Can’t Help Falling In Love With You…(part-1)

Hello everyone it’s lucky here? I am in love with sabeer/kaanchi pair and wanted to write a ff…. My inspirations are of course the amazing writer wardha and be witch…..
My ff starts from the point when saanchi was told to take care of kabeer’s mother by him
So let’s get started……..

Dr. Kabeer has reached with his mother to her alloted ward
Kusum:- kabeer do tell me one thing, dear don’t you like any of the beautiful ladies here, even among one of those doctors?
Kabeer:- Mom, you have started again, how many times I have told you that I am noe interested in marriage. I simply want to look after my career, and you better stop watching stupid daily soaps.
Kusum:- yes, beta how can I suggest you anything…. Children of today’s generation doesn’t listen to their parents at all. you know what, at your age I was married and had a child too , my little gollu?
Kabeer:- mom please use this word in front of others, I am a senior doctor here.
Just then sanchi comes
Kabeer:- oh Dr. Sanchi you are supposed to take care of this patient, she has a problem of high bp
Sanchi:- sure sir
Kabeer leaves
Riya have been watching this all the time and gets very jealous of saanchi thinking that she will show kusum and kabeer that she is more capable than sanchi .she will win kusum’s heart and will prove that she is the best for kabeer..
Rita goes inside and starts her chapluci
Scene shifts to kabeer’s cabin
Kaberr(in mind):- altough I like sanchi, but don’t know what is it, is it just an infatuation or really love.. I just can’t make out…..
In kusum’s room
Riya slyly changes kusum’s diet chart and reports

Kabeer angrily drags sanchi to the morgue
Kabeer:- sit here and make the records for dead patients.. This door won’t open until you have finished your work
Later sanchi faints in the morgue…..

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  1. Swetatitli

    Amazing story.write the next ch soon

  2. Nice episode

  3. OMG…what the hell!!!how can kabir lock her in morgue,is he mad or what….hahahaha loved the episode…mind blowing please post next episode asap waiting eagerly for ur update…pleeeeaaaasee i plead you post next asap dude…awesome episode…

  4. hey i dont want anyone to know that kusum is kabir’s maa…let it be as a secret and saachi must take utmost care of her like her mother and she must not try to impress kusum,i want saachi to do her duty naturaly and kusum to get impressed by saachi…and kabir must feel bad and should take care of saachi and get panicked when he see unconscious saachi in morgue…

  5. hey its just my idea but please dont take me wrong dude…if u have any other plan then please go ahead with that…am sorry if my comment hurted you…

    1. i agree with you yaar.

  6. Nice one….waiting for next episode

  7. nice episode plzz today update next episode

  8. Kriya agarwal

    I agree with preetha’s idea but don’t mind it just our opinion cry on with ur story line waiting 4 nxt ep

  9. Just be regular.

  10. Its awesm

  11. Amazing

  12. Superrr.Well written dear.

  13. Awesome

  14. Wow nice start.keep writing .I liked it .all the best?

  15. Ahh lucky, Great Buddy! Keep going ?

  16. update fast nxt episod yr eagrly wait plzzzzzzzzz. …..

  17. OMG! Great episode Lucy eagerly waiting for the next one please upload it ASAP.

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