I cant live without u (episode 25)

Hi guys….am back with 25th epi plz guys support me and comment below and am sorry bcz today no omkara and rumya’s scene

Authors note; guys I can’t make shivvay memory back in one epi so plz wait… he started remembering their moments… so plz wait within 3 epi I will bring his memory back…..
Coming to pre…..epi
Shivaay leaves anika bcz his family is looking them….after some time anika leaves to her room
Ru; kya hua
Shi; what
Om; u and someone are sharing some chemistry

Shi; me and anika…no way om
Om; shivaay I didn’t say her name but u
Ru; om bro is thinking about anika didi
Shi;om samjhavo heise
Om; no shivaay I cant
Ru;bhaiyya dnt worry am learning from u
Ru; how to hold a girl from falling….how to stare a without blinking…..
Shi;just shut up
Ru; ohh bhaiyya am tired of hearing the same word plz change it
Om;gives hifi to rudra and both laughs
Shi;u too r impossible
They all leaves the hall and goes to their rooms
Shivaay was soo hungry anika was passing by him she noticed he didn’t eat anything in the morning
Shivaay goes and sits in the dining table but something is worrying him…
Shi; ser bring my pasta
Ser; sir today is karwachauth so we didn’t prepare anything for morning
Shi; what the hell…..he was fuming his anger at the peak
Anika enters
Ani; signs the servant to go otherwise shi will eat him
Shi; ani why u here
Ani; why I cant come here
Shi; oh oh I mean u kept fast for someone right
Ani; yea so what
Shi;wht r u doing here
Ani; wo….wo…actually
Shi; kya….
Ani; I think u are too hungry
Shi; yes am
Ani; today nothing prepared
Shi;its okay I told him to make
Ani; no I will make breakfast for u
Shi; no anika
Ani; why u have any problem
Shi[in his mind]I don’t have any problem dear but I don’t want u doing such kind of job for today
Ani; understands wht he is thinking
Ani; can I make it
Shi; anika I said no I don’t want
Ani; now I got it u keep fast for someone right
Shivaay want to escape from this situation
Shi; yes I also want good wife
Ani; for whom
Shi; I don’t say
Ani; plz plz
Shi; for my pyari wife ke liye
Ani; she smiles at him and leaves
Shi; why she smiled I said her tht I kept fast for my wife not for her
Shi; wht the wuck
Everybody is ready and gathered in the hall bcz prinku’s in laws are also coming so they all are waiting for them
Anika ishaana soumya are in prinku’s room for helping her to ready
Oberos are in black…..anika in golden lehenga with matching diamong necklace ring bangles and all
Ishaana in red lehenga and matching things….soumya is looks like the day [shitia marriage]
Now rana’s family also came and everyone great them…..elders take blessings from dadii
Vikram; maa where is our bahu

Dadi; she is coming puttar
Janvi go and call them
After 5 min the 4 girls are coming everyone is mesmerized by their lady loves beauty
Shivaay was satring anika without blinking and same as om and rudra
[guyz actually I changed name of prinku’s fiancée…. He is ranveer]
Ran; wow prinku ….today u looking gorgeous
Prin; shyly said thanku
Ishi; bcz we helped her
Ran; haa bhabi thanku somuch
Everyone smiles

Siddharth; these girls naa takes too much time to get ready
Anika want to say something but someone interrupts her
Mallika enters into oberoi mansion
Ma; no sid u r wrong actuaaly u always taking too much hours for going office
Si; mallika u reached…..he ran and hugs her

Ma; she also hugged him….areey baba leave me this is not our house
Mallika takes blessings from elders and straighty go towards anika
Ani was afraid bcz she doesn’t know her past things….
Mallika ran and hugged her shivaay was just staring at them and he confused….
Shi; why this mallika hugs anika,,,she never knew her before
Mallika; anika I missed u so much am so sry dear I could attend ur and shivaay marriage…..
Everyone is shocked
Shi; what mallika
Malli; arrey shivaay am sorry too
Shi; why u saying sry to me
Ma;; bcz I didn’t attend ur wedding
Dadii calls siddharth and explains everything happened in shivaay and anika life he was too sad
Dadi; sid puttar tell this matter to mallika
Sid; wo dadii now she is not here
Dadi; its alright beta once she reached u tell her
Sid; okay dadii
Dadi; u coming here
Sid; yes dadii we r on the way
Fb ends************************
Shi was soo confused with mallika’s behavior
Shiva came close to mallika and asked
shi; mallika r u in ur sense
malli; understood something is fishy
sid came there and stands middle
sid; shivaay u know her verywelll naa she always kidding u like a child bt u never understand this….
Shi; no sid this is not kidding
Ani; plz leave my hand am really sorry I don’t know who u r but I know u r prinku’s in laws hei….and am not married yet
Shi; now little relaxed but his doubt didn’t get cleared
Malli; ha shivaay am juzt kidding u don’t be confused
Shi; ha now am fine but….he is acting
Dadii; leave all this matter, lets go to pool side half an hour is only left
Everyone leaves to pool area except shivaay
Shi called someone
Shi; hii am shivaay singh oberoi I want to know about a girl
Per; yes sir
Shi; I will send her photo in ur maid id
Per; okay sir

