i cant live without u (Part 1)


Hi guyz ayath here, sorry for the late update next time i make it asap. I hope u all like my introduction part. thanks a lot for comment. I changed some scenes like omkara and ishaana’s first meeting

Scene 1
Om goes to his art gallery and he starts painting a girl came and starts dancing and her eyes is searching for someone else. later om heard a sound it is too familiar to him bcz she is none other than omkara’s love he goes towards her bt he cant c hr bcz the place is very crowded later she turns and omkara gets shocked bcz she is ishaana, om became angry and leaves. Ishaana see om and follows him

Scene 2
Anika: shivaay i want 2 tell u something
Shiv; is it urgent matter
Anika; no yaar its my wish

Shiv; ur wish??okay my sweetheart
Anika; if god ask me about what u want in ur life
Shiv; u want a big canteen,
Shiv; am i right
Anika; no stern singh oberoi
Shiv; then what u want?

Anika; i want my shivaay for my rest of life
Shiv; he gets happy bt he show some attitude
Shiv; why anika what all else u can ask
Anika; bcz u make my life perfect
Shiv; ohh sweetheart now a days u r starting 2 lying
Anika; no shivaay i am saying with all my love to u
Shiv; no anika i wont believe u
Anika; okay then don’t talk with me

Shiv; yea sure
Anika ; i know u well u will happy for my silence
Shiv; no anika i didn’t mean it
Anika; no shivaay enough
Shiv; thinks if she gets angry she will never break her words
Shiv; i have to make a plan
Anika; u always like billu
Suddenly car stops and shivaaay starts coughing anika gets worried
Anika; shivaay what happend
Shiv; nothing anika
Anika; no u r not well
Plz drink some water
Shiv; no i wont

Anika; why u being stubborn
Shiv; first u have 2 promise me
Anika; yea tell me
Shiv; u will never do this again
dont leave me alone Because i feel so lonely and i cant imagine u r not talking with me
Anika; i will promise u
First u drink water
Shiv; drinks water
Shiv; u know my sweetheart i can’t imagine without u in my life u r my soul
Anika; i will always with u until the last day of my life
Shiv; anika dont say like this
I will never let u go

Anika; ha baba i am with u
Shivaay kisses her forehead ahd hugs her tightly
Anika; billu leave me
Shivaay leaves his hand
She kisses his forehead and said i love u my jaan

Scene 3
Shivaay gets a phone call and om life is in danger shivaay gets worried and tell everything to anika they both left from that place. shivaay calls om bt he is not reachable. Anika,shivaay please calm down nothing happen to om .

Precap; ishaana moves om and she met with an accident om gets shocked seeing all these.

If u guyz like this ff plz comment below if i can continue or not

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  1. Ayath

    sorry guyz for late update. its actually part 2 by mistake i wrote part 1

  2. Jara

    Woo sprrr I am always on for ishqbaaz ff

    1. Ayath

      thnx jara

  3. Its OK it happens omg serious ending but interesting episode

    1. Ayath

      thank you shama

  4. Priya15

    Di.. So ishkara is in love too… But they??? So many qns in my mind.. Pls update next part soon di…. Waiting for some ishkara scenes too…

    1. Ayath

      thnx priya i will all ur doubts in nxt part

  5. Hmmm nicely done,I think I will never miss any of yor episodes,nice ishKara scenes and shivika s was epic

    1. Ayath

      thnx aashna

  6. nice one….plzzzzz update soon…really awesome part…..

    1. Ayath

      thnx dear

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