How can be a person like u CHP 2 “what the hell”

Hi guyz fist of all I tried 2 post I’m back mr yesterday but when I clicked on submission net failed and this again posting this chp 2nd time
Ace= Pearl V Puri
Ragace goes 2 car suddenly she goes back 2 mm and slaps kavya hard
Ap: ragini beta wt happened
Ragz: maa wts left
Evry1 gets boggled
Ragini holdz kavyaz hairz and dragz her 2 her car and asks her 2 start and ride it
Kavya: no I vil not.
Ragini’s POV
When I heard no Oh GOD I wanted to throw her in a volcano seriously. Y I said. Because it’s urs I heard and it turned out 2 be kavya’s voice. I want 2 give it 2 u look how fantastic it is i yelled controlling my anger. She tried 2 run but pulled her by hairs it was fun 2 beat ur enemy of course no1 vil never leave so y I vil leave chance then y I vil leave. In anger I don’t know her head banged with car NY me I heard ace”s laughing first I got confused then looked at kavya and I understood. Do u guyz want 2 know y she is not riding the car bcz it’s brake wires r broken. Every 1 got angry on kavya first but I was extremely angry I tried to slap her but ace held my hand. I gave him as disgusting look which on which side he is? Now my anger was out of control by me so I ran to Howrah bridge which was near and soon I can hear cars horns indicating me to stop before I vil I crush SM 1s bone I wanted to reach bridge. I know ace must hv said to cm out slowly but nothing can be hidded by me and my guess bcm right when I heard kavya yelling that we r here ace said us to cm out slowly but I thought inform u so u can continue ur acting Oh GOD if she was in front of me I must hv killed her. Then my anger was saying me to kill her wet can I do then I can’t kill her so easily I wanted to kill her every day like me. Then I jumped in water in jumping manner (jumping in water has a manner to jump then make a circle of it body then put urhandz downwardz in clapping manner) I can hear evry1s voices to cm out asthey think I don’t swmng but I can stop my breath fr half an hour in water and after 30 Mins I came out from water pushed my hair with a jerk and came out from water a I don’t want to see kavya cuz again my blood vil boil. I can see Laksh mouth wide he was blinking his eyes several times and was rubbing his face several times. Fr ace this was nothing new. I came out and that BL**dy kavya said wet beauty I hate my praises I have her a killing look. Ace was stepping back and was going am where I ignored that senseless kavya was walking a side when I heard don’t wanna give me a lesson and this turned out to be kavya’s voice. What the hell is wth u i yelled. Then I can feel -1 degree cold water in my head which cooled me my anger. And fortunately this bucket was bought by ace or else I would hv thrown the bucket on his face. I just walked away and don’t know wt happened behind me.

In party
I came wearing (search beautiful gowns click images i was wearing 35 pink one) u can say I was the centre of attraction in party I came in stage
Ragz: welcome evry1 as u know this night is v. Precious fr me thanx fr cmng and making this more precious as u ally two companies r launched which r at top cuz of our hard work. I vil not feel any kind of hesiatation in again asking sory from my family pointing 2wrdz maheshwaries that I hv done much mis in my past but they took a sec to frgv me so singhania companies r named on maheswarires except miss kavya maheswari.
A person u could name mehra companies so fr m they vil remember their maheswari industries 2
Ragz: that’s y
2nd person: mam we hv listened that u r changing ur name
Ragz: 3rd: wts that mam
Ragz : from today my name is NIXA MEHRA( I know I used this name before but I just lv it)
Nixa: bow plz enjoy. And suddenly lights go off


Dance dhamal nixa drunk dance jealousy and kavya’s insult in song

Guyz I don’t know when I vil post next part bcz this week I’m busy wth my foreign guests and my grandmother wants everything 2 be perfect so plx frgv me I know u r waiting fr I’m back Mr I vil try to upd8 today. Kavya I hv given examz of 8th grade my 9th vil start from 1st April and my age 13. And plz don’t hesitate to ask anything lv u loadz take care byyyeeee

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  1. Keira i am sorry to say but i seriously feel that everything is going very sudden. I mean at first we never got to know which company ragini is talking abt. Secondly i think there should have been a leap of some years( i am just giving an idea) and please don’t change ragini’s name. Please don’t mind ok…coz i know how hard it is to write a ff and on top of that i am doing soo much bak bak…but that’s why i felt…sorry if it hurts you. Hope your next chapter will clarify some doubts?plzz don’t mind.

    1. Actually fr ur cmnt actually I don’t like hi hello type cuz u all know how vil evry1 vil react after wt happens OK I vil clarify things thnx fr ur cmnt yaar

      1. Its ok noo prblm and please jeira continue your I’m back Mr. Coz i am really missing it…

      2. I vil post soon

  2. It was very good..keep it up and update soon

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