Shi; I want every bit of details about her…
Per; we will try our best
Shi; okay

Shivaay also joins them
In the pool area…..every couples is standing face to face
Tej ; janvi
Shakti; pinky
Sid; mallika
Om; ishaana
Rudra; soumya
At last not least
Ranveer; prinku
But there is only one couple is left shivaay and anika they also standing like face to face
Moon came everyone started rituals but anika was in teary eyed shivaay notice this and came towards her
Shi; anika
Ani; ha billuji
Shi; can I ask u something
Ani; yes
Shi; we too are not married but today u kept fast for someone and me unknowingly I also keeped for someone
Ani; so what

Shi; let us can break the fast by helping
Ani; how billuji
Shi; takes the thaali in his hand and give to anika
That time everyone is finished their rituals and looking at them
Shi; we can break our fast
Ani; its not possible….
Shi; why…I never believed in this rituals but today I want to break this fast by ur hands I don’t if its good or not …bcz ue someone is not here so i break ur fast
Dadii; ha anika puttar its okay
Shi; by the way don’t worry tht someone will live long
Ani; [mind]I know shivaay bcz am here to protect u always I don’t leave u easily,,,,
Shi; come start
Anika; she observed moon through sieve and shivaay offers water to her…..she drinks…
Shiv; start moving bt someone hold his hand from behind
Shi; anika now what happened I break ur fast don’t ask me gift bcz am nt ur real husband
Ani; no billuji I don’t want
Shi; then what
Ani; u didn’t break ur fast come….
Shi; ha its okay
Ani; no u break my fast so I have all the right to break ur fast also
Shi; haa baba
Ani; offers water and he hold her hand while drinking the two shares a lovely eye lock
Ru; bhaiyya everything is over now plz come with me
Shivaay goes with rudra
Pi; anika beta u know god is always with u
Tej; ha beta ur wish get fulfilled

Dadi; am so happy seeing all these…
Anika goes to mallika and holds her hand
Ani; mallika am so sorry dear …..am helpless tht tme u don’t know our past everything is changed now I lost my shivaay
Om; no anika…now also u too are together only
Ani; what its matter I don’t get the oldlove and caring from shivaay
Janvi; no beta u don’t lose ur hope u r my strong bahu heinaa
Ani; ha bade maa but…
Tej; no buts…
Mallika; its okay anika don’t be sad everything will be alright
Ani; haa I hope dear
Everyone hugs and consoles anika……later rana leaves oberoi mansion
Shivaay was busy with his laptop
Then he thinks morning incidents
Why am thinking tht everyone are hiding something……the fist day she entered here and soo happy with my family…..thn rudra called bhabhii…….mom gave her some things………..today mallika incident………I have to find out every bit of her
He sent her photo to the detective
And called
Shi; I send her photo tomorrow itself I want her details
Per; sir per…
Shi; I don’t want any explanations
And he cuts the call………………
Shi[if she relate to my family….but why everyone is hiding from me…..

next day morning…………….anika’s truth reveled………….a new entry…………..shivaay gets his memory back………..

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  1. Nithu

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    Sorry for addressing it but it is important to…..
    Today ur episode was not having that special spark I guess omru,Anshi,omru,Rumya, obros bromance just today I felt but I know that u will surely make this…
    Waiting and sorry if I made u upset.. With my comment

    1. Ayath

      thanku somuch shama dear….dont be sorry am also little sad bcz last epi agirl commented my ff is boring so today i thought bring shivaay segment memory and all i will promise u nxt epi this all will be there…..

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    And dear your writing skills are awesome,mind blowing and indeed incredible.i just can’t imagine the way you put up the concept.i am really loving your ff to the core

    Coming to the episode rudra teasing shivaay was really Lovable moment,malika’s entry and the way she confused shivaay was excellently portrait.and finally shivika breaking eachothers fast is lovely superb and the cutest moment

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    Precap looks interesting

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