I cant live without u (part 10)


Hi guyz ayath here, if there is any silent readers come forward and drop your thoughts regarding my ff it’s a simple request plzzz plzz. Thanks for supporting me. FLASHBACK

@oberoi mansion
Shivaay and anika are happy together after somany months.they came oberoi mansion suddenly dadi stopped them and ask pinky to ake griha pravesh of anika she happily done everything and get into house where all are discussing about shivaay’s marriage and anika sits in a couch where shivaay came and sit beside her so he hold anika’s hand tightly where she is little shy bcz whole family were present over there. Dadi wants shivaay wedding will be grand. Pinky and janvi also agrees her. But shivaay interrupts them and he make a decision he said my wedding will not be grand as far as my family is with me and my brothers also so i want it so official. lekin billu thum anika ko soch na she is also a dream of her wedding day..shivaay looks at anika, if she had any problem with my decision she said with a cute smile i will always obey shivaay’s decision if it is wrong or right i will support him through his thick and thin for me marriage is beautiful dream we have live for 1000 years. everyone was so emotional after seeing the love b/w them shivaay runs towards her and hugs her…when om and rudra start coughing they braek the hug and feel happy even dadi made one more decision were shivaar and anika today onwards u have to live in a separate room until ur wedding takes places shivaay and anika at the same time said no dadii that’s impossible for us everyone laughs at them and start teasing them sivaay then said okay i will agree they both go different rooms and think about eachother. Shivaay wants to see anika but when he was leaving his brother’s caught him. Om ask shivaay where are u going this hour shivaay make a sad face said no i want water so om; so here a jug full of water then y u go to the kitchen u want to see someone shivaay said no i dont want to c anyone.

@oberoi mansion
Om and ishaana share a cute moment. Om takes ishi’s wedding dress and came towards her and holds her hand then they walks in front of the mirror. Om fixes the dress and turn her infront of the mirror ahd he tightly hold her waist and said look baby how you looks in this attire say something if u like this or not. Ishaana look into om’s eyes and said first u say how i looks he said with a cute smile u looks like a Barbie my darling. ishi; so no need of this mirror for my sweetheart I am looking very beautiful so there is no tension i like this dress om how can i reject this its a memorable gift from bhai and bhabhi so i will keep this till my last day.om was so touched with ishaana’s words and he stopped and scold her. he cant even imagine without her. ishaana says sorry to om…om c’mon chill dude lets go bhai room and is he came or not ha ishi i forgot that lets go.

@anika’s room
Anika was thinking about her flashback and smiles that day were awesome But she came to her sense and call shivaay he didn’t pick her call she continuously tried him but he reject every call. Shivaay gets angry and picks the phone anika was happy going to say some important matter but he starts shouting what the hell are you u knew i am very busy i cant pick any call from u it’s my situation so plz understand this and dont call me again anika was crying shivaay can feel that but he wasn’t a good mood to console her so he cuts the phone. Anika crying very badly she noticed someone came to her room so she wipes her tears and turn around it was om and ishaana u guyz can take rest na why u too came here. no bhabhi, shivaay came…no om he was little busy with his work. so he can’t come. if he called u, yea om some times before he called. okay fine then come down we have some preparation. yea guyz u carryon i will come in 5 minutes., so they leave from the room.anika take a picture of shivaay and how rude u i like ur rude but not like this way u always hurt me but its okay u may be u have any problem behind this shivaay enters room and c his sweetheart sleeping he didn’t disturb her.

Finally shivaay goes to anika room and she scream bcz she thinks theif are there and everyone came ther but what happened next

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  1. Shivika was awsum dear ayath but a humble request to u dear that plz increase ishkara n rumya scenes as well I wanted to c three of them but awsum
    Plz comment on my ff too I want to know what is ur opinion regarding my ff

    1. Ayath

      okay dear and sorry shama i always read ur ff but i coldnt comment bcz in the morning i saw ur ff then i read it and leave to school. so once again sorry i hope u will understand. next ff onwards i will comment.

  2. Shivika part was awww… keep rocking ayath..

    1. Ayath

      thnx jayasree

  3. Akshaya

    Cute shivika and ishkara muahh…

    1. Ayath

      thnx akshaya

  4. Nida

    Great one

    1. Ayath

      thnx nidha

  5. Nice Ayath.But please show Ishkara and Roumya scenes also.
    Shivika nailed it.

    1. Ayath

      sure nazneen

  6. Good one.

    1. Ayath

      thnx jazz

  7. Priya15

    Ishus om’s Barbie.. But for me ishkara is Barbie .. Haha..loved it but want more ishkara scenes..

    1. Ayath

      thnx priya

  8. Awesome

    1. Ayath

      thanks lucky

  9. i am waiting for your ff eagrly.when you will post ff as i cant wait any longer.

  10. Ayath

    ohh sry sry zaisha I will post today itself

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