“You Can’t Deny What’s Between Us- Twinj OS!!”


” You Can’t Deny What’s Between Us- Twinj OS!!”

A girl is standing in front of mirror ; drying her wet hairs but she is lost somewhere ….she is smiling nd blushing immensely …She is moving her fingers all around her face touching her eyes; nose ; ear lobes ; forehead ; her cheeks ; her neck …she touched her belly nd finally her lips…..

She thinks ” Yesterday’s night was the best night of my life…. Yesterday I got complete …my Kunj made me complete …I never thought that this morning will be so bright for me but it is !!! Something is different in today’s sunlight or to say everything is same only my emotions r changed ….the reason of my happiness is changed …”

Her eye’s falls on a person sleeping on bed …she moves towards him nd sat beside him nd started to play with his hairs..

G-” Kunj wake up ! Wake up fast or else u will get late for office “..
K-” Twinkle ….my darling …I will wake up but after having kiss from u …u remember remember yesterday what happened”

The girl is revealed to be Twinkle…
T-” Haww….kiss no ….get up or else I will spill water on u ”
She starts to move but kunj pulls her with force nd she fell on him …her hands were resting on his chest ..Kunj’s tucks her hairs back nd moves his finger sensually on her lips…while she blushes..

K-” Ohooo ….someone is blushing ..nd looking so cute ….last night was the most memorable one for me …Thanks for coming in my life …thanks for making me realize the meaning of true love ….Now r u going to stop ur blushing program as I can’t control my hormones …Do u want the same night to be repeated again”

She hits him on his chest nd speaks ….” Kunj u r very naughty…. Get up nd get ready soon …”
K-” Plzzz …..one kiss plzzz just one ..I promise I will do as what u say …just remember our special night nd kiss me naaa..”

Twinkle moves close to him …while kunj closes his eyes…. She gave peck on his cheeks nd runs away ….while Kunj was shouting
” This is not done yrr….this is cheating …I asked to kiss on my lips not my cheeks ”
He was smiling ….nd says ” This is what I love about u ..”

After sometime kunj got ready nd left for office …..
Twinkle is sitting in her room nd was recalling how her live changed ; how her forced marriage turned to love one…how she believed that one day a miracle would happen nd kunj will realized his feelings for her ….

FLASHBACK #### ( 6 months before)

Twinkle is sitting on bed fully dressed as a bride with a veil covering her face …
She thinks ” I’m getting so scared …I think this felling is normal it happens with every girl getting married ….Though before marriage I just met kunj once but we didn’t communicated with eo nd ma ; papa decided him to be my life partner but I believe he is a good one…a right choice for me …nd somewhere I found myself attracted towards him …I hope we both can make a good couple together..”

Her thoughts were paused when she heard a foot steps of a person approaching towards the room ….she got nervous…nd thinks ” Kunj came …Babaji plzzz don’t make me so nervous …”

Kunj locked the room nd came near her nd lifted her veil…while she was feeling butterflies in her stomach ….

K-” Twinkle I know I should not say this thing to u but now we r married nd a relation is formed between us nd I don’t want to hide this from u anymore.. As every relation is based on trust nd I don’t want our relation to start with a lie ..Though this will hurt u but I’m helpless ….
See Twinkle I don’t love u ..nd I don’t think I will ever compel myself to love u or accept u as my wife as I love Alisha ….though she betrayed me but my love for her was true to her nd I still love nd can’t give that place to anyone ….but I promise u that now u r my responsibility …I will take care of urs nd will try to give u all happiness but I can never love u …”

Hearing this Twinkle was shocked …she didn’t knew how to react …her all dreams were crashed …The person whom she considered her future is not ready to accept her ….she cries..nd ask him
” If u love someone else then why did u agreed for the marriage ….why did u played with my emotions ..my life”

K-” Hey plzzz don’t cry …I know I did wrong with u ; I should have said no for the marriage but I did not to break the heart of my parents . Now u plz sleep ..good night”

He took the pillow nd went to sleep on couch..while Twinkle was crying…

Twinkle’s POV…
” I must be the most unlucky girl on earth as I’m ditched by my husband on my wedding night only …I was having so many emotions nd hopes with this relation.. But he ; he just said some few words to malign our relation ; he didn’t for once gave a thought how broken I will be when I will hear his final verdict for my life …for our life..
No Mr Sarna….I don’t accept ur decision ….it’s my life also nd I don’t permit u to take our decisions alone…. What u told me that u will never love me ; u will never consider me as ur wife but I promise that very soon u will take ur words back ….u will give me the position I deserve in ur life ….One day u will love me nd that’s my vow nd I dare to fulfill it”

