hello guys, here i am with another ff, this is my 1st ff so please do support me…

so this ff is based on adi and aliya, i just love their chemistry, although they don’t spend much time together in the show anymore.
and i will be writing it in their POV (point of view) so let’s start..

aliya’s POV.

It was fixed. my wedding was fixed with him. i am engaged and now we are taking it to the next level. adi, that’s his name, my partner for life.
It was 2 years back when we first met, at his office. I came there to work with him. After sometime I realized that my appa, mani, was best friends with adi’s maa, ishita.
I didn’t know adi, I never talked with him in ‘that way’. We would just nod and agree for the work and things like that.
But one day, I heard my appa and ishita aunty talking. Adi came there and we both listened to their little ‘private’ talk.
We were both shocked, finding out that we were we going to get engaged, and be partners for life.

“Did you just hear what I heard?” I asked, not knowing what to ask..

He just noded and left. I think our parents must have heard too, as they were also shocked to see us.

I didn’t know muh about adi, but I just knew he was madly in love with Isha. Isha was an Indian girl, who grew up in america. Adi was madly in love with her but I didn’t know about Isha.
But however, as per ishi aunty’s wish adi and I got engaged, and somehow we are together now..and our marriage date got fixed.

Adi’s POV
“what? next month?” I asked ishi maa.
It’s too short, i don’t even know aliya that much..but we are going to get married next month?!

“yes, you should be living together adi” ishi maa replies, with no stress at all.
” but..i don’t even know her..” I say.
“Well get to know her” she replies and leaves.

I don’t know about aliya, i really don’t. My love was Isha, i though she was my first and last love. I really was madly in love.
But it wasn’t me who broke up with her, she did!

apparently she loved someone in america named James, he was an american.
I was devastated, but I finally thought that it was for the best, and then I got engaged with aliya.

Later in the evening, ruhi comes and asks me if I would go on a date with aliya.
“No…. I can’t” I say to her, feeling a bit nervous.
“Come on bhaiya…go know her, talk to her” she says and hand me over 2 tickets.”here, 2 tickets, if you feel so romantic, you can go and watch a movie..”

She laughs and runs.

I feel nervous. I call aliya…

Aliya’s POV.

Adi called me. He asked me out for a date. Suddenly I got butterflies in my stomach…A date?

“Come on..aliya, you are engaged now..why nervous?” My appa says, after I told him the case.
“But we never talked like that appa, we never even spend time” I say.
“Well here’s the chance then..” He says cheekily.

I sigh. He had invited would be rude if I declines it. I agree!

precap: AdiYa’s date.

so I hope you enjoyed it, and comment down suggestions. say anything..anything!!
also should I carry on? please do support.

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