I cant live without my love – My marriage with my love – Twinj OS (Sayeeda’s B’Day special)


I can’t live without my love – My marriage with my love – Twinj OS (Every ones favourite Sayeeda’s B’Day special)
Gys it’s too long episode so pls bear it n ya in this episode there is a surprise for u sayeeda I know u cant recognize me arrey pehchogi kaise main to yaha nayi hoon but reader purani hoon aur tumhari fan bhi so I hope u’ll like it.This is 2nd time I’m writing after my 1st ff promo & intro . And friends thank u so much for ur precious cmnts I cant believe that my 1st ff ka 1st episode vo bhi intro aur itne cmnts .I’m really very happy .Gys main apne ff ka 1st epi post karne wali thi par socha sayeeda ka b’day hai to kuch alag post karun . I’ll post my first epi as soon as possible. I hope it’ll upload on time aur agar nahi upload hua to sayeeda pls sad mat hona aur jaise 4 days pahle se celebrate kiya vaise he ek din bad bhi kar lena .So sayeeda I know its ur b’day n I’ld give gift u par kya hai na do din pehle mera bhi b’bay tha, jis din main iss duniya mein ayi thi ,usi din main TU ki duniyan mein bhi aayi hoon ,to maine sabse yehi manga tha aur sabne mera b’day gift de diya now its ur turn “ Will U Friendship With Me” .Aur han main ye to nahi kahungi ki ye story boring hai lekin meri writing skill zroor boring hai ab main story ko boring kyu nahi keh rahi hu ye apko last mein pata chal jayega. Ab baki bak bak baad mein now lets starts the epi-

It’s a school campus Chandigarh where a girl ,wearing dark brown sckirt n white shirt with dark brown tie ,enters n went toward her class.
She enters in the class n was searching for a seat bcz all the seats were already filled with the students then she spots a seat on which only a boy was sit wearing white shirt with dark brown pant & tie. She went there n ask to boy-
G-May I’ve a seat here?
B- Ya sure. And the girl take her seat there only n tell to the boy
G-Hi myself TWINKLE TANEJA n you?
B-Hi I’m KUNJ SARNA r u new here?
T- Ya I’m new here.I’m from Amritsar .Actually my papa is a Doctor n he is transferred from Amritsar to Chandigarh last month n we sifted here last week. Hmmmm what about u?
K- Wow I’m also from Amritsar but I’m stayed in the hostel .Actually my papa is a businessman n he is very strict about my study n thinks that I’ll destroy my life in Amritsar with my friends that why he send me here n I don’t know anyone here. Wel u r math student or bio?
T- Hmmm bio n u? K-Me too so Friends (stretching his hand).
T-Ya friends n shaks her hand with him.
And like this time gets passed n they bcm friend then best friend. They shares everything with each other ,study togather , fight with eo , always support to eo n finally they completes their 12th.
Day of their result
K-Hey twi ab kya karogi?
T-Kunj papa chahtein hai ki main MBBS karu that’s why he is sending me Delhi for coaching but I’m sad bcz I’ll lost my best friend.(making a sad face)
K(exited)-Hey Twi don’t be sad bcz my papa also sending me Delhi .
And listening this twi gets happy n hugs kunj (yar friendship wala hug)n tells-
T-Wow kunj that’s great its mean we’ll study togather there also .thank u kunj thank u so much.
After some days they went to Delhi with their resp. parents. Twinkle got her admission in Kunj’s coaching bcz she has already told her father that she’ll study in her friend’s coaching center n he agreed with her.
There also time gets passed with their strong bond n now they started to like eo infact love eo.

Finally after one year they got admission same medical college .It was 1st year of there college n Valentine day .Kunj calls twi
K- Hey twi will u come XYZ park today evening at 5 pm?
T-Why is something special today?
K-You come na it’s a surprise,pls?
T-Ok fine I’ll be there at 5pm.
XYZ Park
Twinkle comes there wearing a red colour one piece till her knee with silver sandle n diamond earings with her hair open in curl n was amused with the scenario which was the dat setup .She call for kunj moving here n there n when she turn back she found Kunj, who was dressed up in red shirt with black blazer n black jeans with black shoes, sitting on his one with a ring in his hand.
K-Twinkle I don’t know when n how its happen but its true that u r not only my friend anymore but more than this.Twi now i love to live with u , spend time wth u , to talk with u n evry thing which is rerated with u.Twikle now u r becme my habit n I cant imagine my life with out u.bcz I LOVE U TWINKLE I REALY LOVE U….? WILL U BE MY VALENTINE FOREVER…..? WILL U ADD MY NAME WITH URS ….? KYA TU TWINKLE TANEJA SE TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA BANEGI..???? WILL U MARRY ME TWINKLE?