T-” kunj I want to talk to u ”
K-” Yes speak but plzzz I don’t want to hear ur emotional one ”
T-” No ! I won’t bore u with it ….See I know u have a ur past nd moving ahead with a new life is quite difficult for u .I don’t say u to accept me as ur wife but at least we can become frndss….So what say frnds?”

She forwards her hand to him …
K-” OK frndzz”
Nd they both shook their hands….

Twinkle thinks …” Yeh toh shuruwat hai ; aage aage dekho hota hai kya ( this is just the beginning ….see slowly ; slowly what will happen in future ”

Days passed on nd their bond became more stronger …kunj also started to change ….he started to share his feelings with her …he started to get attracted towards her ….towards her care for him nd his family….towards her innocence…. towards her kindness …sweetness….cuteness…
Nd Twinkle also started to believe that somewhere he has some feelings for her ..she was very happy knowing this…

Kunj is sitting in his cabin nd looking at twinkle’s nd his photo at his mobile ….

When one of his colleague cum frnd Harshad came in his cabin nd see him smiling…. But kunj was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn’t noticed his arrival..

H-” Ahhmmm…. Someone is lost in his thoughts or to say more clear love thoughts..”

While on the other side Twinkle arrives at Kunj’s office to meet him…
T-” Can u tell me the cabin of Mr Sarna… I’m Twinkle Sarna his wife ..”…she asked to receptionist…

R-” Sure mam ….go straight nd turn left u will find his cabin …”

A -” Tell kunj u r in love na….Finally Twinkle bhabhi has made a place in ur heart ….now u loves her…nd u forgot ur past also”

K-” Yes…..I love her ….very much…. She came in my life as a angel of my life …she made to forget that betrayer Alisha ….
If any other would be their in place of hers she would have left me long a back but she always stood beside me as my strength..If I would have been old kunj then I would be saying like this now…I would say…..”

While Twinkle reaches his cabin ….nd started to hear the rest of convo..

K-” Are u mad ….I don’t love her …I only love Alisha…Though we r married nd she is my frnd but I don’t have love feelings for her …I want her to leave me as soon as possible …I’m stucked in this relation ….I want to end it soon…”
Nd they both laughs
Listening this she was shocked nd without uttering the word she left from tee their..

After sometime kunj came out his cabin nd thinks ” Now I can’t wait further for expressing my feelings to u Twinkle…. I’m coming nd I promise that I will cure ur all pains with my love…..”

While he was going out of office receptionist called him…
R-” Sir ; did u met with Twinkle mam ; she came sometime before to meet u ”
K-” Twinkle came at office but didn’t met me
..why ? Why did she came ; did she told u the reason”
R-” She bought lunch for u nd I told her the way to ur cabin but I saw her going from the office nd she was crying ….I asked her is she alright but she didn’t answered me nd left”

K-” What she was crying.. Hmmm tell me at what time she came”
R-” When Harshad sir was present in ur cabin at that time”

Kunj thinks” Oh My God!!! it means Twinkle heard something which she should not ….I have to reach to her soon or else it will be very late …every time I gave her so much pain but now I can’t let her to suffer bcoz of me …I just hope everything goes well”

While on other side Twinkle is packing her bag to leave Kunj’s house nd was crying..

T-” I’m so stupid ; I got mistaken that he loves me. How could I forgot that he can never loves me ; he clarified it for him definition of love it that Alisha only but still I was trying hard to win his heart but I failed in it…He wants me to leave him ; so I will fulfill his wish …”

She opened the door of the house to leave ; when kunj entered the house….
He was shocked to see Twinkle carrying her luggage …he understood that she is very upset nd angry also…
K-” Twinkle ; where r u going ? ”
T-” Why should I tell u haann…where I go u need not to worry about that nd plz don’t show ur fake concern”

She started to leave but kunj stops her by holding her hand….nd speaks ” Ur r not going anywhere ….do u understand …not going means not going …Am I clear to u ”

T-” Kunj leave my hand….. Let me go ”
But kunj was not ready to leave her ….she resisted but it was very hard for her to get her out of his grip ….she got frustrated ….she jerks his hand ….nd shouted..

