Why cant we accept Ragini ?? Analysis for Swaragini


Its hurtful when people are still bashing about Ragini. I’m a die hard Swasan fan and I also know that whatever Ragini did was wrong. But life only says one thing
Move on. . .
So why can’t we ? Why cant we accept the positive Ragini ? Guys, Ragini is already repenting for her endless mistakes. I know in real life no one could accept her but now that she’s positive we should just stop it and wait for Raglak union. Ragini truly loves Laksh as if now. And I’m sure they will make a perfect couple just like Swasan. Just forgive her.

Moreover I think Ragini is not the villain. Its the cvs as they themselves are confused whether to show Ragini as positive or negative. At the end, thru showed her character as a bipolar one. Sometimes positive and some negative.

No doubt Swara is a strong character and Helly is a great actress and when we compare Swara with Ragini Swara will always stand higher, but if Swara, whom Ragini tried to kill not once bit twice, if she can forgive her then why can’t we ? Especially when we are Swara/Ragini/Swaragini fans.

I’m sorry if I have hurt anyone of you but I couldn’t stand whatever I’m reading about Ragini. Some Ragini haters (note : SOME) even bash about Tejaswini which I dont think is justified at all. Believe it or not she’s a great actress as she was nominated for both positive and negative role. I guess that’s something no one could ever achieve though with that came hatred as well from people. We all love Swaragini a lot and Swara’s character couldn’t have been so strong if Ragini wouldn’t have been portrayed as a witch in the beginning. So its basically because of the negative things portrayed by Ragini that we are watching our Swara.
At the end its only Swaragini and Sanlak <3
#SwaSan ❤ forever
#RagLak ❤ forever

So guys please forgive Ragini. Its a request please please please !!!

Credit to: Ragini is ❤

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  1. I accept as I am die hard fan of Swaragini mainly Ragini, just love the way she acts<3

  2. Loved ur analysis…. am not give my opinion buy loved the way you wrote..

  3. I agree wth u….one thng except…nth swara nd ragini r equal in acting skill

  4. Love Ragini she took a great risk and went to jail

  5. I agree with you completely…… ?????

    1. We have to give ragini a chance to rectify her mistake and move on……I know it is a serial but still…..don’t bash teju…….ragini and teju are totally diff people……

  6. I agree with you…some people are not understanding that people deserves an other chance because we all do mistakes. Swara fans keep saying that ragini fans are bashing swara but Swara fans are bashing ragini too..

  7. Zuha (Asya fan)

    I love Ragini’s character more than Swara (sorry , if I hurt someone’s feelings ) and especially A positive Ragini who loves Laksh to eternity.
    Love u SwaRagini + SanLak >3

  8. That’s so true everyone should accept the positive ragini and swara they way they are…. After all it’s just a drama… Not real life…. Both a replaying the roles good Ben to them so it’s not their problem…some people hate swara for being Mayan… But it’s her role afterall

  9. very well said sister.it’ bcz of ragini’s negative shade that swara’s character is strong.bcz we always need a bad thing to show how good somethig is

  10. hey dear , i am a big tejaswi fan even more than helly i like tejaswi………………………but about ragini …………………………dear its just a serial so we can forgive her but if we take it in real life……can we forgive a person who tried to kill a person and even didn’t care for the fact that after her death , her soul should be at peace……………….she even after she pushing swara in river tried to malign her character …………………………….is it justified????
    maybe for you but not for me………………………….
    i just expressed my views…………………hopefully you don’t take me wrong…………………be happy dear……………………………….

  11. people who r bashing ragini/tejaswi they r immature ragini is a fictional character she does her role what director say if u wanna bash means bash director and writers there is no use of bashing ragini

    1. Yeah what about all the ragini lovers who is bashing swara

  12. I honestly says that i’m big, immense, huge fan of ragini. Begining of the show she is playing +ve when she know abt lak loves swara not ragini then she turns into -ve. I don’t accept that her charecter changing. I really feeling very bad and hurt. I not watch that swaragini seriel. I just only read swaragini latest gossip bcoz i want only when she(ragini) charector changed into positive. I don’t want people cursh to ragini. Now i really happy. Bcoz my swt ragini comeback with her innocent role. And i must says whatever cherector ragini played which is good r bad. I never hates ragini. Bcoz i only saw and i remember 1st intro of ragini and her innocent face. And she plays a role its gud r bad that it outcomes becomes verywell. Its just my pt of view and don’t take this wrong.

  13. Me too stpd wchng…aftr ragini turned into -ve

  14. Ya u r ryt..because i always lyk Ragini..she is d bst..just think ourself in her place

  15. Really true yaar…….you r amazing…….
    you each and every words touched my heart…..its 100% true…..
    Love you SWARAGINI <3

  16. Hey there are more raglak or ragini fans out there bashing swara aka helly just becoz she’s always been positive. They moan by saying that why swara is always shown important and why not ragini. Well how is it swara’s fault that she’s always is shown important. They even called her short, fat and ugly saggy face. They even said that helly can’t act and she needs to get acting classes from tejaswi. If you go and see in any social media you will see there are more ragini aka tejaswi’s fans who are bashing swara aka helly. And 1 more thing I don’t have any issue with tejaswi but I just don’t like her as ragini. And I will always support Swasan and swara aka helly the way raglak and ragini aka tejaswi fans do.

  17. I agree wid u.. Ragini is ragini a fictional character… Why u always take it to Teju… I wanna ask helly fans mainly who bash critize teju.. did teju in real lyf tried to kill her sister… no right… i agree many teju fans bash helly but helly fans also do.. Tejaswi should have be having any speciality that directors cvs were forced to change the track so that teju remains in the serial… after all they are also actors… they arent born to be villains in the real life..

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