Twinkle who was stands there with shocked surprise cum happy face n teary eyed nods her head in agreement n say
T – YES KUNJ I’LL MARRY U forwarding her had then kunj make her wear that beautiful ring n hug her tightly n says “I LOVE U TWINKLE N I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT U” “I LOVE U TO KUNJ N I ALSO CAN’T LIVE WITH OUT U” (Sajna Ve plays in BG) (Sorry gys I know it’s a boring proposal but wht to do yar aaj mera dimag kam nahi kar raha hai)
n they shared some romantic moments there.
That they decides that they’ll talk to their parents after completing their study. N time passed n like this they completes there final year also.After their exam they went back their recp. homes. Knuj went Amritsar n after somedays twinkle also went Amritsar with her family.One day Twinkle comes to Leela n RT tell
T- Maa papa I want to tell u something .
RT- Yes beta tell what happened?
T(hesitatingly)-Papa wo actually……. actually I love some one .
RT n L(shocked)-What ?who is he ?what’s his profession?
T-Wo… u know him .He is kunj my school n college friend . We love eo n want to marry.
RT-He really loves u I mean r u sure he is perfect for u ?
T-Yes papa , he is very nice caring kindhearted person n I’ll be luckiest girl to have kunj in my life.
RT-Ok fine if u r sure then we r ready for this marriage so tells to kunj to talk his family then we elders will talk about this matter .OK?
On the other side kunj to comes to Usha n Manohar and tell them same as twinkle.
M(angry)- Kunj tum wahan study ke liye gaye the ki romance karne?Kunj it is 1st n last time u r talking about this to me but next time I don’t want to listen anything.
K-But papa I ….(but he cut by Manohar)
M- kunj I said no means no.U’ll marry only that whom I’ll chose for u.U get that? now u may go.

Kunj went from there angrily to his room n calls twinkle n tell her everything n they both crying After some time kunj tells twi
K-Twi pls don’t cry I promise I’ll convince papa n I’m sure one day he’ll agree.
The days went on n kunj always tries to convince manohar but all is vain. One day Usha comes to kunj.
U-Kunj tomorrow Mr. Khanna is coming with his family so please don’t go anywhere bcz u r going to engage with his daughter Maya tomorrow.Its a small function where only family member will be present.
K-Maa why r u n papa doing this with me ?Jab mujhe shadi karni hi hai to mai usse kyu nahi kar sakta jisse mai pyaar karta hoon ?
U-Kunj don’t be mad we r doing this only for ur happiness aur ye pyar vyar sab sirf filmi batein hain time pass hai shuru mein ye sab accha lagta hai lekin baad sirf pachtava hota hai . So pls ye pyar ki batein apne dimag se nikal do n do what we r saying. and she leaves from there.
K-I’m sorry maa lekin agar apko meri feelings , mere emotions ,mere khusiyon ki koi parvah nahi hai to ab mai bhi vahi karunga what I want to do. and he calls twi.
K- Twinkle will u marry me ?
T-Kunj what happened why r u asking this suddenly n when u know my answer?
K-Twinkle don’t ask me any qus just tell me tu mujhse shadi karegi kal hi ? Twinkle tell me yes or no?
T-Kunj kal? shadi? ok fine I’ll marry with u when ever u will tell. But pls tell me baat kya hai?
Then kunj tells her every thing n twinkle gets shock.
T-Kunj how can they do this with u but u don’t worry I ‘ll talk to maa n papa n I’m sure they’ll support us.
K-Ok fine so tomorrow comes to the court at 11 pm I’ll meet u there only. N ya be ready to become Mrs. Kunj Sarna and smiles while twinkle blushes badly.
T-Ok I’m going to talk maa n papa .
She comes to Leela n RT’s room and tells them everything and ask them
T-Maa papa will u support us ?
RT- I’m sorry beta but I don’t think this is right decision I mean unke against jakar shadi karna theek nahin hai .Shadi mein maa aur pita ka ashirvad bahot jaroori hai. I think both of u shuld move on ur lives.
T(shocked n angry)-Papa I’d not expected this from u I mean how can u tell me to move on without my Kunj no I’ll never forget my Kunj nshe runs from there.