” Why ….why r u not leaving me alone …plzzz stay away from me nd let me go …Every time u hurt me ..U always played with my emotions… For u my feelings were always a thing to play with ….On the night of our marriage u disrespected my emotions nd disowned me ….U became the judge for our relation nd gave ur final verdict nd for a moment also u didn’t thought what I felt …but for u only ur feelings matter naaa….
But still I didn’t gave up ; I tried to save my marriage by giving it a second chance nd I’m such a big fool that I started to believe that u also started to feel for me but no like always u proved me wrong …..”

K-” No ; Twinkle it’s not like that… Calm down nd listen to me once ….U r thinking wrong. I lo….”

T-” What I’m taking u wrong ..huuhh….Till sometime before I was taking u wrong but now I’m right …What u were saying ??…Did u remember ur words?
No !!! So let me remind u ….u said that u don’t have any feelings for me ….u want me to go from ur life as soon …..u think I’m burden on u ….our relations sucks u …so fine not for a single day I’m going to give u pain by showing my duckling face ….Now u r free to live ur life …enjoy it nd very soon I will be sending u a divorce paper …do sign it….nd go back to ur ex”

Kunj was shocked …” R u mad or what …I’m not gonna give u divorce nd not allow u also to do it …”

T-” Ohhoooo…..see still ur not satisfied by giving pain to me…I just hate u…”

In a spill of seconds Kunj held her by her waist nd placed his lips on her’s….she tried to move away but kunj didn’t left her…
After 2 min they parted away…

K-” Yrr tu kitna bolti hai …kitna stamina hai tere andar ….tabse boli ja rhi hai ..
( How much u speak …so much stamina u have that u r speaking continuously) ..
At least listen to me …I’m trying to speak but u r not allowing me to do so “….

Twinkle is standing silently ….while kunj kneeled down nd speakz..
” Miss Twinkle Taneja Sarna ….I know I did bad with u ….I hurted u ..but believe me since the time u came in my life ; u made me believe that’s what is true love …..I love u ..I love u ….whatever u heard was half truth”

Kunj narrates her everything..

K-” I’m sorry for always hurting u ….but I’m happy that u proved me wrong …finally I accept u as my wife..
Now u tell will u accept this….Jhalla Kunj Sarna as ur husband…”
He forwards his hand….

Twinkle is in tears ..nd speaks….” Yes I do ….I do my Jhalla hubby… I LOVE U ”

They kissed eo nd finally took their relationship to next level…..


T-” I always have a trust that one day he nd I will become one together….I believed that some miracle will happen….. Nd miracles only happens who believes in it…
Now u ppl I have to go …as I have to do preparations for our candle night dinner… So byee…”

The end….

So guys Here ends my third OS …
How was it ?
I know romance part was boring as I don’t know how to express it….

Do leave ur comments….

Love u all….keep supporting

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  1. Fan

    Wow sayeeda awesome os loved it..

    1. Sayeeda

      Thnx fan….

  2. Shonaa...

    Sayeedaaaaa….. u r amazinggggggg….. love ur ff…. love ur os…. nd love u as well….. it was just Awwsm…. sooo cute…. lovely…. just loved it…..

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      Thanks Shona….

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome os….loved it….

  4. Sameera

    Wow it’s superbb awesome wah Jamal kar diya ???

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      Thanks Sam…

  5. Bhavika

    again i am the first yeeeey the OS was fabulous,awesome,wonderful,fantastic,lovely and MAZA AA GAYA

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Bhavoo….
      Yes it not maters to ms whether u comment first or not…

  6. Rashiverma2199

    Sayeeda the OS was fab…..

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Rashi…

  7. Shatakshi

    Kitni cute story h???
    Ekdum kadak….hehe
    Seriously u wrote it so beautifully
    N the romance was too good… Who said that u r not good in it…
    Loved it❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u Sattu…for liking the romance …I thought I wrote that part as bad….

  8. Angita

    Extremely sweet ya superb loved it so much

    1. Sayeeda

      Thank u Angita..

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  10. twinjfan-(tamanna)


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      Thanks Tamanna…

  11. It was amazing……loved it ..
    Keepp writing os also
    Ur ff is also awesome

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Zaku for the compliment ….
      Post ur next OS..I’m waiting..

