I can’t live without you (Raglak) Intro

Hi guys

Ragini G :Intelligent, Beautiful ,civil engineering 3rd year, lovely girl but doesn’t speak to boys,keeps herself to herself.She likes boys with good marks and who are intelligent. has a best friend with her name only

Laksh:bad boy of the class,doesn’t score more in exams but very intelligent .Always keeps on commenting .bunks class.Stylish.everything opposite to ragini.

This is story about ragini and laksh who are opposite in nature fall in love when they were put in a group..and realise later..and how because of same name of her and her best friend pose a problem..

Howzzzzz it guys???
Should I continue
And Sharon if you are reading this I love your fan fiction journey together very much and don’t dare to stop it…
And I like
All alone ragini,It started with hate request ,heart connection. .and every ff that is related to ragini

Credit to: Mytri.


  1. Aruhi

    Hey its amazing..superb..can’t wait to read the next one..you are brilliant girl..love you so much..can you check out a new story “music sheet” by bella..hope you will like it ..love you and keeping writing

  2. taiana

    First of all thank u for writing a ff on raglak.. it is a very nyc intro… i request u to continue it…

  3. Pranami

    I think you’re planning some kind of opposite attracts concept…great!! Really interesting…please continue..???

  4. kaira

    i love ragini’s character but in swaragini they made it negative the actress tejeswani is one among my favorite i love all ff’s based on ragini if u r wrtring then plsz continue egar to know next………………….

  5. kavya

    Awwwww thank you mytri for loving my ff. I feel so lucky that people really like my ff???nd please continue your ff.?

  6. Halima

    Awesome, the intro got me restless, I’m so excited, I can imagaine Laksh being a bad boy, can’t wait….??? please start as soon as possible?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.