Its morning Twinkle wake up she gets ready n packed her bag went toward leela
T-Maa I’m going n if u really love me then comes there gives us ur blesses.
L-Dekh twinkle puttar itni jaldi mein itna vadda faisla lena change ni hai puttar. Isse koi khush ni rahega ..pls puttar apne papa ki gal samajhne ki koshis kar.
Twinkle doesn’t speak anything n goes towards the outside but stop as RT tells her something which make her shocked
RT-Twinkle agar tu yahan se bahar gai to is ghar mein dobara vapas mat aana aur bhool jana ki hum tere maa baap hain.
Twinkle starts crying n speaks “ papa I want to ask u something jab humein ek din kisi na kisi se shadi karni hi hai then why not we allowed to marry with our love why we always forced to marry that person whom we don’t know? why papa?but its ok if u want to me to choose anyone b/w u n kunj then I’ll go with kunj bcz one day I’ve to live my whole life with my life partner not with u” n saying this she runs out from there. She reached the court where kunj was already present n hugs him tightly n cries badly After some time she composes her self n ask to kunj
T-Kunj how will we marry without lawyer ?
K-Ofho twinkle don’t take tension n about lawyer mera ek dost hai Naman he is a famous lawyer maine usse baat ki thi but he is out of city lekin usne mujhe apne ek friend ka number diya hai she is also a famous lawyer maine usse baat ki hai aur vo hamara case lene ko taiyar ho gayi hai aur kisi bhi time yahan aati hogi.
Just then buetiful girl come there n greats them
G- Hey r u kunj Sarna? K- Yeh I’m kunj Sarna n this is twinkle taneja r u Sayeeda the famous lawyer n Naman’s friend ?
G-Yeh I’m Sayeeda n she stretches her hand and shakes with both of them .Wel u r love birds right ? aur bhaag kar shadi kar rahe ho ?Wow yar its amazing I mean apne B’Day par main aaj do ghar se bhage huye lovers ki shadi karvaungi . Thank u god for making my this B’Day so special.
Twinj-What its ur B’Day?Wow that’s great wel haapy b’day dear May god fulfill ur all wishes .
S- Thank u gys n ya finally today is my B’Day.
T-What do u mean ‘finally today’?
S-Actually my friend r celebrating my B’Day since 13 October jiski vajah se main confuse ho gayi thi ki mera B’Day hai kab.
TWINJ-What ? seriously ? I mean log ek din yaad nahi rakhtein aur aapka B’Day char din pahle se celebrate kar rahe hain wow yar its realy great u r so lucky that u have such a good friends u shuld be proud urself. (ab ismein mujhe mat jodna kyu ki maine to celebrate kar rahi hoon)
S- So to hai I’m realy have such a good friends. Wel leave it gys aur andar chalein?varna late ho jayenge aur jis kaam se aaye hai wo to hone se raha.
And they went in n completes all the formalities of the marriage in the presence of some of their friends and declare as husband n wife .After some time they comes out n thanks to sayeeda .
S-No need to say thanks bcz its my duty aur vaise bhi aap log thore special ho n ya congrats ones again .Wish u happy marriage life n I’ll pray to god that ur family accept u soon.I think I should leave now so bye n take care. she hugs twinkle n shakes her hand with kunj n leaves from there.
T-Kunj ab tumne apne ghar par sabko bataya tha ki nahi aur ab hum kahan jayenge?
K- Haan twinkle maine ghar par letter char diya tha bcz agar main directly batata to vo sab mujhe kisi bhi tarah rok dete n twinkle maine job ke liye aply kiya tha n I’m selected n will join day after tomorrow n they have afford me a flat also .So from now we’ll live there only.
After that they went their flat n decided that tiil their parents will not accept their marriage they will not take their relation to next leval .N like this they lives their marriage life happly n time went on with their cute n romantic moments.

