dadi will see u he came closer but om and rudra starts coughs.shivaay turns and said u guyz are impossible anika i am leaving u too come fast am waiting for u she smiles.

Current track
Ishaana see’s their wedding card and goes towards om but she slips and get into om’s hand where are u going u know u have to take rest hare baba nothing she shows their wedding card om gets surprised who made this i mw=ean its very beautiful. A voice came from far whoa mey bade bhaiyya soumya thum yaha par how long….how are u? am good bhaiyya by the way i heard some newsbade bhaiyya marrying isha dii i thought i will make ur card. wow so sweet of u om and isha hugs soumya. Later rudra came there and he gets shocked to c soumya he goes towards her but she didn’t mind him. Om and ishaana goes for purchasing were ishaana buy a shirt for om and the otherside om also buy a choli for ishi…my Barbie girl finish ur shopping lets go isha see a cover in om’s hand and ask about the cover but he refuses. They both go to beautiful place were couples only there om and ishaan same time said close ur eyes they both surprisingly closed their eyes. Om gaves gift and ishaana too they opened and ishaana hugs om bcz her favourite dress om also hugs ishaana bcz he likes the colour and sudden gift they both share some cute moment

Scene 3
#rudra and soumya
Rudra; hi soumya how are u
(after three years they both see’s)
Soumya; hello rudra i am good by the way let me tell you something dadii is looking us so i mingle with u dont take it advantage
Rudra; plz forget our lets be good friends
Soumya; no rudra i cant
Rudra; so soumya u become fat
Soumya; really, after leaving u i stopped eating paratha that’s why
Rudra; ohh its okay today i will make paratha for u
Soumya see anika coming down and she ran and hugs her
Anika; gets surprised
Soumya ; anika dii kaise hey i missed u a lot
Anika; soumya how long….thum kaise hei
Soumya; mei teek huu
Anika; i also missed u a lot
Soumya; where is shivaay bhiyaa
Anika; i dnt know he left early
Shivaay ; soumya i am here
Anika (in her mind); bagad billa came
Soumya; shiv bhaiyya….
Shiv; thum suddenly remember us right\
So; whoa bhaiyya am really sorry me bade bhaal bhaiyya shaadi ki aaye dadi called me
Shiv; achaa u saw rudra
So; ha bhaiyya he didn’t changed
Anika; no soumya he changed a lot waise his bhabhi mei huu
Shiv; wow anika ….u changed him right..no way i changedhim
Anika; no billuji
Shiv; dont call me that name
Anika; billu,billu,billu
Shivaay and anika starts fighting rudra and soumya stops them
So; bhaiyya u both nvr stop this fight right
Ru; what is this u too always like kids
So; ohh u are acting like a kid
Rudra; u dnt knw i am a kid of oberoi family
Shivaay; duffer oberoi stop all thes and start preparation
Anika; didn’t look sivaay, she leaves from there
Goes anika’s behind and try to talk with her but she didn’t notice it

precap; anika and shivaay starts fighting om and ishaana getting ready for marriage…somya and rudra became close friends and they both helps om and ishaan..anika gets unexpected gift from a person

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  1. Nok jhok btw shivika is aesome…lved it ..keep writing such nice ff but plz dear post the next early bcz m waiting..ishkara n rumya awsome..

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  5. Unexpected Gift haaaaa. Curious to know shivika nok jhok is endless amazing ayath…..
    Ishkara marriage dying to see that …
    Rumya at a time are cute but plz make rumya also fall in love….
    Marriage of ishkara shivika ….
    Shaadi ke card pe kyon see date print ki hai ayath ?? just kidding…
    Billu toh besabar ho raha hai shaadi ke liye

    1. Ayath

      thanks a lot….shama dear haha jzt wait nxt epi u will know…ur ff is soo nice plz continue writing and eagerly waiting for ur ff

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