Can’t Help Falling In Love With You…

Hey everyone, this is the second chapter to my ff.. I won’t be posting for a week or more, as my unit tests are going to begin. Please do comment and suggest as to if I should continue my ff.?
So let’s jump into the chapter….

In kusum’s ward
Riya:- namaste aunty jee, how are you? See I brought fresh sandwiches for you.

Kusum:- arre beta, why so much of hard work? You are not my nurse..

Riya:- aunty , why not after all you are Dr. Kabeer’s mother, and since he is my senior, it’s my duty towards you.
Kusum:- (in mind) I know that you are just doing this for impressing me, what do you think, have I not noticed, how you keep drooling over my son.

Riya:- aunty jee! Where are you lost?

Kusum:- nothing beta, I was thinking as to how caring you are.

Riya:-well, aunty, where is Dr. Sanchi? Wasn’t she supposed to take care of you? Oh my! She isn’t going to improve her irresponsible behavior..

Just then sanchi comes in
Sanchi:- namaste aunty, I have come here to check your bp
Checks her bp and says that, ” well everything is fine, you just need to take some rest and no mention, OK”.

Riya and sanchi wish her good night and leave.

In kabeer’s room
All night long kabeer keeps thinking of sanchi and her brave endeavors, as to how she saved riddhi’s life along with veer, saved him upon doing konkona’s surgery, which would had otherwise destroyed his career… And even him.
He thinks that if sanchi was not there, there would have been a big spot on his sparkling career.

Kabeer:- even though I like her, I will never confess my feelings.. He never ever. I don’t want to destroy her.

He remembers as to how his father left him and his mother alone in india and himself went to Netherlands, for becoming a good Doctor.
It was then Dr. Malhotra who helped him and his mother financially, to cope up with the difficulties of life.
But what about the social protection?? How can he forget the insults and loneliness when his friends asked him whether his dad had passed away, when he went to ptms, with his mother.

And adding to this, even he was like his dad, work alcoholic, giving very less time to his mom and personal life…. Although he started this to escape his painful past, but later it became his bad habbit.
It was the only reason, he wrote his name without any surname.. He didn’t wanted any of his father’s things, not even his name….

Kabeer:- I hate you dad, I hate you. I will never be you and will never ever betray any woman, like you did. I will never ever express my feelings for you sanchi…

In Sanchi’s room

Pragya:- abbey oo churail, it’s time for your grooming class.

Isha:- no, today its closed, and don’t call me churial especially in front of Dr kabeer’s mom.

Pragya:- why, are you too in the race of ‘aunty patao mission’??

Isha:- shut up

Sanchi:- listen guys, I have got the duty of taking care of Dr kabeer’s mother. So my duty will start half an hour early from tomorrow. Don’t argue, I have to sleep so that I can wake up early in the morning.

Pragya:- looks like someone else is also interested in impressing Dr kabeer’s mom.

Isha:- hawww! Sanchi, how could you? But it’s OK.. I can manage this sacrifice for you

Pragya:- abbey oo don’t do this, otherwise that nalayak would become devdas.. And yeah don’t forget about that gaaribo ki model.

Sanchi:- shut up guys, let me sleep.

The trio goes to sleep

Morning time
Kabeer wakes up as the sunlight falls on his face.

Kabeer:- oh! No it’s already 7:15 am , I have to reach hospital until 8 O’ clock.

Sanchi rushes to the lift
Sanchi( in mind):- I guess i am not late
Just then lift opens and kabeer enters, sees sanchi and thinks not again, why I have to see her face first in the morning..
The lift stops due to some electrical problem.

Sanchi:- thank god sir you are here, otherwise you would have scolded me getting late. Now you won’t be able to scold me!! And she does a kind of happy dance

Kabeer glares at her
They start banging on the door, and asking for help.

Kabeer shouts:- somebody is here? I am stuck in this lift, please help me..

Sanchi feels hungry and her breakfast to kabeer, saying that she has some snacks with her, but due to her nervousness, she pronounces snacks as snakes.

Kabeer bursts into laughter:- which snake is this?, viper or cobra??
And laughs again. Watching him laugh, sanchi also giggles and thinks that Dr kabeer looks so good when he smiles
Kabeer notices her staring and stops laughing.
Sanchi feels awkward and starts whistling with her face towards the lift door. Kabeer gets irritated and asks her not to do so.

She replies that, :- whistling will be heard more
appropriately outside the lift .
just then, ms Fernandez hears the whistling and calls for help to open the door.
After they get out, they head towards their own destinations…..


Kabeer gets a a call that his mother’s health is going bad. He immediately rushes to her ward, and sees that she is in a stable condition now. He checks her diet chart and turns red with anger.
Just then sanchi enters running..

Kabeer :- what the hell sanchi, how can you be so irresponsible? Don’t you know what high bp patients are allowed to eat and what not??

Saying this he holds her hand and drags her to the morgue, he pushes her inside the room and tells that this is her punishment … She will prepare records of the dead and won’t be coming outside until her work is done.

Saying this, he comes out and locks the door.
Riya, who had been watching this gets super happy and rushes to celebrate her happiness with her so called chamchis..

Sanchi starts crying and sits down on the chair near the computer table. She looks around the dead bodies and gets a little afraid. She feels cold inside the freezer and grabs a white blanket from one of the bodies, sits down and starts her work, weeping.

After half an hour in the terrible cold, she stands up and goes towards the door in order to open it, the temperature being unbearable, she bangs on the door, but nobody responds, after some time of banging she faints.


Sanchi and kabeer perform a surgery together ,and kabeer praises her for her expertise.
Just then veer comes, holds her hand , turns her around , sits down and proposes her.

Veer:- I love you sanchi

Kabeer and sanchi look on, shocked…..

Hey everyone, it’s lucky here
So how was this part?? I know it was very long and I am sorry for that.
Please comment and do let me know , whether I should continue this ff or not??? Your feedback matters the most?

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  11. hey could u tell us when u r going to to post next one with date and time along with ff update everytime it’ll help a lot as i usually just wander on this site for getting next update . it will help a lot

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