After 2 years
Now twinj r working in same hospital of Chandigarh in different branches.One day bebe comes manohar n usha n talks them rudely
B-Wah monu n usha what a great parents u r. Ye batao mujhe kunj tum dono ka apna beta hi hai na? Nahi mera matlab hai ki jis tarah se tum dono uske saath behave kar rahe ho mujhe to nahi lagta . Arrey bhai us bechare ki galti kyat thi yahi na ki vo usi ladki se shadi karna chahta tha jisse usne pyar kiya .Mai manti hoon ki sari love marriage success nahi hoti par ye bhi to sach hai ki sabhi arranged marriage bhi safal nahi hote aur iss baat ki bhi kya gaurenty hai ki maya se shadi karne ke baad kunj khush rahta ya phir ye kahun ki tumhei uski khushi ki nahi apne rules aur maan samman ki chinta hai .Arrey chor do ye narajgi aur accept kar lo un dono ko kyun ki tum bhi changi tarah se ye jante ho ki jab tak tum unki shadi ko accept nahi karoge vo apne rishtey ko aage nahi badhaynge .
After listening so much from bebe they feels really very guilt n decides to say soory to twinj n accept them.Next day they went Chandigarh n twinj flat n ask them for forgiveness n accepts twinj’s marriage n twinkle as their DIL.
Leela n RT also accept them n gives them a grand reception party n finally twinj consummates their marriage n after one year they blessed with twins baby boy n lives their life happily .
So gys how was it boring…. hai na ? Wel the region of the story is not boring is that it’s not my mind’s idea but its a real love story concept so that’s why maine isse filmy nahin banaya hai. Vaise main kabhi ye love birds se mili nahi hu par unki ye love story ek din suna tha aur mujhe bahot acchi lagi thi sunne mein so maine aap logon ke saath share kar diya n I hope you’ll not mind .N it was specially for Sayeeda .so sayeeda I don’t know u r reading my this 1st OS or not but if u r reading then tell me how was the surprise? I mean tumhein tumhara character aur profession mere ff mein kaisa laga?
And now “HAPPY B’DAY SAYEEDA” n here a song for u
. May god bless u all happiness n fulfill ur all wishes
And friends thanku so much once again for mujhe apna friend bananen ke liye.aur ab dosti ho gayi hai to dosti ka farz poora kar doon arrey mera matlab hai apne bak bak se aap logo ko bore karne ka kaam.
So gys I know it was not that good par ab jab par hi liya hai to comment bi kar do aur han agar jyada bura hai to tomatos eegs n slippers r accepted par acche wale fekna ki mai unhein use kar sakun.Vaise ye zaroor batana ki kitna time laga isse padnein mein 1 hour ya aur jyada.
Bas ab bahot ho gayi meri bak bak vaise main baat to bahut karna chahti hoon par nahin karungi nai to tum log mujhe mar daloge phir tumhare cmnts koun padhega han…?

so bye bye n take care

love u all .

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    1. Hey ramya sorry for late reply n thank u so much dear I’m glad that u like it n ya it’s a real love story.
      Thanks once again
      love u n Tc

  4. Kritika14

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    Lovess! xx              

    1. Hey Monica thank u so much for ur lovely cmnt n I’ll try to write more like this if you want n ya next part of my ff will be uploade soon .
      Thanks once again

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    1. Hey Meeta thank u so much I’m glad that like this n I’ll try to write more.

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  14. Sayeeda

    Hey ! Neha ….hi yrrrr ……
    U said right I really didn’t recognized u as u r new to TEI family…..
    First of all I’m really very soon for commenting so late….after pretty long I got time to read ffs. ….Nd seeing ur title I was so anxious to read what’s in store for me …..

    A warm welcome to our family dear …..????….

    Thank you sooooooooooo much for such a warm greeting for my bday…..u really made it a memorable one for me …..
    Awesome OS … loved it so much…???….

    Yes of course ye bhi puchne ki baat hai …..yes I accept ur frndship….I would be glad to accept a frnd like u ….waise bhi my passion is to make frnds nd getting a new frnd like u is matter of pride for me ……..

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    Waise u told that u write one ff plzzzzzz do send me the links…I want to read it ….

    Love you yrr … once again thank you for your amazing gift…????????

    1. Vipul

      Hey….!Sayeeda I’m really very sorry yrrr for replying so late actually I was busy in my daily routine work I mean preparing dinner then doing rest work of kitchen… so that I did not get the time n when got free there was network problem …so I’m really sorry for that pls forgive me…..

      Well “Dhanya bhagya hamare jo aap iss nai naveli kanya ke paas padharein”.I really can’t believe this yrrr I mean you’ve really cmnted on my this OS n also liked it…wowww Its really means a lot to me .
      Do u know how eagerly I was waiting for your cmnt…? I was scared whether you’ll like it or not….Par koi nahi as I know u r also busy in your study as wel as job…so don’t worry I’ll not mind …when ever u’ll get the time u can cmnt on my ff….u no need to say sorry to me for being late..

      N thank u so much for accepting my frndship requet I’m really very happy that now I have a frnd like u infact all the TEI family is my frnd now.

      Well you’ve asked me a ques so I want to say that it depends upon u that how much our frndship will fluorish bcz for me… my frnds are most importent part of my life after my family..n I can leave my relatives but frnds ….never…..So u can understand what I mean .?

      Aur waise bhi main bahot hi talkative girl hoon aur apne frnds se baatein karna , unhein bore karna mujhe bahot pasand hai..

      So what say will u accept this “baatuni ladki”???

      N ya I’m writting a ff also “TEI-Ishq chupta nahi chupane se (A possessive & blind love) Twinj ff” hope u will like it but till now I’ve given only promo n intro .1st ep will be upload today.

      Waise jyada lamba reply ho gaya na ….? par kya karun mai aisi hi hun ek baar baat karna shuru karti hun to band hone ka naam hi nahi leti.

      So sorry yrrrr for boring u with my bak bak.

      Thank u once again. .

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