  12. Jiya_Ani

    Sayeedaaaaaaaa diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    Chappad fad…
    Ek dum Rapchik…
    See I sound like you now ..jaadu tere ff…khushbu..sirf here ff…
    Yeh OS ….mazaa AAA gya…so beautiful…
    Di aap toh ab bad mujhe tuitions de do….kya likha yaar…
    Loved it ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Sayeeda

      Hahhaaa….meri Shreyoo ko mera asar agaya….but on serious note u left me behind as ur comment is far superb than mine….
      Thank u so much for ur soooo good comment …itne saare words mere liye …love u nd love those lines….
      Love u muaahhh

  13. Kruti

    Awesome……fabulous piece of writing
    Loved it

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Kruti…

  14. Zuha Fatima

    Simply superb! Just loved it! Keeo it up!

    -Zuha Fatima

    1. Sayeeda

      Hey Zuha….hi…
      I’m very happy to see u commenting for the first time ….Thanks for it…
      U look so pretty in ur dp …
      beautiful haann…

      1. Zuha Fatima

        Thanks for the compliment darling, and I hardly read any TEI article! But this one was amazing!


  15. This OS was a third yes yaar superb one ??

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Romaisah…

  16. Lama

    Wooooow…Sayeeda Appi it was soooooooooo Awesoeeeeee…Fantastic story…Amazing

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      Thanks Lama…

    1. Sayeeda

      Hey dear …..how should I thank u as I don’t know ur name …but I give u a name as Smiley…
      Thanks Smiley for liking it

  17. di sorry for commenting after a time but its a jhakaas mind blowing awesome and add the things that you want to bcaz I am not getting any more words now for your os.love you to the core and missed you too.

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Lover…..nd no need for sorry dear… it’s OK.

  18. Anushka

    Osmm sayeeda di

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      Thanks Anu ….plz post for ur ff soon …I’m waiting..

  19. Sayeedaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Girl…ur the bomb ❤️

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      Thanks Sara….I’m glad that u commented…hayyee re I’m bomb …too good..

  20. Shreya098

    such a sweet os??
    loved it???

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      Thanks Shreya…

  21. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sayu di muah..osum
    It was w2 gud

  22. Saby

    Jaan tumne toh meri Jaan hi leli?
    It was to cute…. Romantic…. Sweet?
    Amazingly expressed?
    Keep it up?

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Saby….r tumhari line me meri cute si smile leli as a token of thanks to u…

  23. Sayeeda

    Thanks Purnima….

  24. Sayeeda

    Thanks Purnima……

  25. RANdomfANCreationz

    awww so romantic and sweet loved it to the core

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  26. SidMin

    Loved the episode it was Fabulously Fantastic Loved it truly especially the confusion which Twinkle had after hearing half the conversation

    1. Sayeeda

      Hey Thanks Sidmin…. I’m happy that u liked it..

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    Sayoooo I can only say the best os ever…don’t why your each and everything I loved like a hell…no doubt ni beyagara malayalam….I’m words are finished to appreciate you…now I’m a big fan of you…I’m feeling jealous on you…Masha Allah I love you…

    1. Sayeeda

      Awwww….meri Aaffoo….seriously I don’t have word’s left to thank u r ab agar main tumhe thanks bolungi toh tum bologi ke main tumhe thanks bol rhi hoon …toh main tumhe love u kehti hoon…
      I’m so happy to have a fan like u …my bestie my fan…Wowww….
      Love u too

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  29. lovely lovely sayeeda
    ekdum jhakkas
    keep writing os
    love uh but more ur os(hehe)

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks Sana….but I’m sad that u love my OS …more than me ….ummmm…just kidding…

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    Jussssssssssssssss amazing yaar …??????
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    Ws jus beyond amazing….
    Luv u to d moon n back….?❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Loved it to d core….

    1. Sayeeda

      Thanks a lot Zikroo….tum kabhi bhi comment krna nai bhulti hoon ….accha hai na kabhi bhulna bhi nai as I can’t spare a day without ur comment….
      Love u soooo much…. Nd I’m happy that u liked the romance part

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    Sayeeda, it was amazing..hehe welcome for the super early comment but, you know na why! It was such a cute OS. Loved it.

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