I can’t live without you- episode 2

How are you all? I hope all will be fine… I am really sorry for not posting it in these days…. I had replied all of your comments…. I hope you all are remembered this one… no more talks… let’s get into the story….

The story starts with Omri’s room…
There one girl complained about one boy to her chachi…. Now we will see how her chachi pacified her… Girl chachi you say how he can take my tall without my permission… boy oh then yesterday why you take my car… girl for taking that dabba car you’re showing over attitude… what did you say my car as dabba… my car is better than your dirty tall… like this they starts to fight with each other…. Gowri if you didn’t stop this fight then both of you don’t talk to me…. Then silently stands there and says sorry by holding their ears…. Om smilingly looked at them… Gowri moves from that place without speaking anything…. They stop’s her by holding her hand and they says we will not fight with each other promise… Gowri till now you’re promising me more than 20 times but till now you two didn’t keep this… boy it’s my fault chachi she only the reason…girl no chachi he always says lies…. Gowri again you’re started na… they silently stands there by putting their head down… Gowri kneels down before them and says, Ansh she is your sister you have to protect her… but if you itself fight with her then how you will save her with others… I think you’re big boy but you proved it as wrong… Ansh no chachi I am a big boy only… Gowri if you’re big then how you will fight with her… Ansh yes chachi you’re right I am her elder brother so I have to protect her…. from now onwards I will not fight with her and also I will teach her what is right… and he says to that girl, sorry Shivi it’s my mistake only how I can take your tall without your permission…. Shivika no bhai it’s my mistake only, you’re my bhai so you have all the rights to take my tall…. So please forgive me bhai… Ansh hugs her by saying me also sorry… at the time they hears one voice, OMG I can’t believe it how this India and Pakistan becomes once…. Ansh no papa you’re wrong we two are Indians only…Shivi yes papa bhai is right… Anika how many times I will say to both of you don’t fight with each other… but you two are didn’t hear me… Gowri no didi it’s not like that… Anika I just said it for fun Gowri nothing more than that… and also I am so happy because I get a relief from pacified their fights… saying this she hugs Gowri…. And says to Anshi now come guys you have to get ready for school… saying this they leaves from that place…. In dining hall, all are assembled there for breakfast… Anika and Gowri serve’s them… there Shivi tries to eat chapatti by, herself but Ansh stops her by saying Shivi it’s too hot so I will feed you… Shivi nods smilingly… Ansh feeds her…. at the time they hear’s one crying voice…. All turns back… Om oye Rudy why you’re crying like this…. This new bro-sis drama only reason for it bhai…. Always they will fight with each other na then how is this possible…. Anika Gowri only the reason for it… Rudy bhabhi you’re really great within two months itself you make them joined…. You know how many time we tried to unite them but all the time we failed on it… Gowri smiles and says I didn’t do anything Rudy, I make them understand that’s all… all had their breakfast… now all are going to their work respectively….

In Om’s office,
There all are greets him by seeing him come inside…. Gowri also stands there and wish him such as Good morning sir… Om says to Gowri come to my cabin… Gowri nods… in Om’s cabin, Gowri knocks the door by asking may I come in sir… Om without saying anything he pulls her inside by holding her hand by that force, Gowri’s head hits Om’s chest…. They shared an eye lock… Gowri comes to reality and says sir if anyone sees this then what will think saying this she moves apart by adjusting her dress…. Om shouts stop it Gowri how many times I have to say don’t call me as sir… Gowri but sir it’s your office and also I am your employee so I have to call you as sir only na… Om holds her arms tightly and says it’s not only my office, it’s our office and also you are not an employee you are my wife…. Gowri but all didn’t know about this, I am your wife at home only… in office I am your employee… Om for this only I tried many times to inform all about us but you only stopped me…. Gowri because If they get to know this then all will respect me also then they will not keep distance with me and also they will speak about me in a wrong way…. Om what? Did you forget Anika bhabhi also works at Shivaay office… Gowri it’s different from our case…. Om I didn’t get that…. Gowri in didi’s case Shivaay jiju married her with love so all don’t have any problem with this…. But in our case you married me only for to save me…. Om tries to speak something but Gowri stops him by saying… I don’t have any problem with that…. And also I am really happy with that…. And one more thing always I am really thankful to you for saving me from that kalli thakur and also for giving nice family to me… I will not expept more than that… I think it’s not right place to speak about us… so now I will leave to my work sir… saying this she leaves…. Om hits his leg to table and says when she will understand my feelings… who said I married you without love yes at time of our marriage I think it’s just a help only…. But after marriage your mom says to me about you how you suffered from Kalli for saving your mom and your sacrifices and those childrens love upon you make me understand my biggest mistake by not giving you any chance to say about your situation… if I will give you a chance then I will not make that Kalli makes you hurt this much…. And also at the time I am shows my angry upon you it’s not a hurtfulness it’s also love… I am getting jealous by seeing you with that Kalli… in our first meet itself I feel some connection with you but our next meeting that Kalli makes you apart from me…. At the time he is not with you definitely I also married you with love… he takes Gowri’s photo from her wallet and says you know Gowri at the time your mom says about you how much I am getting happy really I am the happiest man in this world at the time…. Next day itself my love upon you gets increased…. Before two months only our marriage happened but I feel it’s happened before five months… in these two months you will do all of your duties… but you didn’t give me any chance to do my duty….. i am eagerly waiting for that day when you feel the love upon me… at the time one girl enters the office with short dress… all boys are looked at her without closing their mouth… Gowri sees this says to her friend Shela if she forgot she is not a kid… Shela laughs and oye Gowri you’re fashion queen you didn’t know about this… Gowri it’s not a fashion it’s against our culture…sari also fashion, fashion is lies on our looks not in this cloth… at the time Om comes outside of his cabin…. That girl hits Om before Om could fall she holds her… all looks at them… Shela shows this to Gowri… seeing this Gowri opened her mouth widely and also burns her stomach inside…

I will stop here… after knowing your opinion upon this I will move further… I will meet you all in next episode… till then bye this is from your maha… love you all and take care of you all….. If any mistake is there please forgive me guys….


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  1. Superb

  2. Arwa78659

    Amazing dear what an epi gauri jealous ……….
    Nxt update soon

  3. Its okay i guess! Even though i didn’t enjoy much i felt a bit boring to be honest and one more suggestion plz work hard a bit on your english as well as writing skills

  4. Alekhika20

    Superb update

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear


  7. Bubblu

    awes0me akka..Unga story super ah iruku..Ur english is gud..Just give proper puntuations ka..mathapdi neenga super ah eluthurenga…Unga katha romba pudicurku..after mrgg FF yemm fav..Unga ff vaaasichatuku aprm daan enaku TU lah ff vaasikurathea pudikumm…. I am happy as u have such a diff imagination..Episode pathi solanum nah….super ah iruku..waiting for my cutie pies confession..Jealousy chiraiyya…luved it..luv you too

  8. Nice episode

  9. Niriha

    Awesome…loved it to the core eagerly waiting for next part update soon

  10. Shraddha-DBO

    Very nice bk, here Om is desperate & I’m loving it…..I love all ur stories… eagerly waiting for next one….

  11. eagerly waiting for the next epi…… love it….

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